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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

3 years ago

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#5594 79 days ago

I just bought a used (through a friend that runs an arcade) GOTG Pro. Have the same scoop area damage, so need to order a protector. May look at getting side blades at some point. He has Groot mouth disabled (I need to look into what was happening with that) and also the orb drop target. Hoping to resolve these sooner than later, may also reset system to factory as well. My first "modern" pinball machine, considering others I have owned or worked on were from late 1970ies.


1 week later
#5679 71 days ago

Messaged Cleland today, wanting to try the mod as it makes sense to have more song clips in this game.


#5711 69 days ago

Installed Cleland's mod today and good to hear other songs during game play. Will hold out on updating to 1.08 Question, is it normal to have a ton of black dust in the machine? Mine is used, has a lot of this dust, almost like something burned at some point, but believe it is from wear with the pinballs. First newer pin I have owned, so not familiar with this.


#5713 68 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Normal ware from the plungers in the flipper. How many plays on your guardians?

I'll have to check counter, it was setup for use in a friend's bar/arcade business, so did get a fair bit of play. Just surprised how much black dust. Cleaned alot of it by wiping down with damp cloth.


3 weeks later
#5988 44 days ago

Quick question, is the orb drop target supposed to be up (and you shoot/hit it to lower) by default or down? Trying to determine which is correct during game play, mine works (pops up) in the test menu, and goes back down.


#5990 44 days ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

It starts the game up, and you have to hit it to lower it to open access to the standup target. Hitting the standup will pop the drop target up and trap the ball for a couple seconds then drop and release the ball and count for a virtual lock. Rinse and repeat two more times to start orb multiball.

Ok, thanks, mine doesn't start in upright position. Solenoid works, so it isn't engaging possibly to lock it upright to start. I'll have to dig into this one further then


#5998 42 days ago

Found why my orb drop target is stuck down. Bought this game used, was in a friend’s barcade, and so it has some fallout from a fair bit of play. The plastic piece the target is supposed to hang off of is broken off missing plus one of the screws

E65B25DB-BA6C-44FE-9890-5F9CE018258B (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#6040 31 days ago
Quoted from wbloss:

Ok, got confirmation that the one available is from the latest run so I'm guessing with the newer 1.08 release. You all talk about the modified code from cleland and I was excited about that, but absent of that upgrade, do you all still think it's worth it? I'm a complete newcomer and reading on here about all the modifications you've all made its making me a bit nervous. Were you happy with the stock game and just liked to tinker or were the mods necessary improvements? Thanks again, really appreciate everyone's comments.

When I got mine, it was awhile before I discovered cleland's mod, and is/was still a fun game to play. cleland's mod just makes it that much better. I'm sure there's a good chance they'll eventually break into the 1.08 code to get an updated version of the mod available for it at some point.


2 weeks later
#6098 16 days ago
Quoted from tlukka:

Anybody have a photo of what the back of the orb looks like on the pro? I have a spotlight not mounted to anything. Also looks like a plastic is missing. Is there a protector for the light board?

Don't have pic handy, but there is a spotlight that mounts on the back right behind the orb, I think that is the one you are talking about. Where on yours are you thinking there is a plastic missing? Light board, the one with the mystery light etc?


#6101 16 days ago
Quoted from tlukka:

nagamitsu The board I was talking about is for the led right behind the orb. Could be a mod.

If I was home, I'd take some close up pics for you. Can do tonight also. There is a color changing LED seen at back of orb through the split, there's no protection on that at all. Spotlight to the upper right of that, literally just has one of the long screws that goes through the top clear plastic, go between the two wires of the spotlight, I can't find a good image of the spotlight or backside of orb online at all.


#6108 15 days ago
Quoted from tlukka:

Thanks, nagamitsu. I should have taken a photo myself to show what I have going on. I'll do that tonight. I just don't see anything to mount that spotlight on. There was also a ball trapped in that area when I bought it, so there must be something missing.

Took a couple pics and hope this helps


105E461D-4114-4F63-8EE7-2191A0283B10 (resized).jpegCFC5B187-C86D-469A-9624-FAD6E453207E (resized).jpeg

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