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Gulf Coast Pinball Club : SE Texas / SW Louisiana

By TigerLaw

3 years ago

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    Post #1592 Possible date for sept tourney. Posted by Nevus (2 years ago)

    Post #3395 Pinball story in Shreveport featuring Nevis. Posted by Mudflaps (1 year ago)

    Post #3580 The club getting a both at TPF. Posted by Nevus (1 year ago)

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    #2620 1 year ago

    Hey, everybody. TigerLaw first talked me into joining his winter pinball league and I now find pinball taking more and more of my free time. I had the privilege of helping him move Aerosmith in a few weeks ago. I will try to attend every tournament so that I can pad the winner's IFPA rankings. Cheers!

    Aerosmith (resized).png

    #2637 1 year ago

    Since the spring league has ended I have been unable to scratch the pinball itch. I am headed to Dallas with my dad on Friday to pick up Scared Stiff! The only problem I have is that it will be "his" pin so it'll stay at "his house." What a bunch of bologna.

    #2641 1 year ago

    xq11 I can’t take it easy on you if you consistently crush my scores!

    #2651 1 year ago

    marcbud and I are Scared Stiff!

    01D68C48-12DB-41FC-85C4-F3524C60BD4E (resized).jpeg

    #2652 1 year ago

    Here are some action pics of bringing Scared Stiff to the office of tigerlaw for the summer league:

    56E21814-189F-4C7B-A1EA-A11D4B597021 (resized).jpeg

    EA794E7A-325A-4B14-922D-E70FE2F40328 (resized).jpeg

    6CDAF2FD-D23B-43D1-BAE4-E72F24887460 (resized).jpeg

    BFFEF691-96B9-497B-BA22-A0A2C2E73F04 (resized).jpeg

    FC445315-823E-487F-83C2-6126A4D4FBD1 (resized).jpeg

    F19B64EA-41A4-4721-AA8E-9718A05E93A1 (resized).jpeg

    B4E2D0E6-143C-43CD-8773-7DBE8150B28E (resized).jpeg

    E6CD58AC-B80C-4133-816E-326A15769F2B (resized).jpeg

    #2660 1 year ago

    tigerlaw Please buy Creature from the Black Lagoon. It is the pin I remember from the local bowling alley growing up and the one I am dying to try again in person! Or maybe xq11 will take a liking to it and buy it?

    #2672 1 year ago

    pinball-is-great Love the Ozarks pics!

    arcade that is BADASS! Do you have a pic of the continued article?

    tigerlaw I call shenanigans on your bogus tournament. The "tournament" has a giant asterisk as Joey was a loser and xq11 graciously forfeited his spot in the winners bracket. My score on Scared Stiff would've smoked any of the two winners. And to answer your next question, no - I'm not bitter at all!

    #2677 1 year ago

    tigerlaw Medusa looks incredible!

    #2697 1 year ago

    tigerlaw I see you updated your profile to reflect that you are posting from Athens, Greece. Any good pins over there?

    #2722 1 year ago

    Baby tigerlaw is a new man with that haircut! Glad to see you & pavball are enjoying Greece.

    #2730 1 year ago


    Quoted from Jodester:

    Agreed. You won't grow tired of the game.

    What xq11 didn't consider is how tired of me he will get when I beg to come over all the time to play.

    #2735 1 year ago
    7830013A-9AC8-436B-85CE-941001952AAD (resized).jpeg8BA0D018-96E5-4F91-BBCD-241119C0E959 (resized).jpeg94AF4DA5-7EF3-4A4E-8C6D-A0012FA2DD04 (resized).jpegAF0C08AF-C779-4B9A-BC82-9D97783382ED (resized).jpegBACB3884-FE98-4CF5-9C86-07F085F2642F (resized).jpeg
    #2748 1 year ago

    Congrats xq11! Glad I could partake in the fun.

    23C8C6AD-9F0F-4D3E-BA33-4CE4CBA78D4C (resized).jpeg444F6011-05E0-4F59-BA79-2ABC00148E94 (resized).jpeg6F1CA9A6-01A4-4B4D-9364-89F5DD4B383A (resized).jpegDE3A1690-F4E0-45E7-82D6-BC7529288144 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #2776 1 year ago

    I am bummed I will miss the Saturday tournament. Please share a ton of pics so that I can live vicariously through you guys. I am rooting for pavball to win it!

    If I am able to make it to the Stern factory I will share pictures late next week.

    #2778 1 year ago

    Looks like a great time!

    C169DBC9-F4DD-46EA-8CB4-3B06EDDA06AF (resized).jpeg
    #2800 1 year ago

    Hello from Chicago! It’s not nearly as hot as Lake Charles...

    We’ve done Millennium Park and Eataly so far.

    0094C16A-BCC3-4B7B-A73D-797888FE535A (resized).jpegD9DF1B71-4665-46C4-A87E-B43A832EE9CA (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #2834 1 year ago

    I'll miss the social aspect of the next ten weeks of the pinball summer league. I'll do my best to get my games in, but have other obligations for a little while. Kill me, now!

    #2836 1 year ago

    If possible, I will get my games in at lunch time. Tomorrow I have a meeting during lunch so I may need to beg @tigerlaw to let met in before work begins...

    #2837 1 year ago

    I am counting down the minutes to try out Seawitch!

    #2843 1 year ago

    raegor & radium My dad, marcbud is over in Mandeville. He got SS & I am working on getting him to buy the AFM remake nib. He'd then need only one more pin to start hosting official events...

    #2847 1 year ago

    mudflaps I don't think we've met yet, but the only thing I have to offer to pinball is carrying/moving pins. My oafish size contributes to moving large objects. Our friend, Joey, who isn't (yet) on Pinside and I specialize in moving pins. tigerlaw is a cheater and has a few badass dollies that help facilitate moves, but I can help carry should you want to swap some pins with Lake Charles folks.

    #2868 1 year ago

    My fingers are a sacrifice @tigerlaw is willing to make to protect his pins.

    #2881 1 year ago
    Quoted from Jodester:

    I really feel happy we have a good group of folks in the GCPC. I read all of the dumpster fire/totes thread here on Pinside and can't believe some folks would call another member out like those folks did. Not saying behavior was acceptable by the subject of the thread, but we would have handled it differently.


    #2883 1 year ago

    tigerlaw I plan to get my ass kicked on SS Saturday afternoon. I hope to play more TNA soon! That game is insane.

    2 weeks later
    #2947 1 year ago

    labnip If you see anything particularly enticing for a (hopefully) first time pin buyer please let me know. PM me if so - I'll be happy to provide my cell number. I am openly on the hunt for a first pin that is sub $2,000. This is a shameless self-promotion.

    1 week later
    #2976 1 year ago

    I just had some of the best games of my life - special thanks to pavball & tigerlaw for hosting me at their house the other day for some TnA action. If you can learn to survive the speed of that pin you can learn to survive anything!

    Side note: How do you link a pin? Is it just the initials? If I hit preview post it doesn't do the mouse-over thing for Total Nuclear Annihilation unless I am using the wrong acronym?

    #2998 1 year ago

    I am not great at pinball, but LOVE TNA. The coop mode is fantastic. I want nothing more than to crush my friends when we play regular multiplayer. It has enough to leave me always wanting to play more. I have found that (in my head, at least) it has improved my play exponentially when it comes to other fast games. They are almost in slow motion as a result of TNA.

    #3020 1 year ago

    ElCid95 welcome! I hope your username references the greatest apartment complex in Baton Rouge. Love the pin! I live (and die) by the orbit on that machine.

    #3026 1 year ago

    tigerlaw What pins are in play for the league tomorrow?

    #3029 1 year ago

    Jodester If I make top 4 I will 100% pick TNA. Friendship ended with xq11. TNA my best friend now.

    #3040 1 year ago

    @jodester is ruining the good name of pinball... He is turning it into a great name and this will not stand!

    #3057 1 year ago

    Scott8806 that setup is badass!

    #3076 1 year ago

    tigerlaw I am counting down the seconds until TNA! I may use every single one of my league plays on that pin. Or maybe all but one - save the last play for Ghostbusters. I've been playing a ton of Ghostbusters on the Switch.

    #3108 1 year ago

    I am getting hustled by the Metallica king!

    0D53C7FD-B816-4E23-A5B2-614BC15F4448 (resized).jpeg
    #3110 1 year ago

    xq11 asked me, with both dignity and class, if I was truly coming into HIS house to challenge the KING OF METALLICA?! Needless to say, it was not close.

    #3143 1 year ago

    scott8806 What are your thoughts on Last Action Hero? I play it a ton on the Nintendo Switch but have never seen it in person.

    #3170 1 year ago

    Heck of a night! Congrats to pavball on the league win!

    #3174 1 year ago

    nevus I hope you guys have blast! I am rooting for Henry to dominate everyone. What is pin golf?

    #3177 1 year ago

    I like @jahpinwizard's version of the game better.

    #3184 1 year ago

    Please send a bunch of pics of the tournament! Looks awesome.

    #3185 1 year ago

    Any update on the tournament?

    #3187 1 year ago

    Love the pics! Despite not getting top 3, I fully believe Henry had the most fun. Hope you guys had a blast today!

    #3213 1 year ago

    @nevus What are your thoughts on Deadpool?

    #3217 1 year ago

    I have noted that Jodester's opinions do not reflect that of Pinside.com. Are the mods to be trusted with endorsements of new pins?

    #3236 1 year ago

    I have been trying to get xq11 housebroken for years... He keeps biting guests and peeing on the rug.

    #3240 1 year ago

    Stream is great, arcade!

    #3242 1 year ago

    tigerlaw if I wasn't on baby watch I would 100% be down. Maybe in November or something.

    #3250 1 year ago

    @jahpinwizard I PMed you about BH as well.

    #3252 1 year ago

    Thanks, @jahpinwizard. Is Todd in Leesville as well?

    #3264 1 year ago
    Quoted from Nevus:

    Henry put up the High Score on High Speed tonight!
    5,014,920[quoted image]

    Henry is the hero we need but don't deserve.

    #3265 1 year ago
    Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

    $100 discount for anyone from Louisiana or East Texas!! Thanks for letting me post in this thread--I won't spam it again.

    I do not mean for this to come off as an offensive question so do not mistake it as such, but I am genuinely curious. Do you honestly believe people will pay you remotely close to market value for a pin that has two holes in the playfield?

    #3267 1 year ago

    arcade I very much hope to make it out. I am dying to meet the Moncla clan (I want to know who will destroy me in the Louisiana tournament). I have been enjoying the Twitch streams and hope to come participate in the tournament.

    #3285 1 year ago

    tigerlaw the biggest problem I have with Batman 66 is that it gets in the way of my TNA & Metallica love affair! I don't think I have enough love to spread over three pins, particularly when Sorcerer may or may not be my favorite all time pin. You have an amazing set up and I look forward to playing Batman 66 again soon!

    #3303 1 year ago
    Quoted from PoBoyPinball:

    I only see 3 bucks laying on the game so his rates must be pretty cheap unless you are paying him in beers?

    We were playing some pretty high stakes games. I encouraged the $1 buy in and promptly lost two of my dollars.

    #3309 1 year ago

    pinball-is-great if I make the final 16 I will be rich. Rich, I tell you! I stand to make up to $5.

    #3310 1 year ago

    I have spent the entire day thinking of the things I will spend my winnings on for the Louisiana IFPA State Pinball Championships if I make it to the final 16. I will begin with a stop at BK Lounge. That may be the first and last stop...

    #3315 1 year ago

    The biggest problem I have with TNA is that its co-op multiplayer game encourages me to "work well with others." I live to destroy @tigerlaw & @jodester & @xq11... While I have yet to ever come close to matching the scores of those three pinheads, I dream of it.

    #3342 1 year ago

    Is it possible to downvote a Pinside moderator? I was 100% on board with Megatron's pink ears, but tigerlaw has crossed the line!

    My complaints aside, little pavball & tigerlaw looks quite comfortable watching the amazing Batman 66 screen. When does the DVD box set arrive?

    #3348 1 year ago

    Love the pics of Black Hole! Glad it could stay in Louisiana.

    #3352 1 year ago

    I think the reactor 6 is the highest reactor the Lake Charles TNA has achieved. It was tigerlaw & xerico playing a 4 player co-op together.

    #3357 1 year ago

    I love jodester's Aerosmith! Very fun pin. What do you guys plan to replace it with?

    1 week later
    #3383 1 year ago

    tigerlaw is there a way to like a post multiple times?

    #3389 1 year ago

    I am looking forward to league night tonight! I cannot wait to defeat my nemesis, xq11.

    #3394 1 year ago

    pinball-is-great It is with a heavy heart that I tell you this... I played like Charlie Brown. I had career lows in 3 of the 5 pins. I have no one to blame but my idiot self.

    I want to scream out "KHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!" Like in Wrath of Khan, but shouting out xq11 doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

    #3401 1 year ago

    BH looks great! One of my favorite virtual pins - I hope to invite myself to your house one day to play it...

    #3417 1 year ago

    Where are the Friday pics?! How am I supposed to live vicariously through the SE Texas / SW Louisiana pinsiders if you guys don't post pics?

    #3429 1 year ago

    I wish! I will be in Orlando on 11/3. I told the Pinball Mafia on stream a few weeks ago. The only time I communicate them is Sunday evenings after 8:00p.m.

    1 week later
    #3441 1 year ago

    @jahpinwizard TNA is my favorite pin in the house!

    If you want to coop maybe I can finally get past the first reactor...

    2 weeks later
    #3489 1 year ago

    Given their problem firing lasers, do you think stormtroopers can hit a shot in pinball?

    2 weeks later
    #3523 1 year ago

    Any pinball in Lake Charles tomorrow evening? Gotta get my practice in before I get my teeth kicked in come January!

    4 months later
    #3805 9 months ago

    Arcade will Twilight Zone be one of the pins in the tournament?

    #3812 9 months ago

    I think my score may have been entered in the side tournament - I was there just long enough to hang with Megatron for a few minutes. I don't even know if my low low Simpons score was for three balls or not.

    1 week later
    #3834 8 months ago

    When is the Shreveport tourney? Please forgive me if I missed the post with the details.

    #3837 8 months ago

    Crap! I now remember why I blocked it from memory - I will be at a bachelor's party and can't make it.

    1 month later
    #4005 7 months ago

    I'm with @scottslash - PinStadiums on that MM would be HUGE and SWEET!

    1 month later
    #4083 5 months ago

    Congratulations to you both!

    3 months later
    #4285 65 days ago
    Quoted from TigerLaw:

    Pav will never let Quicksilver leave the house. I can loan out Sorcerer though on a temp trade.

    First of all, how dare you! Second of all, I have no good follow up. Sorcerer is great in every single way. Somehow Quicksilver keeps ending up in league play, though...

    We need to find a way to get Star Trek back in the rotation.

    #4286 65 days ago

    nevus I was serious about buying one of those Louisiana Pinball Circuit shirts. They are great!

    2 weeks later
    #4315 51 days ago

    Nevus I hope you love every second of Rick and Morty. I am constantly re-watching episodes of that and IASIP. It drives my wife crazy. Thank you again for holding on to a shirt for me.

    To everyone else: I hope each of you are prepared to totally and completely humiliate and embarrass me at the tournament. To make matters worse, my wife will be competing so she can kick my butt, as well. I'm pumped to see everyone and watch the SEC Championship Game while playing pinball!

    #4318 51 days ago

    xq11 brother when I went to Las Vegas in 2014 the pins had super weak flippers and I failed to understand the appeal... Since then I wish for nothing more than to play those pins again. I am flying out to Vegas again next year. We will see how they play...

    #4325 48 days ago

    I need to apologize to the Moncla Mafia - yesterday I was posting emojis in the stream because baby Sam dumped water on my keyboard! I am officially back in action and loved the stream yesterday. The highlight for me was the displaying of the American Girl Doll pin, Flip Side.

    #4326 45 days ago

    While my keyboard may now work, my fingers apparently do not. Maybe next year I will sniff at the top 16 tournament. Congratulations to all of those that made it!

    #4330 44 days ago

    pavball LOVE these pictures of tigerlaw and son of Tigerlaw, future state champ!

    1 week later
    #4353 35 days ago

    Happy holidays, everybody! I hope each of you get to spend some good time with family but better time playing pinball!

    4 weeks later
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