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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (7 months ago)

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#4 4 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Haven't seen an owners thread yet. So here we go...
I have my order in for a LE. Curious to see how many have placed orders already and can't wait until members start receiving their machines!!!

Congratulations on your new game! I hope you have plenty of fun with it. Nothing like new pin day.

Happy Flipping!

1 week later
#74 4 years ago
#75 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

OP can we get a poll on who is buying what model?
I would imagine most buyers are on here, especially of the 600 LEs.
I’m thinking about an LE, (£9500!) but the Prem (£8295) maybe a better option, as mentioned in the other GOTG thread I could add shaker, art blades get the siderails, have all hardware re-powdercoated & add invisiglass & STILL SAVE £s
Maybe if we could show STERN how many are opting for a Prem instead of LE they may put the rails on the LE
I also heard that STERN were only making LEs that they had orders for (due to poor SW sales) So might be less than 600 if they don’t pull their finger out and give LE customers a better product

I think that your distro is spinning you a story to get you to order! SW sales are not poor and every distro has to put in their allocations for the LEs when Stern tells them which title is next. This is what starts the rumours. Distro tells good customer "hMMM is next" So customer goes straight to forum and says "rumour is hMMM could be next for Stern!"

If you do not like what is on offer, do not buy it. Simple. This alone will sort out what Stern do and do not. I think that GOTG is going to be a killer theme and a killer game. I am watching this thread keenly waiting for comments and pictures!

#84 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

The layout is basically IM so you can't go wrong

We are in for a LE! looking forward to getting our machine. We have Met premium so we can post if they play similar. It took all my will power not to pull the trigger and order when the machine was announced. My wife came home from work last night and I could tell that she wanted it. We ordered a few hours later!

#85 4 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Basically IM or Met? Or Aerosmith? Wait now I'm confused...

I can guarantee you AS plays nothing like Met or IM. Play them yourself and see what you think. That is what pinball is all about!

#88 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Ordered an LE with the upgraded siderails.. think this is going to be a good game.. I like IM & MET, if it’s a cross between those 2 I’m gonna be happy

Welcome to the club!

#90 4 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I ordered a Pro to route and am expecting it soon. Maybe that makes me part of the problem in regards to buying before playing, buying before the code is finished, etc, but nothing earns like a hot new title. This pin has the license, the looks, a fan layout and an approachable rule set. So, my $5k+ says this one will be a hot one. I've been pretty good about avoiding the duds so far. Let's keep the streak going.

We have bought plenty of NIB Stern's before playing for many years. Have we been disappointed with any? Never.

#95 4 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Did you buy Wrestlemania? Thankfully I dodged that bullet. Last NIB I bought was Aerosmith Pro, which has been really great.

Ha ha.. funny that. I wanted it but my wife did not! So we did not buy one. Lots of people say AVLE is shit but we absolutely love ours. Hulk made the cut again when we decided to buy GOTG! HS2 will be sadly missed. We have no more room so if we want to buy a machine, one has to go. It kills me selling our old classics but I must say we love the new Sterns.

#108 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Pick up my Pro from cointaker today. Great people to deal with as always! Truck left Stern on Friday arrived there today. I went straight from work to grab it.
Added Shaker motor, switch Lane protectors, gave it a quick wax along with mylar in the shooter Lane.
Couple of quick First Impressions. Only got to play a couple games before having to go to bed.
Game looks amazing, triangle inserts are color changing. I wasn't expecting that. The rest look awesome also. Ramps are smooth. Initial feeling is I don't feel like I'm playing Metallica or Iron Man but there are shots that make me feel like it. However, those are two of my favorite game so that's not necessarily a bad thing. Right ramp seems a little tight. Drop down Target is a dangerous shot as it can rebound back at you pretty quickly not quite as fast as the Rocket Kick Back though.
None of my games have color changing flipper buttons but I think I'm going to add them on this. Switch lanes protectors are a must because the ball drops right over them.
Code is very early. There are no call-outs at the moment that I have found in the couple of games that I've played. Cherry Bomb is in there and the snippet of Hooked on a Feeling.
Goodie bag does not have slingshot Plastics in it only a Keychain.
Definitely has tons of potential as a keeper for me. Really looking forward to what the code is going to bring

Congratulations! Thanks for taking some time and posting your first impression.

#133 4 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Got my game Tuesday. Had five local pinheads over last night to get their first looks and plays on it with me. Everybody liked this pin and agreed it's a winner.
It shoots very smooth and is fun. All raved about the artwork. The Rocket shot really fires back fast at you. Magnet does some neat stuff with balls. Groot head works great and looks awesome. Multiball's are very good.
Came with .66 code.
Also a footnote : The game does not play Like Metallica or Aerosmith. ( I have those titles too ) The five guys that played with me last night all said this is a different game from the others for sure. No fears to add this game to your collection if you have Met or AS.

Thank you for taking the time to post. We are really looking forward to more comments and Pics! We have Met and AS so thanks for the comment.

Happy Flipping!

#138 4 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

.65 code and its a winner?
stern loves buyers like you.

Owners thread.

You can post plenty of your BS on plenty of other Stern bashing threads.

#141 4 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

wow internet tough guy
why aint you playing your great gotg right now?

Like I said.. Take your shit elsewhere. It is quite obvious you are not on Pinside for pinball.

FYI. It is a bit hard to play my GOTG when it is on a ship!
You are a perfect example of what the ignore feature is for! Just because you do not like GOTG does not mean I do not have to like it either.

#144 4 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

"Here is your unfinished machine!!! We'll finish it in a couple of years. Stay tuned"

I cannot help how you feel. Just vote with your wallet and do whatever makes you happy. We are super excited to get our GOTGLE! There is nothing you can do, post, say, try to say, try to do that will change our mind. We are looking forward to plenty of pictures and sharing plenty of fun with all the owners on this thread.

#152 4 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

I didn’t see anywhere that t-800 said 0.65 is a winner, he was courteous enough to reply to my question about the difference between 0.65 and 0.66.
Honestly being an owner of BM66LE there is nothing worse than people who don’t have any intention of buying the game or have anything positive to say, dropping into an owners club and shitting on new owners excitement, we are all aware it’s a lottery when it comes to code being an early buyer, no one needs anyone else making that wait any harder or less exciting.

BM66 and GOTG will look awesome together! BM66 is an awesome game. We have been patiently waiting for another run from Stern so we can get one. Getting the games with early code is no big deal. Each time you upload the new code it is like playing different game! It is all part of the fun.

#154 4 years ago

<Honestly if you said that 6 months ago, even as a BM66LE owner I would have told you not to buy, but the latest code has all the foundations laid for another Lyman masterpiece, if you love the show, Lyman is taking theme integration to a whole new level, its going to be something really special and once he has finished the code and people get to retry BM66, I think a lot of people like yourself will queuing up to buy one and join the Bat club

In Lyman, Lonnie and Borg I always trust! I love the theme and remember the show. We have had our bat signal out and are patiently waiting. I promised that I would not buy used again but if I have eat my words on BM66 I might!

#156 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

I may have to lower the left post, that seems to be where a lot of cheap drains are coming from.
Ball really flies around on this one, may have to get a plastic protector set when available also.

Thank you for posting your thoughts, especially about the air balls. Do you think the air balls are like GB Prem/LE?

We use:
https://pu-parts.com/plastics-and-upgrade-kits and playfield protectors on everything.

1 week later
#300 4 years ago
Quoted from MrClutch:

This is the first pin I've every purchased brand new and it was pretty hard to pull the trigger. I'm a relative noob when it comes to pinball and I've only owned one other machine (TSPP). I have kids and a wife and the new Marvel movies are one of the few things all of us enjoy together so this seemed like the perfect time to jump in head first. I saw the photos and knew it would have enough on the play field to keep everyone interested.
We played a little bit of the launch code and then quickly updated to .72 where I really noticed the call-outs and how much they add to the experience. The kids and wife enjoy playing it but seem to struggle a bit with really quick drains. They're used to that having played TSPP so it wasn't a big deal. Especially because of the amount of audio/video coming out of the machine at all times.
I'm about as happy as I could have imagined I'd be and I'm glad I bought it. Reading through the other thread had me a little worried but I had to remind myself that I'm a novice player and am trying to buy a game that appeals to my family. The pin is fast, loud, bright, and fun.
The next step is to figure out what protective mods need to be installed and where to find them.

Congratulations on your new pin! Do not worry about the negativity on the other thread, most of that negativity is from people that have no intention of buying a new machine. I am sure that you and your family will get plenty of pleasure from your new machine!

#305 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

The negativity is warranted as the code is horrible right now. I hear another update is coming thus week. Hoping it helps.

We have not got ours yet so we cannot comment about code. We are really looking forward to getting our machine.

#363 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

I had an extra Metallica scoop around and it's not wide enough by a lot. I sent Cliffy a message asking if he was making them but I haven't gotten a response yet.

I was in contact with Cliffy last week. Nothing for GOTG... yet. He is a busy man keeping us all protected!

#365 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Should have been put on by Stern like Aerosmith.

Agree. Not sure what Stern are thinking there. We put Cliffys on all our new machines before we plunge a ball.

1 month later
#888 4 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

Trying to decide whether to get a GotG Pro or an AFMrLE. I heard everyone hated Guardians, but now I hear people starting to really like it. Personally I love the theme. If the game is fun and we all know the code will eventually come, I am leaning towards getting Guardians... thoughts???
btw, staying away from Premium when I heard Groot's arms blocks inserts on the playfield.

You are reading too much negativity on some of these threads. Play them all (if you can) and buy the ones you like. You are the one that has to live with your machine, not the peoples opinions you are reading about on this site. We are really looking forward to getting our GoTGLE in the next few weeks. If Groot's arms annoy us, we will take them off! Our AFMrLE died after the first few days.

#891 4 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

Thanks. Very good points. I have not played it yet and I really want to like it. What's the deal with your AFMr? This is what concerns me about the remakes. Are we able to fix them years down the line like the old W/B games? I know with the originals there is no worries, they can all be repaired. I think I am totally in for MB in March so I think GotG is the way to go now. Save a few bucks.

Stay as positive as you can, pinball is meant to be fun. AFMr, the main driver board blew a flipper transistor so CGC are sending us a replacement board. The electronics on the remakes are our main concern as well. We are seriously considering buying complete circuit board sets for each remake we buy. I have not had a good look at the electronics on AFMr yet. I will do so when the new board arrives.

#929 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Just checked and that bug is still there.

Do you like your machine any better with the new code? You have posted some really good stuff in the last month or so and things for us to really look out for when we get our machine later this month. I am very interested in your opinion!

#954 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Thanks for the compliment. I do not like the game. I like almost every game to some extent, but cannot get over the code. Specifically the random movie scene dialog recreation with the modes and lack of feedback when you hit a shot. I hope they fix this as I could like it. I like Aerosmith, Kiss, and Metallica, so I should like GOTG.
I just cannot get into it. Ball times are long and without the audio providing feedback I'm just still hating the game. It sucks as I have never disliked a Borg game, but this one is probably a first.
I'm rather hoping it's like X-men and does a 180, but I do not think they are going to change the code at this point.

Thanks very much for taking the time to post honest feedback. I too am a massive Borg fan however long ball times and not knowing what to hit is frustrating and can become boring very quickly. Hopefully Stern will make some changes. We too have a few machines so we can compare machines and I really like Aerosmith and Metallica. My wife loves Kiss so we should like GOTG and that is part of the reason that we bought it.

Happy Flipping!

1 week later
#1070 4 years ago

Our GOTGLE gets delivered today! If anyone has fitted Titans or other colour rubber, we are keen for some different ideas. We are thinking red at the moment.

#1073 4 years ago
Quoted from SilveredBalls:

Hope this helps abit. All Titan.

Thanks very much! All the colours look fantastic, hard to decide on this machine. Thanks for the idea, I will lay some Titans on the playfield to see what looks best.

#1074 4 years ago
Quoted from mummite:

I did orange titan flipper rubber and purple throughout the game and it looks great. Especially with the UV pin stadium flashers.

Thank you. We are thinking about purple.

Happy Flipping!

#1095 4 years ago
Quoted from SMI3:

Just received my LE, have not completed a full game. It just shuts down while playing.
Any thoughts of a solution?

Look in your back box and check all the connections to your power supply. From there check your power connections to the rest of your machine. If it is not a loose wire or a loose wire in a connector, contact your distro.

Good luck!

#1098 3 years ago

Premium and LE owners. Do you find Groots hands bother you while playing your game? I am seriously considering removing Groots hands as they block the shots and inserts. I am interested in others thoughts on this.

#1106 3 years ago
Quoted from Flippersaurus:

My official stance is leave them in. They shouldn't really bother me. But the reality is, I think it's making the right ramp harder to hit for me. It's all in my head I'm sure. It really shouldn't matter, I should just adjust my aim. Adapt and overcome. I just haven't quite got there yet. I'm thinking of changing the posts to a bright color so that the ramp entrance stands out more through Groot's fingers. The left one doesn't bother me. It's harder to see the left orbit, but it doesn't seem to effect my play. I also look for a glow off the spinner to see if that shot is lit. Maybe a small, well placed mirror would help some.

Thanks for your reply, we feel the same. We tried bright (red) posts (slim Titan) and they were trashed in one afternoon. The Stern posts are different on this game, much harder than normal posts. We will wait untill some one makes some smaller hands and see what that looks like. Great game! We are starting to really get in to ours!

#1150 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Anyone have a shaker in theirs and do you think it's worth it?

We have a LE and it came with a shaker. The shaker is not fully integrated yet so if you can try one out of another machine to see if you like it first. There are sounds and light shows missing and the shaker is the same. Code updates will help for sure.

#1153 3 years ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Everyone talking about adding Flipper fidelity speakers but I find spike 2 sound systems sound great. Is this just me?

I think ours sounds awesome as well!

#1167 3 years ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

It doesn't matter if he likes it or not. He paid for an LE and it should have come with an Shaker.

I am fairly sure that Hank527 has a pro. That is why he is asking about a shaker, he is looking at putting one in his machine and is looking for some honest feedback.

#1174 3 years ago
Quoted from NintenBear:

Has anyone purchased the topper? I'm 50/50 on whether I should get it. Would love input from those that have gotten it. I'm also hoping we get another code drop soon!

Where did you see the topper? Could you please post a pic?


#1176 3 years ago
Quoted from NintenBear:

It's available from all the distributors. It's supposed to interact with the game I'm told.

Thanks very much! We do not have that available yet in Australia. Much appreciated.

#1215 3 years ago
Quoted from Apollon:

Topper is mounted and working. Height is 9”. Easiest install of any topper I’ve ever added. Unscrew 4 screws on top of the head, set the topper on the head, screw those 4 back in. Ruby the wires down the built in hole. Plug the two plugs into spaces shown.
Side honeycomb areas flash in a fast pattern. Center area rotated through different LED colors. Interestingly, all lights shut off on the topper during game play. They start back up once your last ball drains. Did not notice anything during game play. Not sure if this is a setting or a code issue or that’s just the ABCs of the topper. My .02.... Very happy with it. Maybe a tad overpriced from what I see now. Great construction. Would buy it again. Finishes off the game nicely. Tried to post a video but no luck. If anyone knows how to do that, PM your email address and I’ll email you the video and you can post.

Thank you very much for taking the time to post.

#1270 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Im sorry the code is still horrible.

We appreciate your honesty. We are slowly warming up to the game.

#1278 3 years ago
Quoted from Flippersaurus:

Could be changes in the coil strengths. I went in a increased the ball launch power to get it back to where it was before the update. They may have changed other coils as well. Rocket kickback seems a little softer.

I think you are on to something here. We noticed all the coil strengths (including the flippers and slings) were softened which made the game play different. I thought it was us. We adjusted the sling strength back up. we also noticed that the magnet action is stronger than before.

#1280 3 years ago
Quoted from Lucysuros:

Makes sense - and good to know it's not just me!

That is the beauty of Pinside. We all get to share our experiences!

2 weeks later
#1321 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Yeah, I'm on the latest code. I haven't noticed Orb MB being specifically a lot more lucrative than Groot, especially when you consider how easy it is to start Groot and restart it. Tie that in with the ease of hitting him as a shot, ease of lighting him as the shot multiplier and then stacking in Hadron Enforcer shots and getting to the double (double) super jackpot is pretty easy and quite offset scoring wise. If you're skilled and lucky enough to get Rocket Double scoring then it's even crazier.
Don't get me wrong, the game is fun to shoot, I enjoy the modes that are programmed, but points wise and strategy to get deep in the game still revolves hugely around bashing groot in the face over and over again.

Give orb multiball a try. I scored 200 Million on orb multiball alone. The latest software update has made orb multiball a lot more attractive score wise. We are starting to like our GOTG. Still a few things missing from the code. Machine is definitely getting there. Downside is long ball times.

#1327 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Nice! Did you have the orb shot multiplied and any other multipliers running, i.e. rocket double scoring? I can't remember off the top of my head, but I've had a couple of Groot MB's north of 150 million and definitely scored more than 250 million in Groot MBs in a single game.

Yes. 2 x multiplier on the orb shot and rocket double scoring. Since we updated the code, I have not been able to get over 100 million on Groot multiball. I am really starting to like the game.

#1328 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

I only had my game one day, so no reference on old code but I just tried to mix the antiques guy with orb MB and got out of it with 600mil, 340 being a super jackpot.
My best score so far just shy of 700

Nice! Are you on the latest code?

#1373 3 years ago

Hey Guys,

We broke our main orb plastic. Our distro has informed us that this is not covered under warranty and single plastics are not available, and we would need to buy the complete kit. We can repair it however would prefer a new one. I would highly recommend getting the plastic protectors for orb and Rocket (pinball life) for this game.

20180309_125112 (resized).jpg

#1375 3 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I'd contact Stern directly, as Stern now makes a metal protector for this with the numerous reports of breakages.

We have logged twice to Stern direct with no response yet. Our machine has the metal protector fitted before we plunged a ball. I will be happy if Stern replace the plastic. Lets see what happens.

#1378 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Do you know what the part number is for that metal protector?

Service bulletin attached.


#1380 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Ah ok - got it - thx.
Not - this is not the area that broke in post #1373. Looks like his broke near the back near the bumper.

Yep.. that is our machine with the broken plastic. Our broken plastic is the same plastic that breaks in the service bulletin. Ours broke behind the orb from the ball flying around everywhere. The rocket plastic will break next.

#1383 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I believe it is the same plastic - but I am not sure how the service bulletin would address where you plastic broke?
Unless I can see it? just curious. thx.

The service bulletin has nothing to do with where our plastic broke. That is a separate issue. Our plastic breaking is related to the ball flying around behind the orb. It just happens to be the same piece of plastic. Sometimes the ball gets stuck as per the photo. I posted so that if anyone is thinking about getting the protectors, I would recommend that you get them.

image2 (resized).JPG

#1385 3 years ago
Quoted from camcamaro1991:

I would reach out to David from ULEK, assuming enough interest. Ask if he can make a "full protector" for that entire plastic front to rear, side to side, etc... for the orb. including protection for the front & attach at both front posts, basically match the stern plastic 100% + % the outer edge sticking out slightly. He owns this game (Pro) I believe should he will have access to R&D for this machine. He already has a rocket protector. He Custom made my Harley Davidson protectors & are just awesome (now available to all HD owners & pinsiders), Harley Davidson slings were guaranteed to break just like these GOTG's orb plastic

Thanks very much for that. Starting an account now! There is already an orb plastic protector available!

#1387 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

This is needed for sure, I already broke the plastic one at Pinball Life in under 10 games.
Stern's is not very good looking, but I'm afraid that Orb plastic will break as I get so many airballs from that shot. I've stopped playing my game until I get this and the Scoop Protector that's now on games shipping. Contacted my awesome distributer, so I'm sure I'll be taken care of.

We have been patiently waiting for a fix from Stern. It is frustrating and disappointing that we have a new game and small issues make us reluctant to play the machine. We are starting to really like the game. We reported the issue to Stern over a month ago. We are not the only ones and this issue affects all the models.

#1393 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Where yours broke in the back is crazy. It doesn't even look like the ball can make contact back there. Do you think it broke from pop bumper action or airball?
I agree an entire protector would best. My Pro is an early version without the metal Orb piece or scoop protector. I have all other protectors in place.

I am fairly sure our orb plastic broke from an air ball. I sat the broken plastic where is should be and the only way for it to be hit is with an air ball. I think air balls have to hit just in the right place a few times to break it. I am not sure where the air balls are coming from yet. I think the right post on the left ramp could be the culprit, or the wire form under rocket.

As camcamaro1991 let us know, I have sent an email to ULEK to see if they have a solution. We only have around 250 games on our machine.

#1396 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

I just looked and my Orb Plastic #12 is indeed broken at the left front post mount and I have less than 50 games on mine. Please do report back about a protector from ULEK. I have reached out to my distributer to see what Stern will offer as far as replacement. I can't believe they don't test this out more.
Seems like shipping with a protector would make more sense than sending out replacements.

I will post an update when we get one from ULEK. Hopefully your distro will help you out with a new plastic. Our distro offered to repair our one for free. Pointless if it is going to break in the same spot again.

#1400 3 years ago
Quoted from Hasi:

Looks perfect & covers the plastics!

That looks great! Could you please let us know where did you get the protectors from?

#1402 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Looks great, but I think you need one more blue under the bottom plastic of the orb shot?

I agree. That is the plastic that broke on ours.

1 week later
#1429 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Hi fellow owners,
Any of you experiencing huge airballs from the orb drop?
I dont dare take a shot from the left anymore, a right cradle backhand sends it up and over the flippers as is
Coil power set was always set to soft. I know stern drops usually settle down after 100 plus plays, not get worse over time. In about 250 games now. Its deadly risky like the GB Scolari brothers again

Yep.. sometimes air ball back over the left flipper. We have bent the frame of the drop target forward and shortened the main spring of the drop target(3 rounds) and this helps a little. Some other Pinsiders shorten the springs even more.

Good Luck!

#1440 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Thx I will adjust things and report back !

Please do. I found about this issue the hard way with GBLE. A fellow Pinsider helped us cut and bend the springs. We video d until we got video of an air ball. What happens is the ball strikes the drop target, bends it back and then returns the drop target to its rest postion (up) before the spring has had time to pull the drop target down. This rebounds the ball upwards and that is what causes the air ball. We bought replacement springs before trying it out. The springs are quite difficult to bend and we broke a few before we started having success.

Off topic. We found with GBLE that when the ball was bouncing off the scholeri tagets it was hitting the metal return ramp and falling down on to the inserts (tobin, extra ball, storage facility multiball etc, etc). GBLE playfield ghosting issues were mostly reported in this area. Interesting!

#1442 3 years ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

My orb plastic is broke as well. And also ive never noticed groots mouth moving to say I AM GROOT either. Thats pretty cool.
also deadflip just posted his stream video on youtube of the new code. !!
» YouTube video

Make sure you have the latest software installed in your machine. email Stern with some photos and your issue. You live in the USA so Stern will look after you direct. Also let your distro know about your issue.

#1500 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Next update should really polish it out. I love the way the game shoots, just needs some balancing and better direction in modes. I'm eagerly awaiting to do my sound tweaks too

I hope you are right. We are really starting to like our LE. Stern came good and replaced our orb plastic so I am happy about that. The game looks and definitely has the goods to be one of Sterns best. Groots mouth and the orb are freaking awesome ideas. The three magnets under the playfield cause havock. I love it!

It is the code that determines if a game is great or not. This game is a perfect example of this. Come on Stern and Lonnie, make this game great!

#1504 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

GOTG will be great! I seriously have no doubts about that at all. It shouldn’t have taken this long thats for sure, but this game is too damn good for them to forget about. GOTG can still turn into a HUGE money maker for Stern and they know that. All it will take is a good code and some publicity from people talking about how good it is and there will be a mad rush on this title. Just watch and see. Heck, if this game gets a killer code I will probably buy one because i love the theme and the playfield layout.

The Hadron (Hardon) feature is one of the best ideas in pinball in a long time. I am not the best player in the world and shots on this game are tight. You need to upgrade to get more time in each mode but this has not been coded in yet. You can save up your hardons and then use them to complete modes or use one to get a difficult shot. The hardons also stack so if you are playing 2 modes at once you can get 2 shots. Machine has freaking awesome features just needs a bit more code. If you lived closer we could share some beers and solve all the problems I am sure!

#1505 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Glad to hear it!
Stern replaced my Orb plastic and sent me the metal protector free of charge too. I've got the plastic protectors coming from hasi too just to bullet proof it.

That is so good to hear! Stern are fantastic with their warranty.
We have a full set of Cliffys on nearly all our machines. We have used him for plenty of years now, problem is everyone has found out about him and you have to wait 12 weeks to get his stuff. I am not sure if he has come up with a GOTG set yet. We modified a SW shooter lane set and put that on our GOTGLE until he can make a set for our GOTGLE.

#1510 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

He has a guardians set.

Thanks very much for posting, That will be in our next order!

#1525 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Has anyone ever used these https://pu-parts.com/guardians-of-the-galaxy-shooter-lane-protector curious how good they are compared to Cliffs shooter lane protector sets.
If Cliffs shooter lane protectors are installed correctly (in line with the lane edges) do they stop damage completely? I have always used Cliffys but curious about these full shooter protectors as a temporary while Cliff catches up as he’s one busy man these days, which is well deserved and awesome for him!

We have those protectors on every machine. We buy them while we wait for Cliffy to make ours. They are ok, but not as good as Cliffys. Biggest issue with them is the plastic on the side that is meant to hold them down does not usually fit properly so the protector moves around every time the ball is ejected. If you can get on top of that they are ok. They will work while you wait fore Cliffy. For the cost, we buy and keep a few different cliffy shooter lane protectors and then modify them to fit a machine. I cannot stand clear chipping, especially in the shooter lane.

We have machines that are over 7 years old with Cliffys fitted since new. Occasionally the left side shooter lane protector moves, so you need to keep an eye on that. Some machines the shooter lanes still look like brand new, some don't. No chipping in any shooter lane approx. 15 machines. We are definitely a fan. You need to fit them properly and make sure you remove the sticky (you will see what I mean when you get them) so the protector sticks to the playfield.

Good Luck!

#1531 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Wow.. that’s some update... gowloading it now!
Looks like some of the modes have been reworked, shot wise and a timed Multiball.
Does the groot mouth move in multiball? I am Groot!

I sked Stern and Lonnie yesterday on this thread for a code update on GOTG and got it today. Finally.. The new update has changed the whole game. Awesome, thanks Stern! Cherry Bomb multiball is awesome.

#1564 3 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I rated this way low because it sucked bad. Now it's tolerable. This is the code it should have shipped with. The other code was horrible. It's now a very okay game, but that's saying a lot.

Great to hear. You honesty about the game has been greatly appreciated. My wife could not really get in to the game either. We updated the code yesterday morning and she has played the game more in one day than the last 2 months. Orb multiball is the way to score points. I just scored 700 million on orb multiball alone. I have no idea how I did it. I did have 4 x playfield multiplyer and 2 x orb shot multiplyer. The code update is huge, not much has stayed the same. Much better, still a way to go.

#1625 3 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Anyone else have the ball get stuck under the Rocket plastic? Seems to be happening a lot for me. I printed this piece to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

Please email your fix to Stern. The issue is common and we have had the ball stuck plenty of times. Great fix!

#1628 3 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I'm not sure what the situations is. This is a perfect storm for broken plastics. I need to fix it if I route this game. I don't want to be fixing Stucky balls every couple days or so.

The ball bounces off the wire form and/or something else (post, target) in that area and that is how it ends up lodged in between the plastic and the wire form. Lifting the wire form did not help at all. Yes, there will be plenty of broken plastics, we have already broken the orb plastic. (Stern replaced it). We are going to make a piece of PETG that covers that area until there is a fix available.

#1632 3 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Better pic of the fix . Set this up on Friday night and no more stuck balls.
Better view from the player point of view. No Intferance in gameplay either.

That is awesome!

#1650 3 years ago
Quoted from xfassa:

Also, anyone have any shooter lane chipping? Mine does with less than 50 plays.....disappointing My GBLE was the same way and it forced me to strip the playfield and have it professionally cleared. With GOTGLE I just put down a layer of mylar.

We find that Cliffys are the best protection for your shooter lane, and work best when installed from new. Cliffy is about 2 months behind at the moment so if you cannot wait for your Cliffys to arrive, https://pu-parts.com/guardians-of-the-galaxy-shooter-lane-protector will do the trick.

Clear chipping is not going away anytime soon. A bit of protection in the right places goes a long way. Our friend bought a SW/Prem and the shooter lane starting chipping straight away. 400 games, and most of the clear is gone from the edges. They love playing their machine, and the shooter lane chipping does not bother them one bit. "just like when you get a new car and you get stone chips. What do you expect having that steel ball constantly try to smash everything"

1 week later
#1683 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I’ve put about 20 games on mine after setting it up today. I’m getting a lot of cheap drains:
1. Right orbit feed hits right sling and slams the ball into left outlane
2. Rocket sends ball SDTM about half the time
3. Yando shot drops ball onto wireform and it bounces out
The scoop eject is also way more dangerous than the one on my AS. I’m used to new games needing time to “settle down”, but mine has 820 games on it already. Any recommendations for tweaks to make this less like a bucking bronco?

You will have to gently bend your Stainless Steel ball guides a little to direct the ball where it supposed to go. If you have not done this before, get someone that has to help you. If you bend them too far, they are difficult to get back in shape. Good Luck!

#1701 3 years ago

Welcome to the club!

#1734 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Mirror blades installed last night! First time I've done them. Very impressed!
» YouTube video

Now that you have done one machine, you will want to do them all!

1 week later
#1771 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Another huge update!! Here are the key changes from my perspective (in order of importance to me):
*** Normal Gameplay
- Increased the size of the current player's score to make it easier to read.
- Added a Hadron Enforcer Limit adjustment, default= 3. This limits the number of Hadron Enforcer 'shots' you can have in reserve.
- Fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer was allowed to collect the first jackpot during Orb Multiball.
- Increased Groot Multiball base jackpot scores.
- Decreased Orb Multiball base HurryUp scores.
- The first session of Quill's Quest is a 2 ball multiball. If both balls drain before the mode is completed the next ball will make mode select available instead of putting the game back into Quill's Quest.
*** Super (Secondary) Modes
- Now Secondary modes, i.e. Yaka Arrow 2, Sanctuary 2, etc.. persist until the end of the ball or until all of their associated points have been collected. Starting a new mode at the right scoop no longer stops Secondary modes. (!!!!)
- Added rules for Quill's Quest 2, a HurryUp centric rule. Shot the right scoop to collect a HurryUp award that starts at 10% of your score. (!!!)
- Changed rules for Yaka Arrow 2, i.e. a super pop bumper centric rule. There are 50 Yaka Arrow Pop Awards. Collect 1 at a time for each pop bumper hit, or, collect all of them at once by shooting the Yondu Lane/Target.
- Added rules for Sibling Rivalry 2, a Gamora right ramp centric rule. Shot the right ramp to collect all of the points earned during Sibling Rivalry. (!!)
*** Wizard Modes
- Now mode select is available following the Cherry Bomb Multiball completion/ball draining sequence.
- The Hadron Enforcer is no longer available to collect the final shot during Immolation Initiative.
Also lots of new bug fixes and topper code. Well done Stern!

Thanks for taking the time to post that. we are downloading the new code now!

#1774 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

The "Hadron Enforcer Limit" is going to be controversial. If you leave it at the new default, you'll need to be mindful of when you're about to get another 3 HEs, and use them up before you get the next batch. This adds more complexity and interest to gameplay. I've been guilty of hoarding HEs for multiballs. I need to break that habit.

Me too. I hoard the HEs as I need them to complete some of the harder modes. We have really been into our LE since the last code update.

Hopefully AS will get some of the same treatment soon.

#1780 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

So, put quite a few games on it with the new code.
Anyone else notice the magnet isn't grabbing the ball when being released out of the Orb? It's still very active during the Orb Multi-Ball, but it's not grabbing it upon release anymore.

I think Stern was getting a lot of complaints about that, cheap drains. I personally like it and I am hoping there is a setting to turn this feature on and off. Have you noticed much difference with the new code?

#1782 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I would get a cheap drain once in a while, but 80% of the time it was just fine. Seems like they could have corrected the cheap drains with better coding of the magnet. I hope they bring it back.
There are more animations with the new code. Level 2 keeps going after you select a new mode.
Lots of changes, but that's what stood out.

Thanks! Sounds awesome. I am looking forward to updating and trying it out later tonight.

#1827 3 years ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I played a few games tonight on the new code. It just keeps getting better. Regarding the magnet after the ball comes out of the orb...I didn't notice a difference. It's very random. Sometimes it grabs the ball hard, spins a few circles and then goes in a random direction. Other times it just pushes it into the Guardians standup. Rarely it will take an even less bump and head right for the left outlane. All of those were happening on my game in .90.
The biggest non code difference I noticed was the Rocket kick-back. Not once did it SDTM. Every time it hit the right flipper and stayed in play. That was amazing. I don't know if they softened it, made it stronger or did nothing. But the difference was very welcomed. I'll have to wait and see if it stays that way.
Scoring has been changed drastically. A bad game was still a bad game. But now a good game was incredible. I topped out at 680M. 500M of that came from Cherry Bomb MB. Level 2 modes now run concurrently with new modes that are started. This makes them much easier to complete. The largest point value I saw was completing Yaka 2. Completing it awarded 30M.
Orb starting jackpot looks to be reduced from 3M to 2M. That and the Hadron limit really changes this. The Hadron limit also adds a new level of strategy. I really liked being able to hold 6 or more and blast thru modes or collect jackpots in .90. That ship has sailed now.
I'm waiting to see someone post a vid of the topper interaction. I don't have one, but that might change depending on how cool that looks.

Thanks for taking the time to post. Much appreciated!

#1828 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Confirmed again this morning, the magnet isn't activating when it drops out of the Orb. No hard grab, no soft push. It did do a hard grab during Groot multi-ball. It also is active during the Orb Multi-Ball, but not when the ball is dropped out of the Orb lock.
This change coincided with the code update. It has definitely changed how the magnet is working on my Pro.

We put our new code in. Our magnet is activating when the ball drops out of the Orb, same as V.090. As another pinsider mentioned, try a factory reset. We have had screwy stuff like this happen to us before and a factory reset sorted it out.
Good Luck!

#1897 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I've always been a Premium guy so far, but this time I opted for the Pro. There are only two minor changes from the Pro to Premium that actually affect the ball. 3 magnets instead of 1, and two spinners. Everything else is cosmetic. The main Groot toy is uncompromised, unlike what you usually find in a Pro.
I'll admit, the color changing inserts and GI would be nice, but I could live without the rest. I actually found the arms to block my view. If I had a Premium I would remove them.
One of, if not the, most solid Pros Stern has built, IMO.

We have removed Groots arms from our LE. We can see the playfield much better and enjoy playing the game a lot more. The light show on the Prem/LE is awesome. I think the 3 magnets are not fully coded yet so we will see what happens. This is definitely Lonnie s best game.

#1923 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Hasn’t one of the new code guys taken over the game? Which was the reason for the complete 180 in the games rules and modes?

The current code is building on the original code. There are extra missions and tweaked rules. I think the extra coders are helping with the light show, LCD animations, sounds etc. etc. Game is starting to come good. I hope that AS gets the same treatment.

2 weeks later
#2045 3 years ago
Quoted from cartman5579:

One more little gem... Orb Multiball on the pre/le is so so great. Having all three magnets grab and divert balls all over the playfield is so much fun. On the pro I was playing on location I was always going for Groot, but I like Orb a lot. I still haven’t completed 4 modes to get to Cherrybomb, but I wonder does it utilize the magnets as well?

You will love Cherrybomb multiball. Do not worry if the magnets work or not, you will be pretty busy just trying to hit the balls. All six balls come out!

1 week later
#2175 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

I discovered today that the real super skill shot is to plunge hard enough that the ball goes around the orbit, bounces off the flipper and into the scoop, or if I’m a little too soft it hits the lower right Hadron target, which is even better!

I will try that tonight. I thought the light had to be flashing white for super skill shot.

Thanks for posting

#2182 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

You don’t get any points for it, but your mode is immediately upgraded. That’s worth more than a few million to me.

I like it! I tried it last night and upgrades definitely help to complete the modes. Thanks for letting us all know about this.

#2263 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

If pin layouts were songs, they’d mostly be 12-bar blues. Meaning, there’s only so much you can do with 2 flippers and 12-15 shots. Fortunately, the designer can differentiate with magnets and playfield mechanisms. Then layer in rules, art, music and callouts and it becomes a completely different game, even if it has the same basic shots. I never feel like MET and Guardians are too much alike, and both are keepers for me!

We have both and I actually like GOTG better than MET at this point. Time will tell on the outcome of who stays and who goes at our place! The code updates have made GOTG pretty awesome.

4 weeks later
#2478 3 years ago
Quoted from UrethraFranklin:

Until about a year ago I was never able to afford a pin, and freeplay really didn't exist around here unless DFW people were familiar with Texas Games which never had pinballs. Everyone always said, "Oh if you get a pin get Addams Family, or Medieval Madness, or Twilight Zone." I really thought one of those had to be my first. A friend has Twilight Zone and I spent 30 minutes with the glass off trying to unlock all the features after years of never getting anywhere on it. Even with cheating (yes I know it's cheating), I couldn't unlock all the features.
I haven't even come close to unlocking all the features on this game, but they are accessible. The theme is fun, the game although not "easy" is easy to read" the music is great (even better thanks to Cleland), and my friends love it.
It's sad so many people wrote this game off because of the initial code. I love it.

Only a few Pinsiders wrote the game off (I only know of a few owners that honestly did not like the game at the start) and plenty of other Pinsiders followed without even playing the game. If you are serous about buying any game, play it first and see if you like it. We actually like the fact that the game was released with early code. We can start playing the machine, contribute to code changes enjoy and watch the machine progress. Nearly every Stern game comes out like this and has done for many years. If you do not like the game, do not buy it. easy! Congrats on joining the club! Game is awesome we love ours too!

#2479 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Only a few Pinsiders wrote the game off (I only know of a few owners that honestly did not like the game at the start) and plenty of other Pinsiders followed without even playing the game. If you are serous about buying any game, play it first and see if you like it. We actually like the fact that the game was released with early code. We can start playing the machine, contribute to code changes enjoy and watch the machine progress. Nearly every Stern game comes out like this and has done for many years. If you do not like the game, do not buy it. easy! Congrats on joining the club! Game is awesome we love ours too!

2 weeks later
#2552 3 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Hi gotg owners,
Can you tell me if the code is great now?

Play one if you can, game is really good and always has been since it was announced. Code is solid and I think Lonnie s best game in his career.

#2589 3 years ago
Quoted from thirdedition:

You have no proof that he isn't still in charge of the rules. It is all conjecture.
All I was trying to say is it isn't only quill saying the skill shot line. I hear Yondu and Rocket say it too, what I was trying to say was maybe I am only hearing that because I want to. I was trying to figure out if the same voice actor did the voice for Rocket, Yondu, and Peter.

Play IM AV, AS then GOTG. You will see then who is driving the code. It is Lonnie all over. I think the extra coders are helping Lonnie.

#2600 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

1) my GOTG pro is for sale, haven’t had chance to properly list since it is at my location.
2) I’m picking up an LE in less than a week from another awesome pinsider. I swear I’m counting the hours. I can’t remember being this excited for a machine. I have access to basically every pinball machine, esp modern ones; and all I really want to play is a GOTG Prem/LE with full RGB glory.
Can’t wait to play some LE at home and hear Cleland’s work.

I am sure you will love your LE. We love ours. The magnet action on Orb multiball is impressive.

#2608 3 years ago
Quoted from cosmicjim:

Does stern have an official fix for the orb target not dropping when a ball is behind it? I have one on location and I had to disable the orb drop target and unless I’m missing something the game isn’t smart enough to treat the rear target like the orb drop for orb multi ball. It takes a lot away from the game.

Check the wires are properly connected to the drop target mechanism. The bending people are talking about is for when the target does not stay up. If your target is staying up and not going down check your wiring first. That is what was wrong with ours, the signal wires came loose on the connection to the drop target.

#2611 3 years ago
Quoted from cosmicjim:

Did it not even attempt to drop? Mine seems like it tries, but a mechanical problem makes it pop back up as it’s going down.

Ours was attempting to drop, then resetting to the up position like you are explaining. I am not at home at the moment so I cannot upload a photo. Check the sensor and switch wiring related to the drop target. Make sure the wires are seated correctly (ours had half fallen off) and then contact Stern if you cannot fix it.

#2612 3 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

My problem that I am describing the fix for was that my drop target stayed up, even though the coil was firing and trying to release it.

With the machine in test, check to see if the target stays up when reset. If the target stays up bending the target bracket could make your issue worse. Check the sensor and switch wiring related to the drop target. Make sure the wires are seated correctly (ours had half fallen off) and then contact Stern if you cannot fix it. I am not online a lot, Hopefully some other Pinsiders will help out as well.

#2627 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I’m getting something NIB soon
GOTG sure as shit keeps climbing the ranks of candidates.
Anyone here own GOTG + AS?
Too much Borg?

We have both. As long as you do not have MET I think you will be OK. AS and GOTG "feel" different. Same as AS and MET feel different. MET and GOTG shoot the same. Play a GOTG and see if you like it. We are going to move our MET on soon, that is how much we like GOTG.

#2652 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Recently bought a gotg. Two basic questions, how do the lanes work as I can’t seem to move all 5 of them around with the flipper buttons? Do you just try to complete them? Once I complete the top two I can’t rotate to the inlanes like in iron man. Is the quill mode a multiball mode if you choose him at the start of a game?

You can only move the top two lanes (right flipper) and the left two lanes (left flipper). The right lane you cannot move. Once you have completed the lanes, you will get a shot multiplyer lit on all the main shots. One you hit the shot multiplyer you will get 2 x for that shot until the end of the ball. You can also add rampage to the multiplyer tally as well. This changes while you are playing rocket, the lanes are part of rocket mode and you have to complete them all once (unless you use your hadron).

Quill is a 2 ball multiball the first time you start him in each game. If you do not complete quill and start him again via the scoop, this will be a one ball mode.

Complete 4 modes (not including orb or Groot) and start Chery Bomb muntiball. Make sure your flipper fingers are ready!

Good luck! Game is awesome.

#2655 3 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Wow, that’s pretty deep, thanks. I thought I had a trough issue as it spit two balls out.very cool game, kind of a cross between Metallica and iron man, but with very different rules.
I need to learn more about this game, is there a good rule set or tutorial somewhere?

I am not sure about the tutorial, maybe some other pinsiders can help out there.

GOTG has a second mode for each mode that makes things a bit confusing at the start, once you get used to it you will like it.

1 month later
#2876 3 years ago
Quoted from NintenBear:

Does anyone know if their is an attract mode option for the pin? When you press the flipper button it shouts out a line?

If there is one, please let us know. I think there is no option for this yet.

3 weeks later
#2948 3 years ago

We have this on our machine, definitely worth it. Get one while you still can!

1 week later
#2980 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

thinking about joining the club folks, Pro or Premium?

The Orb magnet action on the Prem/LE is insane! Put that together with the light show and the spinners game is pretty good. For us, the game is worth the extra.

Game is awesome, you will enjoy either version. Good luck!

1 week later
#3003 3 years ago

This is a must have addition for this game. No more air balls straight over the flippers and no more broken plastic. Great idea, thanks for providing these to fellow Pinsiders!

3 weeks later
#3032 3 years ago
Quoted from defonze88:

Anytime I hit inside the orb it registers but there is no attempt to capture the ball I test the drop target it goes up and down but it wont do anything during game play no magnet or anything any ideas?

You already have some great help. Also make sure the drop target is not disabled in the game settings. Like age-of-pin our sensor wires fell off too.

3 weeks later
#3145 3 years ago

We put the new code in our LE today. We put the full update in, game works fine.

Spanish in the screen same as described by others. We got Spanish on the BM66 update as well.

3 weeks later
#3221 3 years ago
Quoted from agreen:

It's definitely being enjoyed! I'm sure it was tough to let it go, but I'm thrilled to have been able to pick it up.
Stoked to be a member of this owner's club now.
[quoted image]

Welcome to the club. Game is freaking awesome!

1 month later
#3353 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Just arrived. Courtesy of zmeny at Flip N Out. [quoted image]

Welcome to the club!

#3359 2 years ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Thanks! First order of business, find a baby groot figure for the playfield.

It is an awesome game.. Orb Multiball is insane with the 3 magnets. Groot Multiball you can stack the balls in Groots mouth. Cherry multiball gives you a rush.. balls everywhere.

Have fun!

#3391 2 years ago
Quoted from lsuarch722:

Figured that was coming. Here ya go![quoted image]

Check your orb plastic. There are 3 or 4 of those screws that go up from underneath and hold the metal hex spacers in place. We had to fix ours last week end.

Good Luck!

20190217_152948 (resized).jpg20190217_153002 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#3736 2 years ago
Quoted from shriver187:

I cant seem to get cherrybomb multiball and i halfway complete 4 of the missions and a groot multiball? What else do i need to do? I thought that was it

You have to complete 4 missions. The missions cannot be Groot or Orb. Once you have the 4 missions completed, the scoop light will be red. Shoot the scoop and cherrybomb multiball will start.

4 weeks later
#3846 2 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I believe that none of you understand my problem ... it will be for the translator

Check the connector on the sensor for the drop target. It is a IDC connector. This connector comes loose and then the mech does not work properly. Just like you have explained. Start there and make sure this is working properly before you start playing with anything else.

#3875 2 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I wrote an email to stern to buy a replacement of the drop target orb mechanism, they answered me quickly and they told me to write to a US distributor to buy the replacement, I'm from Spain and I do not know any distributor from the United States. What can I do? Thank you

Pinball Universe in Europe will be qble to help you out. Same as Freddys in Germany.

3 months later
#4205 2 years ago
Quoted from Stags6969:

Sometimes when the ball ejects into the shooter lane, it rebounds off of the side rail and goes back into the mouth of the trough. I then have to nudge / shake the machine to get it back into the shooter lane.
I've turn the power of the eject coil as low as you can, but still get this happening from time to time.
Becomes a big issue if it happens during a MB.
Anyone know how I can fix this?

Bend the tab on the ejector towards the back of the machine. This will make the ball bounce into the shooter lane instead of back in to the ball trough. Shinny piece on the front of the ejector.

15699956919893362498929447027515 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#4304 2 years ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

You might want to leave it unplugged as that bastard will shoot it into a drain half the time

Rocket is supposed to return the ball to the right flipper when the flipper is down, drain if the flipper is up. It is really easy to adjust the ball guide to make sure this happens every time. Awesome feature on the game.

2 months later
#4360 1 year ago
Quoted from curban:

Just joined the club yesterday by picking up a routed pro with about 1100 plays.
Cosmetically in fantastic condition.
Discovered today that the center target down coil wasn’t working: not during play and not in test. I think I have it working now. But...I’m still not sure if the target coils and orb collect is working exactly as it should. When the 3rd orb is collected and multiball starts, is it supposed to hold the ball behind the drop target and give you just one new ball from the plunger until you hit the target again and release the trapped ball?

Great game. Congratulations!

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