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Guns N' Roses Mods

By xsonics2k2

7 years ago

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#88 6 years ago

Very Nice! what exactly did you do to the plate to allow the paint to stick? Also what type paint did you use?


Quoted from Nelly:

I upgraded the grips on the gun shooter. Added real Ruger rosewood grips. Also painted the mounting plate black so that only the gun was chrome.

DSC02808.JPG 520 KB

DSC02805.JPG 571 KB

2 weeks later
#91 6 years ago

one more question ... do you remember what typr of ruger grips you used? there are redhawk Blackhawk and super black hawk ...all are different .... thanks! =)

Quoted from Nelly:

I upgraded the grips on the gun shooter. Added real Ruger rosewood grips. Also painted the mounting plate black so that only the gun was chrome.

DSC02808.JPG 520 KB

DSC02805.JPG 571 KB

#93 6 years ago

Ok thanks much!

Quoted from Nelly:

If I'm not mistaken they are Blackhawk grips.

3 weeks later
#101 6 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

I just had custom drop targets made. I purchased new drop targets, colored them in black, had graphics company print off the album covers stickers made of durable material, then clear coated.

Very Nice! that's pretty F'N cool!

#102 6 years ago
Quoted from Nelly:

If I'm not mistaken they are Blackhawk grips.

For the record ... I used blackhawk but they aren't quite right and I did have to modify the grips themselves...but they do work. However they do stick out beyond the front of the handle. It isn't noticeable by looking at it. only when you actually grab the handle. I also tried Colt grips but they were waaaay off. I went with basic rosewood although I loved the the texas ranger stars Nelly used but I just couldn't find them for Ruger Blackhawk. Just thought would share for anyone else who might be interested.

1 week later
#103 6 years ago
Quoted from poibug:

I velcro'd an amp on each of the ramps,and changed the normal lamp mounted on there to a LED's


DSCF0005.JPG 321 KB
DSCF0006.JPG 323 KB

I like this but am wondering how bright the LED's are compared to 555 bulbs that were removed

#104 6 years ago
Quoted from pinballYeti:

So I needed to replace the Axl plastic on my GnR. Since I didn't want to drill a hole in my brand new plastic to mount the bulb socket (for Mystery when lit) I wanted to find a different solution. I decided to move the bulb socket to underneath the playfield and light the scoop instead of having the bulb hang off of the Axl plastic. IMO, it makes the area around the scoop look a bit less cluttered and having the scoop light up looks very nice.
I removed the bulb socket from the old Axl plastic and pulled it through to underneath the playfield. Next I needed a bracket to mount the socket to. I just took an old piece of metal, drilled a hole in each end and bent it to fit. I mounted the bracket to the front screw that holds the scoop to the playfield.

GNR2.jpg 2.4 MB
GNR1.jpg 2.1 MB

Very NICE! =) I'm tired of occasionally having to pick up 555 bulb of the playfield while in the middle of a game

#106 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

couldn't the bottom be sanded off and restained?

Are you referring to the grips? if so..yes that is a possibility however also a lot of work to get it right. I'm satified with my result ,,,,, grips were approx 25 bucks ... not really out much

#108 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

they do look good, and if they are only $25, it wouldn't hurt to sand them down if you really wanted to. I think they look fantastic, but the overhang would bother me, because I like playing with the guns on my machines while i'm walking around on a phone conversation.

there is no overhang on the bottom if thats what you mean ... i think that is an illusion from ther photo. The "back and bottom" of the handle are flush .... the extension is actually at what i would call the front where your fingers go around. Perhaps were talking about the same thing ...its not uncomfortable by any means... i wonder if anyone whos never held a gun would really notice. but yeah it could be better

#121 6 years ago
Quoted from Nelly:

I had to trim mine in the front as well, but only near the top (in front of the star on mine). It wasn't much though.


7 months later
#165 5 years ago
Quoted from Nelly:

Would anyone be interested in a run of gun colored G ramps for their machine?

Proto G Ramp 1.JPG 186 KB

I'm in!

1 month later
#175 5 years ago
Quoted from joeraptor2003:

All this time.. I had no idea they were letters.

Hi Joe

you or anyone else got any pics of the G N R pinblades installed yet?




Post edited by HighwayStarr: added link

1 week later
#184 5 years ago

ONLY if it comes WITHOUT the creepy guy in the window!

Quoted from Sincity:

I want this mod

image-937.jpg 68 KB

8 months later
#214 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackjacker:

Got the H-channel, rear glass channel and lift channel from Kerry at mantisamusements.com
I designed the grips and had them made by Cenk Gultekin at handmadegrips.com. They're walnut, with silver and brass inlays. The stock GNR grips are really close to 'real' Ruger size, differing mostly in the fixtures on the back for mounting.

yeah MJR... I used stock replacement Ruger Blackhawk rosewood grips I bought online ...did have to slightly modify them (mitered the tops a little shorter) to make them work but wasn't difficult there is a pic and comments about that earlier in this thread ..... thanks Blackjacker for the tip on the rear channel I couldn't find any replacement when I had my stuff powder coated

1 week later
#221 4 years ago

I used Ruger Blackhawk grips ... Read this thread back a ways to see more information about modifying those grips

1 month later
#224 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

What are people doing about the ball launch issue? On my game, using the recommended launch coil, during multi-ball it sometimes gets stuck with multiple balls in the shooter lane. I see there's a service bulletin to address this - does that fool-proof it or are there other solutions?

Service Bulletin really doesn't help ...... perhaps this thread will help explain it better


I have the original black ramps but as thread I linked above states "adjustment is key" It doesn't happen nearly as frequently it did when I bought it but its definitely MUCH better but not completely 100% resolved .....

2 months later
#237 4 years ago

I see CPR is currently taking pre-orders for reproduction GNR playfields ... IDK mine is pretty good IMO ...not perfect but overall clean glossy and intact .... little bit of ball wear near the " N' "at center logo and just below slash's arm from the out hole ... there is a cliffy there so im not sure exactly what it looks like under outhole but beyond that it's pretty damn good compared to a lot ive seen ....... initial cost VS labor VS payoff when and IF i ever decide to sell l mine I just think would be a losing situation overall because really nobody really cares about the little detailslike that but me when i show it to people ... LOL

my actual playfiled wear would be covered if i bought one of those "center logo" GNR overlays but really i'm hesitant because i think it would have a "ridge" or "lip" and maybe the ball would hit / roll funny but maybe not.... IDK ... any of you try one of those? opinions????

So any of you modders around here interested in doing an actual playfield change ???? wish i could post a poll but doesn't appear to be an option ... sounds intriguing to me but also like a big pain in the @$$ ...

#241 4 years ago
Quoted from Nexyss:

not a single person has noticed it until I point it out to them, but I just don't like it. lol

Ha, thats exactly what i was gettting at ..... LOL

#243 4 years ago
Quoted from Ball_Shine:

Cheers for the heads up, ordered!

welcome !

1 month later
#286 3 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Talked to Terry at Pinballlife and he said this would be the equivalent replacement.... any opinions?

yep ... that's what i used about a year ago when mine broke ..... had to drill out the hole a little bit but to be honest until i saw your post Id completely forgotten i had done it .... its not noticeable at all to me ... ill look again when i get off work tonight

#287 3 years ago
Quoted from nodder:

Thought the bumper lights would be bright enough to light up the upper playfield, so I connected the spots to the eject switch that starts the guitar feature. Used a relay to handle the DC/AC level. Did a little bending to the spot carriers to keep Slash in the focus during Sweet Child. Guess I will put some super bright LEDs in soon...
It's just an easy thing to do, however the skill shot of course is not switched yet. This will obviously require a logical data processing from the CPU. Anyway, as a start I'm quite happy with the electromechanical solution.
» Vimeo video

Thats and interesting idea Alex ...nice job =) would be interested in seeing it after you add the super brights! ...... can you also figure out a way to put a switch on the launch ramp so that multi-ball wont launch another ball until each ball clears the ramp and eliminating balls getting backed up and stuck ???

2 years later
#321 1 year ago
Quoted from Dvs14:

Hi guys. New to pin side and thought I would share the mods my mate has done to my guns n roses pin in Australia.

I dig the grips!

1 month later
#322 12 months ago

Ok... while I don’t know if you would exactly call this a true “mod” I think it’s pretty damn cool. I found some “props” inspired by pic of Keith Richards plus added some extra McFarlane amps and guitars i picked up here and there.

6860D024-48C5-4566-B7A9-BF78E3AD272C (resized).jpegC7075DC8-9518-40DC-8F3E-4EA0B17B3250 (resized).jpeg7E6F0B21-B63F-4C09-8D67-3B0B6B74CB48 (resized).jpegD7240333-3F7E-4BFE-93E8-3B412C146C23 (resized).jpeg
#325 12 months ago

Thanks guys ....

Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

killer, like the cabinets and amp head, you make those?

No, the 2 amps behind the G ramp come with the McFarlane Toys Slash figure but usually you get only one unless you buy the "deluxe" version. Mine came with 1, I picked the second one up loose. The one behind him with the booze and cigarettes is another McFarlane piece I also found loose so i don't know for sure which one it originated from but it fit nicely there IMO. The double neck guitar actually came from a Jimmy page figure. Slash plays the same model in concerts but it's black ..oh well! I thought it made a good prop and dresses up the light post.

1 week later
#328 11 months ago
Quoted from tneh:

I Love the bottle, the cans and the cigarettes! Where did you get them?

Thanks- They are simply “doll house” parts via the Internet - I got the whiskey and smokes from different sellers in China but the Budweiser’s were from a domestic seller and cost almost as much as real beer! - lots of options out there - domestic sellers seem to have minimum orders but quicker turn around .
China parts were cheaper but took a few weeks to receive.

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