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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

3 years ago

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#5034 8 months ago

Looking at a pro for sale nearby, will I miss much by not getting a premium? I've only played the pro a few times on location. Thx,,,

#5036 8 months ago

In game play, what's missing that you wish pro had?

1 week later
#5107 7 months ago

Just picked up a beautiful pro, has mirrors, speaker lights , plastic protectors, trough light, Pyle speakers, and back of game led purple light. Ill be adding a shaker as soon as my distributor gets more. Any other must have mods?

2 weeks later
#5143 7 months ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

Per an old request, here is my pro with colored Titan post sleeves. Additionally, I recently received the Orb mod from Hooked on Pinball and plastic protectors for my Rocket and Pops from Laseriffic.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Orb looks great. Is it worth the$$? Haven't seen one on person

#5146 7 months ago

I picked up a pro a few weeks ago, finally put cleland in, what a huge difference. Great upgrade!

1 week later
#5154 6 months ago

Installed a shaker yesterday and we really did not like it. Even turned all the way down it was shaking the house and the glass like crazy. The integration just seemed off too as some modes shake non stop and others nothing at all. Was really expecting something to happen when groot opened his mouth but nothing there. Way overused in strange places. So I removed it and stuck it in my Stranger Things and like it much better well, crap. Have one ordered, guess I'll try and take out if not liked. Thanks for the heads up.

#5155 6 months ago

Thanks for the heads up, have one on the way. I can always use in the next game I guess

#5157 6 months ago

Wonder if stern or pinball life shaker?

#5163 6 months ago

I've only used stern shakers on all our games, never had an issue. Maybe I'll try a pinball life one. Thx for info

#5167 6 months ago

Does anyone know of or have a stern topper they would sell?

#5171 6 months ago
Quoted from raisindot:

Hi, I may be "asking the choir" here, but I have the opportunity to rent a GOTG pro for my home (the company doesn't have anything else that I would consider). Because of COVID and lack of locations to play in my area (greater Boston area) I haven't been able to try it out.
I'm not a great player so I doubt I would get too far through it. And I'm not one who is overly picky about rules. I'm just looking for a good game to play at home for a few months.
I know there's a lot of polarizing opinion about this game (and a lot of these for sale). In the past I owned a Lord of the Rings and a Game of Thrones Premium, neither of which I managed to get anywhere near completing. Do you think it's worth it to pay a couple hundred buck per month, maybe for 2-3 months? I just don't know if the rental place is going to get any other games that I'd be interested in.

It's a great game!! And if you install cleland sc card, its even better.

#5177 6 months ago
Quoted from bailorgana:

So I've had my game about a year. Couple things I can't quite dial in.
1) GROOT MULTIBALL DOESN'T START IMMEDIATELY. Sometimes the mb won't start until the 2nd ball search. I got all new carbon balls from Titan. They aren't magnetized. The optos are clean. There are no test issues. I can't figure out WTF is up with this.
2) LAUNCHER FIRES WHEN NO BALL PRESENT. Sometimes, in multiball, the trough doesn't get a ball to the launcher but the launcher fires anyway. Maybe its the switch in the lane? Switch works but maybe it goes off too easy? Problem is, when this is at the end of the MB, sometimes you don't get your ball, the mb times out and your mb is over when it shouldn't be. It isn't the end of the world, but I'd like to get rid of this issue.

I notice mine always fires a second or two after it auto launches a ball. Munsters did the same thing

#5179 6 months ago

I'm getting the ball stuck behind the orb drop target occasionally now. Won't release in ball search, I have to remove glass to free. Any fixes known? Thx,,

#5182 6 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Does the drop target drop in solenoid tests?

It works fine 9 times out of 10. Haven't tried test yet.

1 week later
#5192 6 months ago
Quoted from Whynot:

New to the club...any advice on Stern pro original soundtrack vs. Cleland vs. Applejuice?

Cleland is awesome. I pulled it out of pro i sold and couldn't stand stock version haha. Well, stock isn't bad , cleland is much better tho. 41 songs. Im picking up an LE thur and will be downloading cleland for it.

#5198 6 months ago

9 hour road trip today, pickin up an LE. Gonna be a long drive home waitin to play!

#5205 6 months ago

#29 in the lineup!

20210415_191045 (resized).jpg
#5206 6 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

#29 in the lineup!
[quoted image]

Now , ulek protectors , sub, speaker lights . And a baby groot

#5215 6 months ago
Quoted from Rengozu:

I've got most of the extra light kits marketed for GotG ready to go, but was wondering if anyone could recommend some kind of twinkly lighting (fairy light) that I could use on the backboard behind Groot. Thought it could look cool to make the embers twinkle if I could find something to get the effect right.

Comet makes some great fire bulbs, but not sure how they would look there.

#5216 6 months ago

My jaw is in decent shape, just a bit of paint loss, but ordered spare anyways just to have. Thx for the heads up!

#5220 6 months ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

Ok so I’ve wanted a GOTG for about 3 years now!
Problems 1 ones come up a little more than I want to spend
Problem 2 I’m full!! 8 games is my max I can’t fit any more in this game screams kinetic satisfaction to me as do all Borg’s.
Problem 3 is I have 8 fantastic games! 8 games that I don’t want to get rid of. 4 Borg’s, a Gomez, a Balcer, an Elwin and a Nordman. I LOVE my 4 Borg’s. Tmnt, iron man, TWDLE and xmen. I love deadpool and WH2O. I enjoy woz and aiq.
So problem 4 exists where I’ve got 4 Borg’s in my collection add another and it’s majority Borg. So a Borg is kind of on the chopping block. But I don’t want any of them to leave.
How do people rate gotg against these other games. At the moment my rating of my collection is
Iron man
That’s no sneeze on woz or aiq it’s just those other games are higher. Is it warranted to sell maybe iron man and bring in gotgle?

Twd, tmnt,wh20,xmen all can go if it were me. Maybe woz too.

#5225 6 months ago
Quoted from C0untDeM0net:

Are these jaws really breaking? It seems like a really beefy piece. I mean mine's not that old and already has some paint fade but if it really bothered me I could just repaint it at some point. That said I have a stern pirates as well where the bash toy is no longer purchasable and can break over time from the hits and don't wanna be in that spot again. If these things are also breaking it'd be a good idea to get another

I've just read on here that they have broken and replacements were a long time coming. Ill never sell the le I just bought , so for $34, its cheap insurance.

#5230 6 months ago

Added the type 12 deluxe kit last nite, think it works great on gotg!

#5238 5 months ago

Play it!! Don't wait on the cliffys, you won't hurt a thing .what I'm saying is the cliffys are awesome. But you'll be fine until they arrive.

1 week later
#5277 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Can’t decide if GOTGLE is to go to make room for Mando..
It’s a tough choice..
[quoted image]

No way!!

#5281 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

So good Hayfarmer.. you have it twice!?

No, just the le.. for some reason, since the site went down, I can't make any adjustments in my collection list. It just freezes when I try to remove a game.

#5291 5 months ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Are the Stern banners available somewhere, or do you have to be Stern Army member or something?

I have a maiden banner if interested

#5299 5 months ago
Quoted from Pixel8Arcade:

Installed the type 12 speaker light kit and a 5” LCD screen in the apron with an on/off toggle switch inside the coin door.
[quoted image]

I have the type 12s also, fits this theme so well!! Great lookin pin you have!

#5302 5 months ago


1 week later
#5325 5 months ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Seems like a silly question to me. Mostly due to the type of "round" ones that you have pictured there. Of course I might be a bit bias, but I think the one on the left looks better.
Doug (SpeakerLightKits.com)
[quoted image]

I put the deluxe type 12 in from Doug and they look great!!

1 week later
#5350 4 months ago
Quoted from red-line:

Anybody have thoughts on ULEK vs laserrific plastic protectors? Early in this thread, someone mentioned that ULEK is acrylic and laserrific is something softer, so the ULEK would break easier. Not sure if anyone else can speak to that, or to the aesthetics of each.
Another question, as I'm about to buy a NIB pro - what do you guys pay for NIB? MSRP?

I have ulek, very well made and lite up so nice. But have not seen or used laserific

3 weeks later
#5381 4 months ago

What will it hurt?

1 week later
#5403 3 months ago

I've had cleland in both the pro i had and the le we have now. Can't compare it to others, but cleland would be hard to beat .

#5414 3 months ago

I'm in the minority. I've played all three games, and still like gotg the best, in prem or le trim. And that's before I bought our gotg. Its easy to learn, but ill never beat it. So it keeps us entertained

#5425 3 months ago
Quoted from BroMan90:

Can you pinstadium users share some more in depth photos or videos of them in action on guardians? Also what you have triggering the flasher.
On the fence for this game, would appreciate some honest feedback from users who have already done it.

We have an le, pinstadium not needed , my opinion. Plenty of light in this game. They are a great add on for other pins

#5430 3 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I have the Pro and agree, this game is plenty bright with stock GI.

I'm not knocking pinstadium at all, great product. Worked well on deadpool and munsters, very dark games . Gotg has great lighting in my opinion

1 week later
#5453 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Joining the club. Put a deposit down for a pro at Cointaker for the next run. Melissa said should arrive in August. Can’t wait!!

Get the cleland code!

#5464 3 months ago

I got this decal from space coast pinball to cover that ugly yellow seizure decal. Much better now!!

20210714_162310 (resized).jpg
#5472 3 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Does it make the game that much better?


#5489 3 months ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

My Stern arms don't get in the way in my opinion, but I understand why some chose the mod.

Agreed. I sold our pro to get an le, because I like the look of the arms. Would of been just as happy with a premium, but this came up for a good price .

#5505 3 months ago

Just recieved my panels from wizard mods, highly recommend them. Great service ,easy install

20210720_080656 (resized).jpg20210720_081204 (resized).jpg
#5522 89 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Have almost all my mods. Just waiting for my topper from mezelmods to arrive. And also my pin. August can’t get here fast enough. I also need to order the scoop cliffy and translucent clear rubber from pinball life.


#5537 88 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Shaker motor worth ordering for this one? Trying to get everything I need beforehand. I can see it in Jurassic park but not sure about GOTG. Any opinions ?

Yes!! Very well integrated

#5540 87 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Good to hear. Now I just have to find one! seems everyone's sold out.

Pinball life should have shakers too

#5545 87 days ago
Quoted from Markharris2000:

I saw you purchased a replacement Groot Jaw. Is that for future needs in the event it becomes banged up?

I got one to awhile back just because they haven't been available for awhile. Cheap insurance to have on hand

1 week later
#5654 77 days ago


#5660 76 days ago

<blockquote ..

#5661 76 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

Nope , that was me. It’s getting here tomorrow.
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"6fae1cc588e313320e9439e366f637d93b3d21a9-1628219415-1800"};

Play a few games on factory card b4 you put cleland in. You will appreciate it more!!
Have my shaker and cleland mod ready and waiting downstairs !

#5678 76 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

I’m assuming when I get this thing downstairs and turn it on the newest code will already be installed ?

As soon as you turn it on it will tell you in right upper corner of screen what code you are running. Comes and goes quickly so watch for it

#5760 69 days ago
Quoted from red-line:

bad news, y'all. 1.08 on my new machine.

Not all bad, its still a great game as is. Think positive!

#5775 68 days ago
Quoted from red-line:

Thanks! Yea I ordered some shorter spacers from Marco.
I'm bummed that cleland won't work on machine, but still having a blast with it. I sold my maiden premium to get the guardians pro and I don't regret the decision. I'm loving the ramps, the orb shot, and the scoop. Having fun trying (with maybe a 60% success rate) to drop catch out of the scoop. I got to cherry bomb on my first night, and missed my PR by a million

Why not go to a hardware store and get longer bolts? I believe they are 6x32 threads aren't they,?

#5824 64 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

I have a guardians pro coming next week. My only pro as im usually premium/le. What mods are must haves? And what pitch is this game best at?

Shaker and sub woofer for sure. Pinwoofer if you really wanna take it over the top.

#5826 64 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Yea i do shaker/invisiglass/shooter rod on every game. Didnt know what else.


#5830 64 days ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

Cheaper...or cheap, yeah, that's an accurate description of them. Look great?! Hmmmm...I don't think so. Do you really like the look of the off-center lit holes with the bars running through them?
Doug - SpeakerLightKits.com - Home of the original pinball Speaker Light Kit[quoted image][quoted image]

Love your kits!

Screenshot_20210514-211735_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg
#5875 61 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Yeah definitely a win for me regardless where it came from. I added teal LEDs on the back and green for the spotlights for now. The bright white clear lens LEDs were too much. Will tackle all the other mods tomorrow.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Might wanna block out yr address, name, phone number etc,

#5877 61 days ago
Quoted from Only_Pinball:

Too late. I am already on my with a box truck!

Exactly! But by the time you get there from Florida he will be ready and waiting!!

#5919 56 days ago
Quoted from jstarner79:

Got my brand new Guardians Pro unpacked today. Build date of July 30. Unfortunately, I'm in the version 1.08 club. I was really looking forward to using the Cleland sound mode, and now obviously that is not possible. I really hope there is a way to get that changed in the near future!

Don't despair, its still a great game !!

1 week later
#5984 49 days ago
Quoted from mima:

I couldn't be more proud of my five year-old ❤️

Future pro!!!

1 week later
#6009 42 days ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

I have it but never hooked it up. You have any pics available how you did it? I got freaked out when I had to remove rubber around one of the GI ‘s? And gave up. Sorry still feeling my way around this stuff.

Easy to do. Use a razor knife to cut rubber boot, pulls off easy with a pair of needle nose pliers. Go for it!!

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