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Guns N' Roses...It's here!

By pin2d

59 days ago

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Post #891 Featurette video. Posted by Coz (54 days ago)

Post #897 Full song list Posted by pinball_keefer (54 days ago)

Post #958 All 3 versions of playfields side by side. Posted by sevenrites (54 days ago)

Post #1172 Keith clarifies Coma rule Posted by pinball_keefer (54 days ago)

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#1879 52 days ago

It was pointed out in the JJPOTC thread that there is a brand new JJPOTCLE sitting behind Slash at position 1:17. Could be one they kept for the new factory, could be more...

#1891 52 days ago

I think the LE is incredible, so even if I don't get the CE (and it is looking that way), the art is amazing, the gameplay essentially the same, the coma lock cool but not that important, the speaker on top a mod waiting to happen. Most of all, I'm happy for JJP to have a legitimate hit, even though the CE sales were basically botched. This game is incredibly important to the future of JJP.

1 week later
#3401 44 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

I can’t help if you don’t think GnR shoots well. I am an above average player and that inner loop shoot is like butter and easily repeatable. Comboing the ramps and the loops is ezpz. I frankly didn’t have much faith in your earlier post or in your Pinball shooting ability when you mentioned the inner loop so I would just recommend more practice on it. Perhaps for you it just take a bit longer to get a hold of a game. I have owned Potc, JP and turtles and rick and morty. Potc is the easiest to loop and most smooth. JP is certaintly not, Iron Maiden is also very good rick and morty is just off in geometry.
The upper pf isn’t fun? Get out of here. The flippers must be on stock settings if you have trouble hitting those ramps because they are as wide as a used hookers...... well you get it. Lol
So no, I wouldn’t consider option C. I have avengers It’s great. But as I said, out of all those, personally, I’d pick GnR.
We are all different. I owned two Iron Maiden LE’s and JP premium and now avengers. To me, JP is easily his worst game. Like it’s not even close. But if you only have 10k and none of these do it for you, then yeah, keep your money.

You lost me at JP is easily Elwin’s worst game.

#3420 44 days ago
Quoted from jorant:

It's obviously his worst game art/sound/asset wise. Is that fair? Not his fault, but out of his three, this is just a fact.

It’s actually great in my home, right next to JJPOTC. Incredible flow and lots of fun. As to assets, the custom audio/video upgrade is incredible, just haven’t gotten to it yet as I’m enjoying the game as designed so far.

Back to GnR, I’m having a hard time resisting an LE...just a gorgeous game! Love the poster art, powdercoat, no big deal on losing the coma physical lock, tons of mod options, looks like a home run! Glad a buddy got a CE to try, I missed out. But the more I look at it, the more I like the LE.

#3436 44 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

They said it, I didn’t. Point being, you can’t really comment on the flow of a game if you struggle to hit a ramp....
Who did I beat? Well in regards to GnR specifically? I beat every person who showed up to cointaker and played on 2 different GnR machines for over 8 hours as I had the GC for the event. Game has crazy flow. The inner loop shot is super smooth and easy to repeat, Ramps are wide open and the loops are fast and one feeds the upper flipper for inner loop fun that you can string to a center vuk to finish.
I am recalling why I took a break from pinside 6 months ago. I Will likely do that after my game comes in. So no worries. I’ll see myself out. No need to get all white knight on me because I think you have to atleast be decent at pinball to truly have an opinion on code, gameplay and flow.

If you’re so amazing, why is the JP2 loop so hard for you I’m guessing you’re a good guy in real life. Enjoy your break, and GnR!

#3445 44 days ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

JP2 loop isn’t hard. What I don’t like is what I mentioned above, lack of assets, callouts, no movie. What I said about the loop is that compared to potc or maiden, it is not superior.
Secondly, thank you. I am a very nice person. I also have a career as a psychologist so I help people on a daily basis that are struggling with their mental health.
This pinball hobby can get people fired up, myself included. No harm meant to anyone.

I actually really enjoyed your take on GnR and am more encouraged to get one. As a psychologist, you must see lots of material on Pinside, mostly OCD!

#3551 43 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

With the real assets I can see this game being one of the best....with the cartoon dinosaur assets I don't think its in the top 5...I don't care what u guys say theme and assets matter.

If this is the standard, then the lack of assets in JJPOTC should be mentioned. But both are great, even without. Now JP has assets and new buyers are lining up, because it is pinball greatness. I’m seeing that potential here in GnR as well. Some games with assets deserve to be ranked higher as well, such as Lebowski and Alien.

#3711 41 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Well then ur lucky, u found something special.
Its a strange pin cause I loved it, but all my buddies who play pinball couldn't stand it. Its not a game for the casual player that's for sure. I'm a firm believer the new stuff has buried all those classics from the 90's. Still fun to play but they can't compete. JMO

It’s greatness lies not just in the theme, art, layout, ingenuity, and making it to LITZ, but in the individual modes themselves, which are distinctive and fun to revisit alone or in combination with other modes. The modes of many new games are very similar, despite the depth of code.

#3751 40 days ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I like the LE artwork better too!
But I like the Band autos and extras on the CE
That’s why it sold out
It we be the last JJP CE to ever sell out because they can’t match the GNR assets ever again

Toy Story could be in the same league.

#4043 38 days ago

I'm leaning towards a late run LE, after issues are worked out. It would be great to get one of the new Mirco playfields that look more chip resistant as well. I wonder when these are being implemented? This waiting strategy worked for me on my JP2Pre, which has zero issues, very high quality game.

#4161 36 days ago

It would be nice to know when the new Mirco playfields are going into the games. At that point, I'd be interested in getting one.

#4349 34 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Repeat after me:

Well, at least it was a Spectum playfield, which has a ring to it. At least it wasn’t Thunderbirds, although Wheel of Fortune may be more appropriate.

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