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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#140 2 years ago

Can't tell much, but I like that they're using inserts as Starlord's eyes ....I always like when inserts are incorporated into the art. I wished that Iron Man had used inserts for his eyes or chest on the playfield.

#144 2 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

This game could be a real treat if Stern treats the material with respect and leverages the humour and music.
If the game isn’t riddled with movie callouts from all the main actors, why even make it? (See TWD random fake southern accent guy).
If the game doesn’t have the music from the movies, why even make it? (since the soundtrack is so integral to these movies).
I really hope it’s funny. Almost all the top rated games of all time have a huge humour component to them (AfM, MM, AF, etc.). They really need to get Chris Pratt to do custom callouts for the game, that would freakin' make it.
...but I really doubt they will 'cause $. Here's hoping I'm pleasently surprised.

Sound package will make or break this game.

#171 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Customize it either way with Pinball Browser!

Nah. When I pay this much for something I want it done right. Sound package isn't just about tracks. It's about voice clips, custom voices, effects, mixing, choreography. I'm not doing their job for them when I buy something this expensive.

#180 2 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

If they make it like TRON LE it will.....

That doesn't make sense. There will be a GOTG Premium. Tron had no Premium, hence the great demand after the fact.

Also Tron LE was less than $5500 shipped when new. Just sayin.

#245 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Looks like there's at least 3 magnets on the game which is cool and I think I see what is part of a motor of some kind in another pic. I'm hoping that with this game Stern returns to loading up games with cool and unique features like they did with GB.

We should all hope and pray that this game is nothing like GB.

Quoted from Jargus:

Man, I was just getting ready to drop some money on GB...now I have to wait and see.

Wisest choice of all time.

#294 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yes, the last thing we would want is another game loaded up with multiple unique features and toys, have handdrawn artwork, contain original character audio from the actors, and custom callouts from one of the films actors, lol.

Toys that don't do anything, toys that don't work well, audio from the character no one cares about (Stranger Things 2 confirms: Winston sucks), layout that's unplayable, ten mile flipper gap, poor code concept, missing wizard mode, typo on the playfield, ghosting inserts, designed by a pedophile!!!

I have high hopes that GOTG will
be none of those things.

#296 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

If you look at the left inlanes , it look likes they use the GB style metal inlane/outlane's.
I hope they put a rubber post in front of them so we don't have killer outlane's like GB.

Borg knows how to design inlanes. He used metal on Met and it's fine.

#322 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

You seem to have a deep seated need for Pinside to reinforce your decision not to buy this game. You post the same thing over and over again in every thread, regardless of whether it's even remotely related.
What's the root cause of this need for affirmation? Dig deep....tell us what's wrong. We're here to help you.

It's just terrible, someone said they hoped GOTG is like it- I disagreed. Why are GB fans so insecure about their awesome game?

#332 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

I dont think people are insecure about it, more just tired of the dead and beaten horse that you keep beating.

I didn't bring up GB in this thread. Blame that guy. Plenty of people have less than positive opinions on that game. But sure keep scapegoating me. There's an ignore button, bro.

#336 2 years ago

High rez pics anyone? Hard to really see much but I dig the style from what I can see so far.

#361 2 years ago

Why do low res pics even exist in 2017?

#387 2 years ago

-Rocket = War Machine from IM
-Groot is a combo of Sparky/Snake/Ark MB
-I like the drop target captive catch thing - borrowed from ST
-Modes and inserts look like they lend themselves to traditional rules (good IMO)
-Typical Borg fan/fast layout

Looks like it could be very good. Nothing mindblowing, but fun and looks nice. I'll definitely play it on location & contemplate purchase after that.

#526 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Movie scores are cool. Love the music in Iron Man and don't really care that the rock songs are missing.

It's a huge part of the GOTG personality tho. But - I do love the main score theme, so like IM and Tron, the music will be a mix of movie score and original score.

People will be disappointed tho. Friggin' Mustang had licensed songs. Shrek had All-Star.

#686 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Sounds similar to the Venegeance on Star Trek. The premium and LE had that ship on a coil so it was a little more animated and it "crashed" when you defeated it.

Yeah, Rocket will just twitch/vibrate on the Prem/LE.

So, my first impressions are overall positive. It's attractive, the Pro is just about feature complete (minus spinners). Borg makes nice playing games. It'll come down to the code/LCD/sound package to tie it all together...but it looks like the code will be pretty straight forward/traditional which will be a nice break from math-chess. Looks like it'll be a mix of modes & character collecting, multiballs and a couple wizard modes.

I feel like this will sell a lot of Pros since it looks like you get a lot in the game for a "low" price.

Since the Groot hands are just sculpts, if Pro buyers like them, they can probably buy them and add them to their game...if Stern doesn't offer them, I'm sure someone will 3D print them. I can also see people adding figurines of the other characters to their games to correspond to their related shots.

#691 2 years ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Too much Groot. He’s not the main character. Maybe the video screen will feature everyone else and the giant Groot on playfield is all there is of him.

He's not THE main character, but he is a main character. What, should it have had a giant Starlord head? Groot is cool looking & lends itself to being a main toy. He likes to eat (his own twigs), so I'm fine with feeding him pinballs.

#707 2 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

could someone make the arms to mount to a pro I dont know if there would be an infringement on making them,could there be a problem making arms that look like a tree,I would not think so but if it can be done I sure someone with some skill will do it,mabey Matt at back alley.

If someone makes their own Groot arms for the Pro - I think it would be sweet to see a different take on it- make them more like vines and mount them over the plastic ramp returns vs. hovering over the playfield.

#713 2 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

$6200 for the pro model
$7900 for the premium
$9000 for the LE
Just saw this from a Stern Facebook post.

I'm usually a Premium guy....but I could totally see just going Pro on this one if I were to play it & like it enough to buy it. We'll see!

#746 2 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

The asymmetrical offset between the flippers an apron/outhole trips an OCD flag for me.

So many games are like that...it's done for shot geometry and design reasons. It's a stupid complaint.

#748 2 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

Is anyone else concerned about owning Spike games?

Yup. Haven't bought one yet.

#802 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Needs groot feet at lane guides to give him that "just chillin in the tub" look...

Ahhahahahaa ....and finish it off with a tree branch in the middle of the playfield.

#845 2 years ago
Quoted from stoptap:

Looks like the raccoon (don’t know his name) figure on the Premium and LE moves whereas the Pro One is static.

#848 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Yeah, the plastic ramps are the only item that's not great.

What's wrong with plastic ramps? Games have had plastic ramps since forever. If well designed, they're nice and smooth. Always struck me as more of an aesthetic choice more than anything.

#889 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Are you all sure original music score means no songs from the movie.

Score = orchestral score by Tyler Bates

If they were using the licensed mix tape songs, it seems like they would have mentioned it as it's a selling point.

#893 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Hoping pinball browser can work on spike as we could add in songs over the score.
Not having the songs is a huge huge miss. Even if they had a few mixed in it would better. I'm way bummed and feel like Metallica is still the better buy.

Thing is - we don't know how the movie clips/voices are going to work yet ....it actually might be better to not have songs with lyrics if the modes are based on the action scenes with lots of explosions and dialog.

#987 2 years ago

So for those in the anti-Groot camp - what do you think a better toy or interactive feature would been? I think it makes sense that they took the two fantasy/non-human characters and made them playfield toys.

#999 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I think villains would have been better as the toys. Let’s smash Ronan or Thanos in the face instead of Groot. Why is Rocket shooting at me? Am I the bad guy?

Thanos is in the movie for 2 seconds & a giant Ronan face would look stupid. Feeding Groot is fine. Rocket is a wild maniac - he's just shooting wildly. I can buy it.

#1001 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Does anybody know who is doing the code for this machine?


#1005 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Sorry but « too similar » is a fact. This is Metallica layout. Safe game but where is creativity?

Stern isn't selling creativity. They're selling a licensed product. They're not assuming that every potential customer already has a Stern pinball, let alone a similar Borg game. Their market: People who like GOTG & want a pinball machine.

Also, we go through this every time a new game is revealed. Someone always says "this is a clone of that" ...but slight differences in geometry & rulesets go a long way to make a similar game play TOTALLY different. Case in point - Borg tweaked Austin Powers into Iron Man. They literally have the same exact ramps and a similar bash toy - yet no one thinks the games play anything alike. He also tweaked Space Jam into Stern NBA. They play nothing alike. So, GOTG looks a bit like Met and/or IM...but, I guarantee the rules will be NOTHING like those games. IM = the simple yet challenging 2010-era rules. Met = Radically unique Lyman Sheets rules ...from the looks of it, GOTG is going to have more of a traditional story mode based rule set.

#1056 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I don't understand about the music. Where was it explained? I always thought "Original Score" was the music used in the film. The rights for many of those older songs are not hard to get nor very expensive.

Score = orchestral
Soundtrack = licensed songs

#1104 2 years ago
Quoted from Mizzou0103:

I don’t think anyone has pointed out yet that the score for the pinball machine is by a different composer than the movie score. The movie score was by Tyler Bates, but the pinball machine was Ken Hale. Looks like Stern didn’t license the official score. I already decided that I’m going to pass on this one, but thought I’d point it out.

I'm under the impression that it's going to include the main movie theme music with ADDITIONAL original compositions by Ken Hale. Very similar to what David Thiel did with Iron Man. Iron Man uses some of the movie score by Ramin Djawadi, and Thiel did some original tunes for War Machine MB, Whiplash MB, and some other things. He also did this for Tron. Tron had the Daft Punk score for a lot of the game, but David did original score for Quora, Gem, and some other modes. Blended seamlessly.

Ken Hale did GOT....he incorporated the main theme song into the music (originally by Ramin Dawadi...but I think recomposed for the pin) & then did original music for the rest.

#1129 2 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

More like it's not bad. Not amazing great, but not bad. So the "haters" are mostly shrugging their shoulders. I guess we'll see when there's a gameplay video.

What even are "haters"? That term immediately discounts anyone who isn't a sycophant and wants to have a critical discussion about a potential multi-thousand dollar purchase.

Game looks good so far, so why would anyone hate it yet? No one has played it.

#1145 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Because there is a small group of people.on here who hate all things Stern and will find a reason to complain about it no matter how good it is. I think they hate pinball in general.

It's a bit simplistic, though...you're discounting the REASONS for being negative toward Stern, NIB prices, or other legitimate gripes. I know you consider me a "hater"...but I own 7 Sterns. I have legit reasons for not owning any past Metallica at this point. I'm interested in seeing how GOTG turns out and it's positive so far...but ya never know! If I end up not digging it, that won't make me a "hater".

#1153 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Exactly. Repetition of any opinion is annoying. Some could argue the same about playfield layouts...


#1162 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Speaking of which, does anyone know if the hands move up and down and if the fingers move separately?

LOL are you kidding!?!?

They're just decoration. They don't do shit.

#1165 2 years ago

Does anyone know if Rocket is actually a small rodent that runs around inside the playfield? Does the game come with food and litter?

#1173 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Just asking as some people here are analyzing gameplay already, and the hands could be an influence on gameplay. Probably way too early for any of this gameplay analysis is my point.

Yeah, just givin' ya crap. But the Groot hands are just decoration...kinda like Sega Godzilla:

godzilla_14 (resized).jpg

#1175 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

I hear you but the Groot hands are placed to block the ramp shots it seems. Anyway, in due time everyone will know on reveal of gameplay video...If they do not move this would be moddable..

Dude. We know. They're pieces of plastic hovering over the playfield.

Why would anyone mod them to block shots? That sounds like the shittiest mod ever.

#1186 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

I guess you know this from underside playfield pictures? No motors maybe? That'd be more informative than "Dude. We know".

I know because I know. LOL....me, Pimp, others here...we've been doing this long enough. We KNOW Stern isn't putting motors in the game for moving arms or some kind of complex finger puppetry system...it's just not happening....and if it was, they'd be telling us & showing us. Borg puts big giant molded plastic things on games...that's how he rolls. Kiss - giant plastic Gene head that doesn't move. X-Men - Giant Wolverine and Magneto that don't move. TWD - giant Well Walker on a hinge that flops a bit from impact, but no motors to make him move around and be scary or nothin'.

Arms are pieces of plastic. Don't do anything. Trust us.

#1189 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Well we all have seen Stern's past games and the GOTG feature matrix and know Borg's MO not sure where you are coming from. I was just asking in case someone here actually has seen it, not anything more or in this case less than that. Anyway I'll wait for the gameplay video or if anyone has insider insight here on the game.

#1195 2 years ago
Quoted from Pfunk237:

um yeah. im not understanding groot hands either. looks like they lift up to reveal the ramp

There's literally no ramp there. That's called the "left orbit".

There's nothing to understand. They're giant pieces of plastic that hover. A decoration. The ball goes under them. The block nothing (except your vision maybe)

#1258 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

That's a bummer for MET owners that installed the after-market spinner. I wonder if that was intentional by STERN...

The Met Pro spinner mod never made sense anyway. It was tied to the targets, so you were basically just getting a target hit over and over and over.

#1266 2 years ago
Quoted from resipsa:

You would think there would be real costs to stern to have to make changes to coding, designs, assembly line, etc. for such tiny differences like leaving out spinners.

Actually, the way Borg designs games is more cost effective than most Pro/Prem differences. Spinners are a simple stock part. Look at a game like GB - Each version has a different Slimer mech. Totally different ramp designs. Different playfields. There's more customization per model, which costs more all around. Borg's models are very very similar. Each version has the same Groot mech, the same ramps, the same drop target toy. By designing this way, I think it always allows his Pros to be gameplay equal compared to the Prem/LE. That's good for players, that's good for production, that's good for programming.

So, spinners - I guarantee the only difference will be some kind of switch frenzy mode that will be a little easier on the Prem/LE due to spinners (unless they raise the amount of hits required to compensate). Yes, spinners are fun and tactile, but most people won't really notice they're not there.

#1299 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It doesn't add $3000 to put a couple of spinners on a game. Stop pretending that it does and stop giving Stern a pass.

Exactly. Stern's viewing spinners as an added value extra, but we know it's a $5 item. That won't cause a price hike on the Pro. "Bling" like moving Rocket & opening orb are the type of differences that are OK since they don't affect anything the ball interacts with. Would be nice to see spinners on Pro, and some other bling on the Prem/LE to compensate. Something like figurines of the other characters that light up when their shots are collected...or a ship with lighting or movement....or a cool topper.

#1328 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

It was/is pure crap on X-Men and avengers. Imagine taf with studio voices.

X-Men's voices were terrible, but to be fair - they weren't trying to imitate the movie actors.

Avengers is a mixed bag. Their fake Thor, Loki, and Hulk were very good IMO. Cap, IM, Widow were bad

I think people forget how good the fake JARVIS was on Iron Man. Sounds exactly like Paul Bettany.

It should not be hard to get very good sound-alikes for Rocket & Drax...those would be great custom character voices to make fun of the player & add tons of humor.

It's a total stretch but I'd love John C. Reilly as a custom voice....

#1338 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Put all the fun to play stuff on the cheap model! Put a bunch of non-interactive "bling" that half of the pinball community doesn't care about on the expensive model! Sit back and watch sales of your Premium machines plummet!
Great advice from the buyer's perspective. Lousy business advice for Stern.

Not true. People buying LE's are buying PURELY for the superficial extras. Extra mechs/lighting that make the game cooler is absolutely a selling point for Premiums/LEs. People love Met Pro, but Met Prem has done quite well. I love Met Prem/LE, even though the rising cross, hammer, and multi-color GI aren't necessary for gameplay. They make the game more "alive". Plenty of people will pay more for that extra life. I didn't just buy Met LE for the spinners lol...I'd be fine if those were on the Pro.

#1364 2 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

That's the main reason why I ordered the LE, I will probably be replacing the ugly gold with a different color.

I can't imagine paying the insane LE price and then paying extra for NEW trim...just on principal.

#1403 2 years ago
Quoted from packards34:

Why can't Stern reveal machines like JJP, day one you can watch hours of ball play. Seriously, who knows what the machine plays like, call out music etc. It's like buying a car and not knowing if theres a 4cyl or v8 engine in it. interested but not putting money down until I know 100% what is in the game... Seriously stern! No one knows anything about the game except groot spits out balls.

No one's forcing you to buy it NOW. Wait. Stern games usually have a 3 year license. Wait. Play it. Then buy, if you like it.

#1504 2 years ago

If they're adding 2 songs, I think that's good. Use one for your main "non-mode" music (like the Ray Parker Jr song in GB), and use one for a Multiball or a mode where it makes sense to use thematically.

#1511 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

But if they laser cut them, they'd have to have re-powder coat them (because the edges are covered) -- so it's not really re-using anything.

Yeah, those look like the GB shaped rails....WWE used regular lollipop style.

#1620 2 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

Cold, rainy day here in northern Illinois makes for a perfect day to rewatch the movies.
Second movie was good not great, but I bought it anyway. Just wish all the eBay flippers hadn't bought up all the Target exclusive 3D versions. Didn't get to see Vol. 2 in 3D because my wife hates 3D movies.

Best Buy had the 3D exclusive in a 4K Steelbook. I found out that was the only version after the fact. I found a flipper who only wanted $35 for it. I can live with that.

#1654 2 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I like the second movie more. The soundtrack is better and the movie is like a two hour music video. Also Kurt Russell.
I saw the 3D version the first time because it was the only showtime available. It was the first 3D movie I've seen in seven years. Absolutely terrible. I won't be doing that again. The problem was stuff kept popping in and out focus and it didn't add anything to the experience.

GOTG 1 and 2 look stellar in 3D. You either saw it at a bad theater or your eyes have issues issues with 3D.

#1665 2 years ago
Quoted from chocky909:

Err... no it wasn't filmed using 3D cameras actually. Why did you think that? The post processing and CGI was done well though I admit.
Not many films using 3D cameras these days...

Yup, but conversions have gotten incredible...older movies like Jurassic Park & Titanic look like they were shot in 3D.

#1813 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I like Aerosmith, but it definitely isn't the type of game to hold my attention long term. I think it's a great location player. The theme/music is terrible, but the layout is challenging and you can pick up fairly quickly what you need to do.

I thought it would be a good location game, but one of the local barcades already pulled it cuz no one played it. I found it a bit boring and...sterile. It's weird how a game with such loud art somehow has such little personality. I think the Steve callouts in AC/DC & band + Sparky & Snake in Metallica go a long way, plus the music in those games is just more jammin' for pinball.

#1817 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Has that been posted anywhere, that Stern are struggling with the licensing? They seemed to do well enough with access to SW assets.

Every movie has different production company & actor deals.

#1964 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Selling GBLE was kind of sad

#2047 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Correct Neo, from the soundtrack of all of the tracks, the only one that's not actually featured in the movie is "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum, but the song was a big part of the Guardians of the Galaxy marketing campaign.

Spirit in the Sky was used in Apollo 13 during multiball!

The GOTG ride at Disneyland has 6 different classic songs, none from the movie, but they totally work since they're really high energy songs. Any of those could work well in the game...but if they're gonna license it prob is best to get ones from the movie.

#2126 2 years ago
Quoted from ahdelarge:

Did 90s pinball machines suffer due to lack of movie soundtrack songs?

Plenty of DE games had licensed music. Lethal Weapon 3 had C&C Music Factory & some others. I think Last Action Hero had AC/DC and some others. Apollo 13 had Spirit in the Sky. Getaway had ZZ Top. Twilight Zone has then Golden Earring song of the same name. Most movie pins had the score music from the movie it was based on. So, in that sense GOTG having songs from the movie wouldn't be out of the ordinary - movie sound is part of a movie's character, and the songs in GOTG are a massive part of the movie's personality and DNA.

#2133 2 years ago
Quoted from ahdelarge:

Sorry, I should have been more clear...I don't expect a game to have a full selectable jukebox style audio track in the game unless it's a music themed band pin. If they have parts of two popular "pop" songs from the movies during multiball, I would be happy. But that's just me.

Agreed. It shouldn't have a jukebox - just a few songs that work well in the context of certain modes or multiballs.

#2200 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Yes, I fully realize that, however, more integration isn't going to stop the repetition.

Every game you own has a limited amount of songs, usually with 15-20 second loops. Why do people only complain about repetition when it comes to licensed music? The music is from the movie, so it's thematically correct. If you like the movie, you theoretically like the songs, and their placement in the game only adds to the immersion factor.

#2208 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

As stated before, it's because some music is composed purposefully to be looped and sound good even after the 100th time. Licensed songs, regardless of which, get old faster. Besides, just because someone enjoys a movie (or anything for that matter) doesn't "theoretically" mean they enjoy every single aspect of it.

Well, you can't please everyone then....but it seems like a stretch to complain about a licensed pin using strong and relevant elements of the license. People complained about the GB song in the GB pin, too...*shrug*. Whatcha gonna do...don't buy it, I guess. Licensed songs used well are one of my "check boxes" for potentially buying this game, so THUMBS UP STERN from me!

Still a lot of unchecked boxes at the moment...but, I love songs.

#2236 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Based on the score card, it's Aerosmith rules on Metallica's shot layout. I'm excited to play it, but I've yet to see a single thing on the game that's unique. Nothing that defines this game. It's all X shot or Y rule from game A or B. I hope that doesn't make it a flash in the pan.

Honestly, it'll all come down to personality. If the game has tons of funny clips, callouts, cool music and fun moments - the simpler rules should be just fine. A big part of the reason people love "simple" games like Monster Bash is the excellent presentation. Kiss & Aero seem very sterile and boring since "shoot the shots" doesn't really give the player an interesting response. The games' audio is mostly just music tracks and very little personality otherwise. GOTG should be full of story bits & funny dialog to go along with each shot you make.

#2240 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's legit copy and paste though. Rules are Aerosmith. Missions are songs, Upgrade is Crank it Up, the Hadron is the VIP, the multipliers, the multiballs, and the wizard mode are the same. I hope there's more coming.

We all want games to be Lyman masterpieces, but the reality is that takes 2+ years. As someone who works in an industry with tight deadlines & watch people burnout trying to accomplish too much within an unrealistic timeframe, I know what it's like to pick your battles. On that level I respect that Lonnie has made a template so he can get a game done under Stern's short schedule. IMO that template will work better with a story based game - but we'll see.

#2254 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Today we have better development environments, better software, and better overall resources. Williams didn't need 2-3 years to finish a game, and they were all very unique. I'm legit bothered at the lack of ambition by anybody here.

Programmers had a year to make a game at Williams, and I get the sense that they had a better collaborative work environment with more support all around. They get 3-4 months at Stern, with less organized collaboration & now they have to deal with the extra work of the color LCD. It is what it is.

Quoted from jar155:

They've gone full cookie cutter though. There's no ambition.

They don't give their people TIME to have ambition. At some point they have to say "This is a job. We're making product. OK, so a few people on a forum will insult us...do I want to work all night and weekend to impress forum people, or spend time with my friends and family?".

Stern is basically selling expensive licensed lunch boxes. A few people there are using their own free time to fill those boxes with a gourmet meal. A few people are doing what they're paid to do. I can't fault them for that.

That being said, none of us owe them a dollar if the games aren't appealing to us. My last Stern is Metallica. What I'm saying is - I get why they make a game with cut n paste rules. I respect them as working people who don't want to work for free on their own time. They don't owe us anything. They owe Stern Pinball Inc. a working game on a short deadline. I also respect anyone who doesn't want to buy that type of game.

#2261 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

What do Stern programmers do with the other 8 or 9 months?

They start on the next game lol.

#2267 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Man this game looks SO damn good!! Never seen either of the movies but I really want this machine lolol.

Go watch the movies!

#2285 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

I think we are getting sidetracked a little. The issue I was raising was not about unfinished code when a game is released. The issue was about not finishing the code in a reasonable amount of time after release. So back to the original point, they work on the programming for a year but why is the programming often not complete a year or more after the game is shipped? A year should be plenty of time to get a game fully coded if you have at least one programmer's year of man-hours per game which Stern clearly has the resources since they have at least 5 programmers for 3 games a year.

They don't have a year to work on games before launch, usually. That's why the games aren't complete. They get some time afterwards to finish/polish/bug-fix...but often the have another project they have to start, and that's why there are so many games that need updates. Lyman is the only one who will do it on his own time. The rest go along with what management wants them to work on.

#2301 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Templates are great for marketing and sales reports. For pinball? Eh, that's weak. Pace of release is an excuse, not a reason. What we end up with games that play just fine, but they're ultimately disposable. I guess that's fine if you're a location player, but it's not the best for building a collection around.

You have Tron and Iron Man. Both "template games" along with Avatar, BBH, and TRS.

Sometimes it works.

Quoted from jar155:

That's all I really have to say on that. Keep making excuses for Stern and giving them a pass though.

I don't think anyone's giving them a pass...I just understand why they do what they do. I'm not gonna blind-buy, that would be giving them a pass. I'll wait and play it and judge it on that experience.

#2329 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Is it just me, I find something special about DMD games... I dunno what it is but I like DMD's better than a full-blown screen. I was playing my indy last night that has a color DMD in it, and it's amazing.I would say the same for my Pirates, and Terminator 2, just love DMD displays.
It's enough visuals that I can actually peek at it here and there and still play the game. The newer games with these screens chocked full of full-color video and imagery is like a cognitive overload for me.
ANd another bonus is DMD games boot up in about 1/4 of the time

It's the same reason people love retro games...we still love how NES and SNES games look. There's a charm to that type of art designed within product-specific limitations. We see NES style art, we know it's NES. We see SNES style art, we know it's SNES. We see DMD style art, we know it's pinball.

#2344 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Yeah, I agree but I'm not sure what the fix should be. I mean do we actually want movie clips or perhaps it would be better if they had screen stills? I just can't see how this can work in a pinball game. I'd rather have a character live action video clip for key shots and the rest of the time have animation on the screen. Just cutting and pasting the clips just does not look right. I can't explain it, the future of pinball LCD would look better if they use the movie clips and mixed them with animation. For example the WOZ ball lock was the ball rolling down the hallway in the castle...or the Hobbit ball lock was the the ball rolling down the rope bridge in the troll tunnel. It was still the movie but it was manipulated to belong in the pinball game. Not the haphazard way the video clips are playing in this game. If the future is going to look like this then I'd say bring back the Dots.

They're essentially doing the clips the same way they did clips on the dots games like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Tron, etc. Shoot a shot, get a clip relevant to the mode. However since "black with score" doesn't look right on LCD, it seems like they're having mode clips looping as well, sorta like how they did a few of their last dot games like ST and GB...for example, on ST, they'd show the loop of Kirk & Bones running from the aliens instead of just score....so now with LCD, they're showing the real movie scenes.

#2376 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Back on the subject of callouts, I think the movie clips should have most of the actor sound, but I think the callouts should be done by John C Reilly. He rules. And it would be thematic.

IMG_2345 (resized).JPG

#2386 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmicjim:

So what we’ve realized is we need a john c Reilly pin.

For your prinballs.

#2457 2 years ago
Quoted from Hi-Fi:

I'm watching the twitch feed and that "ooka chaka, ooka chaka" intro to that song already makes me want to take a sledge hammer to this thing.

This game is not ready for prime time...clearly they need way more time programming the audio and sound choreography. If they're gonna cut to "hooked on a feeling" mid game like that, it should just start with the "AAAH AAHHH AAAAH, Hooked on a feeling!" part...save the Oooga Chackas for end of ball stuff....and no voices at all? The game is shipping!!!

This is the same old thing again.
-Code is too early to ship
-Game hasn't been tested publicly to be revised and refined before shipping
-First buyers are the beta testers/guinea pigs.

Good luck, those who still blind-buy!

#2463 2 years ago

I gotta say, I'm not a fan of choosing missions from ball launch...I like the idea of getting a feel of the game and its personality, then shooting the mode start for your mode. That also would have helped audio choreography. For instance, an "Oooga chacka" loop could be the shooter lane groove...then as soon as you launch it could go "AAH AAH AHH!" into "hooked on a feeling"...then you have this nice upbeat song to play to at the start - and once you hit the mode start shot, THEN it goes into the more serious movie score type music.

#2534 2 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Side note, callouts were left out for this stream...

Why? How does it make sense to debut the game like this and leave out something so critical to first impressions?

Quoted from DeadFlip:

I did get a preview of a few of them, and HOLY SH*T are they hilarious!

Film clips or custom? If custom, which characters and how close to they sound to the real thing?

#2754 2 years ago

Oooph, vaping all over that poor new game...instantly drops the value of the game when you put it up for sale next week.

BTW people are saying it sounds like BDK because it's the same composer, Ken Hale.

#2852 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Of course... but, what do consider to be a "game."

Gary always said "We're not in the games business, we're in the manufacturing business"...however, they were delivering good games, complete & fun experiences. However, over the past few years, Gary's mantra has finally come true - Stern has proven without a doubt that they're not in the games business. Creativity and fun aren't at the core of their goals. They're 100% a marketing and manufacturing business. If a good & fun game actually comes out of that factory, it's a fluke at this point.

#2864 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Seems a tad melodramatic. Whatever Gary's goals may be, I doubt that the many experienced hands Stern has making machines have given up on "creativity" and "fun."

Everyone making the games are trying, but they do not have the time or resources needed to complete their jobs before the shipping deadline hits. That shipping deadline is more important than testing, finishing, and refining a game.

Quoted from fosaisu:

And I'd have a hard time taking much seriously from anyone that thinks none of Stern's games made in the past few years have offered "fun experiences."

Don't take me seriously. My experience and time in this hobby speaks for itself. I don't need your validation. In MY OPINION, their last phenomenal game was Metallica. I'll throw Walking Dead in there as a good one - I'm not a fan of it, but I know it's good. Everything since then has been mediocre to horrible...and have continued the trend of incomplete and untested upon shipping.

#2878 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

I'd do the same thing tbh, SM Vault is another dream theme of mine.

Quoted from waspinat0r:

Metallica is one game I wish I had've owned by now. I feel like I would've kept it. Maybe even Kiss.

So, there are two COMPLETE games you like...why did you get GOTG instead of Spidey or Met?

#2937 2 years ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

It's fun and there's tons of potential people

I'm not spending $5500 on "potential".

I spent $60 for Super Mario Odyssey - a full and complete GAME that I've put 60
hours of time into...and we're giving Stern $5500-$8500 for POTENTIAL!?!? Unreal.

#2942 2 years ago
Quoted from facelift:

A pro with walker bombs, spinner and extra magnet would be awesome.

I wonder if a "Pro+" is something that would be detrimental to blind-buy launch sales on future games. Why buy a Pro now when an upgraded Pro might come later?

#2946 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

That's great but you don't have to, why do you guys make it out like someone is forcing you to buy this game? Super Mario good comparison

It's a great comparison. Pinball is a game. It's not a car, a piece of art, or something to stare at. It's a game. I'm comparing a $60 game that has tons of hours of entertainment vs. a $5000-$8500 that would offer hours of entertainment if finished and tested.

No ones forcing me to buy anything...but clearly I'm a potential customer who used to buy these games and now won't. I'm not the only one. It's important to have this conversation, because if you think about it, it's absolutely bonkers to spend this much on a GAME that is not complete or tested when sold to customers. My game dollars have gone elsewhere. Maybe I'll pick up a PS4 this weekend. They're less than $200 everywhere this weekend. Just put that into perspective. You could buy a Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and like 100 games between them for LESS than a pinball machine. It's not unreasonably to expect a finished quality game from Stern. Eventually the sycophants will run dry.

#2972 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

oes get old after the 100 time of reiteration(Again Broken Record)
Time to dive back in Rare and buy some new Sterns-they are a blast!
Lower your expectations and be thankful....

Wow. This is the most insane post I've read in a while. You're sick of my "broken record", I'm sick of this sycophancy. Lower my expectations for $5000-$8000?!!? On what planet !?!? Dive back in in a new Stern? What game!?!? The current roster isn't a blast. A blast in the nuts, maybe? B66= Clunky, overpriced, unfinished. GB = Worst game ever. GOT & SW = Zero fun mechanical features, convoluted math chess. AS, Kiss, GOTG = clones of better games with uninspired rules. The 7 Sterns I have now are a blast. Be thankful!? For what? To give my money over for untested and unfinished games? BE THANKFUL!? That's what led Stern to making people BEG to buy Batman. F that S. They need to be thankful that are still people willing to spend this much on a giant retro game (for

#2977 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

I typically agree but BM66 is much better now. I'd say it's the best Stern after Metallica available right now. I'd buy it way before GOTG.
My advice is to avoid GOTG and pick up Metallica, BM66, or GOT.
I think Game of Thrones is damn good and for me it's the last traditional title before the LCD that was really good.
GOTG is unplayable.
BM66 after one year is fun.
AS is okay
WWE is garbage
Kiss is very okay
GB is clunky and I do not get it. I had it and got rid of it.
SW is brutal and very bare. I kinda like it in a large collection.

Agreed B66 is getting better, but after the beg-to-buy scheme & launching with proto code, I'm amazed that "getting better" is still cool with people. Look, if have it already, that's awesome. But would anyone buy one new at this point?

Im perfectly happy with my Stern lineup. TPSS, LOTR, AC/DC, Met, FGY, Tron, IM. If I were to get an itch to buy another Stern I'd probably revisit some "oldies" like Elvis, Sopranos, Spider-Man, Avatar, or even the infamous WOF.

Back to GOTG - it's the first theme in a while that I've been interested in, but I don't buy on theme anymore. Here's hoping they can right this ship....forgive me if I lack faith at this point.

#2978 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I know you love using that word, and while it is insulting, it’s also inaccurate. It doesn’t mean “blind loyalty,” it means “obsequious behavior toward someone important in order to gain advantage” (thanks Google). Do you really think people are kissing up to Gary Stern in hopes that he’ll bestow some special favor on them?

Hmmm...alrighty, what term should I use then for this blind loyalty? Cult? Sterntologists?

#2990 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

if someone is unhappy with a product you shouldn’t tell them they should be silent. Screw that.

Yeah, I'm not gonna be silent like GOTG!

#2992 2 years ago

This doesn't exist.

IMG_2373 (resized).PNG

#3054 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

What's a Racoon ?

Yeah, Rocket's a trash panda.

#3159 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

You are telling me there has not been a single game that tickled your fancy that stern has made on the last 10 games? That's crazy talk. Thats anti stern X10.

Let me look up the last 10 games....yeah, pretty much all mediocre to horrible. That's not "hate", that's an opinion based on having played every single Stern, Sega & Data East game that has come out of that factory. The last 10 games do not measure up to their past output in terms of design, creativity, fun, features, or theme integration.

#3176 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Last ten 7 out of 10 is worth owning. Nothing new? what does Ghostbusters remind you of from early Data east? Nothing! This game stands alone. I saw your collection the only stern you own is Batman Dark night.

Are you talking to me? I don't own Batman Dark KNIGHT. I have 7 Sterns. Look again.

Past 10 games:

10. GOTG: Launched unfinished & untested
9. SW: Practically featureless w/ insane math-chess rules to compensate.
8. Aero: Mediocre and boring. AC/DC & Met are the kings of music pins. Do better or don't bother.
7. Batman'66: An arrogant disgraceful debacle that they still haven't finished
6. Pabst Can crusher: Why does this exist?!
5. GB: The worst game ever made ever.
4. Spider-Man Vault: Great game cuz it was made in 2007...original is far superior.
3. GOT - Ugliest game ever, another featureless game with math-chess rules. Waste of a great license.
2. Kiss - Rushed and mediocre. Horrible features...the disc barely does anything.
1. Whoa Nellie - Who cares.

I didn't even get to WWE. Oooph. Keep going back in time and you get to the actual good games.

#3186 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

No, it's like every other stern thread. They must be bashed at every turn and for everything from the past, present, and future.

Nuh uh! In the past they were doing really well!

Quoted from cosmicjim:

I think it’s time for a new pin that doesn’t have mode selection. I’ve always enjoyed games that started modes during gameplay. There’s something rewarding in that. It’s missing from select a mode games. I’m not saying it’s better, but maybe they should mix it up. That’s why all of these pins feel the same to me.

YES 100%!!!!! It's fun to hit the ball around, get a feel for the game, collect a few things, then hit that mode start for a satisfying sequence. Select at launch works for music games like AC/DC...but for story based games I don't think it works well.

#3204 2 years ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

I'm happy I'm not that critical. I enjoyed pretty much any game I've played, even WWE to some extent. The only game I've ever played that I thought was boring as hell was Mark Shelley's Frankenstein.

I'm not that critical of pinball overall - I used to be the guy defending Stern games like Iron man and Avatar when all the other hobbyists/collectors were calling them pieces of shit. Aside from a couple games, I've generally enjoyed Stern's games up through 2013. When it comes to B/W games of the 80's and 90's, there are only a couple I don't like. I even like DE and Sega's games more than most.

#3285 2 years ago

WOW. Those voices....this is Avengers all over again....but maybe worse. I think it's the same guy doing all the voices again, too. F Marvel and their "approved" voices. They're just randomly monologuing instead of actually having "reactions" to what you're doing. Why are they re-recording monologues from the movie instead of having the FUNNY CHARACTERS talking and interacting the entire time!?!?! How can you take a movie so fun and funny and make it so stale and humorless?!?!?! OOOOPH!!!

Ronin sounds nothing like the movie. Rocket sounds NOTHING like Cooper. Nebula and Gamora sound NOTHING like the movie.

This is a creative FLOP!!!!

I missed the "abobbalee bobo" part...I just hear Waspinator doing it over and over again. What mode was that in, and what does it have to do with anything?

EDIT: I just heard the "abobbalee bobo" part...WHAT IN THE FUCK!?!?!?! That's supposed to be Yondu!?!?!?

#3287 2 years ago

Here's the scene from the movie...OMG they didn't even get it close...HOW could this be APPROVED by MARVEL!?!?!? OMG...

Thankfully the original Spider-Man was approved by SONY and Iron Man was approved by PARAMOUNT...I think it's official, anything approved my Marvel is going to sound like SHIIIIIIIIT

#3292 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

SW sounds fine, thanks.

SW isn't MARVEL. Same parent company (Disney), different licensing people.

#3307 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

No voices from the movies = no sales. The sound package is crucial for implementing the theme. That is just plain awful for such a great theme.

Not only are they awful, they're not even "Call outs" ...they're just re-readings of scenes...none of it is a response to making shots! That's what callouts are all about...hit a shot, get a response. It's Pavlovian. They've just made a super shitty, horribly acted soundbed. Terrible. Just terrible.

To the people at Marvel who are responsible for this: F you. You've ruined this game.

The-A-Holes (resized).jpg

#3308 2 years ago

Where's Jack Donger!?!?!? He said he heard the voices and they were hilarious....

We appreciate the streams, Jack...but don't lie to us for the sake of being on Stern's good side.

#3313 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

He said they were hilarious, he didn't say it was in a good way. Maybe he died laughing at that attempt by stern.

Yeah I guess we didn't see the WINK WINK WINK WIIIIIIIIIINK lol

#3317 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:


From now on, when anyone releases a game and totally botches the license, we'll all just post "A BOBBILY BOBO!" and everyone will know what it means.

Nothing's gonna get adjusted or re-recorded. Marvel gave them awful voices & Ken Hale is no David Thiel.

Stick a fork in it.

Thanks for taking the hit so the rest of us can be informed, Waspinat0r - hats off to ya!

#3319 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Not to me..there are a few that hated it, but I loved it.

For real? Why would you love fake Yondu, fake Rocket, fake Starlord, fake everyone reciting lines horribly from the movie? It's like that one friend everyone has who tries to quote movies and do character voices, but they're absolutely horrible at it & everyone just wants them to shut up.

#3323 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Oh shut your "Covfefe"

Stern has the most tremendous callouts, believe me, 100%. Sad.

Quoted from mnpinball:

you don't buy pins anyway,

I used to! I would still if they'd stop SUCKING like THIS!

Quoted from mnpinball:

go play your Nintendo switch.

I will, HAPPILY! Just got my black friday online purchases in the mail.

Twitch video is up...BOBBALEE BOBO is at 14:40

#3327 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I think the best question is why would stern bother with this license if they do not get the full movie and actor rights from the movie? It's not like people are huge gotg fans so they made the movies. 99% of the world only knows the movies so the game has to fully represent that.
The art looks great, the gameplay looks good, code is meh and sounds are bad. A lot of us will say not good enough and keep our money.

Gary Stern has never cared about "getting the license right"...as he's said, they're in the manufacturing business...and the purpose of the license is to get people to walk over and put in quarters. Sometimes they do a great job...and because we're used to the games when they've done a great job - we expect that every time.

Did you ever hear the story about Steve fighting with Gary about Spider-Man? Gary wanted to save money by not including the Doc Ock toy...he said "Can't you just put a little house there and say it's Doc Ock's house?" Steve put up a fight and screamed about Doc Ock being a super important character until Gary relented.

#3336 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Yup. Almost certainly Stern not wanting to pony up the money to license the proper assets.

Nope, the licensor makes the rules. This is just like Avengers and X-Men. Clearly Marvel's licensing guy does the voices himself to collect the paycheck budgeted for voiceover. Stern should stop making Marvel games....it's never going to be good.

#3343 2 years ago

I want to change my Pinside name to Aboballee Bobo.

#3395 2 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

alright, whelp, guess i'll be placing an order with JJP this week.

Whoever thought Momjeans McCellphone would be cooler than Guardians of the Galaxy!?!? That's where we are in pinball 2017.

#3399 2 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

I know it will get better

Not likely. They've never re-recorded horrible voices. Transformers, Avengers, X-Men, Walking Dead. It's a done deal. The rules are clearly the Kiss/Aero style rules. They are what they are.

Put a fork in it. GOTG is DONE.

#3476 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

So they did the next best thing, had actors read the script.

One dude is doing all the voices (and probably his girlfriend doing the two women's voices), and he's not an actor.

#3497 2 years ago
Quoted from hd60609:

C'mon, Rare. Is it the theme? Is it the code? Is it the voice overs?
Anything to salvage this game? Everyone loves praise, but most (listening Stern?) can learn more from critical evaluation.

The theme is great - but what is it about the theme that is great? The chraracters, the personality, the humor, and comedic timing. All of that has been stripped from the game by the horrible re-dub & the "non-interactive soundbed" concept. Unfortunately since they borrowed the code from two music games, they're using "movie scene running" as a mode instead of "song running". It doesn't work. The reason previous mode/story games work is the Pavlovian effect - hit a shot, get a satisfying sound effect/voice/light show choreography that makes you feel like an interactive part of the license. This game doesn't seem to do that. Modes are just "fake movie running" & hit the lit shots. There's no connective tissue.

My constructive criticism would be just to go back to doing what they did best....and don't agree to a license if they won't supply the important assets essential to the license.

#3511 2 years ago
Quoted from hd60609:

I do not disagree with you. I'm hoping this title can be saved with some additional work in the near future. Here's hoping they respond. Collective complaints of no songs... Songs added. Complaints of no call outs... speech added quickly. Maybe secure one original actor (like Hudson in GB or Urban in ST) for custom call outs? Make it more cohesive and interactive? Can't hurt!

I've seen this "show" too many times, I know how it turns out. When they licensed stuff from Marvel, the same guy or guys do the "approved voices" every time. The same "actors" do the voices in Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man VE, and now GOTG. You can tell, it's the same flat acting & bad impressions in every game...same dude(s). For whatever reason, this is the only thing Marvel allows for pinball. It's not going to change, they're not getting any real actors or good sound alikes. It's done. That's what this game is going to sound like. A bobbalee bobo. Forever.

Quoted from westofrome:

Was RGP this mad about fake Keanu and Ice T callouts on JM? They always cracked me up, actually. Adds to the kitsch factor.

Of course not, as that was even at launch a horrible movie that no one cared about. And as far as the used collector market goes, JM was a $600-$800 game for the longest time due to it being a theme no one cared about. At that price, no one cares about the fake voices.

For a new game with LCD and art featuring all the real actors and dubbing entire SCENES with a horrible non-actor isn't even remotely in the same ballpark as JM.

#3514 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

When having a great game and in the heat of the moment, does anybody really worry about the voices used ?

Yes, when it's jarring and oft-putting, absolutely. The horrible voices RUINED X-Men for me & others. One of the reasons people love games like MM, AFM, and MB so much - great voice acting & funny clips. Imagine if they didn't use funny Second City comedians for MM, but just some rando who can't act. The game couldn't be as fun or quotable.

Honestly, MOST pins with voices from the 80's on up have had well done music & voice calls, so most of us haven't had to "worry" about the audio being a detriment...there aren't that many that are remembered for being jarringly bad until recently. 24 was probably the first Stern to have "WTF" level of voice acting, although to their credit they DID use a real actor from the show...she was just an awful fit for the game.

#3555 2 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

at this point its a toss up. Batman has better code at the moment, and looks like the code will only be getting better, but to me batman is a clunker of a shooter. Guardians shoots phenomenally well and is brutal fast, but the code needs more time to bake on it. i think it comes down to what other games the location he is putting it into has.

But if you want a game that shoots well and is fast, there are PLENTY of games that fall into that category that are also totally finished, coded well, and have great sound. Why bother with this? Just get Metallica or Iron Man or any other Borg or Ritchie game.

Quoted from jar155:

Can someone please isolate bobalee bo in a sound file? I need it for...reasons.


#3629 2 years ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

That being said, I think this would've been much easier if they simply used a voice actor for Howard the Duck to do all the callouts. Ignore movie lines, have Howard be more like a guide through the game while making movie references.

Marvel ONLY lets the two douchebag "actors" do pinball voices. It doesn't matter if it was supposed to be "Howard the Duck", it would still sound like one of these 2 assholes & not Seth Green who voiced Howard the Duck in GOTG. It also wouldn't solve the problem of a personality based theme having zero personality. They needed the movie callouts mixed with a GOOD Rocket & Drax sound-alike for custom callouts, end of story. They failed. Marvel sucks for pinball. Hopefully all the Deadpool contracts go through Fox...that game will still have a chance.

#3639 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

And how many years did it take to get fantastic? When it was first released, everyone hated it. Im guessing this will be the same way. Given some time for the code to develop, it will be good.

Wrong. 2 major points:

1. TWD, as a theme, can get by not being exactly like the show. Player vs. Zombies is simple enough to work.


GOTG is too dependent on the humor & charm of the license to botch the audio component...and no Lyman = the game is what it is. Hoping for anything different is a fools errand.

#3653 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I don't kowtow to PC policing, especially when it's misplaced. If your brain somehow equates raping an easy shot on a pinball machine with raping a person that's your problem. And you can't take the high road by name calling. And I've never liked you. You come off as smug.

...and you're coming off as a rape enthusiast. You're confusing empathy for smugness. That's on you.

#3655 2 years ago
Quoted from Raegor:

Being a PC gamer, the days of early release and unfinished work are here and it doesn't look like they're going away.
The gaming industry has started "early access" sales to beta versions of their software, and people are buying them up like gangbusters (pubg).
Some games stay in "early access" for 5+ years.
There's no such thing as gold standard anymore.

Those are $10-$60 games. This is $5000-9000. Gold standard should always apply to pinball cuz you pay for it with gold!

#3689 2 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Increasingly, Pinside has become overrun with negativity. It's really too bad.

We're talking about new games that cost $5000-9000.

People are going to have an opinion about games that cost that much.

We don't owe the makers of new pinball "positivity". They want our money. They need to give us a reason to part with it. We don't owe them anything.

We bitch because we love.

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