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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

2 years ago

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#2846 1 year ago

New member here! Bought a PRO with lots of nice mods from nevus , It might have been the quickest sale in Pinside history, , was looking for a newer stern for my second pin , had played a few games with unknown code on location and liked it, mostly banging groot multiball, I was looking at NIB MET or AS( both I had played a bunch and liked but not so much the themes) vs DP without playing. .I had waded through all 50+ pages of this thread and while it looked a little shaky at release it now seems pretty solid with the code updates.

AT lunch saw nevus's ad , with his phone number and called him apparently within a minute of him putting the ad up andhe was in the middle of posting the pics! He is a great guy and We quickly had a deal and he went out of his way to carefully pack and get shipped although sti estimate of " 2 weeks" turned out to be almost 3 weeks!

Delivered yesterday (mysteriously without the pallet nevus had strapped it to, will check with sti about this ) but super well wrapped and intact. Set it up , took a while to find the on button but shoots really nice, some tight shots but satisfying to nail, has the new code and cleland sound mod which I love( Cat stevens- how great!!!) . issues with orb drop target which I will address tonight. very happy!

gotgfull (resized).jpggotgfull (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2860 1 year ago

Enjoying playing and working on mastering the shots , left orbit and right ramp not yet!

Got to cherry bomb multiball last night but did not do a lot with it end score pathetic 290 mil.

I like that there are different approaches to scoring vs completing modes but what is the best approach if trying to complete modes? I find the extra mode 2 rounds hard to complete ( 10 blue ramp shots?? oh man!!!) so I guess go for a scoop shot at the end of the mode and then start a new one?

To me it would be more fun if the coding was setup to have the original mode non timed and the mode 2 timed and at the end of the mode 2 timer just have a new mode start

#2862 1 year ago

I did not know it worked that way , I thought once you start a new mode , the active mode 2 just ends and can not be restarted? once a mode is completed it can not be selected again by the flippers after a scoop shot , Is there a setting to change this?

#2865 1 year ago

had the common issue of the orb drop target not dropping when the ball is locked behind it. messed around for days with the common fixes i have seen, the washer fix, bending the whole assembly bracket to 90 degrees and bending the trigger plate to 90 , ech one would last for a few gmes and then have the probles again, so i pulled the assembly out to see how it works and how the fixes would help.

It is an ingenious device but a little misalignment in the trigger plate( part 24)( on the order of 1/8 inch or less) and it will not work


basically the target gets pushed up by the coil and has a small lip that rests on a narrow ledge when it is up, for it to drop the magnet is energized and that pulls the magnet side of the trigger plate into the magnet and this rocks the whole plate and allows the trigger nub on the other side of the plate to push the target off the ledge so it can drop. . on my machine the trigger nub was too far away to push the target , the target has a small groove in it which makes the nub travel distance even more.

i glued a small piece of white plastic into the groove to make the nub distance travel less critical . it can't be thicker than the lip on the drop target or the drop target will not catch on theassembly lip and won't stay up.. i filed a taper into it similar to what is on the drop target so it glides over the ledge lip, as well i bent the trigger side of the plate to about 110 degrees using a pair of needle nose pliers as this puts the nub closer to the drop target as well if however if the nub protrudes too far the target lip will not be able to rest on the assembly ledge and wont stay up! after i got done i realized you may be able to just bend the trigger side of the plate and the nub and not need to glue the little plastic piece onto the drop target

the magnet side of the trigger plate needs to be about 90 degrees, if it is greater than this it will be too far away from the magnet and will not be able to pulled into the magnet . the target will stay up even without the ball behind it , you will hear a soft click as the magnet field moves the trigger plate a little bit

hope this is helpful , it now works 100% and its great to see the ball get released and then swirled around by the playfield magnet.
difficult to describe this type of stuff but if you have the Assembly in hand it should make sense!

008 (resized).jpg010 (resized).jpg012 (resized).jpg
#2884 1 year ago
Quoted from mima:

On the topic of DropTargets not resetting:
It is sadly a well known old issue that appears on many Stern machines.
SB No165 from 2006 regarding #world-poker-tour addresses this.
It makes me wonder why Stern never have made a proper fix /redesign of the drop targets.
+12 years and counting....

THe more common issue with the orb drop target is that it does not drop when the ball is locked behind it, this service bulletin addresses the drop target not staying up( due to target not catching on ledge) vs not dropping( not being pushed off ledge)

I see marco has a listing for a new drop target assembly with a different configuration of the coil relay( magnet ) and trigger plate , looks similar to bally revenge from mars drop target, does anyone with a newer machine have this assembly ?

sterndroptarget (resized).jpg

correction, I checked with stern this picture is an older style of assembly # 500-9960-00
the one in gotg with the rocking trigger plate is # 500 1083-01 L6 is the newest
the 9960 looks like it might work better? , but the relay coil mounted on the side would interfere with the optical sensor?

#2888 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I am curious also? Anyone with newer machine have this style?
Also, did Marco use the right picture?[quoted image]

edited my post above....

#2909 1 year ago

installed a shaker motor on my PRO and did the washer trick to put the magnet core closer to the playfield , substantial improvement in magnet action instead of the ball leaving the orb and getting weak swirl and sdtm ( total momentum killer) , the ball really gets grabbed , stopped and then softly released to a flipper, highly recommended!

had at least one good game 6/8 modes ,started sanctuary for 7 with groot loaded for multiball , shoot brick that goes to left outlane, OVER!

is there any indicator on the playfield or display of the # of balls locked in the orb?

1 week later
#2944 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Just put up my best game yet. 2nd time to Immolation. Ball 2 was a monster. Completed 3 modes, Groot MB and Cherry Bomb with it. Finished all modes except Sanctuary and Kyln (of course). Half of the points came from CB (over 400M) and II (over 600M). The code finally does this game justice.
[quoted image]

NIce score !! got to 1.1 billion recently , 6 /8 modes completed and then choked on the scoop shot to start another mode, I wish there was at least one other ways to start a mode( ? combo shot using the character of the mode? ) ....

Any consensus of the best order to do the modes ??...

have never got to immolation. sometimes I start with sanctuary just to get it out of the way and other times I start with easier yaka or antiquites , and try to preload the orb and groot for mutiballs and go multiball for one of the longer modes like pod chase or sibling , and save the other modes for the end , is this a good approach?

#2945 1 year ago
Quoted from Belcaw:

I replaced my orb drop target with a new one from Stern and it’s working much better than the original except it sometimes double triggers and ends up not trapping the ball.
Now I have a new occasional problem where Groot gets a case of the dry-heaves. This seems to happen after a 4+ multiball and all of the balls drain and for some reason the machine thinks there are still balls inside of Groot even though they are all actually inside the trough. All trough sensors are working and show all six balls in there. The game will do a ball check and then Groot continues to try clearing his throat even though he has no balls. When I opened the coin door; it switched to an operator alert about Groot and sort of fixed itself; but it totally kills the momentum after having a crazy multiball. It just happened to me after Cherry Bomb; thankfully my new grand champ score was saved after opening the door.
Just wondering if anyone is/has seen this and if there’s any recommended adjustments I can do to help prevent it.

Was there any visual difference in the new drop target mechanism ?

unless the mechanism is changed the " double trigger" means the target is not catching on the ledge to stay up and trap the ball , on the old mech
a slight adjustment of the trigger plate to move the nub a touch away from the drop target would likely fix ( move it too far away and you will be back with the target not dropping when the ball is behind it!)

1 week later
#2956 1 year ago

congratulations on making to xander!! , I have my inlanes in and the ball save timer extended to 10 I think . I made it to immolation last night! the mode was not particularly memorable seemed like just another blur of multiballs, did not get a lot of scoring from any of the multiballs and ended up with score 860 M , ( highest score ever is 1.1B without ii) after it ended needed to complete one shot on kylm , groot and orb multiballs but choked.

I try to grab any multiplier when i can but I think my mistake is concentrating on keeping all the balls alive during multiballs ( which makes no sense since they are on ball save?) which leads to a bunch of ball just rattling around the lower playfield rather than concentrating on flashing shots

#2959 1 year ago

Can anyone with a topper tell what the change in the lighting is based on the mode selected?
I see on v .95 code - "Added a main play background topper light effect (which illuminates the topper based upon the mode/multiball that is active)."

Is the lighting bulbs or surface mounted rgb leds ?

#2961 1 year ago

thanks insane, hard to see that the topper changes with the mode from the pics but do you have the speaker lights tied into the topper changes?

if yes how do you do that?

#2971 1 year ago
Quoted from Insane:

If you look at the topper in the 2 pics, you can see they are different colors. That is the same thing it does during modes. The speakers aren't tied in, but I am sure that there is a way to do it. I'm just not the guy to be able to figure it out, But I wish they were. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town all weekend.

thanks for the info, I would love to have the speaker lights color correlate with the mode but does not appear to be an easy thing to do with the spike 2 ,

if easy to check are the lights in the topper leds mounted on a circuit board ?

do you remember what connector the topper attaches to ? thanks john

#2972 1 year ago
Quoted from Tmezel:

What colors are the inserts during the Ronan mode?

ronan is the sanctuary mode with the hadrons lit and the left orbit insert lit yellow

1 week later
#2995 1 year ago
Quoted from Erasmuz:

I am finally far enough on my Guardians Project that I thought I would share a teaser... (Debating starting a thread to share how I'm going about doing what I'm doing and to get feedback / help where possible, but not sure how many people would be interested).
This all started as a problem that every premium / le owner has; you can't see when the Ronan shot is lit because of groots hands! After lots of thinking / research I did it. Not only was I able to get the data for the Ronan shot, but with my analyzing of the LED bus I was able to decipher how all the LEDs are talking and deciding what, and when to change colors.
The images show LEDs (one on groots arm, the other in Quill's scoop) matching colors for the shot. So they get lit when the shot is lit. I plan on running fiber optic (some side lit, some end lit; side lit shown in pictures) down groots arms to make it look like branches, and also tuck the fiber under the ramps so the ramp glows the matching color when the ramp is lit for a shot. Feedback is much appreciated XD
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

looks promising, I know nothing about fiber optics but from the pics it looks like you are illuminating the cable from a lit led on the machine ? or is the optic cable powered off the led bus?

1 week later
#3009 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Which sound do you hate/fear most in this game...the accidental "smack" of the rocket kickback or the hollow, tin cup "clank" of a near miss on the Quill scoop? Every time I hear one of those, it's a fair bet the ball is gone.

I hate the clank of the scoop more, typical miss and the ball goes a little up the gamora ramp and sdtm or sling fires into the death zone of the left outlane .

I love the game , but to me having to always start another mode with the scoop shot takes away from the game. maybe at the end of a mode or at end of mode 2( but I don't think all mode 2 are timed? ) let another mode start automatically without player input but if you hit the scoop you get to choose the next mode

AS well when not in a mode the coding could be better and more fun, instead of mode jail make the " tape recorder mode" more interesting with its own objective, register the shots on the ramps and orbits and turn it into something fun!

2 weeks later
#3023 1 year ago

Good game 2 nights ago got through immolation and all modes and orb multi completed but drained with 2 balls to go to restart groot multi, total score only 950 mil, I guess I have been playing more to complete things than for score.

last night did some practicing , anyone regularly backhand into the scoop or into the orbits?

#3026 1 year ago

all the multiballs get to be a blur but the one time I completed orb I think I hit all the flashing shots ( I think at one point a ball is trapped in the orb and you have to hit to release just like in the beginning?) and then at the end the orb flashes and you have to make that one , for groot I think you have to hit all the flashing shots and then put one in his mouth when it is opening and closing

#3036 1 year ago

would love to get some input from fellow owners of where on the flippers the orbits return the ball. on mine ( bubble level to touching upper black line ) and side to side level with phone app) the right orbit return puts the ball about 3/4 out on the flipper, and the ball can be controlled in a variety of ways dead bouncing it will climb up to right side sometimes into scoop , or can be can live caught or bounced to the right sling and controlled to a cradle by holding the right flipper up .

the left orbit return hits farther out on the tip of right flipper dead bouncing 9/10 times will put the ball to a controlled cradle on the right flipper , but 1/10 the ball gets a little bounce somewhere at the end of the orbit and goes stdm! . holding the right flipper up tend to put the ball up the middle of the field where it is at risk of going down the middle, live catch is iffy ( but remember I suck) ,

so frustrating to not have a reliable way to control ball on the orbit return to right flipper! maybe I just need to improve skills and recognize when not to go for a dead bounce. tempted to bend the exit of the ramp in a touch to return the ball more to the center of the flipper....

What do you guys see and do??

#3039 1 year ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

Is there a setting for a Ball Save from the right scoop? I have had a few games going and hit the scoop only to have it fire the ball straight down the middle. It usually hits the left flipper, but once in a while it just shoots it right down the center and Ball or Game over. I know they added a ball save for the scoop in that position on Star Wars, just curious if it's here too. It's not fair when it does that. I couldn't find a setting anyway.
Thanks, Dave

No ball save on the scoop but I would echo turning the scoop power down through the gotg specific adjustments . Default is 28? I put it down to 16 and it delivers the ball to the right flipper. For me making the scoop shot repeatedly is a challenge and makes or breaks a potential good game so making the shot and getting a reliable return seems fair.
No one has orbit input?

#3043 1 year ago

The orbit returns are consistent on mine, depending on the speed of the ball. A clean, fast shot to the right orbit will loop around and bounce from the left flipper, up the right flipper and into the scoop. Or it will hit the HE target and bounce toward the high middle. It can then be controlled from a bounce pass. If the ball isn't moving that fast thru the right orbit, it will sometimes hit the top of the left sling. But it hits far enough to the right that it bounces to the center playfield or right flipper.
From the left orbit, it returns to the right flipper consistently for a catch or a shot on-the-fly if I stupidly try to loop the left orbit...
Bottom line, no orbit SDTM problems on my Prem

got to love looping the orbit on the fly but definitely not a rational strategy !! my limit is probably 2 times in a row , after that the ball is moving so fast the third flip is impossible for me to time

did have a good game over weekend finally broke a billion and ended up at 2 bil , got 800 mil on II had a bunch of multipliers lit , ran out of steam with just a little to go to zander , I can see how the scores exponentially rise with revisits of multiballs with more modes completed and multipliers etc

#3057 1 year ago

in the adjustment menu( gotg specific submenu ) you can adjust the frequency of lighting the special lane , default is 10%( I would assume this means 10% of the time left drains will be lit?) and as well as choose what happens ( credit, extra ball or points if I recall) , iirc the default is credit . I don't remember a screen animation or anything else happening on the very rare times it has been triggered I have my knocker off but I would think you would get a knock? . , have never gotten special as a mystery award. I might have to see what it does with the glass off sometime

#3063 1 year ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

I do have one, i need to get that in this weekend. How much work is it? Do you have to take a lot of stuff apart?

get the awesome hd60609 sign mod and do it the same time as the scoop protector!!

#3067 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I'm going to change my GotG out to Titan Comp (other games too if I like it) and am trying to decide to go all single color or mixed. I think orange low (flippers, slings, outposts, etc) and purple high (post sleeves, etc) would look good. I don't want to make it look clownish, just add color where it's appropriate.
Any thoughts on GotG from anyone? Single color or spot specific suggestions for replacement rubber?

i have titan clear rubber on everything but purple ( not titan but from pinball life) on the posts and red on the flippers pic enclosed, next go round i might try a dark blue on the posts and translucent red for the flippers, the prior owner had yellow on the orb and gamora posts and orange on the nebula posts, it looked pretty good too, there are so many colors in the play field to work with or against

1118 012 (resized).jpg1118 015 (resized).jpg1118 018 (resized).jpg
#3075 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

in the adjustment menu( gotg specific submenu ) you can adjust the frequency of lighting the special lane , default is 10%( I would assume this means 10% of the time left drains will be lit?) and as well as choose what happens ( credit, extra ball or points if I recall) , iirc the default is credit . I don't remember a screen animation or anything else happening on the very rare times it has been triggered I have my knocker off but I would think you would get a knock? . , have never gotten special as a mystery award. I might have to see what it does with the glass off sometime

increased it up to 50( max ) and played a bunch of games , did not seem it made any difference in how often the special is lit(never during these games) . not sure it is truly functional at this point with code 1.04 , maybe with the next upgrade? ( and a 2 sec ball save for rocket?????)

#3077 1 year ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I see a lot of people putting the Ronan's hammer on the right side, but I put mine on the left side. Seems more fitting with the Ronan insert at the left orbit.[quoted image]

I think it looks good on the left side as well . I got some figurines ( call them toys, dolls I don't care) and had a concept of having a figurine at the shot for each of the characters and it would fit to have the hammer by the ronan orbit . unfortunately some of the figures did not fit at their spot or look good there so I had to artistically compromise the concept.

Since ronan color is yellow having a yellow light in the hammer would make sense ( mezel mods are you out there?)

#3079 1 year ago

its been a long time since I watched the movies but if the hammer glows pink in the movie then that is acceptable

#3080 1 year ago

had a good game and made it to save xandar! after ii had few shots on 2 or 3 modes to complete as well as both orb and groot multiball but completed the rest in multiballs and hung on to get to xander. it was a blur at the end but after xander ends you just start over again with what seemed to be shortened times for the modes

gotg hi 001 (resized).jpggotg hi 002 (resized).jpg
#3082 1 year ago
Quoted from Insane:

What are you doing for speaker lights, one of the kits? Do you just have them set to one color?

I have the speaker light kit from dugfreez speakerledkit.com? , it has the the remote that has a bunch of options for colors, I have it set on the orange color that kind of matches the gotg lettering

would love to have them change color to match the mode, I think it could be done but beyond my skills

#3092 1 year ago

Well, I just totally beat it up!!! Immolation!! Save Xandar! Anyone beat my score!!??!

Whoa!!!super grandchampion score there!!!congratulations!!!!!!

1 week later
#3156 1 year ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Had an amazing first ball last night.

I have a permanent crick in my neck from watching but very nice!!! looked like 4 modes completed and into cherry bomb, What did you end up for the game?

1 week later
#3180 1 year ago

Updated to 1.06 code and reflashed the Cleland audio all good.. thanks to Cleland and everyone else who got the audio mod up and running with the update!
The game had the Cleland code on it from the prior owner so I did not appreciate how much better it was , played a few games with the stock audio not great...

Not a lot in the update that affects play , there is a cool video segment for " replay" that seems to come on when you get a new high score( of course all the old scores are wiped with the upgrade)

Being able to adjust the trough eject power is a good thing though , reduced mine by about 20%

#3187 1 year ago

congratulations on your new machine!! enjoy it and play it often but don't break the damn thing........ but if you do lots of good input can be had here!

2 weeks later
#3249 1 year ago
Quoted from acedanger:

With the Cleland code I got I can't choose mode at the beginning of the game it just shows me cassette playing??? Is this right? Thanks.

Check your menu settings under gotg adjustments ,you can either choose to select a,mode at start or by hitting the scoop

#3254 1 year ago
Quoted from acedanger:

Just had an insane game!! After Orb lock the magnet grabbed the ball & threw it into the Rocket kickback & screamed the ball SDTM love it! Big fan of this table. Chaotic,fun & fast... Twice as much fun with the great work of the Cleland audio code!!

Glad you are enjoying it! Stuff like that usually makes me curse!!

#3264 1 year ago

Thinking of adding spinners to the orbits similar to what has been done for MET pro . if someone with a premiums/le can post a good picture of where they fit on each orbit side and of the plastics and cutouts that would be great., will probably order the spinners from pinball life, I assume they would be the narrow stern spinners?

#3268 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

How can you add a spinner if the PRO doesn't have the code to support it? Will you just tie it to something else to score?

would not be supported by code but I really like ripping a spinner, would probably tie both spinners into the left orbit hadron target( I almost always hit this target anyway when I miss the orbit ) , so basically hitting the orbit shot would spot you that hadron and you would get the hadron sound when you activate the spinner .I don't think it would have a big effect on scoring .

on the fence about having to notch the orbit plastics .......

1 week later
#3289 1 year ago

Got inspired by the hooked on pinball mod for met pro so over the cold weekend but spinners on my pro, not really hard to do , but you will need to notch 2-3 of the the playfield plastics , take your time and of course measure twice and cut once. they are clipped to the #2 hadron target switch, so the first time one spins you get spotted that hadron , but every time they spin after that you get the non lit hadron sound ( kind of a clackety sound). The spinner are positioned fairly high up the orbits on the premiums and le's due to the hands, i kinda of like having them lower like they are guarding the orbits but if placed too low they will obscure the upper character insert . To me the perfect position would be a touch lower on the left( but there is a bulb right where you would want to mount the bracket ) and a touch higher on the right ( but any higher and the switch will start to stick out into the shooter lane ) so a compromise, but they could be mounted higher beneath the rocket and gamora plastic but the cutouts for the swtiches would be more noticeable i think this is where the right spinner is mounted on the premiums . got the spinners from pinball life 40$ for the two and had the matrix wiring from comet . let me know if anyone wants me to post more of a step by step picture approach.

waiting on an order of a page of decals for the spinners pulled from a variety of gotg goggle images probably will put two ronan themed on the left spinner and two drax on the right spinner , got some fun ones " drax coffee"and some really cool gotg images but have no idea how they will look scaled down to spinner size . If anyone has some spare stern spinner decals i would be interested

069 (resized).jpg
#3302 1 year ago

made another small mod , the cheap version of the coil activated rocket on the premiums, inspired by the tie fighter on stern star wars ..... the fixed rocket mount replaced by a spring !!!!, used a left over shooter rod spring, it moves pretty nice when you nudge or it fires one back at you
rocket 005 (resized).jpg

#3316 1 year ago

as bilbo sttes if we are reading your mind correctly i think you are referring to the right sling( triangle just above the flipper) , from the right orbit the ball should hit the flipper not the sling, i would try to tweak the pitch first ( a little steeper i would think might help) and double check the side to side leveling ,( i have been using the machines level for pitch and the bubble just touches the upper black line and carpenters level for the side to side) , if tweaks do not help you might have to bend the exit of the orbit towards the center of the playfield a mm or 2

#3318 1 year ago

welcome !!! enjoy playing your guardians and sometimes the learning is as rewarding as the playing!

#3319 1 year ago

put some stickers on my spinners . tried to put a little humor in them as for me some of the funny bits in the marvel movies make them so much better

as well pinball life now is selling the stock stickers . posted a thread on the mod page with some more pictures that show placement and playfield attachments etc .


gotg spinstick 014 (resized).jpggotg spinstick 002 (resized).jpggotg spinstick 010 (resized).jpggotg spinstick 004 (resized).jpg
#3320 1 year ago

uploaded a you tube video ( my first one ever!!!)of the rocket spring mod

1 week later
#3348 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinj135:

Hey guys. Is this normal- on Some modes I’m finding that it takes 3 or 4 shots to groots mouth just for him to open. Keeps saying “the lock is lit”. Is this normal or is it suppose to open on the first time hitting it?

Here are some thoughts that might be helpful
There is a setting to choose either a physical lock or a virtual lock but if sometimes you get the physical lock it should not be that
Sometimes my machine will temporarily give me a virtual lock if I end a game early and then start a new game

Does the groot multi ball light adance when you hit groot?

If no I would check the groot sensor switch in the menu switch test

if you have been through groot multi ball twice the third time it will take 2 shots to the head to open the mouth

During some modes quills the first time through and orb multi ball and the beginnings of cherry bomb ii and Zander the mouth does not open

#3416 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Ok I have a new strange behavior and haven't been able to find a way to adjust it. My orb drop target now has the opposite problem - it won't stay up lol. It's sporadic though. But when it happens it keeps firing over and over until the drop target finally stays up. Looking at it while I have it out of the machine it seems to work ok when I use my fingers to push the target up. The spring behind it pushes the tabs to catch on the mechanism and keep the target up. But if I do manual driver tests it fails to stay up every other time. I feel like I'm missing something I could adjust here.

I think if you read through the link that waxx provided most of the common orb traget issues and fixes are in there. Off the top of my head I would see if the trigger plate nub is protruding too far out keeping the target from catching on the retaining ledge,,if this is good putting a credit card shim or similar behind the retaining ledge might be needed

#3420 1 year ago
Quoted from DNO:

So I was installing a protector on the scoop, and dropped a screw under the small metal ramp in the shooter lane.
So I took off the screws and lifted the ramp, look what I found underneath!
[quoted image]

A known easter egg but I would find it really fun to have discover it as you did. I wish they made a clear plate option for that section of the shooter ramp for"adult only" machines

#3428 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

I am about 90% set on picking up a Pro this weekend or changing my mind and going with a Hobbit. The seller is offering to put in titan rubbers for cheap. Assuming I went with the Guardians, what color would you pick?

Clear on everything except dark purple or dark blue on posts

#3433 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Anybody have photos of their Titan rubber conversions? I'm torn on colors.

post# 3067, post#3319

#3469 1 year ago

I don't think I have heard that word in the audio, I will listen for it tonight

#3472 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

I don't think I have heard that word in the audio, I will listen for it tonight

I will say I have on occasion uttered that word quite loudly while playing guardians

#3497 1 year ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

Can I join the club now? I have wanted this machine since its release!
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

well if you waited that long I guess you can join....... WELCOME !!!

#3515 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Swapped out my plastic apron for an older Stern metal apron to get some powder coating done. I'm thrilled with the results so far. Rails should be ready next week
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That looks really nice, post pics when you get the legs back, might I suggest some nicer apron cards?

#3522 1 year ago

awful quiet over here!!

I enjoyed watching some of streamed play of GOTG from the weekend STERN PRO tournament. , I pretty much always play for mode completion and trying to get to Zander but interesting to watch tactics when playing for score. a lot of groot multiballing!!!

Also was amazed at how much of the video content I have never seen while playing with my eyes glued on the playfield, I think stern could have used the video content more effectively by chopping the existing clips into shorter ones and using as a reward or to tell a story at existing pauses in the game such as mode completion/ball in scoop/ ball in orb, ball in shooter lane

some guys were wearing headphones in the tournament , to block noise or listening to their own music?

#3529 1 year ago
Quoted from jsm172:

I’ve been pretty frustrated with this game since I’m an average player. Between the magnet not catching sometimes and throwing the ball down the left side drain, the constant left side drains, and the constant bricks from me, it will piss you off like non other. I’m going to add slim post rubbers from titan to see if that helps the constant bricks. I also watched the stern pro games and picked up a few pointers on how to handle a ball better

It is a challenging layout with some fairly tight shots and potential for outlane and sdtm drains with misses. a lot of fun when you are dialed in!
I would try the washer fix for the magnet if you have not done so , some have added a thicker orb right post rubber for the ball to bump off of as it leaves the orb.

OF course move the outlane posts in and for a while I had the left outlane nerfed with a small diameter silicone ring( had a piece of post rubber as well but could not keep secured) glued to the left post wire, it made the game a lot more enjoyable and seemed fair and a consideration if you are not a hardcore competition guy . you will still get a lot of outlane drains but less than with the bare wire post . tricky to glue silicone and get it to stay , the best thing I found was a dab of liquid nails" flexbond? " in a big tube I had lying around from another project.

one of my biggest mistakes is just flipping the ball from a dodgy return and hoping for the best . bad things happen!!! , looking at the pros they do a lot more dead flips . as well hitting the orb from a right flipper cradle is a lot safer although for better or worse I many times hit it from the left flipper on the fly and just accept the occasional punishment

keep playing!

gotg rocket sling (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#3601 1 year ago

had an unusual thing happen last night, playing escape from kiln mode, and through no skill or intent of my own hit the rocket shot 3 times in a row rapid fire like, so now down to one last shot to complete mode which is always the rocket shot but this time the groot shot was lit and I hit it to complete mode!

bug or program feature?

#3608 1 year ago

But to complete the mode the last shot is always rocket, it was weird for groot to be lit to complete the mode

#3614 1 year ago

I always thought by design the risky rocket shot is always the last shot to complete the mode, I will try with the glass off and see if a certain number of rocket hits changes that.

My latest strategy is to start with a harder mode to complete fully such as kyln, or sanctuary , if I can get them and 1/2 way through quills in one or two balls I have a fair chance of getting to immolation and beyond .( sometimes!!) .

more than once I have gotten to just the rocket shot on kyln to get to zander and failed in a variety of ways!

#3618 1 year ago

One of the genius parts of the code is that you cant use a hadron to get the last rocket shot. as well you cant use them during sanctuary at all as far as I remember

How do you cancel out the mutiball intro's?

#3625 1 year ago

i have never thought "add time" did anything !

#3626 1 year ago

it's right up there with" special" and " big points"

#3628 1 year ago

10 M ,does it just add it onto the score ? I have never noticed

1 week later
#3649 1 year ago
Quoted from crazypinballguy:

I'll be joining the club during Allentown.
Just wondering who has added mirror blades and how they think they look. Can anyone post a pic or two?

enjoy it when you get it! , here are some closer pics of mirror blades , machine looks really nice with them IMHO

gotgmirleft (resized).jpggotgmright (resized).jpg
#3651 1 year ago

No issues with raising playfield, they were installed by prior owner,iirc they are held in place by small screws with washers just out of view with the playfield in playing position

1 week later
#3658 1 year ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Does hitting the upgrade scoop during Yaka Arrow actually do anything? No extra inserts seem to light up.

there are are some modes where you will not get extra shots lit after a scoop shot, just the upgrade points, of the top of my head I think sanctuary, kyln, yaka and broker, , quill scoop gives you a progress bar but just moves the other 2 lit shots around the playfield

#3659 1 year ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

Every time I play I like more. It is becoming one of my favorites.
[quoted image]

you are playing the wrong machine then!

#3668 1 year ago

I think by design groot releases 2 or 3 balls and then maybe 5 seconds later releases the last ball,is that what you are seeing?

No help on the audio,running stock or Cleland update?

#3685 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

In the club!
[quoted image]

nice line up ! it is probably futile but I am trying to limit myself to 2( ok I might go up to 3) in the man cave due to space concerns and the fact I would be spending 5 hours a day playing pinball if I had more machines!

1 week later
#3718 1 year ago
Quoted from smcclain65:

So I am still a little confused on the ruleset. Last night I got 888 million. I had completed 6 of the 8 events. Groot Multiball twice, Orb Multiball, and Cherry bomb multiball. But I still never went into Save Xandar.
It was my understanding if you shoot the scoop after completing 3 events or both multiballs you start Save Xandar, and if you start all events regardless of completing them you can shoot the scoop to start immolation.
Can someone correct me if I am wrong here.
Thank you

yes, when the all the mode inserts are lit up like a nice Christmas tree the scoop will glow purple/pink and hitting it will start save xander

if you complete everything during a multiball I think the scoop will not light up to start xander until you are down to one ball

1 week later
#3754 1 year ago

might be two seperate things, the hex post might be from the rear of the orb plastic?

#3755 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

You would be hard pressed to find someone on here that hasn’t said the exact same thing.
It would be impossible though to find someone here who has stood by those words and not found more space for more pins
You will be at 3-5 games by Xmas, you might as well give into it now

haha why wait until december?? while i go on my quests to save xander and the road to valinor the wife has been making comments such as" the lawn is shaggy" i assume it is best to nod my head and say " yes dear" while continuing to play?

lotr 005 (resized).jpg
#3759 1 year ago

I think with kyln you get one progress bar once for each switch( upper lanes left and right, groot, lower left inner and outer inlanes and right lower inlanes and then to finish. the rocket shot. if you drain and start a new ball one of the upper lanes will light for the skill shot as well the lower lanes will flash for hadrons? but these wont count for progress in the mode . sometimes it does seem like a lane is lit when it shouldn't be

pinball wiki has a good explanation of the rules

#3763 12 months ago
Quoted from spidey:

I did verify with the glass off that Rocket does not have to be the last shot. If you hit nothing but Rocket, it will eventually start taking away the rollover lanes shots, but it will leave Groot. So Groot can be your lost shot, but it's unlikely since it's so much easier than Rocket or lanes.

that's good to know !

#3803 11 months ago

unless you are in training for the pro circuit why not move the outpost position down and give yourself a fighting chance? even down you will still get more than your fair share of frustrating left drains

#3805 11 months ago

I bet you have not done the pinball jj fix which has mine working 100% for months now see post 2865. there is also a good separate thread from pinsider waxx on the fixes if you have not seen.

that part number is for the whole drop target mechanism? I would think
pinballlife would have it

#3811 11 months ago
Quoted from shriver187:

i still manage to get pretty high scores. i like the challenge honestly. if it left drains and i lose i start another free game

it is nice that we can adjust things to our preference, , I like it challenging but at my skill level those unavoidable left outdrains when you have some good progress going( something like right sling kick to millisecond left drain) make me curse a blue streak

1 week later
#3843 11 months ago

I don't think that is the right one

#3851 11 months ago
Quoted from cocomonkeh:

That is the modified, improved, drop target mech, Manny.
I'm having trouble finding one myself.

that is not a new modified mech, the picture on marco is of the older drop target mech used in some older machine ST I believe, , it likely will not fit under the GOT playfield .

THe new " upgraded " mech stern has sent to some owners under warranty looks exactly like the original mechanism to my eye , there are pics of it in this thread a few pages back

#3868 11 months ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Alright, did the instructions cards over with dark shadows, once in Yellow/Red, once in Blue Red.....like the way the yellow/red now pops and is easier to read:[quoted image][quoted image]

both look really good ! thanks for doing this, my only tweak suggestion is to try a darker blue more of the shade on the playfield or cabinet not sure if it would be harder to read though

I like the prev multicolor one as well maybe with the shadows?

1 month later
#3983 10 months ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

After finishing SX, the game basically restarts, and I noticed something I hadn't before. All of the shot multiplier lights are on and rotating. It looks like the Megaladon quest in DP or the Klingon MB final shot in ST. Shooting the rotating shot gave 250k and the rotating continued, but there has to be some other point to it. At that stage in the game, 250k per shot is nothing.
Does anyone know what the object of that is? I looked at the TiltForums rulesheet, and I didn't see anything about it in the SX section.

I am not sure a lot of code tuning went into after save Xander is completed,,along with the strobing roving multiplier there is some weirdness with starting modes and the amount of time for modes,,maybe to be fixed in a future mode update?

#3984 10 months ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

SJPs.....1.5B is my highest CB score. When the Groot super is ready, let balls drain if necessary to clear the shot. Making that shot is worth huge points. Who cares if have 5 other balls bouncing around scoring next to nothing in comparison. Besides, they come back. Hitting the SJP as soon as possible is really important if you want to get more than one. I hit two for the 1.5B.
Multipliers are great if you can bring them in, but that's really hard to plan. Points can get outrageous if you do though.

Never thought to go for two!Used a bunch of hadron and got 2 sjp the other night ended up with a 920 mil CB

#3989 10 months ago

no adjustment for rocket kickback that I know of , just hit it and hope for the best! . I think you can adjust the kickout from groot, the slings and the right scoop.
check you settings sounds like yours might be cranked up

1 week later
#4023 10 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Why did you remove the ramp? All I did was take out some of the screws, the ramp supports and then the screws to the plastic pieces. It was maybe 4 or 5 screw then the ones for the scoop.


#4032 9 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

I don’t understand “this”. You don’t have to remove the bracket support in the front

This means I agree with you ,I don't recall taking of the ramp ,It was maybe a 10 -15 minute job to put the scoop protector on

#4065 9 months ago

welcome to the world of pins! , good suggestions above! even a nib will need some tweaking now and then and a small selection of tools and supplies is a good idea, , including at set of 4 hollow shaft hex driver(1/4, 5/16 , ? 7/32 and 11/32? ) for the flipper pawl a 3/8 drive ratchet and a 6 mm or 8mm hex head is needed , a few small screw drivers maybe a soldering iron , some microfiber towels , novus one for cleaning and some blitx wax or similar and you have most of what you would need.

you might try moving the sticky flipper up and down manually with the glass off it may unbind it, as well see if you can slide a credit card underneath the flipper if no it needs to have to have the flipper/playfield gap increased by loosening the pawl nut as above,

this is likely an easy fix and you will be playing in no time!

2 weeks later
#4104 9 months ago

you also need to have completed groot and orb multiballs and been through immolation, when you have qualified save xander I think the scoop light turns purple pink and hitting the scoop shot starts xander

#4118 9 months ago

theoretically this can be done but best tried by someone with coding and electronic skills! . I was thinking to utilize the coding you would need to get the premium code to work on a pro?

#4133 9 months ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

I think I found a bug.
When groots mouth open and you start orb multiball it stays open. When you now shoot a ball in the mouth Groot keep that ball and you have to play the orb multiball with two balls. He didn’t give it back also when you lose the two balls.
Can anyone confirm ?

I would check your settings and groot operation , iirc when you start orb multiball groots mouth closes and stays closed until orb ends

#4137 9 months ago

always exciting to get there but I don't think I have ever gotten huge points from it, I usually forget all the scoring tips like playfield multipliers, combos etc to get really big points. the mode to me seems like groot or orb multiball revisited and not that memorable , I think there is some cool video stufff going on but I am not looking there. the easter egg call out when you hit the final scoop shot is fun.

#4144 9 months ago
Quoted from SKWilson:

I've only started Save Xandar once, but, as far as I could tell, the jackpots are relative to how well you did in each mode with a big jackpot at the scoop for collecting them all. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.
What is the call out for the super jackpot? I must have missed it in my excitement at hitting it.

i think you only hear it if you finish save xander. pm me if you must know , otherwise listen for it when you hit the final shot!

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