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Guns N' Roses Mods

By xsonics2k2

7 years ago

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#14 7 years ago

I upgraded the grips on the gun shooter. Added real Ruger rosewood grips. Also painted the mounting plate black so that only the gun was chrome.

DSC02808.JPG DSC02805.JPG

#19 7 years ago

Thanks guys!

Quoted from xsonics2k2:

Wow! Where can I order this?

Pretty much anywere that sells gun grips. I actually got mine off of eBay.

Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

Yeah id be keen to do this also....could any grip be made to fit...like these?

Yes any of the older ruger revolver grips should be able to be made to work. There will be a small amount of trimming nessassary towards the top corner of the new grips (at least on mine there were) but for the most part was a straight forward swap. I cant remember exactly, but I may have had to drill a hole in the GnR handle as I dont think the screw holes were the same. All in all I think it took me less then 30 min to install them.

#23 7 years ago

Nope, I win.


#24 7 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

I love the black plate to make the gun stand out.

Thanks! It really does improve the look of the gun!

1 year later
#89 6 years ago
Quoted from HighwayStarr:

Very Nice! what exactly did you do to the plate to allow the paint to stick? Also what type paint did you use?

Thanks! Unfortunately I do not remember. I did this like 10 years ago. I am pretty sure I just scuffed up the plate with a scotch bright pad and shot it with a primer and then a gloss black paint. The paint wasn't anything special. Most likely just a rattle can from Home Depot.

1 week later
#92 6 years ago
Quoted from HighwayStarr:

one more question ... do you remember what typr of ruger grips you used? there are redhawk Blackhawk and super black hawk ...all are different .... thanks! =)

If I'm not mistaken they are Blackhawk grips.

1 month later
#116 5 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Looks really nice with the snakeskin! How was that done?

Looks like hydroprinting to me. Its pretty awesome stuff. I did this to some ramps and flipper bats to make them look like wood grain in the game I am building.

Wood Flipper Bat 2.jpg

Wood Ramp 2.jpg

Wood Ramp 3.jpg

#117 5 years ago
Quoted from HighwayStarr:

For the record ... I used blackhawk but they aren't quite right and I did have to modify the grips themselves...but they do work. However they do stick out beyond the front of the handle. It isn't noticeable by looking at it. only when you actually grab the handle. I also tried Colt grips but they were waaaay off. I went with basic rosewood although I loved the the texas ranger stars Nelly used but I just couldn't find them for Ruger Blackhawk. Just thought would share for anyone else who might be interested.

grips.JPG 144 KB

I had to trim mine in the front as well, but only near the top (in front of the star on mine). It wasn't much though.

#122 5 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

That looks really nice.
You can see wood grain.

Thanks! I am really happy with how it turned out!

Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Looks awesome. How expensive is this process and how durable?

I did it myself, so it wasn't to pricey. The kit cost me about $80 and comes with way more then I needed. As for durability, it is holding up great! Here are a couple of videos showing the process and the durability.

7 months later
#136 5 years ago

Would anyone be interested in a run of gun colored G ramps for their machine?

Proto G Ramp 1.JPG

#142 5 years ago

The R ramp would be more difficult for me to do. I am the one that initially made the repro G ramps back in 2007. I sold the mold and stuff off to Pinball Inc about a year later. I still have all the CAD drawings and could whip up another G ramp mold fairly easily, but an R ramp mold would have to be re-engineered using an existing R ramp (which I do not have).

So is it possible to do the R ramp as well? Yes, but I'm not sure there would be enough interest to warrant the time needed to draw up and recreate a mold for that.

#147 5 years ago

Well if there is enough demand I will consider it. But it would need to be a significant amount. Personally I like the fact that the R ramp is red. R is for roses which most people associate with as red. Guns however are not neon green/yellow, which is why I think the grey tinted plastic makes more sense for the G ramp.

I can offer these with or without hardware. With will obviously make the price go up. Transferring your own stuff really is not all that difficult if you have a rivet tool of some sort.

I would be making these on my own just like I did the first time. There is no need to partner with someone like pinball inc for such a small run.

#152 5 years ago
Quoted from spacies:

Cool, so what sort of number would you need?

I am not sure. I will have to look into what it will cost to recreate the mold and go from there. I would guess I would need a solid 20-30 confirmed in order to make it worth it. At least the way I am going about it (recreating the ramp in a 3D model and having a mold CNC'd out of aluminum). There are people out there with the means to make cheaper molds that aren't designed to stand up to tons of forming. For smaller runs these work fine and if the demand isn't there for the R ramp, we could always approach someone else to try it.

Quoted from Blackbeard:

Rough estimate of price w hardware and without?

As of now I do not know. I will have to look into what the cost of reproducing the hardware would be. Right now I am just looking to see if there is enough interest in this first. If I only get 10 people that say they are interested, it is probably not worth pursuing either ramp. Obviously the more that are interested the cheaper it will become. If I had to guess though, a bare ramp would likely be in the $120 range and a fully populated one in the $150 range maybe? Again, this would all depend on how many were made.

Quoted from mmuglia:

Have a pic of that ramp in a game?

Unfortunately, I do not. I never had it permanently mounted in a game, but did have it in place once and it looked fantastic!. It's too old and brittle to risk actually using.

2 weeks later
#173 5 years ago

Ok guys, everyone that has expressed interest in a smoked G ramp has been added to a list. I will start looking deeper into the cost of this for me so I can get a more accurate cost for you guys. Once I have a definite price for everyone I will post it up and, if there is enough interest, we will make it happen.

As for the R ramp. There is definitely less interest in that, but may still be enough to make it worth doing. I'd say that I'd like to focus on the G ramp first and if all goes well with that and everyone is happy with their ramps, then I will work on getting the R ramp made.

If anyone else is interested in one, please let me know and I will add you to the list. Thanks!

1 month later
#180 5 years ago
Quoted from Bulldog1008:

I would be in for both the G and R ramps.

Quoted from MJW:

I would be in for both. r ramps are so hard to find.

I have added you both to the list! I am still working out the details on this. I have been slammed at work and havent had a whole lot of time lately to work on this. I will let everyone know once I have more info.

Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

I would love to see the smoked ramp in the game... any picts?

Unfortunately I do not have any pics of it in the game and I no longer own a GnR to install the grey ramp I have here. So unless someone local wants to offer up their game for a photo shoot, you'll just have to take my word for it. It looks awesome!

8 months later
#216 4 years ago
Quoted from GKW:

What is the latest on the smoke colored G ramps? I am in for this ramp and the "R" when it becomes available.

I wish I had better news, but the project is still stalled due to my heavy work load. I am hoping things start to slow down for me and I can get back to them. The stuff is still piled up on my desk here, so its not like I can forget about it.


#218 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackjacker:

I'm guessing that the originals (and your first run of repros) were made 'flat' because of some proper mix of engineering and cost concerns, but did/have you given thought to creating them in the actual slope that they're used in-game, like the R ramps were?
The repro that I have on my machine right now has a series of fractures on the "floor" of the area I outlined in the pic below - seemingly stress cracks from the 'twisting' of the ramp when installed.

Yes, the original and repro G ramps were both formed flat. On my original repro run I looked into having the mold made in the proper shape/angle, but the depth of the mold more than doubles which made the price of the mold skyrocket. Also they were concerned with the depth of the draw for the plastic and it thinning the sheets out too much in the bends and enviably making the ramps weaker. Not to mention the cutting fixture would need to be much more complex. All in all for a small run of ramps none of it mad sense to try. So I went with a flat mold like Data East did. They likely did the same for the same reasons.

All that being said, I am kind of surprised that your are having an issue with stress cracking (this is the first I have ever heard of one cracking). I wonder if others are experiencing the same issue? This plastic is very durable and flexible. Here is a video I just shot of me bending one. And this is an original repro ramp thats been sitting around from 8 years ago.

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