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Gulf Coast Pinball Club : SE Texas / SW Louisiana

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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    #1036 3 years ago

    Hey, just getting into this but I travel to Beaumont frequently. I go out to orange and interested in watching some quality players to see if I can pick anything up. Just bought a WoZ and it's awesome. Never been in a tournament and would like to see some serious play. I move a lot, keep me updated....

    #1038 3 years ago

    I got "the bug" bug time on pinball after my 11 year old sone drug me to an arcade in Houston. I've been playing my machine every night since I bought it. There have to be some "tricks of the trade" I can pick up on. Bought one, now wanting more. Doctor told me I shouldn't be riding dirt bikes anymore, time for a new hobby?

    #1042 3 years ago

    Actually my last move was from Bossier city. We move a lot with my job, about every three years. We're actually on our 8th move. I never know how long I'm going to be in any one place. Shortest time was 11 months in San Francisco, longest was in Michigan 7 years.

    #1053 3 years ago

    Too much work. Looking to sell a few items so I can find my WoZ's companion... would trade a couple of dirt bikes for the right machine

    #1060 3 years ago

    Wow, really looks good!

    #1081 3 years ago

    Are you guys routing games or mostly HUO machines? I think I need an AC/DC next to my WoZ but need to play it. Never seen one before. I can tell you have to play before buying. Some of the heavy hitters are not my favorites...

    #1088 3 years ago
    Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

    I have a collection, but I don't operate any machines out on location.
    AC/DC is quite a different theme than WOZ. I don't think they would look good next to each other.
    I like AC/DC machine pretty much, and if you get one, I know how to solve that little issue.
    Get a 3rd machine to put in between them.
    Then once you have at least 3 machines, that is enough to throw pinball parties.
    Once you get 4 or 5 machines, you can also start hosting small pinball tournaments.
    Then when you get 8 to 10 machines you can throw killer parties and host larger tournaments.

    Ok, I have to work into this slowly. I'm having a hard enough time convincing my wife to let another in the house. The WoZ is "office decoration" Was looking for something fast and furious and heard AC/DC is it. Plus I've seen them in concert 4x. What would you recommend?

    1 week later
    #1120 3 years ago

    I am now on the prowl to play and maybe purchase an AC/DC premium. Let me know if you find one at a reasonable price. Just sold my dirt bike today... listed it and had 8 people lined up to buy. I had people trying to offer more than asking to cut in line.... that's not me. Just because you have more $$$ doesn't make you first!

    I had someone (who I don't respect but had good advise) tell me if "if you always do the right thing, you never have anything to worry about". That has provided me some comfort over a decade and always try to live by it.

    #1130 3 years ago

    May purchase an AC/DC premium on Thursday!

    #1133 3 years ago

    Just picked up an AC/DC premium! Looks good but having an issue with bell return. Will have to do some homework on that. Still thrilled at the purchase.

    IMG_0756 (resized).JPG

    #1134 3 years ago

    Wife and kids are firmly convinced I have "lost my pinballs" jumping into this hobby ankle deep head first. The AC /DC is awesome, I think I just had a level issue with the machine and the bell drain.

    #1136 3 years ago

    Looks like if figured it out. Machine was a little off bubble and played it some more and still hung up. The bell "clacker" had backed out and was touching the playing field. Couple of twists in and we're cooking with kerosene! Thanks, seems like a great bunch of people here.

    #1143 3 years ago

    Sorry, already spent last week in Dallas. Not only am I tapped after this week I'm exhausted too. Have fun and don't be strangers...

    #1147 3 years ago

    Ha! That's great! Why don't you just make 10 louder... this one goes to 11

    #1149 3 years ago

    How many would not get that.....!OMG I was Lmao when I saw it....

    2 weeks later
    #1190 3 years ago

    Guys, not sure how many of you saw but I did PU an AC/DC premium the other day. While I'm improving my flipper skills, im definitely not tournament ready. However I would really like to watch some quality players to see if I can pick up some techniques. I can bring some "good beer" in exchange for some a few plays and letting me hang around for a while. I moved from Shreveport to Houston about a year ago and we need to work on Louisiana's idea of good beer... I'm thinking Albita ain't it... I may get a few tomatoes thrown my way for that but I do love a good IPA

    #1191 3 years ago

    Wow, 4th child! I had to quit at two! Congratulations!

    #1193 3 years ago
    Quoted from Leakyfaucet:

    Thanks, 3 ( and 4)weren't planned but now can't imagine life without. All my kids love pinball and we all play together almost nightly.


    That's awesome, my son and I have many nightly pinball-offs. I would say WoZ off's but we have a second now. My office is so noisy now with two pins going you can't hear the call outs. I want to let you know, I got my daughter into ATVs, shooting and dirt bikes, my son didn't want anything to do with them. So there are blessings where you wouldn't think you would find them...

    #1197 3 years ago

    Thank you, I will plan to be there barring any unforeseen circumstances. We did win the chili cook-off at classic in sugarland this weekend with my recipe. 1st in spicy and 3rd in crowd favorite.

    image (resized).jpg

    IMG_0796 (resized).JPG

    #1198 3 years ago

    You know the more I think about it I don't want to be the creep either wanting to watch other players ... do we have some good players on here now? That I am not,,, not that i'm lacking ambition just don't want to be the dork or creeper..

    #1213 2 years ago

    Awesome! Congratulations!

    #1228 2 years ago

    Congratulations! We stopped at two, our first was a little pill and figured we couldn't handle any more like that! Hope you and your family are doing well.

    #1234 2 years ago

    Hey, planning on trying to meet Leon tomorrow. Hoping to meet more of you. Work sucks, too much to do so little time. Saw a Pin Bot for sale. Guy would take $250 but apparently the head had been cut off at one point and it had no legs. I thought about it and I already have a basket case I'm working on and absolutely no time for that amount of soldering and heat shrink wrapping. Also who knows what was wrong with it prior to the head being severed?!?!?

    #1243 2 years ago

    Hey, I enjoyed meeting you guys and Preston today. I appreciate the hospitality. Waiting for a good sale on pork or a chance to hunt some wild hogs and I'll make some sausage! Typically I make 50lb batches and can make multiple flavors; English Bangers, hot Italian, sweet Italian etc. we'll have to have a grill out or smoke some brisket or pork butt. Here's a pic of my smoker. If you know where to get some pecan or red oak wood let me know! My brisket is so good you have to keep it away from the top of your head....... or your tongue will beat you to death trying to get a taste! Lol

    IMG_0842 (resized).JPG

    #1251 2 years ago

    Ok, I'm on the hunt for some "wood". my preference is pecan but willing to mix with red oak for the tournament on the 30th. Got approval from the wife and I'm going to be there. Hopefully the family tags along. Brisket depends on having good "wood". I have had no less than everyone ask me what I season my meat with and it's nothing more than salt. The seasoning come from the wood. I'm trying to smoke a brisket but one batch takes a hip high amount of good wood. If I can get good wood... I will smoke a brisket. Keep an eye out for boneless pork butt also known as pork picknick or Boston butt at a god price >$1.00 per pound and I'm a magician with sausage.. look forward to meeting everyone!

    #1253 2 years ago

    I will do what I can. I can get the wood... its just they want way too much $$$ for what i need. did i mention my smoker weights 800lbs? it needs a lot of wood fodder...$$$

    #1264 2 years ago

    Guys, I have a brisket I bought on sale in the freezer. Still trying to obtain some wood. I may have found a place to get some for $.50 a stick and will try and check out next week. I will let you know as it get's closer. If I can't buy it there it's going to cost me $18 or more just in wood. This is not a little smoker, I could easily put 6 to 10 briskets on it. I have been told I have a problem with always wanting the biggest and best ... Keep an eye out for boneless pork butt at about $1 per pound or less. Making sausage I can grind 24Lbs of meat a minute, have a 50lb meat mixer and a 7L capacity sausage stuffer. Takes longer to clean the equipment than make it. I do however need time to make it and a helper. I usually use my kids...

    #1266 2 years ago

    I need pecan and oak would work as a filler! I however do not have a chain saw and would prefer split too. I have a maul but that's a lot of work. Let me know where and how much if you can find some! Pecan is my favorite wood to smoke with and also works well with oak.

    #1268 2 years ago

    I would buy a 1/4 cord. I think that would fill the bed of my truck and set me up for a few seasions. If he's near you it would be about 4 hours round trip from Tomball.

    #1272 2 years ago

    I'm in Tomball and the smoker is not mobile. I'll have to cook it here Saturday, throw it in the oven that night at 200 degrees and bring it in a tub covered in towels to keep it warm. I think Dennis and Leon could keep it warm after I get there. I'm telling you the smell in the house will be wicked good.

    I understand the old school too. I have a friend that lives in the UP of Michigan in a cabin and no phone. Nicest guy you'll ever meet, looks like Grizzly Adams but you have to send smoke signals to talk to him...

    #1273 2 years ago

    Yes the smoker is 800 lbs of not going anywhere. I had to take down the fence, hack up a bird of paradise plant and winch it in place on my back patio.. love the thought of cooking it there but it's not going to happen... sigh... if I get wood I will sacrifice for the group by drinking beer and watching the meat cook on Saturday.. dreadful task but someone has to do it.

    #1275 2 years ago

    I'm getting hungry just talking about this. I only use hardwoods JAHpin... I used to motivate my team with a BBQ every 3 months. One time I forgot to invite one of the managesr and got an a$$ chewing... Yes, it's that good. I even had a dealer payoff of me smoking Brisket and had a local smokehouse supplement the BBQ and they screwed up the order and instead of sending ribs they sent more brisket. They threw the brisket from the local smokehouse away or gave it to the sales dept.... same difference..

    #1277 2 years ago

    I would... if it's good wood..... That right there just don't sound right thou..... When they moved me back to Michigan I paid big bucks to get a load of pecan however.. best seasoning ever!

    #1279 2 years ago

    I'm so seriously getting hungry right now. I have sent leaky a few PMs on the... wood... I know he has new family member and cutting some slack. If I can't get it from him I will try some local suppliers. I'm seriously excited about this and can't play pinball for $hit but love cooking brisket.. actually love people enjoying it more. So regardless of my play if your happy with the brisket I'm happy.

    #1285 2 years ago

    I would start up the wood talk, I can get some just not at what I consider a reasonable price. I plan on smoking at least one brisket. I'll take one for the team and it gives me an excuse to drink beer and smoke meat. I'll cook it Saturday night and throw it in the oven overnight. While if you are a brisket judge you may not like the presentation, but I guarantee you will like the product. I will pack in towels on the way there and should still be hot. I'll have to make Leon or Dennis fire up the stove to keep it warm. The whole house will smell awesome and I wonder if it will even make it to lunch. With that and gumbo there should be more than enough. one brisket will usually feed 12 people and with additional food it may cover the gap. My son and I are really looking forward to meeting you all. The brisket can't hurt... No way we will be there until 10:00 AM unless I drag my sleeping son downstairs and buckle him in myself. We have a two hour drive to get there.

    #1286 2 years ago

    Do we have an idea of how many people will be there? If I'm feeding people I like to make sure that if you go away hungry it's your own fault.. Reason I'm asking is I typically figure 1LBS per person precooked and that will cover the average technician who would eat the bark off of a tree.

    #1297 2 years ago

    Ok, while I don't have wood yet I have faith. I pulled the brisket out to thaw in the refrigerator for smoking Saturday. Plan is to smoke it Saturday night and put it in the oven at 200 degrees overnight. While not a purest smoking, it will work and have all the flavor. Looking forward to Sunday!

    #1299 2 years ago

    Ordered a set of Jabetc pin skates. Going to keep them in my truck if I find another pin. I think I need my son's approval on buying an EM. Hopefully he can play a few Sunday so I can see his interest level.

    Went to buy some wood a friend recommended today on my way hone and they were out. I may need to go by Academy and get some pecan if all else fails.

    #1302 2 years ago

    Getting the smoker ready.....

    IMG_0899 (resized).JPG

    #1304 2 years ago

    Getting really windy over here and starting to sprinkle. Had to break out the space blanket and bungee cords.

    IMG_0902 (resized).JPG

    1 week later
    #1330 2 years ago

    What? Nothing left over for your lunches!?!? We'll have to do that again, I think and leftovers are an expectation. I do however recall Leon going back for 4ths.. is there a broadcast tonight?

    #1335 2 years ago

    Yes, I'll take one for the team and spend Saturday drinking beer, smoking brisket and pissing my wife off. HA!

    #1365 2 years ago

    Hey, my son is looking for a reasonably priced EM that's "interesting" if anyone finds one. I'm ok with a little work too. he absolutely loves Arcade's 2001. $500 or under depending on condition and operation. Looking forward to the "Romp in the Swamp"! Quin has really improved his bump and nudge skills after seeing Preston.

    #1397 2 years ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    That was a very nice conditioned game.

    Thanks guys, I did sit my son down and watched some game play on line. We looked at Beat time and Pat hand, we actually thought Pat Hand looked like more fun but it's a pretty fugly theme. I see one that looks like it's seen better decades. If I find one is there anyone that does restorations on these? I'm pretty handy with a DVOM and schematic but paint and play field work are out of my realm.

    sanantonio.craigslist.org link

    #1406 2 years ago

    Thoughts on a Gottlieb Circus project? The good: comes with keys, manual, new leds, and rubbers

    The bad: Game won't start and needs a new 4th player display, has a few flake spots on the back glass

    While I don't know pinball repair just from what I read I'm guessing acid damage $200-$300 repair and Display $300? Game looks pretty good for a 37 year old game, couple of cabinet scuffs but play field looks good? Quite a drive though and I don't think my pin skates will work. I think this is one of those big B@st@rds Dennis told me about.

    #1412 2 years ago
    Quoted from PoBoyPinball:

    I would agree Google parts to start. If you are looking for more of a learner pin I would go with a Bally SS, New MPU $200 driver board, lamp board all available. But like above be prepared to be repining some female connectors. Depending on title and condition you can pick some of these up for good deals some times.

    Apparently it was a good deal. I reached out right after I posted and was pending pickup so I asked to be second in line. Seller took the post down so it's gone now. I'm sure I could repin connectors if I needed to, my biggest problem is finding time. My kids helped me re solder some capacitors on a board in a TV. Only reason I needed help was I couldn't read the ratings on them and needed some "young eyes". Heck my Pins were only turned on twice this week. I'm looking forward to the Romp in the Swamp. Is there somewhere i need to go to register? I also need an address or i'm going to be driving around Lake Charles gorging myself on brisket looking for somewhere to play..

    #1414 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure I know where this is going... PM sent

    #1417 2 years ago

    Ok, so I found some pork butts on sale but can't find all of my equipment for making sausage. I will have to order a new handle for my stuffer. I will bring some English Bangers to the Tournament, but my family wants some for home. Had to have my daughter help me feed meat into the grinder and use it as a stuffer. My son and I are really looking forward to this even though it's quite a drive, we will probably stick to the main tournament and leave as soon as possible so we can get home at a decent hour. I made Bangers and Mash for dinner tonight.

    IMG_0941 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0943 (resized).JPG

    #1433 2 years ago

    Hey hey.... just bought the briskets. Found them for $1.47 a pound at Kroger. I'll have them chilling in the freezer until I smoke'em!

    IMG_0960 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0961 (resized).JPG

    #1436 2 years ago

    Well, there is a new addition to the collection. We bought an SS Solar Ride for $150. OP said it powered on but wouldn't play, when we got there it would power up and play... sweet! When we got it home not so much. We have started with the basics and my son is learning how to operate a DVOM. She doesn't work right now but seems like a deal. He wanted an EM machine and it's close, early SS. Here is a couple of pics while we diagnose. Oh, Leon., pin skates are freaking awesome!!!!

    IMG_0962 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0963 (resized).JPG

    #1440 2 years ago

    While I was out today I bought a fuse which was blown. Installed it and it's up and running! Here are a few pics. Should I use Novus 2 to clean the playfield?

    IMG_0964 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0966 (resized).JPG

    IMG_0965 (resized).JPG

    1 week later
    #1454 2 years ago

    Sweet, Seattle is a crazy town. I covered Washington, Oregon and Alaska at one point. Would love to play some of those games.

    #1462 2 years ago

    Uhg, working...

    #1475 2 years ago
    Quoted from Leakyfaucet:

    I've been super busy with work lately but picked this up off CL yesterday.

    Leaky, how is the cabinet? Looked like it had been repainted. I was watching this one for a while now. Still showing on CL if it's the same one. They mentioned weak flippers. Keep us updated.

    #1478 2 years ago
    Quoted from Leakyfaucet:

    Haven't seen too many posts on here about them either. Other than a few mechanical issues that I have figured out... the only bad thing is some idiot repainted the cab gray.... and not just any gray, a textured like rhino gaurd gray. I might swap it with another 68 williams cab and repaint it to match Lady Luck.

    That's what I thought I saw in the pictures, there were no good side shots in the ad. I don't have an extra cab and my wife would have gone spider-monkey on me if I bought another one right now.

    #1480 2 years ago

    Well I cleaned up the playfield on Solar Ride, it did brighten it up a bit but didn't go deep enough. I'm afraid if I go any further I'll have bare wood. Still some swirl marks in it. Plays fast as heck though after polishing and waxing again.

    IMG_1003 (resized).JPG

    #1481 2 years ago

    I looked back at this pic a couple of times and still looks better than it does in person. It's missing the tilt and I set it up steep. Really fun to play, just simple objectives.

    1 week later
    #1505 2 years ago

    I am planning to be there just before 10:00. Realize I have a 3 + hour drive. I will have enough smoked meat to feed a German Panzer division !

    #1516 2 years ago

    Ok, so Tiger was worried about having enough sausage so I just bought a little over 6lbs of Kiolbassa at Costco to smoke as well. That makes 24 lbs of brisket, 10 lbs Bangers and 6 lbs Kiolbassa. Holy cow are we going to eat! I'll take and post some pics as I cook it tomorrow.

    IMG_1012 (resized).JPG

    #1517 2 years ago

    Agenda tomorrow,,, sleep in, get wood... start smoker... play pinball, put meat on, play pinball, open beer, play pinball, post some BBQ pics, or something like that!

    #1520 2 years ago

    Getting the smoker up to temperature.

    IMG_1014 (resized).JPG

    #1521 2 years ago

    Meat is on!

    IMG_1015 (resized).JPG

    #1523 2 years ago

    Not a prbkem ma 2 much flooid later! I'm inside and go out about every 20 minutes to stoke and monitor temp. Once it gets in the sweet spot about every 1/2 hour. I'll have to finish it in the oven tonight and you'll be able to cut it with a spoon!

    #1524 2 years ago

    Smoked Kiolbassa is done! I'll cut them up some and keep them in the fridge until tomorrow.

    IMG_1016 (resized).JPG

    #1526 2 years ago

    We're playing some pinball while the brisket cooks.

    IMG_1017 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1018 (resized).JPG

    #1528 2 years ago

    Sweet! English Bangers and smoked sausage are done. Brisket is still smoking away and I'll put it to bed in the oven at 200 degrees.

    IMG_1019 (resized).JPG

    #1537 2 years ago

    Man those look good! My smoker isn't quite as bight tech though. Getting ready to load up and head your way.

    #1545 2 years ago

    Awesome time today guys! Quin and I had fun, thank you again for the hospitality. Don't let any of the extra brisket or sausage go to waste....

    IMG_1020 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1021 (resized).JPG

    #1557 2 years ago

    Maybe next time we could make some Cudighi or some spicy Italian sausage. I make some with lava-jack cheese but you have to enjoy the heat... twice..

    1 week later
    #1612 2 years ago

    Hey, I have a chance to purchase a 2001. My son has been wanting one ever since our first tournament. Is $400 for this machine too high? He said it was working fine and then just stopped now just makes a humming sound. Looks rougher than I originally thought. guy is selling his whole collection.

    2001 1 (resized).jpg

    2001 2.jpg

    2001 3.jpg

    2001 4.jpg

    2001 5.jpg

    2001 6.jpg

    2001 7.jpg

    2001 8.jpg

    2001 9.jpg

    2001 10.jpg

    2001 11.jpg

    #1646 2 years ago

    Yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing them ... NOT! Maybe next tourney

    1 month later
    #1770 2 years ago

    So did someone pick up that Ship Ahoy in Laporte this weekend? Had my eye on it but the wife is giving me so much crap about what I have I'm not sure if a pin or a divorce would be cheaper... wait. $400 to cost me 1/2 of everything and all the tail.. I know which is cheaper

    4 weeks later
    #1873 2 years ago

    Looks like a great time! Wish we could have. Been there. I need to find some time to make some more sausage, work has been brutal.

    1 week later
    #1892 2 years ago


    Yup I'm planning on doing some pulled pork and sausage! Too much to do to hit every tournament, but we've been having fun with everyone down here. I asked my son if he wants to go back to your house and he looks at me and says Duh dad!

    1 month later
    #2018 2 years ago

    Hey guys, I'm back! I was up in the Michigan upper peninsula hunting. No cell service, wifi or internet. Awesome time off. Right now for December 2nd I was planning on doing pulled pork butt sandwiches. I'm not going to have time to make bangers, sorry. You won't be disappointed but I'm going to need help with sides.

    #2020 2 years ago

    I do have a couple of good stories but too long to put on here. I did not get a deer but between my buddy and I we saw 27 of them! Ask me at the tournament...

    #2029 2 years ago

    Happy thanksgiving! I just went out and bought some pecan wood to smoke the pork butts with so we'll be ready for the 2nd. I'm planning on bringing some rolls from Costco and smoked pulled pork but need some assistance with sides. Any takers?

    #2041 2 years ago
    Quoted from Arcade:

    I was all excited.
    The guy here in Beaumont has decided he does not want to live stream from his place.
    We were all set up to do it today, then for some reason he got cold feet and decided he would rather not.
    So now looks like we will do Spider-Man tonight and Attack From Mars next week.
    Our AFM should arrive Monday.

    Bummer, would like to have seen that. I'm probably not going to be on this evening as I've been working and trying to catch up from two weeks off. I have over 1000 emails... well, Quin and I are looking forward to the tourney on the 2nd! I'll fire up the smoker the night before. Sounds weird but tastes good, I will pump the meat up with fruit punch before cooking. Helps keep the meat moist and adds a little flavor. If we're going to have about 30 people I will do somewhere upwards of 30lbs of meat. I don't want any less than 1lb per person, if you leave hungry it's your own damn fault! HA!

    #2060 2 years ago

    Ok, I'm a BBQ snob and I special ordered some sauce from KC for the tournament. My daughter said it arrived today and will be bringing some with me for the tournament! I wanted something to put it over the top! I'm in Dallas for meetings right now... will be firing up the smoker Friday....

    #2066 2 years ago

    Anybody getting hungry yet? I bought 40 lbs of bone in butts today and stuff to make a dry rub. Figured cooked and bones removed we should have 30lbs of pulled pork. Anybody up for bringing some dill pickle slices and slices onion?

    IMG_1270 (resized).JPG

    #2068 2 years ago

    TL, is Medusa up and running?

    #2071 2 years ago

    TL, Excellent! I'm looking forward to this, should be fun. I'm going to start the pork tomorrow and in between meetings I'll tend to it. I'll provide some updates when I can. What time do you want us there?

    #2073 2 years ago

    My plan is to put everyone in a food coma.......so Quin and I have a chance!

    IMG_1271 (resized).JPG

    #2076 2 years ago

    Nevus and Mudflaps, I haven't met you yet but you two and Preston are getting thirds before we start... Muhwahaaaa!!!!

    #2084 2 years ago

    Getting the smoker fired up!

    IMG_1272 (resized).JPG

    #2086 2 years ago

    Meat is on!

    IMG_1275 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1276 (resized).JPG

    IMG_1277 (resized).JPG

    #2088 2 years ago

    AD, looks good! Ham and Turkey! You going to be there tomorrow?

    #2096 2 years ago

    OMG, I forgot how long this takes. Meat is sitting at 168 degrees right now. I need at least 190 if not 200 for it to pull well. It has been a while since I've done pork butts... had to wrap the smoker in it's pajamas to finish up.

    IMG_1278 (resized).JPG

    #2098 2 years ago

    Waiting for the meat to get done and playing a little Solr Ride. Just got my high score!!!!

    IMG_1279 (resized).JPG

    #2100 2 years ago

    Someone bring some sliced sweet onions too! Pickles and sweet onions are awesome on this pulled pork. Which, by the way is still cooking.... could be a late night and early morning...

    #2104 2 years ago

    MF, better bring an appetite too... I'm expecting you, Nevus and Preston for thirds...

    #2110 2 years ago

    Arcade DOH! Just finished the meat too. Will wake up at 5:00 to reheat and take.. DOH x2!!!!


    #2111 2 years ago

    Ok, have had enough fun smoking meat. Hope you appreciate. Will see you all tomorrow. Over 12 hours now...

    #2122 2 years ago

    I just wanted to thank TL, Pavball and the whole team who helped out today! That was a great tournament! The trophies were AMAZING! Wait, AMAZING! Some awesome sides for lunch/dinner and great leadership by Pinballisgreat! I think I had three servings of beans, pasta salad and potato salad! With a little creativity maybe we could work in some WOZ on one in the future. Nice to meet some new people too, GREAT group overall and I can't wait for the next one I can attend!

    #2153 2 years ago

    I'm still pumped from our last tournament. Quin and I had a blast! I was a little loopy from lack of sleep, but still a good time! I just want to play more pinball!!! Oh, I did go out and look at current standings on the IFPA.. I'm currently ranked #33 in Louisiana and 500 in Texas. I may need to work on that. This group is awesome... I still can't get over the tournament trophies. Those were above and beyond.

    #2167 2 years ago

    Glad you guys enjoyed the snow. Hunting this year we has 6" in just one morning. Would prefer only for hunting....

    #2175 2 years ago

    When is the next tournament? I'm still pumped and want to see if I can get the family to help make sausage.. It's not as easy as it sounds.. apparently endured servitude is no longer "a thing".. The sausage is very labor intensive.

    3 weeks later
    #2256 2 years ago

    Mud flaps/Mimi me?

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