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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

3 years ago

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Post #2448 hd60609 sign mod Posted by bobukcat (3 years ago)

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#4734 12 months ago

I have the opportunity to buy a NIB GOTG LE. So was in the box since end 2017? Dont know when it was produced but think all LE were produced in one batch?

The playfield quality lottery with GotG LE of that time, are issues to be expected like pooling or chipping or was the early GotG free of this? So anything I should have a look at? Also on the fence of a protector. Have several pins with them but read that for GotG people are remving it since it influences pay to much. Does GotG have a lot of airballs-> dimpling. I dont mind (some) dimpling as long as it doesnt look like the moon ....

Thanks for any advise

#4737 11 months ago
Quoted from mcvetyty:If its an LE, then yes, it was made in 2017. If it's still in its box, then I would HIGHLY doubt the seller is going to let you open it to look at the playfield and other things before buying it. The value of a NIB goes down once that box is opened.
If they do let you, or if it's already been opened, then just look around the posts for pooling on the playfield. I can't recall what other issues may have existed on the first production run (mine was a 2019 build). Mine does get a fair amount of airballs and has some pretty major dimpling after 2K plays or so.

Gonna pick it up tomorrow afternoon. It’s at a local distributor who had it as a trade-in from a guy who had it in climate controlled storage all this time. He will let me unbox it and if something is really wrong I don’t have to take it. He is is a great guy.

So now on the fence will I install a playfield protector or not? So many people, so many opinions

So will be soon, one more night of sleep

#4744 11 months ago

Joined the club today

3B630E46-782A-4DCC-8368-C41311C7218F (resized).jpeg983FF3EA-574B-4174-9CAE-5B58244865B6 (resized).jpegC0B981DC-0110-4D71-9B03-94E7047C62CA (resized).jpegFD63ECCA-9698-49EB-9C75-97A6EDB850FE (resized).jpeg
#4745 11 months ago

Quick question. Not really impressed by the sound quality. Looking at the speakers I can imagine why ....

Anybody experience with othe speakers? I will take the external subwoofer from my twd and hook it up to Gotg.

#4750 11 months ago

They do look great indeed.

Have prepped myself for installing a Playfield protector. Should service tomorrow after which u can finally play it. Also orb protector and rocket protector will be installed as well as shooterlane.

Look forward to it

D431322F-002F-4341-AD80-411F0B199F08 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#4773 11 months ago

So, have my GotG up and running and trying out several mixes.

The Cleland ofcourse at first.

Dont know what to expect from a Spike in regard to sound quality but am not very impressed. Already swapped out the crappy Stern for a better set but still not impressed. Am I over expecting? Have fiddled with the audio settings to get some improvement. Just dont know if I am overexpecting or something is wrong. Was there not a series of SPike boards with an audio issue?

3 weeks later
#4824 10 months ago

As there is very little videomaterial for the Cleland version I made a gameplay video to be seen at

Can only hope it can be seen around the world as license issues can be expected I am afraid

#4837 10 months ago

Have the same experience. My gotg is like 1 month old and guesstimate that 10-20% the droptarget is not up quickly enough. The ball goes so fast that I could understand this and didn’t think to much of it.

#4842 10 months ago

So it looks like you would expect, like a pro but than with rgb inserts.

It also looks like the moon

3 weeks later
#4893 9 months ago

Any TMNT owners here?

I can swap my gotg LE with a TMNT LE.
Pros for the gotg is the theme and music. I don’t hate turtles as a theme but gotg resonates much better with me. Also I prefer typical real video over cartoon.
Pro for the TMNT is however the layout. I get the feeling it’s just a better shooter with more to shoot. Three flippers are better than two I guess

On coding I haven’t played tmnt enough to say which is better however. I get the impression however TMNT has deeper code.
Laat but not least I think reseller value gotg is typ better as TMNT, at least in Europe where the theme TMNT is less strong as gotg. TMNT is more a kiddies theme over here.

Any comments from gotg plus TMNT owners?

#4899 9 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Not sure about that one. I find GOTG much more fun to play.

KLR2014 is a little biased, he is the one who wants to trade

But I tend to agree that Gotg is more fun to play. This not based on coding or shots, just the music and callouts are working better for me at least.

#4900 9 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

......I'd rather have JP or AIQ over it if that extra flipper is nagging you. You are in the GOTG thread tho..

Thanks for a defined advise. Posted it also on the TMNT thread, guess what there choice is ....

#4902 9 months ago

Thanks for the advise

Choice between TMNT and gotg was a tough one.

I only have gotg LE like 6-8 weeks so perhaps still in honeymoon phase. But because of theme, music and video I decided in the end for gotg.

Was a close call as I do believe TMNT has more shots and could be a better player pin but to afraid I couldn’t get over the theme. The sounds and music (I played it like 2 hours) just didn’t do it with me. Shots is another topic and this I like TMNT a lot and made me hesitate for such a long time. Not that I dislike it but have also no sentimental memories of the turtles. So perfect would have been a TMNT layout with gotg theme.

Thanks again for the advise and who knows what the future will bring. For now the gotg will stay which I am sure you will agree with, it’s the gotg thread after all....

2413C66E-F4FE-4190-AC10-84F5347A5D3E (resized).jpegAFEFDB53-79FD-4C53-AEFE-27D1D23CE402 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#4907 9 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

be sure to run cleland code sound mod for GOTG...must have!

I am running it, even posted a stream in the thread.

However, at the moment I am running applejuice version. I must admit that real audio clips from the movie combined with the ‘battle music’ from stern ain’t bad either. It stimulates. Depending on the mood I will insert SD card with the version I desire at that moment.

#4934 9 months ago

It’s very personal but I would really miss the light show from my LE when moving to a pro.

The groot arms are nice to see but that’s it. An opening Orb and moving rocket are just gimmicks and don’t care for it.

#4937 9 months ago
Quoted from rockrand:

How about the extra magnets in the premium

Haven’t played enough Pro to know how big this influence of 1 vs 3 magnets. And not everyone likes the randomness of magnets ....

#4939 9 months ago

So what I did to my LE is

Quiet power supply fan
Added Milan ships
Playfield protector
Shooterlane protector
Clear silicone rubber
Added DIY leds to groot scoop guardian target ramps
Changed our speakers, added external subwoofer
Added extra lightning on the slingshots
Apron cards
Outhole lightning apron
External volume control
Topper on flipper bats
Orb protector
Rocket plastic protector
Silicon sleeves in blue and red
Speaker lightning
Cleland mod but currently running Applejuice version

Hope I didn’t forget something.
1E8AA181-1DD7-4E9F-BB7F-AC80D4C34338 (resized).jpeg21188607-8250-4B8D-9ED6-3F67C0E2DB2E (resized).jpeg625257E2-D4AD-411A-A005-BC4C6AE221F5 (resized).jpeg754B662F-CCCA-4B97-97A0-32001DC88B93 (resized).jpegBB54539F-332D-4913-8475-B8BB47246DEC (resized).jpegC1FF2026-BEC1-4801-816B-1CF1E976867D (resized).jpegE79C2C24-A66E-4816-9012-454F823F909D (resized).jpegED93D25B-6ED1-45E0-9C03-A32413255B00 (resized).jpegF15106B5-6616-43B7-9CCC-B40534644AD7 (resized).jpeg

#4959 8 months ago

Made it finally to immolation wizzard.

Just a few shots away from save Xandar. Sooner or later I will make it.

4 ball game. Max 1 extra ball.

FF626AAE-ED67-48AA-B77C-BA6465F33A10 (resized).jpeg
#4970 8 months ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Does anybody remember the spinner kit a pinsider was making for I believe Metallica pro?and please post pictures of this mod!


#4977 8 months ago

I am a little puzzled by the multiballs.

What’s exactly the add a ball strategy? I know mystery during multiball is an add a ball but I also get sometimes an add a ball without a ball present in the scoop. I have the feeling that there is an extr add a ball to be earned during MB. Especially with Orb multiball. Anyone an idea of my feeing is right?

#4982 8 months ago
Quoted from smoothbore19:

Anyone have any info on this?

Can not imagine that this is normal. Perhaps overheated once? Is there any discolouring?

#4988 8 months ago

I think mine really grabs 1-2 seconds like 50% of the times the ball coming from the Orb. In 40% it doesn’t really grab it for 1-2 seconds but really alters the path. In the remaining 10% it does a kind of bounce like the magnet is a post and most of the times ends in the left outlane .....

Can be sometimes frustrating.

#4991 8 months ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

I recently purchased post sleeves from Titan. I bought 2 Stern Purple, 1 Stern Red and 1 Standard Red. The Standard Red on the the right side of the orb drop target has increased my magnet catches to almost 100% (item = CS-POST-RD). I previously had purchased the cliffy sleeves from Pinball Life and they just didn't have the same kind of softness as the Titan Silicone. I can't recommend Titan enough. While you're at it, get some slings and some flippers. I really like the look of the glow in the dark flipper rings combined with the Laserific green colored sling plastic protectors.

Interesting. I changed out the sleeves recently with silicone sleeves and I am trying to remember now if I have seen it since

Will keep an eye to it. Never made a relation between the sleeves and magnet grab.

1 week later
#5018 8 months ago

Do you have a premium or LE? Looks like one of the two screws holding Groot’s hands.

#5021 8 months ago

Cleland is music all the time and apple juice is like original stern version but than with callouts from the movie plus additional music added when mode times outs.

For me at the moment apple juice is my favorite. Only music sometimes gets a bit messy. But hey, just a matter of swapping a SD card depending on the mood I am in when playing.

1 week later
#5085 7 months ago
Quoted from uccash:

I get this too. Anyone know of a fix or adjustment that needs made in the settings?

I got this too. Have already improved speakers. With the Applejuice package I don’t have it. I used to think for some time I had an issue with my CPU but as it’s only with Cleland mod I don’t thinks so anymore.

#5096 7 months ago

Almost doubled my previous GC.

All 10 modes solid lit but getting orb and groot multiball solid lit is my greatest challenge.

Up to the next round

A120F570-CB03-4688-9DEE-6DCDF48FE816 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#5147 7 months ago

Sometimes I have the following ‘issue’.

After I think completing a mode the Gi flashes when switches are triggered. When ball drains it returns to normal.

Anyone else have this? Can this be a software bug? It happens I think once every 20 games?

#5149 7 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

If you successfully complete Antiquities Shop, the part 2 of that mode is bonus points for switch hits. The screen should be telling you that as well. The GI will flash extra as well in that mode. Once the max number of switch hits occur, or you drain, the mode will end and the GI should stop with the extra flashes.

Aha. Thanks. Wasn’t aware of that. Will try this out.

#5153 6 months ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Aha. Thanks. Wasn’t aware of that. Will try this out.

Tried it out and indeed the effect I was talking about is what you get after antiquity mode. Good to know it’s not a malfunction but a feature

Thanks again.

#5160 6 months ago

I have the standard shaker in my LE and it’s fine. Nothing wrong with it and surely not overused.

1 month later
#5240 5 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

Turn the trough eject down to the lowest setting. I do that on all my games even the ones with cliffy's as it hits hard by default.
Speaking of cliffy's, what about the scoop protection? I heard it messes with the ball trajectories in a negative way but I can definitely seeing that needing protection.

On the LE, which comes default with scoop protection (really puzzling pro doesn’t) I experience zero influence on ball. So no reason why it would be different with a Cliffy.

1 month later
#5369 4 months ago

I had a wire come of within 10 plays after unboxing of the opto present at Rocket. Apparently the soldering skills can be improved at stern …

3 weeks later
#5427 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

We have an le, pinstadium not needed , my opinion. Plenty of light in this game. They are a great add on for other pins


I just added two spotlights connected to the GI.

#5429 3 months ago

Here my LE with added spots on the slingshots. That’s more than enough in my opinion

5095FB8A-5CDE-45EA-B6A1-8A3A08EBE19A (resized).jpeg7D87AECD-3E31-4A4B-889D-FC78DBC05AA4 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#5504 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Does applejuice sound mod have clelands call outs from the movie?


#5518 3 months ago

Made it !!!!!!

Not even my highest score but who cares. Only had no idea what to do during Xander mode

592A65E2-78A9-4ED5-9B09-5BDEC99682E8 (resized).jpeg723D5647-FAFE-459E-949B-3D3EECD76540 (resized).jpegA5E91290-874E-4042-B2E6-5070B1E303A6 (resized).jpegCC9799B7-CFB1-4014-BC80-54DA1D6418AD (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#5658 78 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Speaking of which, I just got this in the mail today , the lights that light up the back by the ramps and where it says I AM GROOT. They sent me instructions but still unclear where to clip the alligator clips to. Anyone else have these and maybe a picture of there this goes?[quoted image]

I expect they need to be clipped to the GI which is mounted in the backboard. If it doesn’t work try reversing the clips first befor anything else

2 weeks later
#5850 65 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

So THIS happened when putting the play field back down after fixing the magnet issue I was having . Sooo pissed .[quoted image]

That sucks.

I always use these


They work great

#5914 59 days ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

It happens so fast, it's GI for sure, not sure if it's all inserts also. Sometimes it's only the upper playfield, sometimes it seems like all of it. I need to take some video so I can play it back slowly and see exactly what's happening.
I found a loose (almost disconnected) serial connector and reseated all node board connectors, and just watched it in attract mode for 10 minutes and saw it happen a few times without anything moving.
update: ok yes it's inserts also,not all of them always. I just stared at the nebula insert until it happened and the inserts in that area flickered off for a moment when the GI went off.

You are aware that there is a mode when it’s completed the GI flickers when making points. This ends when ball drains however.

2 weeks later
#6001 45 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Bought the speaker panel magnet from wizard mod last night. Looks sharp can’t wait to get it! Anyone else have these? What do you think?
[quoted image]

I have it. Looks great, no worries. Good value for money

#6003 45 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Nice. Was looking at the apron stuff they had too.

On that one I passed. I like the lit up metal apron in the LE already enough. In a pro might be different.

#6025 39 days ago

No worries. Have friends with plenty of spike 1-2 boards and the first serious issue still has to develop.

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