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Guardians of the Galaxy owner's thread

By Blacksun

4 years ago

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Post #22 picture of optional gold side rains. Posted by Blacksun (4 years ago)

Post #2129 magnet fix. Posted by MapleSyrup (3 years ago)

Post #2448 hd60609 sign mod Posted by bobukcat (3 years ago)

Post #5401 Groot mouth replacement motor information. Posted by Markharris2000 (7 months ago)

Post #5668 Important information about Node board changes in later runs. Posted by TrixTrix (5 months ago)

Post #5685 Firmware required for new node boards! Posted by Peanuts (5 months ago)

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#236 4 years ago

Just set my pro up yesterday and I love the game. Great ramp and orbit flow, Rocket shot is challenging but fun, and feeding Groot balls is a blast.
Some great mulitiballs too! I miss my Ironman and Metallica and this fills that void perfectly.
I will be changing the sounds with Pinball Browser, but I feel the only bad ones are Rocket & Yondu. Gotta have me some 10cc's I'm not in love for high score music

#238 4 years ago

Thanks man! I'm on the case and hard at work to make this game better for us all

#243 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Shouldn't you be re-doing TWD now the new code (!!!!) is out?

Haha, I know talk about timing....yikes! I'm hoping for TWD I can just run a macro and sound prompts have not changed. I will post links tomorrow if this is the case. At any rate TWD will take priority as GOTG will take me some time. If anyone has the ability to send me the GOTG movies ripped that would help a lot.
Otherwise I have to purchase them this weekend and rip them myself. PM me if you can help.

#333 4 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Drop target does not need a plastic protector it needs a flat piece of stainless mounted x from post-to post on the underside of the plastic

It needs something for sure, I turned my coils down to low and I'm still getting way to powerful shots to the drop, and some airballs.

#392 4 years ago
Quoted from DadofTwins:

When my machine auto launches the ball, it has a tendency to fly into the backboard? Anybody else experiencing the same thing?

This has also happened to me on occasion. In general even with the coils set to "Soft" in settings I'm getting crazy coil powers.
I have SuperBands on all my other games with no problems. I had to remove them off GOTG and go back to regular rubber for the flippers as I was just launching airballs from the flippers most of the time.

#408 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Use Titan Rubbers

Are there big difference between Titan and Superbands? I thought they were the same material, but maybe not.

Quoted from DCFAN:

Raise the rubbers a little higher on the faces of the bats. If the rubber is above the ball it does not hit up on the ball just like a bat hitting a ball in baseball.

Cool, I'll give that a shot, thanks! I'm convinced there's no difference in the coil power settings.

#411 4 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Titan is silicone, superbands are polyurethane. Very very very different, and play completely different as well. IMO Titans are far far superior but everyone has their open opinions on both brands. If you have never tried titans please do, hell i will even send you a couple samples cause thats how much i love them haha.

You're a good salesman I will for sure give them a shot, sounds very convincing!

#415 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I bought Titans and won't go back. They are also much easier to put on.

This whole conversation triggered a memory about a movie called "Amazon Women On The Moon" I busted out laughing watching this scene again.

#427 4 years ago

Coils are “Way tuned up”. I can’t play it as it’s just launching airballs and going to break something.
Powered down for now for me until I get plastic protectors and Cliffys...just way too much coil power.

#465 4 years ago
Quoted from deeplennon1:

I know Cleland is working on this, wish him well it's going to be a lot of work.

Thanks for the song locations, very helpful! I'm still just pulling, editing sound bytes and organizing. I hear another code drop will happen by the 15th, so I will wait until then to start dropping them in.

#484 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

How are you making out with putting the movie lines over the recorded lines? Is it matching up seamlessly?

I have not been replacing yet, still collecting but I'm not worried too much about times as I can time stretch to a point and most quotes are direct replacements of dialog from the movie. The only issue I see so far is background music bleeding into some of the quotes. I'll see what I can do to filter that out as much as I can.

#487 4 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

I assume you are creating an MKV file and then using Audacity to pull 5.1 soundtrack and just use the center channel for dialogue and dump the other channels. That’s what I’ve done to start an AVLR project.

That is indeed what I am doing! But, channel 3 which is the dialog track does still have some music/sfx mixed in it. What is AVLR project? Sorry I don't know.

1 week later
#582 4 years ago

I hope they use Jackson Five for the end sequence (which is what I was going to do anyway) as that’s how the first movie ended. Great to hear about the new songs, I still think I’ll swap out Cherry Bomb for Brandy though. And I will truncate
Hooked on a Feeling for sure and get rid of the Uga Chacka beginning....now just gotta get ELO’s Mr Blue Sky in there.....hmmmmm. I’m loving my Pro though, great shooting game!

#696 4 years ago
Quoted from Flippersaurus:

I don't get any alerts or sounds when I open the coin door with the game on. I can play a whole game with the coin door open. Is this a new Spike feature? lol, guess I should email Stern about it.

No more high voltage in the bottom cabinet, so no need for alerts. All the high voltage is in the backbox with Spike.

1 month later
#1199 3 years ago
Quoted from Apollon:

Topper just arrived !!!

Man, that does look awesome. Look forward to seeing it lit up and integrated with the game.

For those interested in a sound replacement mod, I just posted this thread.

4 weeks later
#1386 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Service bulletin attached.

This is needed for sure, I already broke the plastic one at Pinball Life in under 10 games.

Stern's is not very good looking, but I'm afraid that Orb plastic will break as I get so many airballs from that shot. I've stopped playing my game until I get this and the Scoop Protector that's now on games shipping. Contacted my awesome distributer, so I'm sure I'll be taken care of.

#1389 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

We have been patiently waiting for a fix from Stern. It is frustrating and disappointing that we have a new game and small issues make us reluctant to play the machine. We are starting to really like the game. We reported the issue to Stern over a month ago. We are not the only ones and this issue affects all the models.

Where yours broke in the back is crazy. It doesn't even look like the ball can make contact back there. Do you think it broke from pop bumper action or airball?
I agree an entire protector would best. My Pro is an early version without the metal Orb piece or scoop protector. I have all other protectors in place.

#1390 3 years ago
Quoted from camcamaro1991:

Does anyone have these mounted little shop of games installed on their GOTG?

Do you have a link?

#1392 3 years ago
Quoted from camcamaro1991:

are you asking where to buy them?
just not a fan of purchasing the entire set, they should sale just the ORB protector separate, seems to take a beating for all your guys pics, so far glad I skipped on this pin but I feel your pain, as stated my HD slings take a beating too. but man I love those GOTG's RGB's

Thanks, and yes they should sell only the Orb one separately as I already have the other ones and don't need a whole set.

#1394 3 years ago

I just looked and my Orb Plastic #12 is indeed broken at the left front post mount and I have less than 50 games on mine. Please do report back about a protector from ULEK. I have reached out to my distributer to see what Stern will offer as far as replacement. I can't believe they don't test this out more.
Seems like shipping with a protector would make more sense than sending out replacements.

#1401 3 years ago

Looks great, but I think you need one more blue under the bottom plastic of the orb shot?

#1413 3 years ago
Quoted from Hasi:

hi cleland,
i had that too, but the whole plastic assembling gets to high and so the orb doesn‘t open any more.
i made all the plastic by myself.

Gotcha, it would work on the Pro I think though, I have about 5-6 mm clearance from the top plastic piece since the orb doesn't open.
Would you consider selling pieces and shipping to the US? Love how the pieces light up, nice job!

#1415 3 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

What was the code version at TPF, any notes of changes? Thanks

Would love to know this too. Someone report please

#1430 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Hi fellow owners,
Any of you experiencing huge airballs from the orb drop?
I dont dare take a shot from the left anymore, a right cradle backhand sends it up and over the flippers as is
Coil power set was always set to soft. I know stern drops usually settle down after 100 plus plays, not get worse over time. In about 250 games now. Its deadly risky like the GB Scolari brothers again

Big time problem with air balls for the orb shot. Already broke the plastic and Stern sent me a replacement plastic and metal bracket to help the issue.

1 week later
#1498 3 years ago

Next update should really polish it out. I love the way the game shoots, just needs some balancing and better direction in modes. I'm eagerly awaiting to do my sound tweaks too

#1503 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

I hope you are right. We are really starting to like our LE. Stern came good and replaced our orb plastic so I am happy about that.

Glad to hear it!
Stern replaced my Orb plastic and sent me the metal protector free of charge too. I've got the plastic protectors coming from Hasi too just to bullet proof it.

#1506 3 years ago

The bummer about the scoop protector is that it's factory on the Premium and LE's and Stern won't sell it directly for Pro Games. My awesome distributer asked and they said they are only for Premium/LE games and will not sell separately.
That's pretty stupid IMO and really pisses me off. Maybe some kind person can send Cliffy one off their Premium/LE to reverse engineer. I'm done with Stern though, they get great licenses and always eff up the sound and then pull this kind of crap to boot. Sorry, just venting....

#1509 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

He has a guardians set.

Not for the scoop though. I’ve been in contact with Cliff and it’s not available.

#1532 3 years ago

It must have taken longer to type up those changes than implement them

Downloading now to evaluate.

#1655 3 years ago

Props and shoutout to Hasi . I purchased some colored plastic protectors for my Pro and they look awesome! Now my Orb shot is bullet proof!

720FE947-5505-40A8-A235-44F51B9EB2C4 (resized).jpeg

40561F64-6135-489B-BE44-612E2F367672 (resized).jpeg

1285EB82-BA8A-4667-8BC4-887FFEB34935 (resized).jpeg

94584C6F-DD1E-4EFB-A053-A06E8A9BF364 (resized).jpeg

#1659 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I need that purple orbit protector! Does he have ads in the marketplace?

Maybe PM him directly. I know he has an LE and because of the moving Orb, the bottom piece won’t fit. But for a Pro it just clears with all three layers. I’m glad Stern sent me a new bottom Orb piece to boot.

3 weeks later
#1816 3 years ago

Well, I can tell you the Topper is finally integrated and compliments the modes nicely! Now to get onto the sound and music changes

#1818 3 years ago

Yup, will shoot some later today when I can get the wifey to video while I play a game. I know you're across the pond but within the next 24 hours I'll post a youtube link.

#1829 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Kevin , when you do, is is possible to do a version without music while the ball/game is in mode selection or resting in the shooter lane ?

Sure, I gather you want just the stock music with only the sound call outs replaced?

2 months later
#2464 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I have the opposite view. Some of the songs from the soundtrack do not fit in well with pinball at all. Escape Kyln has like three different tunes mashed together.
Cleland has an alternative version now, that just replaces the dialog with the actual actors. This leaves Stern's excellent instrumental music intact, while replacing the God-awful voice actors.
Wolf, give both a try, but I highly recommend the "Sinestro" version, as Cleland calls it.

This is why I offered this version via your request, which is awesome, everybody likes things differently. But, Escape Kyln in the movie has both Hooked on a Feeling and the Pina Colada song when he gets his walkman back, which is why I combined those two songs for that mode. I never do anything random, there is always thought behind what I do. There's also only so much I can do with the limitations of song lengths etc.....

I'm gonna take a little time for the next couple of weeks to smooth out some things for 1.02 including some sound bytes from Vol2 that make sense and add variety and are not just jammed in there for the heck of it.

#2469 3 years ago
Quoted from raycasual:

curious...im assuming you’ve seen infinity war. was there any gotg character dialog you thought might be useful to add like you did with vol 2?

Indeed I did see Avengers Infinity War and it might as well been titled GOTG Vol3
Need to wait for the DVD release to pull from that though, but it's on my radar.

5 months later
#3118 3 years ago
Quoted from mummite:

I asked Cleland directly and his response was the following.
Yes! You can run the Stern 1.06 update over it, just be sure to use the default settings. Do not do image verify or anything like that and it will leave the modified sounds alone as they have not changed places over the last few updates.
I did this with 1.04 and it did keep everything. Assume the same for this update, can anyone confirm.

I have to retract that statement, as I don't have my game to test anymore. I thought it would be the same as 1.04, but it looks like not.
I would advise not to update for now!

#3126 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

Cleland you need me to ship your game back so you can fix and then ship it back to me again? Ok maybe just buy a plane ticket to CO that would be cheaper.

I know right? You better be enjoying that baby! I would not update to 1.06 until I can get a copy of the stock image to look at.

#3135 3 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Also, by doing a full update does that keep CLELAND mods intact?

I'd be interested in knowing this too. Sinestro is getting me a stock image of the PRO version 1.06. If anyone with an LE/Premium can get me a stock image of that I can run the Pinball Browser macro and make sure all the sound goes into the latest code and post new modified links. You need a program like "ddUtility" on Mac or similar to backup the stock SD card image. Etcher only writes .img files to the SD card, doesn't backup from an SD card.

#3143 3 years ago

I don't want to derail this thread anymore, but the macro ran fine on the stock image @sinestro provided for me. I'm in the process uploading PRO versions of mine (which had music and callouts replaced from the movie soundtrack), and Sinestro's version which is just the movie quotes replaced and keeps stock music.
I still need someone to provide me an LE/Premium image, PM me if you can.
I will post links in the thread for sound mod replacement that I posted here:


3 weeks later
#3204 3 years ago
Quoted from jsm172:

Anyone with clelands 1.06 code get a loud spark sound through the speakers sometimes?

Quoted from Tungsten78:

You might be hearing the "Knocker". It is quite loud and irritating. Go through the service menus and find "Knocker volume". You can select between a few options each time hearing what it sounds like. That should confirm whether it's what you heard. I choose off - always.

That's exactly what it has to be. No spikes in my sound

2 weeks later
#3260 3 years ago
Quoted from jsm172:

I think I have found a bug in the code that wasn’t there before. If I start quills quest the quest ends after the first ramp shot no matter what time is left. I have clelands code so it could be something with his code. Does it do this for anyone else?

For the record (again) nothing is altered in the "game code" with my versions. Only the audio has been changed via Pinball Browser. If there's a bug in the code, it's from the factory and has nothing to do with the audio modifications.

1 month later
#3484 2 years ago
Quoted from Oldtimer20:

I will try and post the recording later or tomorrow...but where can I download the original for what people refer to as the Cleland version and how do I then reload it into the pin?

PM me for my email address and I'll post it. I know for a fact there are no F-Bombs in my sound replacement for GOTG....Now TWD is another story.

#3487 2 years ago

Well, like art, I guess it's up to interpetation. This is my original sound file. Do we hear "Forgive" or something else? I could see/hear it either way I guess.
Just like the great Blue or Gold dress debate...


Check this Youtube scene at the :36 second mark too.

1 year later
#4480 1 year ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Finally joined the club.
This is my type of game. Love the theme and understandable rules!
Looking forward to Cleland’s new release he’s working on as we speak!

Here ya go!


3 weeks later
#4489 1 year ago

About to be back in the club again HUO Pro arriving Saturday, yay I get my baby back!

#4492 1 year ago
Quoted from mcvetyty:

Haha, dare I ask what happened to your first one?!

I had to sell for financial reasons first time around.

Quoted from izzy:

Tried the link to the new Cleland sound download and I'm still getting 404 error. Tried it with chrome and Firefox. Any help would be appreciated.

Check your messages

1 month later
#4540 1 year ago

Anyone can contact me directly and I am happy to help. Yes, we are in the age of not sharing these full image links publicly any longer.
BTW....I don't think I shared, but I am back in the club with a beautiful GOTG Pro! So good to have this one back!

IMG_7360 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#4757 1 year ago
Quoted from DaddyManD:

Looks like Stern is methodically updating code for games with some polish, some new features, etc. cleland a lot of us are running your MUST HAVE code and was wondering if you would consider updating it when/if a new GOTG code comes out?

Yup, Stern and a certain "Senior Systems Engineer" have it out for Pinball Browser and our ability to customize our pinball experience.
It's really up to the author of Pinball Browser to keep updating, and I know it's as frustrating for him as it is for us.

2 weeks later
#4791 1 year ago
Quoted from Babarr3445:

So I made the change to Cleland mod and noticed a different setting on Groot. I now have to hit the mouth lock three times and then it will open. I then hit the ball in three times to start multiball. I used to hit the mouth lock once, then it would open, and I would hit it in. I would repeat this three times to start multi ball. I know that this is a setting that can be adjusted. Can someone guide me?

My image uses all default settings, so you will probably have to go into game settings and adjust to your liking. I'm guessing on your game, the settings were altered.

1 week later
#4828 1 year ago
Quoted from seger10494:

Is it still possible to get the cleland code for this. Just got the game and it doesn't have it

Check your inbox, I just sent you the info.

Quoted from bobukcat:

PM cleland directly and be sure to tell him if you need the Pro or Premium, he no longer posts them publicly.

Thanks bobukcat

5 months later
#5311 8 months ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Well it’s goodbye again guys. Leaving the club for good this time. It was a great run. Fantastic game but time to try something else. [quoted image]

If you were not on the other side of the world, I'd beg you to buy the topper....so bummed I sold mine with my original game, and I refuse to pay what they are scalped for now.

2 months later
#5691 5 months ago

I don't see any actual changes to the game rules with the code update?
I'm guessing Stern is just adding adjustment features and such, and locking out Pinball Browser modified code.
So I would just keep running 1.06. Newest software is not always better IMO...

#5715 5 months ago

I don't have high hopes for my sound mod to work on these last batch of games. But, if it can be done I'll port the sounds over to 1.08

Markharris2000 pretty much nailed it IMO.

#5722 5 months ago

ExSquid, you got lucky for sure.....and I hope there are more of you out there on this last run that get lucky too. It will be interesting to see about how many of these factory shipped 1.08 go/went out. I'm guessing less than 100, but who knows.
In the marketplace it will confusing, because if you have a game built ~July 19th 2021 or later, you could be screwed

#5727 5 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I wonder if you could put the 1.06 Cleland card in and then use a USB drive to update to 1.08 and get it to work properly?

This cannot be done, the 1.08 USB update will wipe out all of my sound changes.
I have not had a chance to download the new 1.08 to load in Pinball Browser, but I'm guessing it won't load....but I'll give it a shot.

4 months later
#6284 43 days ago

I'm on it . Will run my macro and test on my Pro, hopefully later today.

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