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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

3 years ago

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#5823 64 days ago

I have a guardians pro coming next week. My only pro as im usually premium/le. What mods are must haves? And what pitch is this game best at?

#5825 64 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Shaker and sub woofer for sure. Pinwoofer if you really wanna take it over the top.

Yea i do shaker/invisiglass/shooter rod on every game. Didnt know what else.

#5852 63 days ago

those pinstadiums look awesome. Ive never felt the need for pinstadiums as I play with lights on(dimmed to like 30%). The main reason I dont get them is because you need to take them off to lift playfield right? Seems like an extra step and im lazy i guess

#5861 62 days ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

I get that and thought it might be a bit inconvenient but the magnet strip snaps it into place strongly yet they snap off easily and just rest on the playfield when I lift it up. If I put the playfield up vertical it's very easy to not let them fall and just rest them against the cabinet. I've done this several times now without any issues. I was originally thinking I might design and print some custom brackets to mount them to the playfield something like their Xeno mounts for JJP but now that I see how easy it is with the magnets I won't bother, I think it looks cleaner this way anyway.
tbh, this was to be my first NIB pin and the longer the delays went the more mods and accessories I ordered, figuring I'll go all-out pimping this game. I went a bit overboard but I'm loving it. I think about the only thing I haven't done is a topper, and that's probably because every time I looked for one I never found stock, lol!
Yeah. I have a problem. Oh well.

Thanks for the info. Maybe im just not wanting to try one because then ill want on all 8 of my games....Thats expensive heh. I already do invisiglass on them all.

#5920 57 days ago

Mine comes tomorrow and i believe is a new build as well. Oh well still cant wait.

#5930 54 days ago

Got my pro yesterday and just got it all setup. Holy crap this game is fast. Feels fast like tmnt so i guess thats just borg for you. That kickback is insane.

This was my first pro. Didnt know pros have a plastic apron. Is it still ok to lift the game by it? Feels a little breakable.

#5932 54 days ago

Definitely think Im going to move the lane knobs to the easier position on this game. Outlanes seem hungry. But i hate it when games make you removed ramps and laneguides whatnot to make that little change. Seems this game is like that a bit.

#5935 53 days ago

first day with the game I really like it but I suck. I can get just over 300m so far but dont really know how. Orb shot tried from the left always seems to borg bounce to left outlane. Can be backhanded but still pretty tough. And man those inlanes always seem to bounce to the left outlane.

#5937 53 days ago
Quoted from OhmEye:

sounds like you don't have pitch and level correct. I have mine at 6.5 degrees and level left/right and the magnet grabs the ball out of the orb every time. The direction it flings is random and I control it with a nudge, the left outlane isn't an issue at all for mine. My ramp return to the left flipper never bounces to the outlane, and nudging to keep the ball away from the lane area keeps the outlanes from being too greedy for me. My main left outlane enemy is the HE target next to the Gamora ramp, when I forehand that from a cradle it likes to return straight to the left outlane.
Overall I love the layout and shots and don't have much to complain about, I think my poor skills are to blame for almost everything! This game is definitely improving my accuracy.

I dont think theres a pitch problem. Im at 6.6 perfectly level. Im just having issues hitting orb shot from left side which seems Borgish like tmnt. Backhand easier but still hardish. Magnet catches stuff. fun magnet kinda like houdini

#5948 52 days ago

So is GotG kind of like Star Trek in that each quest has a level 1, 2, 3? If so Im assuming I should try to finish all level 1s first? Are there bonuses for doing certain ones in order?

#5953 52 days ago

thanks everyone for the strategy posts. that makes sense.

#5957 52 days ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Yeah I get it...although being an owner of Stranger Things Premium I would say this magnet issue is a blip. STh need to be heavily dialed in and managed...but its still a GREAT game. DOn't let the small stuff get you down....enjoy!

He aint lying about stranger things wow. I have an LE and have spent MANY hours dialing that shit in and it still isnt perfect, but the game is great. Thank god for chuckwurt helping out in that thread.

#5959 52 days ago

Ok after a full day of having this machine and everyones input im getting better. Just got to Cherry Bomb for first time and got 593m. What are "good scores" in this game? 1b? 1.5b?

#5961 51 days ago

yea i dont even know how to activate the multipliers yet. In general in not a huge fan of games that rely on multipliers for score. I learned to love my Star Wars Premium more when I learneed to ignore it.

#5963 51 days ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

You can certainly ignore it but there are real strategies around them especially the earned shot multipliers. This game is a lot more fun with the multipliers than star wars for me. The mode completion bonuses are also huge so if you focus on modes and completing them and their victory laps it's perfectly viable as well.

victory laps? Havent seen that yet. They dont come after mode level 1 do they?

#5985 49 days ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Haha yes totally agree and Chuck Wurt is a saint! By the way we live way too close to each other not to have done a trade yet! 20 min drive! My mother-in-law lives down the road from Haddonfield.

Ive done a lot of sales/trades over the last few years so Im always open to a new trading partner. Though I own or have owned your collection so we have similar taste! Im also interested in league play at some point but dont really know of many in the area. A new retro arcade did just open in haddonfield btw. Ram arcade. Todd tuckey did a video from there 2 weeks ago from the opening. Billy mitchell was there. Cool place though their pins arent the best. They do have ST TNG which is nice.

#5991 48 days ago

ok I hit 1billion today for the first time. Starting to figure things out a bit

#5995 48 days ago
Quoted from big-c66:

Wow a billion man I’ve had mine sense may n I’ve gotten 184 million tops I’m hitting this that trying to complete modes but can’t get the score to kick it in I’m not doing something right

Its a tough game IMO. Been focusing on getting groot multiball and orb multiball along with modes. You can make groot multiball last an insane amount of time by putting more balls into the lock.

1 week later
#6024 38 days ago
Quoted from wbloss:

Hi all, have been preparing to purchase a new GOTG, it will be my first pinball. Came across some YouTube videos discussing poor product from Stern, specifically the Spike2 stuff. What have you guys found, is it really crap or are the negative comments blown out of proportion? Thanks!

I remember watching that same video above when thinking about my first pin(deadpool). Ive had 13 of them now and havent had any major problems on any of them. Buy with confidence.

1 week later
#6079 26 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Also, do you guys know how to get to the settings that allows you to restart a game by holding in the start button? My Iron Maiden came like that by default .

I forget what its called but its in there. Theres also a setting to end a game by holding start and left flipper

#6088 24 days ago

Man this game is frustrating me. Its a lot like when I got my TMNT. That game really got to me, made me angry. Maybe Im not a borg guy! I dunno....Need to give it some time off and get back to it. Iron Maiden coming this week so itll give me some time off!

#6091 24 days ago
Quoted from Scandell:

That phrase had been uttered by many others.

I actually miss my TMNT LE i got. i gave up too fast. It was hard, but so pretty. And I never got to play half shell challenge.

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