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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #22 picture of optional gold side rains. Posted by Blacksun (4 years ago)

Post #2129 magnet fix. Posted by MapleSyrup (3 years ago)

Post #2448 hd60609 sign mod Posted by bobukcat (3 years ago)

Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (6 months ago)

Post #5668 Important information about Node board changes in later runs. Posted by TrixTrix (5 months ago)

Post #5685 Firmware required for new node boards! Posted by Peanuts (5 months ago)

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#4562 1 year ago

I apologize beforehand but I have never played a pro or pre and know very little about the game,where is the code,is there a cleland mod for the pro ,how much does the cleland mod help the game,how well is it liked after this much time,I am considering one.and I don’t see many for sale


4 months later
#4936 12 months ago

How about the extra magnets in the premium

#4967 11 months ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

Stern should officially sell a mod to add spinners.

Does anybody remember the spinner kit a pinsider was making for I believe Metallica pro?and please post pictures of this mod!

2 weeks later
#5012 11 months ago
Quoted from Swoods5688:

Thought I would share, i added a spinner to the right side of my guardians pro. Was actually able to do it with zero permanent adjustments or mods to the game. I have it tied to the hadron enforcer target. Doesn’t really affect game play all that much but give me a fun spinner to rip.
[quoted image]

I did this mod and it’s. Great fun and it makes the sound of hitting the hardon target but many many times when it spins,very cool easy and fun!

1 week later
#5054 11 months ago

I understand there is a shots remaining on the screen somewhere,I don’t see it?

#5067 11 months ago

I am getting some crackles through the speakers with cleands mod any thoughts,I tryed a new sd and no better?

#5083 10 months ago
Quoted from uccash:

I get this too. Anyone know of a fix or adjustment that needs made in the settings?

Nobody has there crackles but us,I am going to try better 5 1/4 speakers

#5088 10 months ago

finished my pro and wow it looks,well it looks colorful.
Voodoo glass
Mirror blades
Purple apron that I lit
Deluxe speaker lights with badges
Stadium lighting do it yourself
Green backlit ramps
Custom Milano with leds in back left
Hooked orb
groot hands
Spinner on right orbit
Trough lightings
Translucent plastics on pops,rocket,lanes and slings
Rocket on a spring,nice effect and would recommend doing it
Green Led buttons
Translucent Titian. Rubbers
And of course the Cleland mod

I love this game and can’t stop playing it.
9AEF8B82-2847-4B6F-BED4-869F6D32132A (resized).jpegBD1BB2D7-E333-472A-97D9-484D818B8436 (resized).jpegD3A2C46E-0107-4BD1-96E3-837F13E520C5 (resized).jpeg

#5095 10 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Was thinking about doing this to mine as well. Had a red translucent apron on my walking dead and really liked it. What is the rocket mod, is there a way to make the pro premium ish??
Love the green on the ramps in the back, custom or blindsided mod?? I think it looks great and would like to add it to mine as well.

The ramp lights are just a few comet green led strips connected to the backboard lamps,the rocket on a spring is way better then a static rocket but you must cut rockets metal mount and find a spring with the correct tension and may even have to grind the mount thinner for a spring to slip over it,great effect if he moves just the right amount but the mod is not reversible.

4 weeks later
#5161 9 months ago

I love my shaker,I know what people are talking about with a crappy shaker feeling or buzzy,yes try moving the weights and also. Some sound deadening material under the shaker plate can help also and it seems the brand matters also but i don’t know how
Just a motor and two weights

#5170 9 months ago

I always see more wanted ads than for sale ads,great game and the music with the cleland mods is wonderful,easy to understand rules and I have never beaten it but that may not be very reassuring about its depth for an only game!

2 weeks later
#5197 9 months ago

I have a set of groot arms listed for half price of new!I have all the kit that came from lighted pinball mods!

3 months later
#5484 6 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Agree. I added the official Stern Groot arms not the mod arms (I got from distro but Marco has them too). I cut out my own mounts out of PETG (super easy and cheap). Doesn't block view and adds a ton of character!

He is saying that the stern arms block not the lighted pinball mods ones.
I have a set of them if anyone is interested
80.00 shipped

1 week later
#5596 5 months ago

Pm sent

1 week later
#5709 5 months ago

I hope there is a work around for you new owners,I remember when I first played gotg and was disappointed by the bad actors but loved the theme and shots ,I thought man I hope Cleland works his magic,will the other sound mods works like the apple Juice version ,can Cleland update his code for you guys

#5726 5 months ago

I remember when I sent a pm to Cleland and said I will not buy gotg with him fixing it and thanking him for doing the work,I would not have bought the game with out the mod,
I am wishing the best for you new owners,

#5767 5 months ago
Quoted from red-line:

So I went to install the outlane plastic protectors and the one for the right side doesn't fit. The screws won't quite catch, they're not long enough. It looks like the bottom spacers on the right side outlane plastic are taller than the spacers on the left. Is this a known thing?

Ya sounds like mine ,I don’t remember exactly but,you just have to do make or mod spacers use longer screws what ever you need to do to make it work!

#5768 5 months ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Ya sounds like mine ,I don’t remember exactly but you just have to do make or mod spacers,use longer screws what ever you need to do to make it work!

#5808 5 months ago

ArcadeAction lighted flippers are pretty cool and look robust and should last a long time,I have played for a few hours and doing great,I did not know what else to light up on my gotg.

5D9EBA1D-B0C1-4ED0-8A3E-28171C57AB9A (resized).pngCB64F7AA-4CA3-4B21-8FD7-2011C3EB5AE8 (resized).png
#5815 5 months ago
Quoted from TicTacSeth:

Nice! Did you already have the honeycomb toppers?

I had the toppers and just sliced off the honeycomb top from the toppers and away we go.I love the look!

I don’t know how much he is going to charge but they are pretty cool and I know folks have wanted lighted flippers for years,I know I have,there was some guy in Europe or somewhere that did some but I could never get them!

Very simple install.

#5889 5 months ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

Wow! Congrats! Amazing to get a March build right after the July/August run! I'm still considering replacing the white lights in the back but they haven't bothered me much yet since I'm tall enough I don't see them directly much. I probably don't even need them at all with the PinStadium come to think of it.
I notice in your pictures that the back plastic with "We are Groot" looks attached with silver screws. Mine has no screws at all and the entire plastic is just held loose in place by the ramps. I guess I should figure out the screw size and fix that, I didn't even notice the screw holes at first. I have no idea why they are missing, the guy I bought it from didn't mention it but it hasn't been a problem so far and will be easy to fix.
My obscene mod list status is currently:
Cleland sounds for code 1.06
shaker motor, pinball life
shooter eject trough protector
orange flourescent acrylic lower lane protectors, ULEK
green flourescent acrylic sling plastic protectors, ULEK
orange flourescent acrylic right orbit plastic protector, ULEK
shooter rod, superskillshot.com
speaker lighting and acrylic design, speakerlightkits.com
service rails, pinball life, replacing stock pegs
green LED Groot mouth illumination, mezelmods
purple LED scoop illumination, mezelmods
green LED ramp illumination, mezelmods
purple LED flipper buttons, britemods
white LED trough lighting, lermods
clear cabinet flipper button protector set, titan
pinwoofer spike super kit GT
pinstadium neo
competition silicon rings, titan
Yet to install:
orb airball plastic protector, cpr9999
scoop protector, pinball life
orange flourescent acrylic rocket plastic protector, ULEK
colored flourescent acrylic pop bumber plastics protectors, ULEK
orange LED standup target bar illumination, mezelmods
sunon maglev 4020 silent fan for power supply, amazon

Have you done a color apron ,translucent drop back lit and try finding the pinsider that made the upgrade,mystery clear plastic!
image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpg
#5922 4 months ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

So I found the mod causing my lighting issue, the last thing I expected, of course! It's the PinStadiums. I'm leaving them disconnected for now, the clips were not shorting or loose, and had a lot of clearance with the wires ziptied so it seems there's something the system doesn't like when connecting to those sockets. I'll try some other sockets tomorrow starting with only the GI connected and see how it goes. The game seems so dark now without the PinStadiums, heh. At least now I found what it is so I can work it out.

So glad you found the problem,I have no experience with pinstatiums but I know once you get use to lighted playfields it’s hard to go back,I make my own that are just basic but still love them!

1 month later
#6162 3 months ago
Quoted from jstarner79:

Thank you very much! I'll give that a shot this weekend. I hope it's as simple as you make it sound!

This will be a joke after a while and you get you chops working on games!no worries!

Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

I didn't enjoy the shaker when I had it on mine. Felt like everything just shook constantly and wasn't really tied to what was going on. I moved it to my Stranger things and like it better there. Even at the lower settings it just didn't enhance the game for me.

I have to agree,just poor shaker implementation!

2 weeks later
#6179 88 days ago
Quoted from bowtech:

So reading though all the post I can't find a definitive fix for the ball being stuck behind the orb target on a pro. Can anyone tell me their fix please?

Tell me more,how can a ball be stuck if the target is down?

#6182 88 days ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

Refer to page 44, and look in the vicinity of part 24 (bracket) and 28 (coil). To troubleshoot lift the playfield and try to raise the target with the plunger (it should stay UP), and then try to trip it with the coil 28 and bracket 24 and switch #49 to sense position. It should FALL. What does switch 49 report in up and down position? Did you try coil test #10 and #11 in menu? The tripping bracket and coil is a pretty simple mechanism, so let us know what symptoms you see when troubleshooting.


2 months later
#6343 1 day ago

I have it on the right and some do both ,just sick stern did not include them!

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