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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #2129 magnet fix. Posted by MapleSyrup (3 years ago)

Post #2448 hd60609 sign mod Posted by bobukcat (3 years ago)

Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (6 months ago)

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#199 4 years ago

OK. I just rewatched wasp's stream from yesterday and listened to the call outs in Pinball Browser. The call outs are isolated and should be easy to change/swap with the speech from the movie. Wasp's stream showed all movie clips running and coincidentally (or maybe on purpose?) there are no scenes with actors/actresses actually speaking. The action scenes are just running with the score playing.

The movie can be downloaded in itunes. The clips can be edited to isolate the corresponding speech. Then video files can be converted to .wav files. The .wav files can then be imported into the Pinball Browser 6.0 (make sure you donate). Upload the modified spk file into the game.

There is a glimmer of hope! Especially for those who were "in" but now "out" solely because of the voice actors.

#302 4 years ago
Quoted from MrClutch:

This is the first pin I've every purchased brand new and it was pretty hard to pull the trigger. I'm a relative noob when it comes to pinball and I've only owned one other machine (TSPP). I have kids and a wife and the new Marvel movies are one of the few things all of us enjoy together so this seemed like the perfect time to jump in head first. I saw the photos and knew it would have enough on the play field to keep everyone interested.
We played a little bit of the launch code and then quickly updated to .72 where I really noticed the call-outs and how much they add to the experience. The kids and wife enjoy playing it but seem to struggle a bit with really quick drains. They're used to that having played TSPP so it wasn't a big deal. Especially because of the amount of audio/video coming out of the machine at all times.
I'm about as happy as I could have imagined I'd be and I'm glad I bought it. Reading through the other thread had me a little worried but I had to remind myself that I'm a novice player and am trying to buy a game that appeals to my family. The pin is fast, loud, bright, and fun.
The next step is to figure out what protective mods need to be installed and where to find them.

Start here:





3 weeks later
#717 4 years ago

It's like anything. I haven't noticed, but I bet if I check, it'll bug me. Having said that, my NIB games, like ST, GB, KISS, and SW have the uniform "orange pee" dimpling from normal HUO game play. The first few dimples bothered me, but after the steel ball smashes down on that porous wood long enough and it looks "uniform", I've learned to accept it and just enjoy the games.

I wonder if the "planking-look" will remain after this process occurs...

#730 4 years ago

And that shaker was from?

#757 4 years ago

Someone in the other thread suggested how great it would be to get John C. Reilly for call-outs. Maybe Stern can get someone like him to do the custom game play call-outs this game desperately needs. Star Trek incorporated Karl Urban custom speech after the game's initial launch. I remember getting that update and I felt it was a big deal.

I am enjoying playing our GOTG Pro. I love the appearance, enjoy watching scenes from the movie and have not let the voice actors deter from the fun! I love the layout, but the shots other than Groot are tight! They are very satisfying to hit but I wish the code was more friendly. Requiring 5-10 shots, of which most are tight, may be a bit much to complete a mode.

Then consider one needs to complete 8 modes to play the first wizard mode - "Immulation Initiative" (assuming you don't count Groot MB or Orb MB as wizard modes).

Now consider having to play all the modes, both multi-balls and Immulation Initiative to reach the seemingly unattainable "Save Xandar". Let's not see a few of these inserts become playfield artifacts. Make these reachable! If the coders want to make the final mode hard or almost impossible to finish...fine.

Maybe lighten the requirements to complete modes, but make them necessary to reach "Save Xandar". Along a separate path, maybe require playing or even completing both "Groot" and Orb" multi-balls to play the mode "Immolation Initiative", which completing it could also be made a requirement to reach "Save Xandar". Then make "Save Xandar" as difficult as you want, assuming you want no one to finish the game and become a "Guardian of the Galaxy". I myself would rather see it difficult but achievable by very good players, so I least know it can be done.

Should we make a separate thread for GOTG code suggestions? Any other suggestions? Stern seems to listen. They've added songs and released updates rather quickly...

#814 4 years ago

Maybe Pinside rankings could institute a more statistical approach. Make a game require 30 ratings (Maybe more?) and throw out the outliers... Remove the bottom 5 and the top 5 ratings. I'm sure the ratings would stay the same for most games but newer games like GOTG wouldn't be unfairly ranked.

Let's be realistic... This game has a pinball layout so very similar to games ranked #8 and #24, a phenomenal art package and the new style video display with an extremely popular theme. The game also has coding similarities and the same coder as games ranked #11 and #14. This game should realistically be ranked somewhere around #50 and should move up with coding updates. It shouldn't be victim to haters because they didn't get the authentic actors/actresses voices and received early code (which seem to be the most common complaints).

It's been hard understand, but everyone, family friends and I, love this game and we thoroughly enjoy our GOTG Pro.

#846 4 years ago

This game is a beauty! I love the look of mirror blades and have them on many of my games, but I went with Tilt's side art. I changed the t-molding to purple (to match a possible future purple powder coat). I had a purple transparent apron that I put on, lit with Comet matrix strips and added Ulek's protectors. Ordered the Chrome Candy shooter that mimics the Orb. I love the feel of the metal ball plunger vs the stock.

IMG_3923 (resized).JPG

IMG_3971 (resized).JPG

IMG_3981 (resized).JPG

IMG_3928 (resized).JPG

#864 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

It would be having someone guide you. Like custom voice clips telling the player what to do and giving feedback. Just random horrible recreated voice clips is insanely stupid. It ruins the game for me completely.

Please post this in the GOTG code feedback thread. I'm really hoping Lonnie reads it. There's still time to change or adjust the code. I don't think Stern would go for it, but Rocket has quite a foul mouth. He continually uses words like "friggin" and "idiot". Wouldn't it be great to hear Rocket yell "Shoot me you idiot!" when you need to hit his shot?

#868 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

interaction with the player ..... there's zero interaction. Shoot this, get a response. Perform this task, see a change on the screen, different music, different voice call outs. Right now its hit the blinking shots while watching this 2 min movie clip. There's no action/reaction. I could strip all the (beautiful) artwork off, change the movie clips, and it would be a great Rogue One game (would need to reface Groot too). Maybe retheme it to The Bachelor or even worse, the Kardashians. Look at past games, when you hit a ramp on Ironman, something happens...hit Whiplash, something happens. Hitting shots on GotG.... the movie clip continues to play over and over

Great comments. Please post here as well. Hoping if there is enough feedback, something will get done, soon.


#871 4 years ago
Quoted from AJayTX:

Hi All. New to pinball ownership and new to pinside. Purchased the GOTG Pro and we love it. Question, seen a lot of posts about plastic protectors. Are these recommended? Do they extend the life of the plastic in the machine? I am all for spending a little more money to avoid wear and tear just want to make sure I spend the money on the correct items. Any particular items prone to more wear and tear than others (i.e. bumpers)? Any negatives of having them? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for any response.

I put plastic protectors on most games we have. It doesn't necessarily make them last longer. It just thickens them up so they are less likely to break and they extend out slightly further than the original plastic so the protector will hopefully absorb the shock. After all it is a steel ball smashing around. Protectors are a small price to pay relative to the game price. Cliffy makes some great protectors made from stainless steel. Highly recommend. Nothing for Guardians yet, but I assume soon (right scoop on the Pro version, maybe front of the drop target). These will help guard against playfield chipping at the hole edge.

2 months later
#1338 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Don't know that I've read it here yet, but the latest update was pretty great in that they took a lot of feedback into account (or were already planning on it, who knows). The adjustment for the autoplunger in the settings was fantastic to see - - I'm not worried about it breaking plastics or the ball gate at the top of the roll over lanes any more, it's been great to see mode progress showing up now during mode selection - I took full advantage of that last night in attempting to get to Immolation. The callouts and video have been a big improvement as well. Anyway, nice to see two big things get fixed/updated in this last version. It's definitely more fun to play now.
also FYI - in about 50 games I have yet to see any change in flipper performance on v0.87.
Oh, and I almost forgot, how friggin' cool is it that Groot moves his mouth on the second round of Groot MB when trying to lock balls during the MB? for something so simple, it really was fun (and frustrating). I really hope they integrate that more in future versions. I could see it being fun on every time lock is lit that you have to wait and time your shot. it would definitely make getting to Groot MB more difficult and more rewarding when you finally get there.

I agree with your observations.

2 weeks later
#1455 3 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Stern needs to have a return policy on a defected item, everywhere else you can do a return why not Stern ?
I’m happy to pay for return shipping rather than keep this turt.
Pinball is supposed to be fun ??!!

Was this a squishy turd? Under your pillow? Was it huge? Maybe it was one of Drax's. After all, he has "famously huge turds"!

All kidding aside, good luck with getting your situation fixed. Never heard of them doing a refund. Maybe your distributor will or at least fix the issue then you can sell it. But I tell you, once it's running right, this game is a lot of fun.

#1456 3 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Stern needs to have a return policy on a defected item, everywhere else you can do a return why not Stern ?
I’m happy to pay for return shipping rather than keep this turt.
Pinball is supposed to be fun ??!!

Just saw your for sale items. Is this the game you're getting rid of? I'd try cleland's mod in a separate SD card while you wait for a buyer. Could change your mind... Or even justify a higher asking price.

1 week later
#1585 3 years ago

What a rush! Just put up my best of 405,000,000. Kind of had an idea (but really winging it) on a strategy.

I think I started with Quill's Quest (2 ball multi) hit the shots and used the Hadron to complete the mode. I think I did the Shop Owner and used the help of Groot Multiball to complete. Got the extra ball when credit for 2 modes. Think I did Sanctuary next because it only needed 5 shots. Realized I needed to complete another mode to get to Cherry Bomb Multiball, so I went with Rocket's mode so I could use the rollover lanes.

I know I had an Orb Multiball in there somewhere helping me complete one of the modes with either shots or the Hadron, but needed the last shot because the Hadron won't collect the last shot in the mode. Hit the Rocket kickback to complete. Saw that beautiful red arrow indicating Cherry Bomb Multiball was ready. Choked on my last ball, but with ball save, I dropped it in the pit. Cherry Bomb was awesome! 6 balls on a timed multi. Hit the Hadron amidst the chaos to collect as many jackpots as possible.

I was happy with 0.87 and getting used to it, but Wow, Stern! Thanks for the update. Don't stop now!

#1591 3 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

405 mil !?! Do you play on factory settings? Wow...

Factory settings with one exception... 8 balls (joking)! I only changed the ball save to 10 seconds. I do that on most games because my kids are young and guests are inexperienced. So yes, that score probably woulkd not have happened on true factory settings. I was usually around 15, 000,000 unless I had a great multiball which put me near the 75,000,000. What has been great/frustrating/challenging is ending up with a multiball and a final score of 25,000,000! Just keeps you coming back for more. I have yet to master the multiplier in GOTG and Star Wars...

2 weeks later
#1714 3 years ago

I agree with your comments on the Hadron! Sometimes I'm hitting that thing like I'm shooting Tie Fighters on Star Wars on slow ball drains before going in the trough so I can complete the mode (if I'm close) before the next ball starts. Two modes lights that extra ball!

1 week later
#1857 3 years ago

Not sure if it's code. Might be specific to your machine. The magnet is working fine on our pro. Very active.

#1883 3 years ago

I thought extra ball was awarded after completing 2 modes...

#1914 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Beyond frustrated with the reoccurring intermittent weak flipper issues on this game. I have spent countless hours of trial and error toubleshooting, rebuilding flippers, re-rebuilding flippers, unplugging/plugging in connectors to try and eliminate the issue... and still it returns.
Something is flat out wrong with this game software and how it handles the data on these node boards.
I really wish Stern would open up about what the issue is and what is going to be done to fix it! After talking with a junior programmer at TPF he specifically told me that they have found an issue in Lonnie coded games and were working on it. I assumed that meant it would be fixed in 0.95, but the issue persists.
I am too the point of requesting a warranty replacement for this lemon.
Anyone else having issues and narrowed it down at all?
Best I can tell, it seems to become more prevalent after multiple games played in a row, seems to happen specifically when big lights shows are happening, and is intermittent. It is mostly noticed when going for outside shots and you just dont have the flipper power (but then the very next shot it is completely fine).
Intermittent issue like this are the worst! Esp when you have gone through every last thing that support has requested and the game came like this on Day 1.

Just reporting in. No issues with intermittent flippers or the magnet on our Pro. I honestly feel bad for people with issues on new games. Gotta believe it's isolated, meaning that you may have that lemon, but I don't think the game overall is a lemon. Any way to video and post the flippers weakening? Do they just drop? Not react in time? or not have power to make a ramp?

#1961 3 years ago

Ours does once in a while. Too lazy to adjust... I'm just hoping I get multiple shot credits when it's spazzing out!

3 weeks later
#2202 3 years ago

At least one of those balls continually seems to be headed SDTM! My goal is to keep at least 2 of them alive, because I know the ball save is on.

#2266 3 years ago
Quoted from MRG:

Jack crushes it....

Ok... So Jack validated everything I know I'm supposed to do... but can't do!

1 week later
#2313 3 years ago

Wanted to spice up the lower right scoop plastic. GOTG Scoop Plastic (resized).jpgGOTG-LE-Detail-10_preview (resized).jpgWas looking to create the "line-up effect" from the movie. Gamora (resized).jpgI made a prototype of clear, GOGT Scoop Plastic Proto (resized).JPGthen experimented with different color acrylic and different color Comet matrix lights.GOTG Scoop Lit Blue (resized).JPG Ended with the light green acrylic lit from below with a strip of natural white. GOTG Scoop lit Final 2 (resized).JPGI 3D printed a small base in black to block the strip light. GOTG Scoop Plastic Mod Parts (resized).JPGI wanted to make sure it was still easy to read the sign and like that it's a little see through. When the sign LEDs light, it actually brightens the letters.GOTG Scoop Final Lit (resized).JPGIMG_4361 (resized).JPG

#2333 3 years ago

A few of you said you were interested. I have a couple right now in light blue as I thought this would be the winner. I actually preferred the light green but I will have to have some more of these made.

I can get you a price for just the transparent piece and the bottom light guard (black looks best), if you already have your own matrix parts, light strip and screws (the screws need to be longer for the bottom as it's now thicker than stock).

I can also get an all included price, if you want me to send you everything you need. This will just take a little longer and cost a little more as I have to order parts from Comet.

Any preferences? PM me or post...

GOTG Scoop Mod Blue (resized).jpgGOTG Scoop Mod LT Green (resized).jpg
#2338 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I do have a question....looks like you're tapping your power for this from an existing lamp. I have already done this to light the scoop blue. I hope there is another lamp I can use close by (I think there is).
But now that I think of it, since my scoop is illuminated blue, perhaps I should get your blue mod.

I used one of the GI behind the scoop. I thought there were 2 or 3 bulbs there, but I think I can just send a splitter with yours.


#2343 3 years ago
Quoted from cyberkryten:

Has anyone had issues with the ball disappearing for quite a few seconds on launch? Most auto launches it goes up there for 2-3 seconds, occasionally it sits at the top for far longer (usually when I only have 10 seconds left to complete a mode!).
On ball start i can short plunge a bit, but after a lock into Groot it is really annoying.
Machine is level left to right and set at 6.6deg pitch - do I need to make it steeper or is something missing/wrong that should cause the ball to drop towards the pop bumpers rather than vanish off at the top of the machine?
Video of what is happening here as that's easier than trying to explain further:

Ours does this hiding at the top also, maybe even worse/longer. The pitch was set proper and the table was level. I will recheck it. Better news is that it never actually got stuck up there.

#2345 3 years ago

Sorry if this was covered...

Anyone else notice that when Antiquities Shop is completed, any switch hit, multi-ball or mode thereafter, causes an overall GI flicker until that ball drains? I don't believe it's right or part of the game and can be annoying.

Possibly in the code? Possibly with the Spike system feeling a little stressed? Or is it supposed to happen?

1 week later
#2393 3 years ago

My observations... Pro model...

My magnet has only actually "grabbed" the ball a few times, and released it. I assumed it does not grab the ball like Whiplash in Ironman, and hold it before releasing.

It does divert the ball path very frequently and successfully, to my dismay. I thought the diversion and randomness was by design. Also, the latest code does not seem to sling the ball down the left outlane as frequently (to my delight).

#2397 3 years ago

As far as cleaning, I've sorted through vid1900 advice and wiped down the playfield with Naptha (picked it up at Home Depot). The paper towel is unbelievably dirty when done. Then I put a coat of Carnuba on it (Pinballlife). It's worked for me...

blitz_12oz (resized).jpg
#2398 3 years ago
Quoted from hd60609:

A few of you said you were interested. I have a couple right now in light blue as I thought this would be the winner. I actually preferred the light green but I will have to have some more of these made.
I can get you a price for just the transparent piece and the bottom light guard (black looks best), if you already have your own matrix parts, light strip and screws (the screws need to be longer for the bottom as it's now thicker than stock).
I can also get an all included price, if you want me to send you everything you need. This will just take a little longer and cost a little more as I have to order parts from Comet.
Any preferences? PM me or post...

I have 10 complete kits ready to go. It will be $40 shipped domestic. I will contact you in the order you contacted me. If you no longer want or need it, no worries. Thanks.

#2455 3 years ago

No issues here...

#2492 3 years ago

Creative and thanks for the tip! Never thought about twisting the poly with a heat gun for future projects.

Quoted from twenty84:

I got asked how to attach the Walkman. I used a piece of polycarbonate that I twisted with a heat gun. Connects to the screw under the flasher.

1 week later
#2544 3 years ago
Quoted from twista22:

Just installed my sign mod from hd60609 and it looks amazing. Thanks again

Thanks. Glad you like it. I was shooting for this effect:

guardians-of-the-galaxy line-up (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#2637 3 years ago
Quoted from lowbeau67:

Hey I was putting some comet matrix led strips for groots mouth ,scoop and target area and they aren't lighting up. I used the quick connects with led in them installed in gi under plastics and they all light up but the3 strips arent. I emailed comet a few hrs ago but I'm on a roll today putting service rails on various mods and I would like to finish today. What did I goof up? Thx

Had this happen recently. Had some older matrix connectors and strips and used them with some newer ones and they didn't light up. Carefully, and I mean VERY CAREFULLY, pull the little wires out of one connector and reverse the polarity (as MadPole) suggested. That did the trick. Try this.

If you want to see if the actual light or strip works before installing, try touching the leads to the ends of a 9v battery quickly. It should light. This will confirm it's not the bulb/strip...

#2648 3 years ago

Great grouping! I enjoy bling. Something about nice looking games, tastefully modded, all in a row... Love to know if the play time is 20% on each of these vs more time on certain games...

#2662 3 years ago

When this has happened to me (not on this title), carefully unplug the ribbon cable at each end and reseat it. If this doesn't do it, it may be a more serious problem.

#2685 3 years ago

Awesome! Is that Quill with his finger up?

1 month later
#2828 3 years ago

You're OK. This is a 2 ball multiball mode and thus requires many more shots to be hit. After one ball drains, the mode stops and you need to hit the scoop to re-start it, which then continues only as a one ball mode or choose a different mode.

#2836 3 years ago

I love Sanctuary. No, wait, I hate Sanctuary. Can't decide. If I'm feeling brave, I'll try it but I usually try to select it right before a multiball is coming or if that left loop is flowing easy for me.

Nothing more frustrating than seeing that timer ticking down, flailing away at that final shot, only to miss it and have to start all over again. Kudos again to the coder... exciting mode.

#2844 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Borg and Ritchie side scoops frustrate me.
I like Gomez's scoops. More centered, easier to hit.
I'm not sure why a designer wants to make the scoop a hard shot. It's utilized so much in the game, it needs to be more reliably made.
Save other shots for difficulty.

Never really thought about it. I agree. Definitely seem have more fun playing our games with central scoops.

2 months later
#3059 3 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Finally got my playfield Swap done so i finally got to my big box of mods in!
Playfield was swapped because of a clearcoat issue.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great! Might want to get the scoop protection. I put one on our Pro.


Scoop Cliffy GOTG Pro (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#3183 3 years ago

I follow vid1900 recommendations and use naptha, paper towel is usually full of grime/black rubber, then use the carnauba wax. I also use the rubber cleaner/lighter fluid and a cotton ball to clean the grime off the colored rubber I installed. Love the results.

3 weeks later
#3224 3 years ago

Had this same issue. Only happened 4 or 5 times in the last year and did not return after a reboot. Concerning, but didn't bother me enough to pursue it.

1 week later
#3280 2 years ago
Quoted from pekilica:

Audio can be changed for that pinball too?But how ,i can't open .spk firmwares with pinball browser

.spk files have always opened with Pinball Browser... There definitely is a learning curve (mine was long and I still don't have it mastered!) Did you make sure you donated to Pinball Browser to get the key to unlock the full featured version? That was one of my initial issues...


#3284 2 years ago

Had the same issue recently. I needed to run the full install with verify data as opposed to just the quick option...

#3286 2 years ago

It did, exactly. I got nervous, so I turned game off and re-inserted USB stick until it let me update again. Then I made sure I didn't hit "quick update", which is what I have always done. So it just took longer, but turned out fine...

#3290 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballjj:

Got inspired by the hooked on pinball mod for met pro so over the cold weekend but spinners on my pro, not really hard to do , but you will need to notch 2-3 of the the playfield plastics , take your time and of course measure twice and cut once. they are clipped to the #2 hadron target switch, so the first time one spins you get spotted that hadron , but every time they spin after that you get the non lit hadron sound ( kind of a clackety sound). The spinner are positioned fairly high up the orbits on the premiums and le's due to the hands, i kinda of like having them lower like they are guarding the orbits but if placed too low they will obscure the upper character insert . To me the perfect position would be a touch lower on the left( but there is a bulb right where you would want to mount the bracket ) and a touch higher on the right ( but any higher and the switch will start to stick out into the shooter lane ) so a compromise, but they could be mounted higher beneath the rocket and gamora plastic but the cutouts for the swtiches would be more noticeable i think this is where the right spinner is mounted on the premiums . got the spinners from pinball life 40$ for the two and had the matrix wiring from comet . let me know if anyone wants me to post more of a step by step picture approach.
waiting on an order of a page of decals for the spinners pulled from a variety of gotg goggle images probably will put two ronan themed on the left spinner and two drax on the right spinner , got some fun ones " drax coffee"and some really cool gotg images but have no idea how they will look scaled down to spinner size . If anyone has some spare stern spinner decals i would be interested[quoted image]

Love the look of the spinners! Can't wait to see them with decals...

1 week later
#3330 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Well, nuts..... I'll have to see about a metal replacement. I'm planning on doing some powder coating as soon as I get mine, and I like the aprons to match the rails/legs.

The Pros have the plastic version. If you want to switch it to metal, you'll need 2 of these and then screw them into your playfield. Most are too nervous to screw these in and make new holes.


535-8394-00 (resized).jpg
#3341 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

The main mode shots are the bars across the bottom under the timer. They do not include the other bars. And remember that your Hadron Enforcer button when lit will give you 3 of those shots

Great advice, assuming you hit that button. Part of the fun is the strategy of hitting that button, after the ball drains but still didn't make it into the trough, to complete the mode, before the timer runs out! So the new ball starts on a new mode. Best of luck Pinj135. Love this game!

2 weeks later
#3477 2 years ago

Haven't heard and F-bomb in either cleland or stock code. I'll be sure to be listening for it now, though.

2 weeks later
#3579 2 years ago

Looks very nice! Can't tell from the pics, does the blue come close to the color of the t-molding? Otherwise, I think they make a darker blue t-mold. I changed my t-molding out on many games. I bet even the chrome t-mold would look nice and expensive with that metallic blue powder...

2 weeks later
#3604 2 years ago

I agree with TomGWI, call Stern, but it looks like nothing is missing from the artwork on the damaged piece. So in the meantime, you could carefully put a small dab of glue behind the piece that lifted, lay it back down and clamp it til dry.

1 month later
#3780 2 years ago

Several Pinsiders have asked me recently for this scoop sign mod. I made some more so feel free to PM me.
GOTG Scoop Final Lit (resized).JPGGOTG Scoop lit Final 2 (resized).JPGmaxresdefault (resized).jpg


#3801 2 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Yes, I installed in mine, not that difficult really. It does make that shot slightly harder to hit but I think it's worth it.

I agree...

3 weeks later
#3921 2 years ago

Depends on your goal... If your goal is to complete modes, then I often use the Hadron after the ball drains but before it enters the trough ONLY if it will complete the mode AND the timer is running out. It becomes very strategic for me. I kind of always want to complete two modes and a multiball to make sure I can get the extra ball. So definitely depends on the shots left in the mode and the time left on the timer. If there is a lot of time left, I'll try my luck at hitting the required shots.

But I have also used it during multiball. When you get 2x or 3x scoring, especially during Orb Multiball, you can collect some monster jackpots!

Be careful of a few rules though. You can't use the Hadron to complete the last shot in Rocket mode and I thought there was the final jackpot in Groot Multiball that won't collect. I also pretty sure the Hadron does not collect shots in Ronan mode either.

All in all, I enjoy the Hadron after I learned to use it for my strategy.

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#4027 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Gotta share this with the group. I was at a local pinball/arcade bar last night and a couple was playing Gotg next to me and my fiancee. They obviously didn't know any of the rules and were saying things like "what do I do, where should I hit it, why is that flashing?". So, my fiancee, being very outgoing and friendly gave them a few quick tips and said "I only know because we actually own this game". The guy instantly became an ass and was dead set on convincing me that Stern games were generally garbage and could sometimes be fun if they were working. He said the main problem with Stern is that they only make 200 of each title and then abandon the title and move on to the next. I asked, "do you mean 200 limited editions?" He says no, 200 total, that's why they never work right. At that point, we both finished our game and just walked away. Where the hell do people come up with this stuff?

People are great. I know a lot of people who think they know a lot about everything...

#4062 2 years ago

I agree with the other Pinsiders. It looks like the pawl is a little tight, squeezing the flipper post, binding it against the white plastic sleeve that mounts through the playfield. Try loosening it a bit and sliding it about 1mm or less in the direction of the yellow arrow. Just make sure you tighten it enough to align it into position on the topside before tightening all the way.
Flipper Bind (resized).jpg

#4063 2 years ago

@bobukat Looks like we posted help at the same time! I didn't hit refresh.

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#4341 1 year ago

I've had that binding feeling when lowering Guardians before as well. It seemed to be caused by the larger wiring harnesses in the rippled black sheathing getting stuck on items sticking out of the backboard. See if that is what's causing the binding.

As far as the actual sign, the original sign is pretty tight to the glass. Not much clearance. A few Pinsiders (not all) noticed the sign mod was hitting their glass, so I lowered the height by a couple mm to make sure it always clears.

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#4347 1 year ago

Shiny gold T-mold will also look nice. It will match the Guardians logo on the backglass and you can switch out your coin mechs to matching gold with the kit from Pinball Life.

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#4414 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I'm obviously no expert, but isn't she holding the hot part? I could be wrong...


#4425 1 year ago

Looks great! I love the custom speaker panel.

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#4516 1 year ago

Last time I talked to Pinballlife, they told me about a new tool they were carrying... I may pick one up next order. Just recently had to change a flipper plunger/link and found myself doing the usual, going by feel and eyeballing it. Your situation and advice got me thinking. Probably worth the $0.59.


20200226_142803 (resized).jpg
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#4701 1 year ago
Quoted from Ecw0930:

Hello everyone. I’m seriously considering purchasing a GOTG but with the kids in the house i need to know if it has profanity in it, and if it can be turned off.
I appreciate your help as I searched and can’t seem to find it.
Thanks y’all.

Lines are taken mainly from the movie. During the game, I recall Nebula calling Gamora "stupid" and Drax says to Ronin "You killed my wife. You killed my daughter" but it's rather tame, especially compared to other games. I guess it depends on whether or not your kids have seen the Guardians movies. If you all are fans and don't mind this style of humor and sarcasm, the game should be very enjoyable. I have three between 10 and 15 years old and never once did I have any concerns while we play the game. Don't know if you can filter for family mode because we never needed to. Anyone else recall?

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#4809 1 year ago

Just make sure you choose the version of rails you want. I didn't realize there are rails for SAM/Whitestar and slightly different ones for Spike games. PinballLife has them both...

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#4948 11 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

I was looking into replacing the black apron with a translucent one, maybe purple??? My searches have not come up with any, but does anyone know where to order the apron stickers that are above and between the instruction cards???
Thank you,

Like this?

File_000 (resized).jpeg
#4950 11 months ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

Yes! Exactly! Now where to get those stickers?
Man yours looks amazing. With the color palette used on this game, it can’t help but to be a standout.

Thank you. When you get your translucent apron, just carefully remove the originals from the stock apron. You should easily be able to re-use them.

#4961 11 months ago

I like it. I was thinking about adding them to the orbits. Can you clarify that you added it to the Hadron? How? With a splitter underneath? Then does it award points or make noise?

How about the other side? I recall there used to be something in the Pro code that said "Disable spinners" but figured it wasn't programmed in and wasn't as simple as activating them.

Still fun to RRRRIIIIPPPP!

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#5701 5 months ago

Those are for each side of the spinner targets.

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#5797 5 months ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

While I wait for Stern to make up some more GOTG machines, I was just noticing in the picture of the GOTO-Pro that the APRON/ARCH is the plastic type. So I did a little looking in the manuals for PREMIUM and LE to compare, and it ALSO lists the APRON/ARCH as plastic. On page 39 in the manuals (Pro, Premium and LE) show all the part number to be 545-5995-02, which is a black plastic APRON/ARCH.
When did the metal apron/arch come into existence for Stern machines? Perhaps after 2017 GOTG I am guessing. And secondly, has it gotten any easier than a couple years ago when I saw #3516 mention doing so required some drilling to the playfield and notching the metal apron. Seems like it would be a good 'mod', and just requires the right modified apron and a couple of brackets perhaps.
Anyone done so recently?

Although the metal apron is more sturdy and could be powder coated in the future, strongly consider a colored translucent apron. Just a swap out on the Pro and looks great with this theme/art. I used purple, but I bet blue or orange would look great.

2582a3e6d0e591156a15efdbd2d6db7f9fac3307 (resized).jpg
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#6052 4 months ago

To make you feel even better, I don't believe you are missing any custom images. I believe they are exactly the same.

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