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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #2129 magnet fix. Posted by MapleSyrup (4 years ago)

Post #2448 hd60609 sign mod Posted by bobukcat (3 years ago)

Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (11 months ago)

Post #5668 Important information about Node board changes in later runs. Posted by TrixTrix (9 months ago)

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#1281 4 years ago

Just joined the group...Premium arrives on Tuesday!! Is the TiltForum Rulesheet still applicable given the .87 update? I want to learn as much detail about gameplay as possible. On location, I just play chase the flashing lights.

1 month later
#1485 4 years ago

Damn, I saw 41 new posts since I last checked it on Saturday and thought the new code must have dropped. What was I thinking...

#1552 4 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

The only problem I have with the Premium is that Groots Left arm blocks the Line of site on many shots.

I'm 6'1" and have a Premium. I stand fairly upright with a slight lean on the machine (I'm trying to eliminate that). The only thing that is completely blocked for me is the Ronan insert. I can see enough of the HE insert by Rocket to know if it is lit. It does take a quick duck to see if Ronan is lit on most modes. On some of the them (Knowhere especially) the color reflects off of the arm so I can sometimes tell that it's lit by that.

I would call it an incovenience instead of a problem. I generally can't hit that shot on the fly anyway, so I'm shooting it from a cradle on the right that let's me take a quick look. The cool look of the arms in the game are more than a tradeoff IMO.

#1586 4 years ago

It's simply an incredible update. It's not even the same game I owned before the update. I'm not good enough to get to Save Xandar, so on .87 I didn't worry about completing modes...just qualifying them. At least that way I could go for Immolation (never got there though). CBMB is an amazing addition. It now creates an incentive for completing modes. And it's a lucrative incentive, as I collected over 100M on the only CBMB I got to. In Groot, having modes already completed adds other high value shots as well.

And I think the mode changes create an increase in strategy as well regarding MB stacking. Some of the modes have been shortened, so they don't need a MB to help. Pod Chase and Quill's take a lot of shots to complete. Putting Groot or Orb on top of those really makes them easier to finish.

Others have said it, but upgrade is worth something now. It's actually the first shot I go for in a new mode...points and the additional shots really make completing modes easier.

One thing I'm not sure of is the pros and cons of running in level 2 or shooting the scoop to start another mode. Are some level 2s better to keep going for points, or is it better to just start a new mode for progress? Comments?

The update didn't loosen up the shots, so it's still a BITCH!! But it sure is fun....

#1603 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

How is the overall video chorography/integration? On older code it just seemed to be randomly played video on loop from the movie.

They're not exactly random video clips. They correspond to the modes. Pod Chase video is from the chase seen in the movie. Knowhere shows the fight between Drax and Ronan, etc. They have nothing to do with the actual gameplay of the mode or what to shoot. You get text instructions like "x ramps remaining" or "x switches remaining".

The audio callouts are ok, but you have to get cleland audio mod. This update also reinforced how good his work is.

#1605 4 years ago

Anyone have insight into the new Level 2s vs starting a new mode at the scoop?

#1611 4 years ago
Quoted from venom112:

Anyone have video or a link to a stream with new code .90?

If you go to Dead Flip's Twitch page, there's a video of the new code being played at the Marco booth at TPF. It's the only one I know of with the new code yet.

#1613 4 years ago
Quoted from Flippersaurus:

Still trying to figure that out too. Some are worth more than others. If you start groot near, or at, the end of a lvl 1 mode. Then you can have the lvl 2 running during groot. Or orb. Might be a way to pick up some gravy points during multiball. But it might be better to use the multiball modes earlier in the lvl 1 modes to help complete them. Thereby getting to Cherry Bomb quicker, where there are some good points to be had. So far, the lvl 2 modes don't seem worth playing on their own. Better to start a new mode.

I'm definitely leaning this way. I don't have info on all of the Level 2s, but I got deep into Knowhere and Yaka Level 2s and got about 30M each. I've started CBMB twice and the points are 100M and better. They were by far my best games...300M and 289M.

Those numbers tell me that you'd need a lot of long Level 2s to equal the CB awards. I don't know the multipliers well either, so that could change things. Hopefully someone will post a good tutorial on the new code.

#1617 4 years ago

I am loving this game!! Found something interesting about the CBMB.

CBMB scored 304M (no idea how...never lifted my eyes from the flippers!). It started without shooting the scoop...sort of. Finished my fourth mode, Sibling Rivalry, with a shot into the Star Lord scoop as the final shot. After showing the mode completion graphic, CBMB started.

#1635 4 years ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Weird ive yet to get a single ball stuck anywhere on my GOTG....Knock on wood.

I felt the same way until about a week ago. Then it stuck there for the first time since I bought it. Since then, it's happened twice more. It happens so fast I can't tell if it's a ricochet on a Groot post or if it's coming off of the Nebula opening. Oddly enough, all three times it was during single ball play. You'd think it would be more prevalent when multiple balls are flying around.

#1647 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I adjust mine over the weekend. Slightly push the ball guide on the left, more to the right. You'll need to take the nuts off the plastic. Plastic bends enough, to not fully remove it. Loosen the ball guide, put pressure on it to make it move more to the right, while keeping pressure on it, tighten the screws back into place.
After i did this, it consistently hits the right flipper. And not at the tip of it either.

Does moving the ball guide to the right change the entry angle of the shot? It's pretty tight already.

1 week later
#1693 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

My game is wrapped up and ready to leave. Here comes Iron Maiden. GOTG is the only game I do not care about.

In your for sale ad, be sure to put how much the game sucks and how horrible the gameplay is. And if you really want to max out the price, don't forget to tell prospective buyers how stupid they are for buying it instead of Iron Maiden.

#1743 4 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Just grab the end of the rail in the middle and give it a little pull?

Before you do that, have you tried to change the pitch? I found that raising the back legs a little changes the orbit paths quite a bit.

#1784 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Have you noticed much difference with the new code?

I played a few games tonight on the new code. It just keeps getting better. Regarding the magnet after the ball comes out of the orb...I didn't notice a difference. It's very random. Sometimes it grabs the ball hard, spins a few circles and then goes in a random direction. Other times it just pushes it into the Guardians standup. Rarely it will take an even less bump and head right for the left outlane. All of those were happening on my game in .90.

The biggest non code difference I noticed was the Rocket kick-back. Not once did it SDTM. Every time it hit the right flipper and stayed in play. That was amazing. I don't know if they softened it, made it stronger or did nothing. But the difference was very welcomed. I'll have to wait and see if it stays that way.

Scoring has been changed drastically. A bad game was still a bad game. But now a good game was incredible. I topped out at 680M. 500M of that came from Cherry Bomb MB. Level 2 modes now run concurrently with new modes that are started. This makes them much easier to complete. The largest point value I saw was completing Yaka 2. Completing it awarded 30M.

Orb starting jackpot looks to be reduced from 3M to 2M. That and the Hadron limit really changes this. The Hadron limit also adds a new level of strategy. I really liked being able to hold 6 or more and blast thru modes or collect jackpots in .90. That ship has sailed now.

I'm waiting to see someone post a vid of the topper interaction. I don't have one, but that might change depending on how cool that looks.

#1882 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Extra balls seem to be arbitrary.

I agree with this. If someone has the criteria for EBs at factory settings please post it. I can't figure it out from the setting options.

#1887 4 years ago

I'm sure the changes in .95 have altered playing strategies. I'm very interested in everyone's thoughts regarding mode start order, Multiball timing, qualify vs. finish modes, etc. Here's my general approach. Sometimes it works out; sometimes it doesn't.

Mode preference: Yaka, Sibling, or Antiquities to start. These are relatively easy to finish (especially with an Upgraydd), so they give a 5x shot in Groot. Also, the level 2s for Yaka and Sibling give good points for a single shot. I generally avoid Sanctuary and Kyln unless I'm having a great game and get deep into modes. Sanctuary starts over if you time out, and Kyln makes you hit Rocket to complete (which is a definite loss of ball possibility). Pod and Knowhere, I start when I'm about to go into Groot or Orb. They have a lot of shots to complete, so the added balls help. I like the idea of saving Quill for the fourth mode to finish going into CB. It gives big points (10%), so it's a waste to play it early. I play all modes to completion. If I drain or time out, I start the mode over (even if it's already Immolation qualifed). I don't know if that's good strategy or not...ideas?

Multiball timing: I get Groot ready when there is no mode running. I play with factory settings, so a mode starts at plunge. I play to complete that mode. If I finish it, during the down time I get two locks on Groot. I start another mode and try to complete it. I use HEs to help finish the mode, if I have any. Since we can't stockpile, might as well use them and try to get more in Groot. If the 2nd mode is going rough, I start Groot. If it's going well, I run with it and hold off on Groot. I try to play Orb right after Groot. I then start again, by locking Groot in "no mode" downtime.

Never gotten to Immolation (or close really when I've tried), so that's why I play modes thru to completion. 5 complete has been my max, not counting MBs.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it (postive and negative), and your own strategies.

#1893 4 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

Is premium a worthy upgrade from pro?

I think the Premium is definitely worth the cost. Magnets, spinners, lights, arms...

#1895 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

My strategy is similar to yours. My best game (last night) was 449M, with 6 modes completed. I like leading with Sanctuary because I come out of it with 3 HEs, and I can spot that far right target with the (much easier) left orbit. I try to save my MBs for when I have a super mode running alongside a regular mode. Shot doublers are critical for getting the most out of the super modes.
I finished Quill last night with around 400M on the board, and had Quill lit with a doubler while Rocket was running, so a potential 160M shot. I missed it over and over and finally hit it for 3M. Lol.

That right scoop is a mother of hurry-up shot. I have a hard enough time hitting it from a cradle. In fact, I have a hard time hitting any of these shots consistently. That's why I shy away from Sanctuary. I can't count on the Ronan orbit to bail me out, and I time out too often. That means starting over.

Some of them are getting better, like Nebula and Drax. I can get those most of the time. Gamora drives me crazy....I wish I could add a 1/4" to that ramp opening!!

#1916 4 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Compared to Houdini and Ghostbusters, the magnets on GOTG are lack luster at best.

I agree. The GotG magnets (pro or prem) seem to be setup as toys more than gameplay altering. Then again, pull up a "GB vs some other game thread" and see how many people hate the car lifting ability of the GB magna slings.

#1924 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

To blow up the score it's now Cherry Bomb all day.....although to get that you have to complete 4 modes with the help of multiballs to get there.

I don't know that you can say "Cherry Bomb all day". As you said, it takes 4 complete modes to make available. That certainly doesn't happen in every one of my games. Also, it's not repeatable. I would counter that with "Immolation all day". Those points dwarf CBMB.

I think the scoring is getting very balanced. The fact that CBMB has big points available is a reward for making it through 4 modes. It's a mini-wizard mode after all. The previous points from Groot and Orb were just unbalanced. They were not difficult to get and could be done over and over and over.

#1926 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Oops, forgot to add the winky smiley face....agree with what you said, it's definitely more balanced than before.....although bonus still doesn't amount to a hill of beans...

The bonus is "Sad". This is one machine that I'm pretty aggressive with, because there is no real downside.

#1939 4 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Try backhanding gamora, much safer, I do the same on nebula.. for some reason, the easiest shot I find the hardest .. go figure

Can you backhand both of those consistently on your machine? I've been trying, and it just won't work from a cradle on my machine.

#1943 4 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Yes, no problem. Unless I dont time it right obviously..
I did adjust my flippers from “droopy” to regular position. So following the Inlane guide instead of dropping down into the outhole. But maybe mine were low to start.. I do know a mm or 2 can make or break a set up

I'll have to take a look at the flippers. I don't know that I would move them, but it might make me feel better if they droop. That way I can blame the flippers instead of myself!

#1948 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

For real.
Does Groot seriously not talk?
So this game's centerpiece toy with a moving mouth really does not talk?
The charm of Groot is the fact he's a fuck'n talking tree... and he's know for repeating the same 3 words over & over.
FFS no way I can buy some shit like that.
Are you guys serious?
Just think if Rudy was silent. Lol

It was true yesterday, and it's still true today. This could be fun though...."it's like (fill in the blank)".

It's like a Three Stooges pin without the "woowoowoo".

#1969 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Argh, that drop target! I had Cherry Bomb strobing at the scoop, but for some reason I shot the Orb shot. The ball bounced off the Orb stationary target and came straight down the middle. I don't even think the drop target was triggered. I lost my Cherry Bomb to that damned drop target! And yes, it awarded me the Orb Lock as the ball drained.
Does anyone see the drop come up and catch the ball 100% of the time? I can't figure out whether it's a code problem, or an adjustment problem on mine.

I haven't had any issues with the drop target. Overall the whole game has been working right.

1 week later
#2037 4 years ago
Quoted from cartman5579:

Also, is it normal for the ball to come out of the right orbit and always activate the right slingshot before it hits the flippers?

It wasn't a side to side leveling issue on mine. I raised the play angle to 7 degrees and the ball comes down with enough momentum to bypass the sling to the flipper. All of my games are at 7. I think they play better (faster), but you can still gain control.

Quoted from cartman5579:

The ramps and scoop are tough to hit though. Not an easy shooter at all.

This is by far the most frustrating of my games, but it's that toughness that keeps me playing. This is the perfect machine to improve someone's accuracy.

1 week later
#2104 4 years ago

I have to say I'm not one of those people that was waiting for the Groot mech to sync with the voice. But now that it's here, it is very COOL!

The bonus structure is now actually worth something. Before it was not even worth trying to get. You were better off being very aggressive with nudging to keep the ball in play. They've now pulled in shot variety, multipliers, and completed modes into the calculation. Including the changes from the last update, they are giving huge incentives to complete modes instead of just qualifying them. I think that is a great change. They do need to fix the multiplayer bonus bug, but I hope they don't take away the mode completion part of the bonus calculation.

#2132 4 years ago

Had my best game today. Completed all modes (not including Groot and Orb) except for the last shot on Kyln. Had Immolation lit, and drained trying to hit the scoop. That was aggravating, but it was hard to be angry after having that game and putting up 1B points! The code has really been improved. Not sure what's left for them to do...

#2156 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

my goal now is 1B

Hit that the other night. It was a great feeling. Groot twice, orb once, cherry bomb, and all modes complete except one shot left on Kyln. I actually believe I could get to Immolation now. Before that game, I had my doubts.

#2161 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I hit 1.4B after upgrading this morning, but my outlanes are nerfed (all the way in). I’ll move them back out now that there are 2 extra ball opportunities.

I have everything set at factory. For me, this game is all about flow/accuracy. My games are usually all or nothing. If I'm not hitting the shots, I lose most of the balls flailing away trying to hit the damn scoop. The outlane posts can't shoot for me!

#2168 3 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

The rocket shot is often so fast that it fires under my right flipper before it’s even had a chance to drop again... maybe I need to focus on quick flipping that?! It’s such a tight shot though, I find follow through helps my accuracy.

This is such a risky shot that I don't even shoot it on purpose. I'll start Kyln to qualify it, but I don't try to complete it. One mode for one ball isn't a good trade! Is the final Rocket shot for Kyln live in Groot or Orb multiballs?

#2172 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Left outlane is cruel and unfair, it can jump out from a succesfull yondu shot

Yeah, it seems like that middle wire is purposely set to make the ball take a hard left bounce.

#2181 3 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I have mine set to require two shots before Upgrade is lit and disabled choose mission at launch, sounds like others are leaving theirs at default for those settings?

Until I can finish the game at factory settings, I don't see the need to make it harder. Once I complete SX, I'll think about switching settings.

#2197 3 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Has anybody given any thought, or come up with any solutions to the Groot hand blocking view of the Ronan insert.
I thought about a few things.
Crude solution. Remove hand and drill an angled hole through the hand and mounting plate to allow a sight line to the insert.
Slightly more elegant solution. Try to mount a small bubble mirror on top of the spinner bracket that might reflect the insert?!
Perhaps impossible solution... is there a way to tie in to the LED on the node board to add a satellite LED on top of Groot’s hand or wrist?!

Don't mean to repeat myself, but I love the arms...really cool look for the game. A quick duck and glance tells me all I need to know about the insert.

#2207 3 years ago
Quoted from JMK:

Quick question: on Groot multi-ball when first activated and the balls shoot out of Groot’s mouth, most of the balls seem to fire straight down the middle.
Is this normal?

It is normal. It all depends on the magnets. Sometimes they come SDTM, and sometimes a couple of them will get diverted to the flippers. Depending on the mode I have running, often I'll let all of them drain intentionally to be shot into the pops. Yaka 1 and 2, Antiquities 1 and 2 and Kyln 1 and 2 can gain significant progress or points depending on where you are in the mode when Groot MB starts.

Quoted from murfe88:

I started Quill and had one shot left. I also had immolation lit. All I had to do was hit the scope and I drained. Ahhh I was so pissed.

I had this same thing happen. I finished all other modes and had just qualified Kyln. I bricked the scoop shot and it went right to the left outlane. Haven't been close since!

1 week later
#2301 3 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

I am not a rule master by an means. So if you are in the middle of a mode when you start Groot or ORB MB, do you keep collecting the mode shots you make during MB to complete that mode? Rule sheets don't seem to spell it out.
And what would folks say are the 4 easiest modes to do to get Cherry MB? I can come close but have come up short to get there.
Thanks! Also - Fun game so far. Very Happy.

Yes, mode shots are still active during Groot and Orb MBs. As for "easiest" modes, I like to go with Antiquities and Yaka. Third and fourth modes vary depending on how the others go. I like to include Sanctuary because it's short. But if it times out, all progress is lost. So it's riskier. Knowhere and Pod are good because once you upgrade, all of the shots are lit. That makes it easier to finish, especially if you take them into a MB. Sibling is so-so. I put off Kyln and Quill until after CBMB. Don't know if that helps, but it's how I attack the game.

4 weeks later
#2524 3 years ago
Quoted from jim_:

What version of the code is he running here?
Seems like really old (pre-1.0) based on the very small end of ball bonuses.

It looks like .90....

Cherry Bomb has been included
Groot is nerfed
Orb is huge
Hadron shots are unlimited and can still free the locked ball in Orb MB
Level 2 modes end when you start a new mode

The game has changed significantly since .90 (especially regarding the Hadrons that he really took full advantage of and the EOB bonus), but it still gave me some things to think about. I knew about the NovaCorp lane lights for multipliers, but never really concentrated on them. I'd double the left ramp or Groot or the scoop...but they kind of just happened. Having every shot doubled blew up his score.

I'm still unbelievably impressed with his ability to hit the Yaka and Star Lord shots at will. He hits three Yaka shots in a row, and I thought his scoop must have had a funnel on it! I asked in another thread how these guys get to Wizard Modes seemingly effortlessly. This showed me how important accuracy is....one flip, one shot! Half of my drains come from repeatedly bricking that damn scoop trying to start the next mode!

3 weeks later
#2664 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Boom, my first ever full completion of any pinball machine

Amazing...I've gotten to Immolation once. I'd love to hear how you went about completing it. Obviously, shot accuracy had to be off the charts!

#2724 3 years ago

Congrats...you'll love it!

3 weeks later
#2814 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Adding the washers to the magnet makes it no closer to the playfield than the Magna slings are on Ghostbusters, and they engage more often than the orb magnet on GOTG.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but if there's anyway to lessen the stength of the magna slings on GB I want to know about it. Mine are more active than anything I've seen in videos. They make the magnets in my GotG Prem look like a joke, and my GotG magnet grabs the ball every time.

#2820 3 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

but I wouldn’t want to do that. The Chaos IS the point!

It's a love/hate relationship. I love the Magna Slings as long as they don't screw me. Throw the ball around all you want, but don't drop it SDTM when I'm in StayPuft on my last ball! I probably won't do anything to it, but it's good to know how if I get pissed off enough. Thanks!

...back to GotG!

1 week later
#2841 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

then flail to hit the easy targets

My game doesn't allow flailing!! I usually only go for Sanctuary if I shoot the scoop to start a new mode and there's one shot left to start MB (same applies for Kyln). Since it's home play, I'll sometimes go into Sanctuary to see if my shot making has improved...all signs point to no.

1 week later
#2861 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

I like that there are different approaches to scoring vs completing modes but what is the best approach if trying to complete modes? I find the extra mode 2 rounds hard to complete ( 10 blue ramp shots?? oh man!!!) so I guess go for a scoop shot at the end of the mode and then start a new one?

With the latest updates, there's no reason not to start a new mode as soon as you finish the last one. The level 2 modes stay active (until you complete it) for the life of the ball. So as you work on the new level 1 mode, you are also making progress on any level 2's that are still unfinished.

#2869 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

I did not know it worked that way , I thought once you start a new mode , the active mode 2 just ends and can not be restarted? once a mode is completed it can not be selected again by the flippers after a scoop shot , Is there a setting to change this?

Level 2 modes ending when a new Level 1 mode is started was part of the early code. If you are seeing that happening, update to the newest code, because you are missing out on a lot more.

No, completed modes cannot be reselected, and there is no setting to change it. Once the Level 1 is completed, Level 2 will start. When the Level 2 is completed or the ball is lost, all function of that mode is over for the duration of the game. I can't speak to what happens after reaching SX...maybe everything resets. I've never gotten that far!

#2901 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Deadpool looks a little repetitive but fun.

I'm on the fence with DP. If they add some level 2 and 3 code to the battles (ala ST or GotG), I think that would increase the complexity and longevity. I've heard a lot of people saying they got to Sauron or Sinister pretty quickly. The playfield and inserts are what they are, so I don't see how they can do much else...maybe something with the Wolverine or Domino shots to create "side modes". But I'm not the creative type, so there's probably more they could do.

GotG at .84 code is nothing like the current game. I'm hoping the same will be true for DP.

1 week later
#2920 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

The scoop ejects needs the option of offering a short ball consolation. I miss this from Ghostbusters, which had an equally erratic right scoop.

I think this is a necessity. You can't play this game without hitting the right scoop multiple times per ball if you want to make significant progress. And the kickout, at factory power, is very unpredictable. I would prefer a very short ball save to the option of turning down the power so the ball drops to the right flipper (which is what I've done).

On GB, with the magna slings, if the right kickout didn't have a ball save that game would have an even worse reputation.

#2928 3 years ago

Just put up my best game yet. 2nd time to Immolation. Ball 2 was a monster. Completed 3 modes, Groot MB and Cherry Bomb with it. Finished all modes except Sanctuary and Kyln (of course). Half of the points came from CB (over 400M) and II (over 600M). The code finally does this game justice.

GotG 2B (resized).jpg
#2931 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Wow, great score. I have yet to break a billion. Im close, but just haven't gotten over it yet.

Thanks!! I've got two over a billion...this one and a 1.2B. They are my only games that went to II. I think the multiball totals are key to getting big scores (lighting multipliers at the right time and taking them into multiballs). This thing usually cleans my clock as it's very tight. Unlike other games, I don't think there is a single shot on GotG that I'm comfortable hitting on demand...except maybe Groot.

#2942 3 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

It can be a butt-kicker but can also rack up points fast with multipliers and multi-balls if you get on a roll.

So true...the best part of this game is it's replayability. I put up my best game two days ago, and lost three balls trying to hit the scoop to start CB today! You never know how it's going to treat you.

1 week later
#2952 3 years ago

I finally got it. My first completed wizard mode on any game!

GotG GC (resized).jpgSX Champ (resized).jpg
#2955 3 years ago
Quoted from Belcaw:

I’ve Cherrybombed maybe a dozen times and Imolationed once; but still haven’t gotten to try saving Xander. I’ll get there eventually; but I refuse to set my out-lane pins more narrow or change settings to make it easier … so it will take me a while. Many many games played on mine since I bought it in August.

I bought mine in May, and it's been a struggle. The shots are tight, and some of the modes (especially MBs) are hard to finish. Mine is set up as factory default with the only change being replay awards an extra ball. I've put up some good scores (all highs are over 1B), so it takes a hell of a game to get the replay! I think this game has some of the best mode variety of any modern game. It's a blast to play.

2 weeks later
#3005 3 years ago

Which sound do you hate/fear most in this game...the accidental "smack" of the rocket kickback or the hollow, tin cup "clank" of a near miss on the Quill scoop? Every time I hear one of those, it's a fair bet the ball is gone.

1 week later
#3021 3 years ago

I had a first happen last night...Rocket gave me a multiball, sort of. On a plunge, I tried to live catch on the right flipper. The ball bounced instead of dying and moved toward the center. I flicked the right flipper at it to keep it from draining. The ball went into Rocket, and he sent it directly down the center. It fired so fast and hard that it hit the right side of the apron and ricocheted up the outlane and back onto the playfield.

Having tripped the outlane switch with the ball save timer still on, another ball was fed into the shooter lane and auto-plunged. I know I probably should have drained one, but it was about time Rocket paid back one of the balls he's stolen. I played it out until both balls drained.

That got me wondering about what the ruling would be if this happened in a tournament setting. So many times the "that's pinball" rule screws the player (in lane hop, ball falling from a wireform, shot not registering). This was a completely random event. It wasn't a game malfuntion (stuck ball in multiball, for example), and the player didn't induce it. If you do consider it a malfunction, why is a basic "Lazarus" acceptable? This was simply a more complex version of that scenario. Why wouldn't the "that's pinball" rule still apply here? Why is randomness in a tournament usually acceptable only as one way street?

#3027 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Good game 2 nights ago got through immolation and all modes and orb multi completed but drained with 2 balls to go to restart groot multi, total score only 950 mil, I guess I have been playing more to complete things than for score.
last night did some practicing , anyone regularly backhand into the scoop or into the orbits?

Big scores depend on starting the MBs or Wizards with some multipliers running. I've gotten thru Save Xandar with billions, and I've gotten thru it with hundreds of millions. When you're doubling (or more) every shot, that really adds up with six balls in play.

I can't backhand any of those on purpose. I've heard people say they can backhand the Gamora and Nebula ramps from a cradle on their machine, but that's not happening on mine. If I catch the ball early enough, I can luck into backhand on one of them. My favorite backhand is having both balls on the right flipper in Quill's Quest and backhanding into the scoop....catching the kickout....backhanding the additional ball back in the scoop....repeat until it's over. Hard to do as it requires a lot of consistent kickouts.

#3034 3 years ago

Awesome. That II score is incredible. The code has finally made this game really good. I wonder what more they could do...or if they're even going to keep working on it.

#3038 3 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Is there a setting for a Ball Save from the right scoop? I have had a few games going and hit the scoop only to have it fire the ball straight down the middle. It usually hits the left flipper, but once in a while it just shoots it right down the center and Ball or Game over. I know they added a ball save for the scoop in that position on Star Wars, just curious if it's here too. It's not fair when it does that. I couldn't find a setting anyway.
Thanks, Dave

There is a setting for the power of the scoop kickout. I lowered mine, so I can catch it very consistently.

#3040 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

No one has orbit input?

The orbit returns are consistent on mine, depending on the speed of the ball. A clean, fast shot to the right orbit will loop around and bounce from the left flipper, up the right flipper and into the scoop. Or it will hit the HE target and bounce toward the high middle. It can then be controlled from a bounce pass. If the ball isn't moving that fast thru the right orbit, it will sometimes hit the top of the left sling. But it hits far enough to the right that it bounces to the center playfield or right flipper.

From the left orbit, it returns to the right flipper consistently for a catch or a shot on-the-fly if I stupidly try to loop the left orbit...

Bottom line, no orbit SDTM problems on my Prem.

#3061 3 years ago

I'm going to change my GotG out to Titan Comp (other games too if I like it) and am trying to decide to go all single color or mixed. I think orange low (flippers, slings, outposts, etc) and purple high (post sleeves, etc) would look good. I don't want to make it look clownish, just add color where it's appropriate.

Any thoughts on GotG from anyone? Single color or spot specific suggestions for replacement rubber?

#3069 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

i have titan clear rubber on everything but purple ( not titan but from pinball life) on the posts and red on the flippers pic enclosed

Looks great!

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#3258 3 years ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I have to say that Guardians is a lot more fun than I originally gave it credit for when I first played it last year.

They've really done a great job on the software. Each mode is very different. They don't have an either-or feel to them. I find them to be very situational and each has an optimal time to play them. If someone played this game at release and wrote it off (which was understandable), they should definitely give it another try. It's not even the same game. For some reason it doesn't get the love that BM66 gets for evolving to a really fun game.

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#3473 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

I will say I have on occasion uttered that word quite loudly while playing guardians

I'm with you. I've said it a lot....haven't ever heard it. What's the specific line? I don't recall hearing an "F" in the sanctuary scene from the movie.

2 weeks later
#3565 3 years ago

Both PinMonk and Sinestro are right. Pro - virtually the same gameplay gives a lot of bang for the buck...Prem/LE - adds a lot of aesthetic WOW. As in most things, $ is the deciding factor. Take an objective look at your situation. If the addtional cost has you waffling, the Pro won't disappoint. If the cash doesn't make you think twice, go Prem. You'll be happy either way!!

#3570 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

The voice of reason, boiling down the situation to its essence. Are you a politician?

I don't think that's the job description of a politician anymore...

Actually, I just have a wife and four daughters, so I have to be the rational one!!

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#3596 3 years ago

Had a first tonight...got to II before CBMB. Usually I play to finish modes for the bonus increase. The only mode I finished before II was Antiquities. All others were just qualified. Made for an interesting game, but I think overall points suffered.

#3620 3 years ago
Quoted from spidey:

I don't like how the timers don't stop during multiball start intros.

The timers never stop. The mystery run-throughs, and even the upgrade clips, are a serious waste of time. I cancel every extraneous clip just to save a few seconds for each mode.

#3622 3 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

It does kinda suck, however I think they should keep it that way for Lock animations (cancel-able to save some time) so that you kind have some penalty for going after them during modes. They should pause the timers on Upgrade and Mystery (that Mystery animation can take for ever) in my opinion though.

They can't do that without altering the clips as well. Each mode clip is exactly the same length as the amount of time you get for the mode. If they pause the mode timer, the clip would run out before the timer. That would leave you with nothing left for part of the mode, unless they just restart the clip. Not an impossible problem to fix, but I don't think they are concerned with it.

I'll be surprised if GotG gets any more attention. The rules are pretty good now, and the scoring has been evened out.

#3624 3 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

How do they handle "add more time" as a mystery award then?

I've only ever gotten "add time" when something else is running besides/along with a mode. For instance, double scoring is on...either thru Rampage or locking balls in Groot during his MB, etc. The extra time is added to that feature. I've never gotten "add time" as an award when just in a mode with nothing else going on. I can't say that it's definitive, but I've never seen a mode timer being increased.

#3627 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

it's right up there with" special" and " big points"

In the latest code, Big Points is 10M...isn't it? I agree, "Special" is a wasted insert. Doesn't do anything!

#3631 3 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

What is your go to strategy for this game?

I have my game set to start a mode on the plunge, so my steps are below.

1) start a mode and finish it (while ball save is on...open orb and lock first ball)...I don't do Quill's because points are much bigger after a few modes are completed. I don't do Kyln, as I only start that when a multiball is one shot away.
2) while not in a mode, get Groot to final lock ready (any time the orb is open from a random hit...lock the second ball).
3) before locking third ball in Groot (or orb if it's open and ready) shoot the scoop and start a mode.
4) start Groot MB and finish it and the current mode
5) orb should be ready for third lock by now (if not get it ready)...start new mode and then start orb
6) finish orb and current mode
7) rinse, repeat with Groot, orb and modes. Try not to be in one without another.
8) if you're getting close to II, just qualify last few modes instead of trying to finish them.

This is obviously harder said than done, but it's my basic strategy. I get deep into the game on a regular basis using this. The game will let you qualify modes and time them out for safety, but where is the fun in that. I've often finished everything and started II and SX back to back.

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#3695 3 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

joined the club. waiting for my machine to get delivered to my house. first pin also...

Enjoy!! It's a great game.

#3721 3 years ago
Quoted from smcclain65:

Ahh ok. So all events plus both multiballs have to be complete for Save Zandar.
Now for the Cherry Multiball, what are the rules for that. I got it for the first time last night? Also, what is the immolation initiative?

CBMB is available (flashing red at the scoop) once you complete four actual modes (Groot and Orb don't count). Once in CB, shoot all flashing shots to have Groot's mouth open and shut for a SP (just like in Groot MB). Once you collect the SP, it starts again and continues like this until time runs out. There are other rules about shooting solid shots, but this is the gist.

II is the mini wizard mode that is available (flashing yellow at the scoop) once you achieve 50% of all mode requirements and start Groot and Orb multiballs. Once in II, shoot lit shots and collect HEs to keep the balls coming. It is possible to start II before starting CBMB. I wouldn't recommend it, as the risk is huge and you're foregoing a lot of points from completing modes.

You can't jump to SZ without playing II, even if completing your final mode completes them all. Most of the time when I get to SZ, this is how I do it. I try to finish all modes for bonus increases, raising the value of QQ, and increasing the value of finished mode shots in Groot MB.

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#3772 2 years ago
Quoted from UnJed:

What do you guys consider a good score?

Like a lot of new games, excessive scoring on GotG is dependent on multipliers. Complete the Nova Corp lanes as many times as you can and plan what shot you want to double. Don't just shoot a random shot and waste your doublers. They reset after losing a ball, so it sucks to get everything set up and then drain!

Getting playfield multipliers from Rocket before MBs (especially CBMB), while having a lot of shots doubled, really boosts scoring. It also ends a lot of games, because the Rocket shot sucks. But when it all comes together, it can be beautiful.

I've finished the game with less than 2B total points. I've also gotten 1.5B on a single CBMB. It's all about the multipliers.

#3774 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I have absolutely no idea how the multipliers work. Is there anywhere I can read up on the more in depth rules?

There are a lot of ways to multiply points in GotG, and most of them are cumulative. Tiltforums is another good forum site that leans more toward competitive play, so it has really good rule sheets. It has a very good breakdown for GotG.

#3779 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Thanks for the info guys! I'll read up on it! I always hear the game say "you got a multiplier!" But I have no idea what its doing... lol

When you hear that, it means you set a 2x multiplier on a single shot. You'll know which one it is by the round green insert that is lit in front of it. Every time you hit that shot, for the rest of the ball, the points awarded will be double...in any mode or multiball.

You got it by completing the Nova Corp lanes. Once you finish them, the next shot you hit, that isn't already multiplied, will set the multiplier.

3 weeks later
#3918 2 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

posts on out rails lowered or no? i have been thinking about lowering mine to try to save xandar but i havent. idk how anyone can save Xandar with the outside posts not lowered or even get to it.

If you're playing with the goal of saving Xandar, I have two words of advice....DON'T MISS! It's all about completing modes quickly. If a mode times out, that's just one more shot you have to make at the scoop. It's the most important shot in the game, but bricking it is dangerous. Shoot at it as few times as you can.

Upgrade the modes as soon as possible. That runs contrary to the previous tip, but it makes more shots available on almost all of the modes. Avoid deadly shots. Don't shoot the orb from the left flipper. Don't shoot for the Gamora ramp if you can take an easier one. Start Kyln or Santuary only if you have a MB ready on the next shot. These are difficult and risky modes to complete.

Don't worry about points. If you can finish a mode with a Hadron...do it. Don't save them for something "special". Trap, trap, trap....take static shots. Combos are cool, but you want to keep the ball under control. It takes a lot of the flow out of the game, but you have a singular goal in mind. Lastly, the multiballs get progressively harder to start. So, focus on finishing them the first time. You can then use any later MBs to finish modes.

I wouldn't close down the lane posts, if you want to make it easier to get to SX. That won't help you play better. Keep the lanes open and change the settings to 5 balls. That way you'll have a better chance of making it, but you still have to keep the ball in play on your own.

#3923 2 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

i find the scoop shot very easy to make, as well as orb from left flipper. kyln also easy to complete. i hate sanctuary but everything else in game is fairly easy. My issue is cheap side drains.

If you're hitting the scoop at will, finishing Kyln easily, and shooting the orb from the left with impunity, I'm confused as to where the "weird bounces" are coming from?

Feel free to ignore my opinion and close down your outlanes.

#3937 2 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

you honestly dont have problems with cheap drains on the outer lanes consistently?

I guess it's how we're defining "cheap" drains. I brick lots of shots that fall into the slings and down one of the outlanes. I don't consider that a "cheap" drain. I consider that a possible outcome every time the ball is out of control. The same goes for the left double-lanes. If the ball is over there, it's usually because I screwed up and didn't do what I intended to do on the previous shot. When that happens, it falls on me to get it out of there. Sometimes that works; sometimes it doesn't. Again, I don't consider that "cheap".

I look at it from the standpoint that these machines are engineered to drain the ball. I'm supposed to overcome that and keep it in play while accomplishing goals. If the ball bounces off of anything, even once, a drain is possible.

There's really only one drain in the game that truly aggravates me. Because I don't feel that I cause it. It's when I make a drop catch on the right flipper and the ball rolls up the inlane and around the post and out. This never occurs on the left.

#3945 2 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

yes this happens all the time. you dont think the straight from the pop bumpers down left drain is cheap? or out of orb down left drain cheap? sometimes i honestly feel like the ball levitates up over the post on the left side to drain lol.. doing sanctuary hitting your "shots" can cause a drain. Drax can cause drains from the loops if it bounces funny after a loop, same with quil. It also could just be a harder game but i think that makes it more challenging and keeps you wanting to play it

The pop-to-left drain does happen, and it sucks. It's up to me to give a nudge when I see the ball falling out of the left side of the pops.

The orb-to-left/right drain happens too. My magnet grabs, spins and randomly throws the ball every time. It's a magnet. That's what they do. I have to be ready to give the game a pop if it does something nasty. Sometimes it's so fast, there's nothing that can be done. Try playing a GB Prem with Magna-Slings if you really want a magnet f-ing.

I agree. Sanctuary is dangerous. Any mode on any game that makes you hit standups is asking you to drain. That's why I only play Sanctuary in a MB. I can lose a ball or two and still complete it.

Ramps and loops return the ball safely to the flippers, generally. I try to take all the speed/flow out of the game. Some people just don't like playing that way. I find it necessary to even get close to II, let alone SX. If I shoot from the hip, the outlanes get MUCH wider!

#3949 2 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

You need to teach the family how to really play pinball, nudging has always been a part of the game especially before they had flippers!

Couldn't agree more. Nudging isn't cheating. If it were, you wouldn't get two warnings before a tilt. Not nudging is playing with a severe handicap. The loops on most games will put the ball somewhere on the respective sling, especially if it's a slow roller, and as you say, "who knows". A well timed tap/slap (you decide how much oomph it takes) on the same side usually will push the ball away from the rail and right onto the flipper. That's far from cheating. It's overcoming the games design to drain the ball. And it will eventually become second nature. You won't even think about it.

Put on a couple of Bowen's tutorials or some video from a high level tournament and have a family movie night. Be sure to point out to everyone how active the players' hands are.

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#3963 2 years ago
Quoted from jim_:

Any tips on optimizing CB? I can reach CB fairly regularly but 90% of the time I bust out with sub 100m scores. For the life of me I cannot hit the final groot shot.

SJPs.....1.5B is my highest CB score. When the Groot super is ready, let balls drain if necessary to clear the shot. Making that shot is worth huge points. Who cares if have 5 other balls bouncing around scoring next to nothing in comparison. Besides, they come back. Hitting the SJP as soon as possible is really important if you want to get more than one. I hit two for the 1.5B.

Multipliers are great if you can bring them in, but that's really hard to plan. Points can get outrageous if you do though.

#3966 2 years ago

After finishing SX, the game basically restarts, and I noticed something I hadn't before. All of the shot multiplier lights are on and rotating. It looks like the Megaladon quest in DP or the Klingon MB final shot in ST. Shooting the rotating shot gave 250k and the rotating continued, but there has to be some other point to it. At that stage in the game, 250k per shot is nothing.

Does anyone know what the object of that is? I looked at the TiltForums rulesheet, and I didn't see anything about it in the SX section.

5 months later
#4303 2 years ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Our rocket shot doesn’t drain as well. I would look to adjust if it does. Mine always hits the right flipper

It's a coin flip on mine. Sometimes it will catch the right flipper and sometimes it's SDTM. In fact, when it does go SDTM it fires so hard that it will often hit the metal rail behind the flippers and ricochet up the left outlane and back into play. It always gets the "Rocket, you suck...oh awesome!" response.

3 months later
#4388 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Left outlane FOR SURE!

More aggravating than the left outlane is when the ball rolls up the right inlane and over into the right outlane when making a drop catch.....nothing pisses me off with this game more than that. I've never played a game that does it as much as GotG.

#4400 2 years ago

Ugh...right flipper completely died last night mid-game. It was late, so I didn't dig into it. When this happened on my MMr, the flipper screw had fallen out. I'll have to check tonight when I get home. Hopefully it's mechanical and not electrical!!

#4407 2 years ago

Quoted from Ballsofsteel:probably had a wire break off the coil terminal. has happened on maybe 3 of my recent sterns, no big deal.

It is a wire. It would be an even smaller deal if I had a soldering iron or any idea how to use one...

I guess it's time to figure this out!!

GotG broken flipper wire (resized).jpg
#4409 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Looks like the other wire is about to come loose also. Just heat it up and it should reflow. I promise, it's easy

All right. I'll get a soldering iron and see how my first attempt goes!!

#4413 2 years ago
Quoted from spidey:

[quoted image]

I'm obviously no expert, but isn't she holding the hot part? I could be wrong...

#4417 2 years ago

Success!! I took Scribbles advice and just heated up the existing solder. It took three tries to get it to flow evenly, but it smoothed out and held. I think it was because the iron had a pencil tip on it. I should have switched to a small chisel probably.

I didn't touch the other wire. I went back to my military training on that one....if it ain't broke, don't fuck with it!!

1 month later
#4475 1 year ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Finally joined the club.
This is my type of game. Love the theme and understandable rules!
Looking forward to Cleland’s new release he’s working on as we speak!

I hadn't heard that he was doing an update. What's he changing?

2 months later
#4561 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

>Yaka Arrow (easy to complete)
>Antiquities Shop (pretty easy to complete; I do have a premium, so spinner rips help)

I flip these...the orb shot is lit for Antiquities and you can get two quick shots for progress and get the first lock while the ball save is still running.

Quoted from SKWilson:

>Escape Kyln (I try to always make sure I have at least one HE so I don't have to make the Rocket shot.)

The HE can't complete the final shot to Rocket on EK, or did I miss a change? Because of having to shoot Rocket to complete this mode, I bring it in whenever Groot is waiting for the final ball to lock. You can't get to SX with finishing this mode and surviving a shot to Rocket in single ball is a 50/50 proposition on my game.

The other modes (SR, Knowhere, PC and Sanctuary) don't really matter to me as to order. I generally play them if I have their multiplier lit. QQ's bonus grows as more modes are completed, but it's looonnnnggg. I generally play it after CB as four modes makes for decent super. Otherwise save it til last.

Score is all about multipliers and bringing them into multi-balls. Have four or five lit and watch out. Have one or two...meh.

1 week later
#4590 1 year ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

Fellow Ravagers, Groot needs your help!
Has anyone had Groot need to do 2 ball searches before starting multiball? I'm thinking its switch related, but I'm just checking to see if anyone has experience with this before I start rooting around... it was happening to me almost every time on the 2nd go round (4 balls locked) but now its happening on the normal 3 balls locked version too.

That's never happened on my game, but it's a huge time killer on a game where the mode clock never stops! I hope someone gives you an easy diagnosis.

#4614 1 year ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Not trying to start an argument. Could be this machine isn’t dialed in well.
My unrequested review.
Rented GotG LE at my home for the month. I wanted to buy it, but thought I should test it out first.
The first weeks impressions haven’t been good. I find the angles to be pretty unintuitive. The groot hands are indeed a problem. Can’t even see when the Ronan orbit shot is flashing. My ball bricks like crazy and I frequently go through three balls in 2 minutes or less. The mode start shot and the yandu shots are quite a reach.
I know. Play better.
The Cleland music is amazing. The theme is amazing. Just sad about the flow.
If you have any recommendations for tuning, please shoot me a reply.

No doubt some of the shots are tough. Yandu, Rocket and Gamora are hard for me to hit, but I've gotten to Save Xandar more times than I can count. With all of the modes, it's not necessary to hit any shot. All of them can be completed with a variety of shots. Picking your shots is very important.

The Groot hands don't move, but your head and knees do. It just takes a quick dip to see the Ronan insert. It's a small price to pay for a very cool addition on the premium.

Bricked shots do seem to find the outlanes. Eliminate the number of bricks by playing the game A LOT. You'll find the most repeatable shots pretty quickly. That doesn't mean it's going to change your opinion of the game.

#4623 1 year ago

On mine, the ball catching the top of the sling depends a lot on ball speed. Everything is level, and pitch is 7 or just under. If it's a slow roller, it'll barely hit the top of the right or left sling and hop to other flipper. If it's an orbit shot coming around quickly, it's clean to both flippers.

On the slow rollers, I give the corresponding side a tap, and it misses the sling every time. It also pushes the ball far enough away that it goes to the end of the flipper for an easy catch...most of the time! I do that on all of my machines. It helps me to focus on nudging throughout the game.

2 weeks later
#4662 1 year ago

I miss the right ramp on ST about as often as I miss the right ramp on GotG. The left ramp on GotG is pretty wide, and I don't have any issues with it. I can't see GotG being called clunky.

4 months later
#5048 1 year ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

So I’m still new to this game (less than a week), but let me tell you my Achilles heel on this thing, aggregates me tremendously ... it’s that darn metal wire between the two in lanes to the left. I get nervous anytime the ball heads to that side, it’s amazing how often it hits that wire and bounces straight to the outline ... and that’s with the post in the closet hole. Kills me haha!

My biggest aggravation is on the other side. If the ball has a decent amount of speed and I drop catch on the right side, often it will spin up the inlane and drain thru the outlane. It's the only game I've played where that is a consistent threat. It's just hard to tell your reflexes "the ball is moving to fast....don't do it"!!

1 week later
#5091 1 year ago
Quoted from Insane:

Just scored over 1 billion for the first time ever. Got 715 million on Cherry Bomb Multiball. Have my game set for 5 balls, but had over 1 billion after ball 3. i know to a lot of you, this is a normal or even bad game. But to me, my best ever.

I've finished this game more times than I can count, but 1B is never a "normal" game!

#5093 1 year ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

Man, I had an amazing game going, at 800k going in to ball 3 with one mode left ... came one shot short and just under 900k pts ...
I’ve only owned it a couple of weeks now, but I want that 1B!

Plan your multipliers. When you have a shot multiplier ready, put it where it will do the most good. Don't waste it on a random flip. Getting several shots multiplied will have a huge effect. Cherry Bomb can get you over 1B alone.

1 month later
#5173 1 year ago
Quoted from raisindot:

I'm not a great player so I doubt I would get too far through it. And I'm not one who is overly picky about rules. I'm just looking for a good game to play at home for a few months.

What I like about the game is there is no "go to" order of play. The 8 character modes are balanced in terms of scoring and completing any four in any order lights Cherry Bomb. They also have different "themes". Nebula - ramps, Rocket - lanes, etc. You won't be stuck playing a "best" strategy. A lot of times, I play "random" and start whatever mode the game lights each time a mode is ready.

Starting the 2 multiball modes is straightforward....hit Groot's mouth...lock ball when it opens...hit orb drop target...lock ball while it's down. Another multiball is available on your first plunge if you choose Quill's Quest. I love the game. I finished it again tonight and had Cherry Bomb lit the second time around when I drained the last ball. I still keep coming back to it...it's that fun.

Quoted from ralphwiggum:

if I were nitpicking, it would be that the Rocket shot is REALLY tight

Try backhanding it from the left. I've found that an early flip from the left works pretty well.

Quoted from ralphwiggum:

A lot of times I will start his mode first, because if I can't make that shot, there is no point in going through the other modes....LOL

Wait to start Rocket until you have the Hadron qualified. A quirk (or feature...nobody I've talked to knows if it was intended) in the code lets you complete the mode without ever hitting the Rocket shot directly. Knock out a few lanes until you only have 3 or fewer left. Be sure not to hit Groot. Use your Hadrons to "complete" the rest of them. The code won't give you the last shot, but it will leave both Rocket and Groot active. Hit Groot, and the mode is completed!!

#5175 1 year ago
Quoted from ralphwiggum:

my pitch is probably between 8-9 degrees

Mine is at 7. I'm sure going to 8 or 9 would make it harder to get the "pull" swing from the flipper.

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#5356 12 months ago

I think it might be time to move on from my Prem, but I love this game. Just needed to start Groot again to light Immolation for the second time in the same game!!

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#5520 10 months ago
Quoted from Reefwalker:

Hi Everyone.
Bit of a rookie here and bought my first pin about a week and a half ago - GOTG Pro.
I used to play pinballs as a kid in the 80s so reliving my childhood a bit.
I love my new GOTG! Man that Rocket shot is tight and the left drain can break your heart.
I do have a question for this group… when I get what I think is a really sweat right orbit shot with a fair bit of power, more often than not it rattles and bangs about 3/4 of the way up and then rolls back. Is this a known issue? perhaps it’s just not as sweet a shot as I think I’m hitting. It quite frustrating.

Most shots on GotG are tight! The right orbit is usually one of the most reliable on my machine, but I get rattles on a so-so shot. It's probably just not as clean a shot as you think.

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#5965 8 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Ok after a full day of having this machine and everyones input im getting better. Just got to Cherry Bomb for first time and got 593m. What are "good scores" in this game? 1b? 1.5b?

I'd call 1B a "really good" score. You have to make decent progress to get that. I don't believe you can exploit Multipliers with Groot or Orb MBs alone or just a few modes and make it. Generally, you've got to at least get thru Cherry Bomb to hit that.

Quoted from mbrave77:

yea i dont even know how to activate the multipliers yet. In general in not a huge fan of games that rely on multipliers for score. I learned to love my Star Wars Premium more when I learneed to ignore it.

The playfield multiplier is activated by hitting Rocket enough times to spell RAMPAGE. This is a timed multiplier.

You can also put 2x on specific shots that will last for the duration of the ball (and it's multiplicative with RAMPAGE). If you can keep the ball live, you can multiply every character shot. You activate the multiplier by lighting all five of the Nova Corps lanes. That will make all of the character shots flash. If you've already multiplied a shot, that shot will not flash. The next flashing character shot you hit will be multiplied for the duration of the ball.

Since these shot multipliers go away after draining, it's key to put them on characters that are going to generate the most points. 1B+ can be scored in each of the wizard modes alone. My top is 9B, but I've finished the final wizard mode and had a total score of less than 2B many times.

#5986 8 months ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

I try to get some locks in orb and groot between mode shots to get them close to ready. For me, finding the ramp shots and dialing those in made a huge difference for doing pod chase and sibling rivalry. I'm still finding the scoop shot so it's a bit risky for me but I manage to upgrade perhaps half the time. Yaka and Antiquities I can often do fairly quickly. Bringing in a multiball helps a lot for Kiln and Yaka for the safety with the HE shots and switch hits but I suck at orbits and ramps in MB, it's mostly luck for me to hit those shots without care. In single ball I often can combo the ramps 4-6 times when I'm in the zone.
After 2 weeks I now usually complete 2-3 modes, I haven't fully completed 4 modes yet but my improvement has been steady and fun. Exactly what I was looking for, this pin is great practice for accuracy. Last night I laughed out loud when the magnet caught 2 balls, one ball orbited the other for a few spins during orb multiball.

My go to track is:

Antiquities first. That let's me hit Orb to drop the target and lock the first ball while the ball save is still on. Then work on Groot, but don't start it. Locking a ball puts the next ball in the pops to add switch hits for mode progress.

Once that's finished, if Groot MB is close, I start Yaka and Groot. Let all of the balls drain, so they go back into the pops for progress.

After that, or if Groot wasn't ready after Antiquities, I go for Sanctuary. It has the fewest shots and gifts a Hadron if you finish it.

Once I have a Hadron, it's time for Kyln. With Hadrons you don't have to hit the dangerous, and hard to hit on purpose, Rocket shot. Get at least three lanes, but DON'T HIT GROOT. As long as you're within four shots of completion, use the Hadrons to get to the last shot. Hit Groot last and the mode is over.

You can bring Orb MB in anywhere during the sequence, but the only thing I never do, is start it with Kyln. I don't want to accidentally hit Groot with balls flying around. That puts you into Cherry Bomb. After that the order doesn't matter.

Quoted from DaddyManD:

The key is Immolation Initiative. You can BLOW UP Immolation Initiative and stay in forever endlessly getting monster jackpots. Keep getting Hadrons and re-lighting ball save.

Like DaddyManD said, Hadrons are key in Immolation, but don't use them randomly. If you've got six balls in play, resist the urge! Save them until you're down to a couple of balls. Hit it once. If it doesn't restart ball-save, hit it once more. It will, and it'll also give you all the balls back!

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