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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (7 months ago)

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#1667 3 years ago

Possible new owner here...I need to work out the cash part of a trade for my 2010 IM. I *loved* my IM, but I’ve had it for 6 years, and it’s time for a new tough game. Sounds like there are still some code problems in GOTG even with the .90 release, but the new rules sound pretty cool.

#1675 3 years ago

Seems like the Ulek protectors are a no-brainer for this game - they look factory, and this game is an airball speed demon.

1 week later
#1682 3 years ago

I’ve put about 20 games on mine after setting it up today. I’m getting a lot of cheap drains:

1. Right orbit feed hits right sling and slams the ball into left outlane
2. Rocket sends ball SDTM about half the time
3. Yando shot drops ball onto wireform and it bounces out

The scoop eject is also way more dangerous than the one on my AS. I’m used to new games needing time to “settle down”, but mine has 820 games on it already. Any recommendations for tweaks to make this less like a bucking bronco?

#1684 3 years ago

I changed the scoop eject power to 28, and it’s much better now. I also just played a 100M+ game with 8 Rocket kickbacks and none of them drained, so maybe I was just unlucky before. GOTG seems faster and meaner than the IM I traded for it. But once you get some good flow going, it’s a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to digging into the rules tomorrow night.

#1685 3 years ago

I closed down the outlanes and got myself dialed into the shots, and now I’m having a blast with this game. I’m being fully serious. .

EDIT: Finally got Cherry Bomb MB and a 252M score. I may need to move the outlane posts back out.

#1690 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

My game is wrapped up and ready to leave. Here comes Iron Maiden. GOTG is the only game I do not care about.

[Edited for niceness] I can understand being frustrated with GOTG when the code was new, but it’s a very solid game now. I hope your buyer appreciates the game more, or at least doesn’t complain as much as you did.

#1691 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm happy to say that my guard turds is leaving and my negativity will leave with it.

What happened to the negativity leaving? This was over a month ago.

#1692 3 years ago

I feel confident in comparing GOTG 0.90 to my Aerosmith now that I’ve put about 30 games on GOTG, and at least 300 on AS. I never experienced the early code, so 0.90 is my first experience with GOTG. From a rules standpoint, GOTG feels like a complete game at this point, while AS still needs some more meat on its bones. The modes are a lot more differentiated in GOT than in AS. Mode completion is more important in GOTG, due to 5x Groot jackpots and Cherry Bomb Multiball. The action button is integral to the gameplay on GOTG, but on AS it’s only good for aborting multiball. Groot multiball is pretty much identical to Toys in the Attic multiball, but other than that the games feel very different to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love AS, and it’s not going anywhere. I do find it a little annoying that some of the AS guitar riffs were reused in GOTG, so I’ll be changing those out. Once I do, I think they’ll be very complementary pins. I just hope AS eventually gets the same treatment that GOTG did with the 0.90 release.

#1694 3 years ago

I just had a 600M+ Orb MB, and I have no idea how - I think I stacked RAMPAGE and a shot doubler on the Orb shot. I finished with 891M. The super modes are lucrative, definitely worth playing with a shot doubler. Man I love this game. I just wish they’d let the music play uninterrupted when you’re not in a mode. No fanfare for Groot or Orb lock, just let the Awesome Mix music play on.

#1697 3 years ago

GOTG has only been out 6 months. I bought MET right out of the gate in 2013, and I think it took over a year to get to this level. Kudos to Stern for picking up the pace AND adding variety to the modes.

#1711 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

The ball is hitting the sling and activating it when coming out of the pops. One game at TPF did this, and it's very annoying. The GOTG at our local arcade plays perfectly, with the ball dropping right to the flipper. Anyone know how to fix this?

I adjusted the right sling to be less sensitive. You can also ease the ball guide out a smidge - I’m going to try this tonight.

BTW, you can adjust the scoop kickout so that it always lands on the right or left flipper. Or SDTM if you’re a masochist. I’ve got mine ejecting to the right flipper now, 18 I think.

#1712 3 years ago

I’m not much of a topper guy, but this would look pretty amazing for about $400. Someone else please do it so I can admire it.


CF3DED6C-575C-494A-BE49-3FA6B617E3B3 (resized).jpeg

#1713 3 years ago

Game play question - sorry if this was brought up before. If you’re going for Immolation Initiative, do you cradle the ball and time out each mode after the little fanfare that says you qualified it for II? It’s one of the few modern DMDs I’ve played where you can do that, and it seems like that would be a problem for tournaments. I can just see some wise guy waiting out a 107 second timer during qualifying.

On a different topic, the Hadron Enforcers are huge, best use of standup targets on any game I’ve ever owned. Huge risk, huge reward! And leads to many different scoring strategies. Save them up for a monster Orb MB, or use them to finish modes and advance to Cherry Bomb MB.

#1720 3 years ago

WJxxxx, I agree. But my right sling would launch the ball into left outlane about 50% of the time, and that’s definitely no fun. I’ve gotten into the habit of nudging as the ball comes down from the pops, and I can usually avoid the sling-drain that way. I’ll probably set my scoop kickout back to factory defaults, because it’s admittedly pretty lame to have it gently place the ball on the right flipper.

#1728 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I wish all GOTG owners the best. I'm out of this thread and hope code improves for everyone.

As it stands, the .90 code is awesome, even without Pinball Browser editing. It already surpasses IM and AS, and pulls up even with GOT. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Guardians. For me, it’s the best adrenaline rush pin of any I’ve owned. Guardians kicks ass!

#1745 3 years ago

One of the things I absolutely love/hate about this game is the way it sets you up for a huge cash-in, then slams your dick in the door right before you can do it. Yesterday I had a 4-ball Groot multiball going, with Cherry Bomb lit and ready. All 4 balls drained simultaneously, craziest thing I ever saw. No Cherry Bomb. Tonight, same deal but with 2 balls going. But I couldn’t help going for the Groot SJP, so I lost 2 balls and missed CBMB again. Argh! It keeps me hitting the start button over and over, that’s for sure.

#1747 3 years ago

There’s not much to go wrong with this game mechanically. I traded for a Pro with about 800 plays on it, and I haven’t seen any real issues. I did have to adjust the scoop kickout strength to keep it from going SDTM every time. Now the ball hits the tip of the extended left flipper pretty consistently, much better. The feed down the right side to the flippers is a little tricky too. I made the right sling a little less sensitive so that it’s not a chump drain if the ball grazes it on the way down. Adjust outlanes to taste and enjoy!

#1748 3 years ago

One other thing to know: GOTG is more on the IM/TWD side of the spectrum than on the LOTR/POTC side. I find myself nudging and slap-saving a lot. It’s not a “lean back and play” kind of pin. The Rocket kickback is ridiculously fast and drains more than the one on IM. I hope they’ll add a 1-second ballsave at some point.

#1768 3 years ago

Another huge update!! Here are the key changes from my perspective (in order of importance to me):

*** Normal Gameplay
- Increased the size of the current player's score to make it easier to read.
- Added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer 'shots' you can have in reserve.
- Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the first jackpot during Orb Multiball.
- Increased Groot Multiball base jackpot scores.
- Decreased Orb Multiball base HurryUp scores.
- The first session of Quill's Quest is a 2 ball multiball. If both balls drain before the mode is completed the next ball will make mode select available instead of putting the game back into Quill's Quest.

*** Super (Secondary) Modes
- Now Secondary modes, i.e. Yaka Arrow 2, Sanctuary 2, etc.. persist until the end of the ball or until all of their associated points have been collected. Starting a new mode at the right scoop no longer stops Secondary modes. (!!!!)
- Added rules for Quill's Quest 2, a HurryUp centric rule. Shot the right scoop to collect a HurryUp award that starts at 10% of your score. (!!!)
- Changed rules for Yaka Arrow 2, i.e. a super pop bumper centric rule. There are 50 Yaka Arrow Pop Awards. Collect 1 at a time for each pop bumper hit, or, collect all of them at once by shooting the Yondu Lane/Target.
- Added rules for Sibling Rivalry 2, a Gamora right ramp centric rule. Shot the right ramp to collect all of the points earned during Sibling Rivalry. (!!)

*** Wizard Modes
- Now mode select is available following the Cherry Bomb Multiball completion/ball draining sequence.
- The Hadron Enforcer is no longer available to collect the final shot during Immolation Initiative.

Also lots of new bug fixes and topper code. Well done Stern!

#1772 3 years ago

The "Hadron Enforcer Limit" is going to be controversial. If you leave it at the new default, you'll need to be mindful of when you're about to get another 3 HEs, and use them up before you get the next batch. This adds more complexity and interest to gameplay. I've been guilty of hoarding HEs for multiballs. I need to break that habit.

#1775 3 years ago

I'm ass-u-ming that the developer(s) who brought all this goodness to GOTG will move to AS next.

#1825 3 years ago

Hmm, a lot of speculation here about who’s doing what at Stern. I don’t think any of us know. Let’s just be glad that the game has become what it is now, instead of smearing someone who worked on it.

#1830 3 years ago

Love this little mod. Tucked away like an Easter egg.

He’s a “NECA scaler”, just 9 bucks. amazon.com link »

4CF15577-AFBE-41AE-9D2D-A6F2E3CA6A5B (resized).jpeg

#1831 3 years ago

Uleks installed and ready for tomorrow’s party. I like them!

F64AA0E3-CD22-4004-8EC7-B42C86F640F6 (resized).jpeg

8400A534-E4E5-4DAF-BF13-52A6B658CAF6 (resized).jpeg

#1833 3 years ago

If you disable fast boot in settings, it’ll verify the image.

#1855 3 years ago

I did a full upgrade from 0.90 to 0.95, with verify turned on. There’s a definite, disappointing change in the magnet’s behavior in 0.95. It only influences the ball slightly when it comes out. It doesn’t grab it any more. The magnet may as well not be there any more. This definitely needs a setting, like with kickout strength.

Quoted from Sinestro:

OK, so an update on my magnet situation. I did a factory reset, no change. I did a full re-install of the software with verify on. Everything went smooth, but no change. So I took the glass off and started playing with the orb lock manually. I noticed that the magnet is still coming on, it's just coming on about a half second late. Not even enough to effect the ball even slightly, just late enough for a clear miss.

#1858 3 years ago

It was during the first 2 Orb releases. WAS. I just played a few games and the magnet is grabbing the ball again. But it’s inconsistent. I’ll keep playing and take better notes.

#1861 3 years ago

Here’s what I’m seeing most of the time. A few facts:

1. Changing back to 0.90 didn’t help
2. The magnet and core are both very hot now (after about 8 activations)

#1865 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Is the magnet loose or is it tight against the Playfield?

The magnet core is snug up against the playfield. The loop is loose but that shouldn’t matter.

My new theory: it’s the balls. I’m going to put in 6 brand-new carbon core balls and see if anything changes.

#1866 3 years ago

The magnet is definitely working, and if I use my hand to stop the ball roll, the magnet grabs it and behave like the video above.

Same here. Also, I just checked and my playfield is at 7 degrees, a bit steep. I’ll try 6.5 and see if that helps.

#1869 3 years ago

I tried this, but it didn’t help. I wonder if wedging the loose ring up closer to the playfield would make a difference. I’m willing to try anything at this point. I may even try a new magnet coil.

Quoted from Chief:

We have been having this frustrating issue with our magnet, but seem to have found the solution / culprit.
Raise the playfield, and rotate the magnet (ours was loose, had slipped and was also not snug against the pf)
The first attempt at rotating the magnet didn’t help, but rotating it a second time, further, so the white label on the rear of the magnet is at the bottom/6’oclock seems to have solved it.
The magnet now grabs the ball out of the orb every time.
We have held the magnet in this orientation with gaffer tape for piece of mind.
Hope this helps!

#1872 3 years ago

At this point, I’m 95% convinced that the “magnet issue” is just one of timing and ball travel. If I nudge just as the ball is coming out, it does the magnet hang/fling thing. I’ll stop obsessing about this and get back to enjoying the game.

I had a 50M+ Yondu2 just now. I think I had the shot doubler going. I kind of like these “1-shot super” modes (the other being Quill). It reminds me of Do or Die on IM.

#1880 3 years ago

A dead shot is one that isn’t lit for anything. If it’s meant to be like Aerosmith, you can only collect 1 “dead shot” from each location. So I always start with a mode with just 1 or 2 shots lit. I don’t think this setting actually works on GOTG. Extra balls seem to be arbitrary.

#1894 3 years ago

My strategy is similar to yours. My best game (last night) was 449M, with 6 modes completed. I like leading with Sanctuary because I come out of it with 3 HEs, and I can spot that far right target with the (much easier) left orbit. I try to save my MBs for when I have a super mode running alongside a regular mode. Shot doublers are critical for getting the most out of the super modes.

I finished Quill last night with around 400M on the board, and had Quill lit with a doubler while Rocket was running, so a potential 160M shot. I missed it over and over and finally hit it for 3M. Lol.

Quoted from sethi_i:

I'm sure the changes in .95 have altered playing strategies. I'm very interested in everyone's thoughts regarding mode start order, Multiball timing, qualify vs. finish modes, etc. Here's my general approach. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn't.

#1898 3 years ago

I’d really love to lift the HE cap from 3 to 9, but then I wouldn’t be able to compare achievements with others. One small change I noticed in 0.95 is that you can’t use HEs to spot shots during super modes, at least not if it’s the only thing going. The HE button goes dark.

#1927 3 years ago

Regarding the magnet position...

I’m a EE, and what’s left in my brain of the year of horrible electromagnetism (E-Mag) courses is telling me that the coil’s rotational position shouldn’t matter. A loop of wire with current going through it induces a B field, right hand rule, full stop.

I hate to say it, but I think we’re dealing with the same issue that Whysnow is having with his flippers. Sometimes weak, sometimes strong. It’s Spike2, it’s the new normal.

#1931 3 years ago

Pfft, you try talking with 3 or 4 balls in your throat.

#1935 3 years ago

I’ve definitely seen coils broken like that. It’s not cheap, it’s just pinball - things break. Glad Stern took care of you.

#1936 3 years ago

There’s an awesome sound that happens when you light the right outlane save. I’m going to use this sound or something like it for “mode qualified for II”. I’ll find something new for the outlane save sound.

#1944 3 years ago

I’m not going to bed tonight until I reach Immolation. I’ve been 1 mode away 3 times in a row. I wish that holding both flipper buttons in for 10 seconds would end the current mode, so I can start a new one. Timing out modes is tiresome, but necessary to reach II.

#1945 3 years ago

I think I found a bug tonight. I had Yondu lit for double scoring, played a multiball, and when it ended (down to one ball), the shot was unlit! Not cool man, not cool.

#1947 3 years ago

Now you’re just trollin’, dog.

Wel, I finally got to II and it was like rolling up to Wally World with the gates closed. I only got 56M! You guys with your 1B+ Immolations, geeze.

#1952 3 years ago

Yeah, a few ball save and outlane insults would be nice. One of my favorite things about AS is when Jacky says “Is this your first time?” and “Are you gonna try scoring points now?”. And in MET when you drain and someone says “No!!”. Classic.

Actually a great one for GOTG would be teenage Groot saying “I am Groot” with a heavy dose of sarcasm in his voice.

#1959 3 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Anyone had their Orb drop target do a rapid fire a few times before it catches again. Any way to adjust??

Yep, mine does that a lot. Also, sometimes the ball hits the stationary target fast enough that the ball bounces out before the drop target can pop up and catch it. Usually followed by a drain.

#1967 3 years ago
Quoted from ddebuss:

Here's some video showing what's going on. » YouTube video

Wow, mine isn’t that bad, it doesn’t “machine gun”. Yours looks like it’s not catching at the top of travel. A new drop target might fix that. Everyone, does your drop target “knock down plate” (for the smaller coil) have 1 spring or 2? BTW, I’m glad that shots to this drop target don’t seem to brick as much as they do on MET’s first drop.

#1968 3 years ago

Argh, that drop target! I had Cherry Bomb strobing at the scoop, but for some reason I shot the Orb shot. The ball bounced off the Orb stationary target and came straight down the middle. I don't even think the drop target was triggered. I lost my Cherry Bomb to that damned drop target! And yes, it awarded me the Orb Lock as the ball drained.

Does anyone see the drop come up and catch the ball 100% of the time? I can't figure out whether it's a code problem, or an adjustment problem on mine.

#1990 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Stern certainly did the right thing by taking Lonnie off the code, GOTG is a completely different game after the 180 happened a couple of updates back, the Pro is a blast now on the most recent code.

Fact or speculation?

#1993 3 years ago

Stolen from the SW thread...I made my GOTG quiet for under $40, with no power supply mods. At medium speed, these fans pull 14CFM and are under 10dB. They pull enough air through the power supply that the PSU fan never turns on. The 12V/1A adaptor plugs into the aux AC outlet in the back box, so it doesn’t add any burden to the PSU.


amazon.com link »

43F71191-ECFE-4D8D-9B1B-4A7EB6F700B3 (resized).jpeg
AA67F4A3-3C26-48C3-94F9-0AA5AFAE0D0D (resized).jpeg
5E0CBA41-29C3-4361-9B30-E5A6E011946D (resized).jpeg
BE8EE27B-2C15-4407-BCA4-6F081F3D21B6 (resized).jpeg
3F573C1F-AB76-499A-B394-4F88ACCE58FC (resized).jpeg

#2002 3 years ago

I recently remembered the right hand rule from my college days: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-hand_rule. I think this means that flipping the magnet coil upside down (which changes the current between clockwise and counterclockwise) has an effect on the direction of the magnetic force F. That could be the simple fix that was eluding all of us. I just landed in Philadelphia for work, but as soon as I get home I'm going to try this.

#2004 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

It has that one more game aspect to it, that iron man has.

That’s what I was just telling my friend, who may join the club. It’s just as challenging as IM. I had IM for 6 years and didn’t really want to let it go until it has a worthy successor. GOTG is worthy.

#2009 3 years ago

Immolation is kind of a letdown, but in a way I’m glad. It’s so annoying to have to time out modes after you qualify them, especially the ones that go on for 2 minutes. My next bogey is Save Xandar. I’ve had a few games where I only had a few modes left to complete, so I know it’s reachable. I do wish there were 2 extra ball opportunities, like AS.

#2025 3 years ago
Quoted from Erasmuz:

Does any one have a shaker motor installed on their machine?
I personally enjoy the rumble of the shaker motor and have been contemplating the upgrade, but I'm curious if it adds much to this game (I.E. - Does it make sense when it activates, or does it just seem like the machine is rumbling for no reason, etc.)

I played my friend's GOTG and now I can't wait to install a shaker in mine.

#2026 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I'd maybe buy GOTG if AS was done.

Also the talking tree still doesnt talk, wtf...

AS isn't done but I still enjoy it just as much as GOTG. I don't want to wait 3 more seconds for multiball to start just so Groot can say "I am Groot". We know that already.

#2029 3 years ago

GOTG is ahead of where MET was a year in. I love MET, and I agree that it’s an all-time great, but it certainly wasn’t born that way. I’ll check the version history, but I could swear that after a year there was no CIU. It was worth the wait, of course.

EDIT: MET was released April 2013, and the 4 Crank It Up modes were added March 2014, 10-11 months later. We’re just 7 months in on GOTG. It’s still no MET, but it’s getting there.

#2039 3 years ago
Quoted from Tungsten78:

Anybody resolve a problem where the magnet never grabs the ball coming out of orb lock?

On mine the grab is weak, but it's there. I'd check your magnet in coil test.

#2057 3 years ago
Quoted from cartman5579:

Ok it’s really making it unenjoyable that I get timed out of modes because the orb drop target won’t fall. I’ve loosened the spring, I’m scared to remove it as then there is nothing to pull it down. Is it possible this is a glitch in the code?

Very doubtful. It has to be a mechanical issue.

#2062 3 years ago

My magnet is randomly working very well this weekend. Weird.

#2084 3 years ago
Quoted from cartman5579:

Nice! Love that Groot moves his mouth with the speech now!

Now PW79 has to buy one!

#2146 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Wow - cheaper install and brackets between Guardians vs Ghostbusters.
Watch video. (I can see how this would make a difference in grabbing the ball now).
» YouTube video

The “play” in the magnet coil makes no difference to the magnetic field induced in the core, and the air gap is probably better for the playfield in the long run. The brackets look identical, unless I’m missing something.

#2147 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

So it seems they failed to put the necessary washers in under the magnet to make sure the magnet was pressed tightly against the Playfield I'm not sure if it was a cost-cutting measure or whether they just forgot and screwed it up.

I think they just forgot. Fortunately it’s an easy fix.

#2149 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I think it's really a matter of getting the magnet closer to the ball so it has little bit more power.

Agreed, but the coil is not the “magnet”. The metal core is.

#2150 3 years ago

I played 1.0 on location tonight and blew away my old scores, without even starting Cherry Bomb. This definitely sets the bar higher - my goal now is 1B.

#2160 3 years ago

I hit 1.4B after upgrading this morning, but my outlanes are nerfed (all the way in). I’ll move them back out now that there are 2 extra ball opportunities.

Quoted from sethi_i:

Hit that the other night. It was a great feeling. Groot twice, orb once, cherry bomb, and all modes complete except one shot left on Kyln. I actually believe I could get to Immolation now. Before that game, I had my doubts.

#2173 3 years ago

I discovered today that the real super skill shot is to plunge hard enough that the ball goes around the orbit, bounces off the flipper and into the scoop, or if I’m a little too soft it hits the lower right Hadron target, which is even better!

#2174 3 years ago

I lose way more balls to that middle left inlane wire than I do to Rocket. And usually it’s a slow-moving ball, which makes it even more painful.

#2179 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I will try that tonight. I thought the light had to be flashing white for super skill shot.
Thanks for posting

You don’t get any points for it, but your mode is immediately upgraded. That’s worth more than a few million to me.

#2185 3 years ago

Yes, I think I’ve seen that with Groot multiball.

#2225 3 years ago

I played with the settings on mine a lot. I settled on letting it hit the leff flipper and sometimes hit the right sling. You can make it gently eject to the right flipper, but that’s pretty lame IMHO. I’m just happy that mine doesn’t eject SDTM anymore.

Quoted from jim_:

Question for everyone how their right scoop:
Has anyone adjusted the power on it? How should it bet setup? With the stock setting on my Pro there is nothing safe about the way it ejects, it is coming to fast for me to try and catch and if I dead flip it half the time it will bounce directly into the right sling.
Opinions? Should it be a safe return to a flipper? Or is the chaos the intended design? I can't decide what I'd rather have.

#2226 3 years ago

I added a shaker and a 10” Fipper Fidelity speaker to my game last night. Huge improvement in sound, and the shaker integration is really good in GOTG - better than AS, which I also upgraded.

#2247 3 years ago

Sadly even with this help, I only got HS #3.

Has anyone seen their bonus scores shrinking after a few dozen games on 1.0.1? Seems like my first few games, I was getting 100-200M in bonus. Now, it’s rare to get over 50.

C2466A1F-9647-42FD-B3D2-11A6F5AF3A81 (resized).jpeg

#2262 3 years ago

If pin layouts were songs, they’d mostly be 12-bar blues. Meaning, there’s only so much you can do with 2 flippers and 12-15 shots. Fortunately, the designer can differentiate with magnets and playfield mechanisms. Then layer in rules, art, music and callouts and it becomes a completely different game, even if it has the same basic shots. I never feel like MET and Guardians are too much alike, and both are keepers for me!

#2275 3 years ago

I feel better after seeing Jack miss that scoop over and over again, just like I do. That 2B in one shot was something else.

#2294 3 years ago

If I'm away from GOTG for a few days or a week, I have to endure at least 10 games under 20M before I start to get back to good scores. The left outlane is a killer, even when it's closed down.

Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Seen some folks say GOTG is a pretty easy game in game recommendation threads. Man I don’t think so. Is it just me?

#2312 3 years ago

I want some of them trinkets that I can spread out on my dashboard, uh, backbox. Time to hit the Google!

2 weeks later
#2390 3 years ago

Public service announcement: try Klasse All-In-One instead of Novus. It’s non-abrasive, cleans great and leaves a nice shine. I clean my rubbers with it too.

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#2476 3 years ago

I got the rare opportunity to play against my teenage son the other day. I’d had 2-3 beers and on ball 3 the score was something like 162M to my ~50M. Long story short, I finished with 512M (most of it was Cherry Bomb). I must be an asshole because I enjoyed watching his expression change from joy to sadness. I’ll see if I can get him to go best 2 out of 3.

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#2656 3 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I have GOTG, AS and MET. Your ok with all of them.

Same here, I have all three. I’ve never had the feeling that one played too much like the other. AS in particular is just a whole different animal.

#2657 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

GOTG has a second mode for each mode that makes things a bit confusing at the start, once you get used to it you will like it.

The super modes can be really lucrative, especially with a multiplier. If you finish Yandu’s mode and then hit his shot with a multiplier, it’s 70-80M total. I really love hammering the orbits during MB when I've just finished Drax or Ronan. And the Gamora ramp seems to be worth a lot after Sibling Rivalry (green mode). Half the fun is trying out different scoring strategies.

#2658 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

One man’s opinion. I’ve played all the new pins extensively. AS doesn’t even belong in the conversation with SW (a must have pinball machine and one of the best ever) and GOTG (a fantastic gorgeous machine that’s extremely accessible). IMDN also dwarves AS. Or “pwnz” it depending on your generation.
Also- I’ve had the polarity issues with light strip mods too, extremely likely to be the case.

Hmm. AS holds up to those games in terms of layout and gameplay for me. And the art is fantastic, still my favorite even with IMDN out now. It suffers a little from the Jacky callouts and basic rules, but hopefully the next release helps. I just like hearing classic rock when I’m playing and drinking beer.

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#2786 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Im new to Stern. Need help on GOTG. First, it was playing good but not the motor to Groot stopped working. Any ideas. Where are the fuses in this game??

I would start by checking the connector and the coil resistance. No fuses on these Spike games I think, unless you consider each node board a fuse.

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#2835 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

You dont do sanctuary? Seems like 2 shots to complete

I like Sanctuary too. Super skill shot to pick off the target under the scoop, then flail to hit the easy targets, left orbit to clean up. But it’s all-or-nothing, so that’s one big drawback.

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