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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#233 2 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Bent plastics are useless. Just get in the way when they fall off during a game, or have to remove them when taking glass off. No thanks.

all those cheap dudes with plastic flaps taped to their games down voted you. i upvoted you. i have invisiglass in mines. gave the plastic flaps to my cheapo friends.

#237 2 years ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I know I have this to be graded. Go gaurdians go!

thats the gotg i remember!

#1166 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Speaking of which, does anyone know if the hands move up and down and if the fingers move separately?

they "flip" you the middle finger when you tilt!

#1283 2 years ago

i like the pro on this and i have been down on stern. i actually dont like the arms on pre/le blocking the ramps.
the pro looks almost the same, add some toys and rails, save a couple thousand and good to go. now that this is released i am looking for the next one, i like to see new games on the market. not gonna buy nib anymore but could see getting this in a couple of years. wheres jaws now??

#1547 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Don’t you just love when you get downvoted because you give Stern credit for making a GREAT game? Oh well, it’s the Pinside way I guess, not much you can do about it. Like you said though, very DICKISH!

cause how can you know its great when the public hasnt played it yet!

#1669 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Man does the art on the Pro Pop!
I cant stop starring at it....I love the bright turquoise trim around the backbox.

love the way it looks and hope it plays great.

1 week later
#2305 2 years ago

stern just keep putting out pins with ramps, decks, slings, plungers.

they are all so similar.

#2460 2 years ago

i really wanted to buy this and i have been really down on stern. coin taker was getting a big delivery this monday and i was probably able to get one (a pro) this week. after watching the play and early code, i have to sit this out. i think in a year it will be really good.

#2568 2 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

thank you for this video !!!

saved many people alot of money

#2869 2 years ago

if the code was any good we would be talking gameplay and not having these code bad/good/incomplete discussions.

bottom line stern is selling you a cab and you are going to have to wait for code.
so wrong in so many ways.

#2993 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

This doesn't exist.

mods are saving the planet today.

#3584 2 years ago

i recall when new jjp potc was shown and people were going crazy over it, a few weeks later somebody posted that stern will be surprising everybody with gotg. it was gonna be a game changer. what happend?

1 month later
#4161 1 year ago
Quoted from PinB:

New code is up (0.85):
PRO V0.85 - January 9, 2018
- optimized switch hit graphics during Escape Kyln 2 as each FX was slowing down the display.
- changed Immolation Initiative music to match Intro with Ronan.
- optimized switch hit graphics during Immolation Initiative.
- updated the display effect that appears while pressing both flipper buttons in the attract mode to show the score(s) of the last game played.
- updated the Competition Mode display effect that appears in the attract mode while holding in the left flipper button.
- added a level 2 jackpot lightshow to Immolation Initiative.
- Added score frame to Immolation Initiative progress display screen
- added award display f/x to Immolation Initiative.
- fixed a problem where mode select was still active after the player plunged the ball and inadvertently switched the selected mission as they used the flippers to move the lit skill shot.
- added an Immolation Initiative Champion to instant info
- added an adjustment to allow Mode Select at Ball Start, default is "Yes".
- added skill shot speech.
- added Hadron Enforcer speech.
- added skill shot, super skill shot sound FX.
- now every other Immolation Initiative level 2 jackpot adds a ball back into play.
- added Immolation Initiative light logic to the bottom grid of lamps.
- added Save Xandar light logic to the bottom grid of lamps.
- changed logic for the orbit control gates to remain down during Immolation Initiative.
- Groot Multiball ball save progress has been optimized.
- added a Hadron Enforcer Awards adjustment, i.e. # of Hadron Enforcers shots to award upon completing the Hadron Enforcer targets.
- increased the MAX number of Hadron Enforcer shots accumulated to 9.
- raised the volume of the Sibling Rivalry, Pod Chase & Sanctuary Awards as they were hard to hear over the background FX.
- added Immolation Initiative awards to the Hadron Enforcer, i.e. the Hadron Enforcer can collect Immolation Initiative awards.
- fixed a bug where the Hadron Enforcer would give awards when they were not available.
- added a level 1 jackpot lightshow to Immolation Initiative.
- added Immolation Initiative progress display screen.
- fixed Immolation Initiative speech.
- added Hadron Enforcer Lit sound F/X.
- now only single rampage letters show up if the display is busy showing other awards.
- the Hadron Enforcer action button, after game over, was still flashing in the attract mode. This has been fixed.
- Immolation Initiative can now be restarted if a level 2 Jackpot (which adds a ball) is collected during the grace period.
- fixed a bug where the right outlane ball save was awarded if you drained during the start of Multiball. Now the game gives the ball back without turning off the right outlane ball save lamp.
- added Immolation Initiative High Score Champion.
- added adjustments to support Immolation High Score Champion (default score threshold, type of award to give, # of awards to give.
- added Immolation Initiative Champion to the attract mode.
- Fixed a problem where high score 3 was showing phantom letters.
- fixed Immolation Initiative speech that was being cut off.
- Immolation Level 1 and 2 Jackpot awards can now be collected via switch hit thresholds.
- fixed a bug where locked balls were not being added into play during Immolation Initiative.
- added Immolation Initiative Wizard Mode.
- restructured Orb Magnet timeout to be more efficient.
- added mode start display effects for all movie modes, i.e. Sanctuary, Sanctuary 2.
- now the top magnet pulses during Orb Multiball
- now cycling magnet(s) will timeout if balls are being held on the flipper.
- added lights to Orb Multiball to indicate orb/super jackpot levels.
- Added Hadron Enforcer lit display FX.
- high score initials music was running during the match f/x, this has been fixed.
- added End of Ball Bonus Multiplier sound FX 1X-10X.

wow its almost finished

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