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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

5 years ago

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Post #22 Gold Side Rail option picture Posted by Blacksun (5 years ago)

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Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (1 year ago)

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Post #6643 MOD: Spinner Mod Tip for cutting the plastic Posted by Spiderpin (86 days ago)

Post #6773 TECH: Drop target issue fix Posted by mcvetyty (57 days ago)

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#5594 1 year ago

I just bought a used (through a friend that runs an arcade) GOTG Pro. Have the same scoop area damage, so need to order a protector. May look at getting side blades at some point. He has Groot mouth disabled (I need to look into what was happening with that) and also the orb drop target. Hoping to resolve these sooner than later, may also reset system to factory as well. My first "modern" pinball machine, considering others I have owned or worked on were from late 1970ies.


1 week later
#5679 1 year ago

Messaged Cleland today, wanting to try the mod as it makes sense to have more song clips in this game.


#5711 1 year ago

Installed Cleland's mod today and good to hear other songs during game play. Will hold out on updating to 1.08 Question, is it normal to have a ton of black dust in the machine? Mine is used, has a lot of this dust, almost like something burned at some point, but believe it is from wear with the pinballs. First newer pin I have owned, so not familiar with this.


#5713 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Normal ware from the plungers in the flipper. How many plays on your guardians?

I'll have to check counter, it was setup for use in a friend's bar/arcade business, so did get a fair bit of play. Just surprised how much black dust. Cleaned alot of it by wiping down with damp cloth.


3 weeks later
#5988 1 year ago

Quick question, is the orb drop target supposed to be up (and you shoot/hit it to lower) by default or down? Trying to determine which is correct during game play, mine works (pops up) in the test menu, and goes back down.


#5990 1 year ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

It starts the game up, and you have to hit it to lower it to open access to the standup target. Hitting the standup will pop the drop target up and trap the ball for a couple seconds then drop and release the ball and count for a virtual lock. Rinse and repeat two more times to start orb multiball.

Ok, thanks, mine doesn't start in upright position. Solenoid works, so it isn't engaging possibly to lock it upright to start. I'll have to dig into this one further then


#5998 1 year ago

Found why my orb drop target is stuck down. Bought this game used, was in a friend’s barcade, and so it has some fallout from a fair bit of play. The plastic piece the target is supposed to hang off of is broken off missing plus one of the screws

E65B25DB-BA6C-44FE-9890-5F9CE018258B (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#6040 1 year ago
Quoted from wbloss:

Ok, got confirmation that the one available is from the latest run so I'm guessing with the newer 1.08 release. You all talk about the modified code from cleland and I was excited about that, but absent of that upgrade, do you all still think it's worth it? I'm a complete newcomer and reading on here about all the modifications you've all made its making me a bit nervous. Were you happy with the stock game and just liked to tinker or were the mods necessary improvements? Thanks again, really appreciate everyone's comments.

When I got mine, it was awhile before I discovered cleland's mod, and is/was still a fun game to play. cleland's mod just makes it that much better. I'm sure there's a good chance they'll eventually break into the 1.08 code to get an updated version of the mod available for it at some point.


2 weeks later
#6098 1 year ago
Quoted from tlukka:

Anybody have a photo of what the back of the orb looks like on the pro? I have a spotlight not mounted to anything. Also looks like a plastic is missing. Is there a protector for the light board?

Don't have pic handy, but there is a spotlight that mounts on the back right behind the orb, I think that is the one you are talking about. Where on yours are you thinking there is a plastic missing? Light board, the one with the mystery light etc?


#6101 1 year ago
Quoted from tlukka:

nagamitsu The board I was talking about is for the led right behind the orb. Could be a mod.

If I was home, I'd take some close up pics for you. Can do tonight also. There is a color changing LED seen at back of orb through the split, there's no protection on that at all. Spotlight to the upper right of that, literally just has one of the long screws that goes through the top clear plastic, go between the two wires of the spotlight, I can't find a good image of the spotlight or backside of orb online at all.


#6108 1 year ago
Quoted from tlukka:

Thanks, nagamitsu. I should have taken a photo myself to show what I have going on. I'll do that tonight. I just don't see anything to mount that spotlight on. There was also a ball trapped in that area when I bought it, so there must be something missing.

Took a couple pics and hope this helps


105E461D-4114-4F63-8EE7-2191A0283B10 (resized).jpegCFC5B187-C86D-469A-9624-FAD6E453207E (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#6240 1 year ago

Now after fixing a couple issues, shelf for Orb drop target, and bottom pop bumper compression spring, been practicing and playing it a lot. Just had a good game. About 10 minutes, had 103 million on first ball and ended at 232 million at end of game. Am wanting to get the art blades soon, and still have to fix Groot’s mouth (I believe the power/control board for it, but no one has stock and Stern says delays in manufacturing more due to component shortages).

D509D3FD-005F-4DED-BA2A-D9C5F8011EFB (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#6248 1 year ago

Looking at replacing the lower pop bumper leaf switch at some point (mine missing the nub on the one leaf, was able to get it working bending leaf closer for now at least, but can see this becoming a problem again). Anyone know if it really makes a difference if I order a left mount bracket one or right mount? Seems I could potentially take the nuts off and flip bracket around if needed anyways?

https://pinballmedics.ca/product/pop-bumper-bracket-leaf-switch-assembly-a-12030-3/ (listed as left mounted)

https://pinballmedics.ca/product/pop-bumper-bracket-leaf-switch-assembly-b-12030-2/ (listed as right mounted)


#6250 1 year ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

That is the only difference. Save 5 minutes and order the one that has the bracket assembled correctly if you can. (but if you have to swap the bracket, it's pretty easy, just make sure you tighten the screws pretty solid if you have to swap the bracket.)

Thanks! I'll have to look at the bottom bumper again to get a sense of how it is orientated, to try to order one with correct left/right to save a bit of work.


1 week later
#6258 12 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Hey team. So I am Original owner of a 2017 build. Thing has been rock solid! They didn't come with scoop protectors back then and I noticed a small divot forming on left side about 2 yrs ago. So I added the scoop protector in 2019 but now even that is getting bent in. Any advice on how to prevent this from chipping further? Mylar maybe?
Anyone without a scoop protector I highly recommend you add it ASAP!
[quoted image]

I don't have the cliffy/protector yet myself, but bought my machine via a friend (was setup for public play in a bar arcade) and mine unfortunately has quite a chunk in that same spot missing. Trying to figure out a way to fill it and repair it as it is myself. Seems almost at some level like a design flaw, as they are all prone to this damage in this spot.


#6287 11 months ago
Quoted from cleland:

I'm on it . Will run my macro and test on my Pro, hopefully later today.

Looking forward to this! Still 1.06 as well, but staying up to date and keeping your mod would be awesome.


3 weeks later
#6332 11 months ago
Quoted from SirOneGlove:

Hi All! Fairly new owner of a lightly used pro model chiming in for the first time. This is my first new generation machine (did have an old EM from '71) and I've been playing it quite a bit. Already gave it a light cleaning and wax so it is good as new.
Anyways, the real reason for my post is let you folks know that my orb drop target was not centered in the playfield hole and it was driving me crazy! I removed the drop target to examine and see if I could make any adjustments and to my surprise there was nothing I could do. I did discover that due to the nature of the design, the spring which pulls the target down also pulls it to the side. It is able to pull it to the side because there is quite some play mounting slot of the target itself.
So what did I do? I decided to redesign the small black "shelf" piece that the drop target rests on in the up position. I designed it to have a guide on the spring side so that the target remained perpendicular to the mounting surface throughout its travel up and down. I then 3D printed my design and now the target is mostly centered in the playfield hole!
I am curious to see if anybody else has this same "problem" that bugged me enough to do something about it and wanted to share it with you all! Pictures and descriptions below.
Here is the drop target shown as it came from Stern which was driving me crazy:

That's strange! Mine is a Pro, but the top of the drop target fits perfectly in the entire space in the playfield, it doesn't even have any room to wander left/right at all. There's an even 1/16" or so of gap around it. Looks like they messed up on the hole cut in your playfield, or the drop target plastic not right size. Odd!


Edit: Ok, looking at a bad pic I have on my phone, I'm seeing a bit more of a gap on mine. Thought it almost fit perfectly, mine does appear to have less gap on left and right than your pics. The drop target plastic is prone to warp, I had to make some custom adjustments for the shelf to get it to properly catch the target due to a warp of the drop target (like a twist to it, was only catching on one side of the shelf, not even on it)

3 months later
#6417 7 months ago

Any thoughts in way of options for Groot mouth motor? Found reference to the DCM-1018 from multiproducts.com as an option, however for a $30 part, they want to charge $175 just in shipping to Canada. I could try my local supplier for official Stern part replacement, however don't need the full Groot mouth assembly, just the motor.

I may attempt to strip apart existing motor to see if I can fix it first, since I can't make it worse.


2 weeks later
#6429 6 months ago
Quoted from scraig314:

I got a replacement directly from Stern. It took a while to get in, but eventually arrived. I also have a backup from Pinball Life. Both good motors.

But did you get and have to pay for the full assembly with the motor? Or were able to just simply get the motor? I'd have to have my local supplier obtain it from Stern, as they won't deal with me direct.


4 weeks later
#6447 5 months ago
Quoted from Meegis:

Time to take the glass off boys and girls

Didn't even think of that. Ya, a home machine with Insider on it, could rack up a huge score by doing this.


#6479 5 months ago

Any thoughts on loading cleland 1.09 for pro, and nothing on display/anything on machine? Corrupt burn to SD card?


#6480 5 months ago
Quoted from nagamitsu:

Any thoughts on loading cleland 1.09 for pro, and nothing on display/anything on machine? Corrupt burn to SD card?

Second time's a charm, working and updated!


#6482 5 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Just updated my code from 1.06 to 1.09 and now everytime I open the game, it basically shows me the SETTINGS menu and it flashes that I "need Stern Insider Connectivity" or something. My game doesn't have that QR code thingie on it. I go down to SAVE/EXIT but it won't save or exit. I can't play the game. Any advice?

Did you inadvertently set the write protection slider on the SD card, to prevent it from having anything edit/write to it? Sounds like your system is booting properly to this menu to complete the update, but can't write to save back to SD card.

However, could be something entirely different. Using cleland mod for the 1.09 or official Stern one? I went from 1.06 to 1.09 (cleland), on a Pro, no Insider installed and saved AOK at the end and no prompt to push for Insider.


1 month later
#6570 3 months ago
Quoted from OhYeahPlayer:

Hi - my Groot motor is half dead, mouth barely opens. Looking at replacement motors on Pinball Life, and there's the Groot Motor, and then Groot Motor Assembly. What is the difference between the two? Anyone have a better source for a motor as well? Thanks.

I'm sort of in same boat, but my Groot mouth motor doesn't work at all. So Pinball Life prices for motor don't seem too bad, I've seen higher prices or having to buy the entire mouth/jaw with motor for over $150. But the difference between what they have listed on their site isn't obvious, as they reference same Stern reference numbers. If going by what is pictured, both are same motor, but one comes with the resistors/capacitors soldered on (so matches factory motor) and other one does not.


#6576 3 months ago
Quoted from OhYeahPlayer:

Thanks - so I get the $70 one, I'll just have to solder myself? That's the only difference?

I can't confirm, and only going by their example pics, but one shows with having the capacitors soldered (more expensive one) other without, so you'd have to find/buy the correct capacitors or remove from existing motor and solder same way to new motor


#6580 3 months ago
Quoted from OhYeahPlayer:

Thanks - so I get the $70 one, I'll just have to solder myself? That's the only difference?

I had found same motor elsewhere, also cheaper at $45, but this company wants $175.00 USD in shipping fee to ship to me in Canada.



#6583 3 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

DigiKey has the DCM-1018 motor for $60, and I imagine reasonable shipping to canada...

Thanks, as it ships from Multi Products, the shipping calculator even through Digikey, says $170 standard shipping or $250 express. Seems like a rip off


#6585 3 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

I wonder if you got some pinhead in the USA who lives near the border and drives in to canada regularly to buy it from Digi, and then bring it over the border into canada and drop it in the canadian mail? Is that legal? Not sure even possible, but worth considering....

An option for sure. I found a shipping company that does this similarly, called Shippsy that has a warehouse just over border in US and then runs packages over to warehouse here for people to then pick up their package. I just need to stop being lazy and order the motor finally.


2 months later
#6895 48 days ago

Got my GOTG from a friend who owns a bar arcade locally, mine is an early one from 2016 (?) but wish they had done a protector from the beginning on these or made it come with them by default. Damage already done so pointless installing one now


244B11E9-84A9-49F1-80F6-9230DBC75554 (resized).jpeg
#6897 48 days ago
Quoted from bigguybbr:

I would probably still throw on a cliffy to hide some of the wear and maybe spot treat the chips with clear to prevent further paint loss

Thanks, still considering that, less of a rush to do so I guess. Need to get off my butt and fix Groot's mouth motor still first. Going to tear it down and rebuild it, cheaper than ordering a replacement with shipping to Canada.


#6898 48 days ago
Quoted from TheShaft:

I’m assuming one version is Pro code and one is Premium/LE. Is this correct, and does anyone know which is what? I’m looking for the Pro code.

There's a different download for Pro versus Premium/LE yes. Best to PM cleland to ask for links, I'm not entirely sure he wants them shared openly in here, but rather via PM.


#6919 46 days ago
Quoted from Stugots:

Maybe I can slip the delivery guy a $50 to drop it inside versus buying skates or a dolly. Either that or buy the neighbor a 12 pack to have him help me carry it in lol.

Lol, if I lived near you, I'd be in for a 12 pack to help bring it in and even put it together and have a few games.


#6923 46 days ago
Quoted from MaxAMillion:

I’m curious how many plays are on that game

Just checked, 32136 lifetime plays. Eeek


2 weeks later
#7136 30 days ago

Anyone help point me in right direction on some switch notifications? These are opto warnings it seems, hadn't see these before. Game seems to play fine. The Groot switches 42, 43, 44, 45 (Groot trough 1-4) might make sense as I have Groot disabled, due to motor not working. (node 9 board tests fine)

But new ones: 16, 17, 19 (trough 5, 4, 2) I can't figure out where these are on playfield. (node 8 board, tests fine)

Hate seeing things showing an error. Makes sense the Groot trough optos will show error while Groot mouth motor disabled? Can't recall seeing these when I had gone into menu before.


#7138 30 days ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Sounds like the 2, 4, 5 ball positions in the ball trough UNDER the PF. They're optos. Go to diagnostics on the system menu and do the unload balls, then watch the screen as the balls filter back into the trough to see if all the positions register.

Thanks! Makes sense since I have playfield up, balls out, so it isn't registering them in trough. Phew! And magically now all the tech warnings have cleared, including the Groot trough optos


2 weeks later
#7307 10 days ago

My machine is from when they first came out, 2016? No issues with magnet grabbing balls from Orb.


#7367 6 days ago
Quoted from TheShaft:

I just recieved a link from cleland
a few weeks ago. I’ve forwarded his message and link to the code on to you.

From my understanding, he only has 1.09 code still, as they are working to get the newer code usable in the software editor and it's not compatible or usable with the new code yet. So I assume you got link for 1.09? If 1.11 I'll need to message him as well.


#7392 6 days ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I do. 4000 games and not a mark on the shooter lane. Every game we own has a shooter lane like that.
[quoted image]

Mine has just over 30,000 plays and looks just as good as yours.


#7408 4 days ago

Finally got around to replacing my Groot mouth motor. If you aren’t up for a lot of time spent desoldering/soldering, buy the more expensive one that has the resistors already My Groot mouth works again!


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