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By gold1

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I have started this thread for genuine Haggis pinball owners and deposit holders for games in production.It would be nice for any person to convey beforehand what actual stake they have with Haggis.This way I believe we can weed out the trolls that clearly exist on the current Haggis forum.

So having said that: My stake now is two Mermaid edition machines on deposit.

Looking forward to hearing from others around this.

#2 2 years ago

Own a Celts #69 and Mermaid on order, great days.

IMG_1044 (1) (resized).jpegIMG_1044 (1) (resized).jpeg
#3 2 years ago

Mermaid on order. Paid a much higher deposit through GAP, so I’m pulling hard for Haggis.

Oldskool, how do you like your GI? Grew up on the show, and I’ve thought about getting one.

#4 2 years ago
Quoted from jfrank:

Mermaid on order. Paid a much higher deposit through GAP, so I’m pulling hard for Haggis.
Oldskool, how do you like your GI? Grew up on the show, and I’ve thought about getting one.

To me, it’s “ the best game ever” simple and fun.
This will be the only keeper pinball I own .
Some cool shots like revolving island and the music and call outs are fun

#5 2 years ago

Celts owners, fathom mermaid on order. Celts is a great game and i'm working with damian to upgrade mine to your name in the game.

9783F2C1-625B-405A-8D6C-D88899064FC8 (resized).jpeg9783F2C1-625B-405A-8D6C-D88899064FC8 (resized).jpeg
#6 2 years ago

I did similar and bought a standard translite so IF? I ever sell it can have standard code and not Dolby all over the product.
I cant see it going anywhere in a hurry as it is a tribute to my late Father.

#7 2 years ago

We have a Mermaid on order. Looking forward to it.

#8 2 years ago

Mermaid on order. Can’t wait to get it even if it takes more time than we all expected. Damion will deliver.

#9 2 years ago

Mermaid on order

#10 2 years ago

celts3 (resized).jpgcelts3 (resized).jpg

Mermaid coming too.

#11 2 years ago

Celts owner .. and soon to be owner of a mermaid...

#12 2 years ago

Fathom #22

#13 2 years ago

ME on order since about 2 hours after sales went live. I'm also Celts curious, as I loved my Beatles Gold, buy so far have not played one yet.

#14 2 years ago
Quoted from DakotaMike:

ME on order since about 2 hours after sales went live. I'm also Celts curious, as I loved my Beatles Gold, buy so far have not played one yet.

Beatles is a better game to me as code is a bit more polished ( expected) , but CELTS is right up there in many other ways.
Like build quality, originality, ability to personalise, hammer proof playfield, epic sound, its Australian and so much more.

#15 2 years ago

Yeah a code update to make it actually fun to play would be good. ATM when it comes up in comp it's accompanied by groans and comments of 'i hate that fucking game'.

It's really hard to figure out what to do as the inserts are not labelled and you only get some different coloured lights to guide you. The top scoop is hard to get and everything seems to rely on it, but it takes two good shots off two flippers to get there.

Tough game that requires constant trap and accurate shooting, doesn't suit my hit and hope style and is not much fun for me because of that. I moved it down the back and brought Sorcerer up on Saturday. The Indie and the MM that came before Celts are still up the front.

#16 2 years ago

Only ten members so far? Strange.

#17 2 years ago

May as well note my Mermaid order here too..

Just waiting on the next update from Damo like everyone else.

#18 2 years ago
0430D5D3-4B7C-43D7-9B15-D7199864540F (resized).jpeg0430D5D3-4B7C-43D7-9B15-D7199864540F (resized).jpeg
#19 2 years ago

Just wondering if anyone knows whether the series titles must come from ex Bally themes or can it be ex Capcom,Williams etc?

#20 2 years ago

Classic Bally only

#21 2 years ago

For those that have a genuine interest,we have an update!

#22 2 years ago

Looking amazing..

#23 2 years ago

Fathom #191 on order. The new video looks great. I think I'm pretty low on the delivery sequence. Hoping for delivery before Christmas.

#24 2 years ago

Looks great! I’m number #3 on the mermaid delivery sequence, so hope to have it before the end of the year.

#25 2 years ago

So I'm curious as to how many season ticket owners there are? I know I was pretty early on Mermaid but would be good to try to estimate how far along mine is behind the season ticket people.

#26 2 years ago

In for a fathom mermaid
Great to see the video
The top down view does not do those lcd displays justice

#27 2 years ago

I got mermaid 189! No telling when it will come and happy to wait. Just excited to get the game at some point!

#28 2 years ago

Still keen to purchase another direct spot with haggis on a Mermaid if any one is dropping out.

#29 2 years ago

mermaid edition #116.... Very excited for this machine and the update.

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from punkin:

Still keen to purchase another direct spot with haggis on a Mermaid if any one is dropping out.

I think most will keep now

#31 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

I think most will keep now

Don't see the difference tween yesterday and today myself.

#32 2 years ago

I too would be keen on another spot direct with Haggis,just keep getting offers from the states.

#33 2 years ago

I click onto Pinside today and see 66 posts on the the other Haggis forum and none here? It has become quite apparent that shit stirring is a sport.

#34 2 years ago

I usually love a good shit stir and make it as FUN as possible without too much nastiness . The Aussie way.
But some crew on there really hit my buttons and they are dead serious with their negativity.
Here I go sooking again as I can’t do a damn thing about it.

#35 2 years ago

Celts #1 and ME Fathom #1 here. Fathom due to be built in 8 weeks!

#36 2 years ago

There is alot of unnecessary drama in the fathom thread. Also many individuals with no vested interest in haggis are stirring the pot. My experience with haggis has always been excellent. I prepaid my celts in full after ordering a fathoms mermaid edition. In my opinion, it's not unreasonable to call for payment if the machine is going on the line. We should see unboxing photos soon. In the absence of deliveries and capital calls for higher number customers, I might become concerned. The only individuals reporting payment requests so far have been series ticket holders and low number single digit mermaid edition allocations. The suggestions that money is being taken and machines are not being produced and concerns about banking wiring numbers seems a little overdramatic at this time.

#37 2 years ago

Yes the trolls are having a real go over there .Reckon one in particular has swallowed a pinball and has been trying to shit it out.A real pain.

#38 2 years ago

My biggest worry is that that crappy thread will be turned into an owners thread.

Hopefully someone starts a Fathom owners thread or some such as soon as they ship.

#39 2 years ago

TPF is this weekend and curious wether something might magically appear?
If not I still like watching all the videos of the event
Todd Tuckey for a Twipy

#40 2 years ago

Damian said they weren't going.

#41 2 years ago
Quoted from punkin:

Damian said they weren't going.

“They” weren’t ,but don’t be surprised if something pops up

1 month later
#42 2 years ago

And so it continues.............a bunch of firecrackers on the other Haggis thread each trying their best to detonate one another.Seriously if one stresses out by putting down a small deposit of 1k on a machine,perhaps they really should not have taken the punt in the first place.And those that do just sell your pre order and move on.

#43 2 years ago

I had to drain the other thread as it is just garbage now. Never had to do this before
Any way, good news is coming and great days ahead.
Stoked with Celts and really stoked to have a Mermaid come stay.

#44 2 years ago

Garbage is an understatement.Starting something from scratch is never easy,let alone having the headaches of Covid lockdowns,supply issues,and so on.Even well established companies are struggling to produce anything within timeframes.

#45 2 years ago

My stake is 1 Mermaid edition machine on deposit... I have plenty of other machines to keep me happy until it shows up. Wife and I have a bet on when it actually will get here...

#47 2 years ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

#48 2 years ago

Some are eating humble pie on the other thread.

#49 2 years ago

Glad this thread has some common sense, thanks for sharing the good news

#50 2 years ago

I noticed something rewatching the gameplay vid of Fathom RV this morning that may or may not be significant.

Capture (resized).PNGCapture (resized).PNG

Haggis. Pinball Division.

Seems to say that there may be more in Damian's head than pinball. Wonder what else they might manufacture?

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