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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#31 2 years ago

Im hoping for Tons of movie callouts!

Overload this baby! A dozen callout choices for any event at Random!

So much comes from this, IMHO!

Looking Good!!!!

#1071 2 years ago

I just happened to have dusted off my first run Sony Walkman, installed new battery, and threw in a cassette mix.
My 21 year old never saw one in person...he freaked out compared to his iPod, and phone....thought it was silly.
I think if this game shows up here, I'll leave the walkman on the glass, with the soundtrack, and pretend I'm Star lord when I play.

#1114 2 years ago

I get a kick out of all the suggestions and ideas. Great minds here.
I cringe at some of the immediate negative bashing.
I suppose its because with every new game,
I'm grateful the previous wasn't the last.

So much better than when we were worried
we would never see a new pin......it could happen again.

Thank you Stern, keep them coming!

#1252 2 years ago

Was pre adolescence when the song , "Brandy"
came out.
I had a crush on a girl in a song, at 11.
Love to see sounds from the second movie,
but not sure my ego could stand hearing
the song repeated on the game.
On topic and off...

2 weeks later
#2523 2 years ago

I find a big difference in watching a stream and playing this game!

Yes, 100%, the code is in its infancy, yes, I hope for quality call outs, and Ill wait as well to see where code goes.

However, I enjoyed the crap out of the shots and the layout! Its fast, and clean, and has enough toys and shots to be a winner!

Is it a must have, for those that choose and get NIB..well thats entirely personal, and likely comparisons with other titles will come.
But I feel if your Newest game from Stern was Met or GB..its a very good option.

So much is right on this....Lets hope they finish and follow through???

#2527 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Why buy and hope when you can skip it, get a game with mature code, enjoy that for a year or so, then come back to this when it's actually not a mess?
Paying to play the Stern software waiting game is so 2014. I think people are starting to wise up as options for new machines proliferate.

Oh, I agree. If it was a JJP Game, Id feel good that the code would get finished.
With Stern, I love their games, but no, I would wait too.

#2595 2 years ago

Of course they could change their business model from 3 games a year to Two, or one, but to stay open, in the form that they have,
Pro Prices would rise 25%-35% from where they are, or we would see only Premium games, with an average price higher too.

If they did this, what would be our mass outcry?

Certainly the best solution is to add a "Team" of coders, to keep all things on track.
Not sure why this isnt done.....

#2599 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

They already did that
So were is the damn code???

Yes, likely as one looks at the numbers of the New factory, and a reasonable ROI.

I have approached Gary a couple times about a simple "Suggestion Box" online.
I even volunteered myself for Free help.
Other than theme, a contest for features, toys, unique play, ideas, in general.
Winner(s) get a Free Game!
Stern gets Intelligent, Quality ideas from Thousands of Inputs!
Add some coders and I think, or hope most all of our complaints would change, and some
Brilliant ideas could come to life!

In 5 years of Pinside, 45 in Pinball, a lifetime of conversations....Pinheads are pretty damn smart,
and have some great ideas.....why not hear them?

#2609 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

arrogance and stubbornness is why


Ive had many long conversations with Stern Employees, and feel nothing but respect for them and their jobs.

I even asked about MODs for this...with regard to licensed, and non.

Only takes a minute to go through numbers and feasibility.

One that wouldnt be cost effective, but perhaps for the die hard fan was Rubber Front Leg covers for the Premium that
look like Groot Legs! Kinda silly, but a thought.

Exploring some new stuff not seen in the US but shown at IAAPA.

pasted_image (resized).png

#2610 2 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

If you were Gary, would you open up a forum that would mirror Pinside feedback? That's what you'd get if you opened up a real feedback forum.
All the bitching moaning and complaining that goes on here - it's not productive at all - even the 'real' feedback.
Gary talks to distributors, that's who he sells to. There is plenty of player feedback out there for the team if they want it.
There is as much hubris here, if not more, as there is in Gary's office.

Not feedback, suggestions....and one sided...input only.
Gary, and staff wouldnt be involved until a Top 10 discussion and then only for a short bit.

No reason for them to be involved in the bitching.

#3011 2 years ago

I guess my experiences are different.

I had magnet action in the pro I played, it was sweet, but know more is to come.

We complained about Art, non stop before GB, and this is stunning.
The layout is familiar, but not every game can break new ground for all our tastes and experiences.
The shots are there, its fast, and the code will come.
A very good game, that could be a great game, with good code.
Its solid, all the way around...and the bitching seems to be about code, which will change soon, and whether
its enough of a "New thing" for some to buy.
Groundbreaking? No.
But perhaps you are like me....I have no Stern LCD...no Batman, Star Wars, or Aerosmith....No color DMD, just WOZ.
So for some, it is a new Game that rocks. I dont have Met or Star Wars, so Im not worried about overlap.

I think what it does, is there are some that can afford to buy every new Stern, or perhaps 1 out of every 3 or 4 that is a choice in
a 12 month period. Overlap, and therefore, one might pass on this....doesnt make it a poor choice for others.

The theme, for younger households, will mean more than 1966 Batman, and for many, more relevant and exciting than Star Wars.
(Of course Star Wars fans have a theme that they want)

Cant say anything Bad...other than code, but if they can make 3 a year that looks this good, and shoots well, and get code...Who can complain? Just pick your flavor from all the great New pin choices, if NIB is your goal.

Nothing wrong with waiting for code to decide....Nothing more to complain about so far, until we see.

#3038 2 years ago

With regard to releasing a game to early, Stern is well aware of the code being too early, and were aware there would be complaints before anyone played or they shipped.
But the other obligations, including IAPPA,
Holiday marketing, advertising by vendors, etc superceeded the code and an alternative decision of holding the game off to 2018.
Many decisions are weighed in a business.

That being said, say the 1.00 version comes out before Christmas.... Won't all the complaints about code not being advanced,
be moot and forgotten?

#3043 2 years ago

The only reason is deadlines are hard to keep.
ie batman.
As a consumer, I hear you, I'm simply sharing there is a business side,...... Sterns, to the release.
I understand in today's social media charged opinion's these days, seeing " the other sides view" has been harder to do.
So either we just bitch, moan, and threaten not to buy, and arm chair manage someone else's business, or wait, and enjoy what's good.
See Epicurean vs Stoicism.

#3051 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

It can be excused once, MAYBE twice, but GotG is the THIRD time Stern pins have shipped without even 1.00 feature complete software in the last 12 months, and TWO of them (B'66 and GotG) were essentially Alpha software, not even Beta). That's not unforeseen circumstances, it's poor management and planning. It's literally never happened before.

I agree. its poor planning.

Im not suggesting it be excused. I am saying, "wait".

I was sharing why it may have been released.
I think Stern and Pinsiders understand it was too early in the code.

Its more, "The Game sucks, because it was released with early code...and/or, I watched the Stream."

Yup, early code, got it. Having played 20 games now or so......

It looks Great, It shoots great.

#3086 2 years ago

I heard from a Stern rep that GOTG code update is expected in a couple weeks...then decide if its a dud, terrible, laughable, etc....
Early code = Early opinions.

#3120 2 years ago

It seems obvious that the task of coding, withing the time frame of the development of the physical game,
is too big a task for the 1-3 people?? on programming.
Can anyone here share why some work cant be subbed out to India, Turkey, China, etc?

#3148 2 years ago

I couldnt wait....Good deals all around.

Pulled the plug an Aerosmith Pro!!
HUO, a couple guys have had here in Florida, and 20% off list!
My kinda deal!

I have to buy my own Christmas presents!!

Ill enjoy this, until GOTG code settles....Now, I can enjoy the next 60 days, no roof, my daughters wedding,
and a new toy to keep me busy!

#3155 2 years ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

the cheap generic shots that they have used for there last 10 games. Nothing really changes once you think about it.

I agree, its the best of the last 10 games in a way.

I think the issue is, when they gamble with a non flow layout, another group of pinheads, complain there is no flow.
Catch-22, in the sense of how the masses vocalize on social media....

However, id still like to think that customers can help Stern and help themselves, and wait a few weeks at least to see
about buying. I cant see any reason to be the guinea pigs, when we all know the game will be available in a few weeks or a few months.

On the "something new", pinsiders have some amazing ideas in some of the other threads, and I sure wish we could influence
Stern! Maybe Ill try another thread when I have time and overly share it!

#3181 2 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

This would be spot on if I didn't disagree with 90% of it.
GB has toys, art and shot variety.
All else fails.
Airballs, Scoleri targets, POS multi balls where everything is active, super duper flipper gap, flipper angle, repeating linear gameplay, stupid skill shot / bonus, chafing slimer mech, mode start mess.

Im sure glad we have different opinions on Pinball...safest thing these days to disagree with!

No Airballs, No target issues, OK to disagree, but see your point on Multiballs, Flippers are no issue, Linear yes, talk was this may change with new code, but if it bothers you...OK, agree about skill shot, relative to code.

Nonetheless, still enjoy playing this immensely after 1-1/2 years, as much as an EM, or a 1930's pin.

Not too many games I can think of , "I hate".....more games I wouldnt choose to own.

I always look and find the fun things in a Pin to do and play, and fair to everyone to what they might not like,
but lately the intensity of negativity against games rivals the political forums.....

Thankfully, I still have a blast on Whoa Nellie, sold my met and ac/dc to play an AS, just to have a new Music pin for a while.

Whats great is even if we disagree, or I do on any game, its just a game, and much more important things in life.

Pinball is always fun, every new game is exciting, and the pinball community and friends are amazing!

Very happy we enjoy different games, just hard to put anything negative about it, with so many other things to battle these days.

Happy Monday!

#3387 2 years ago

pasted_image (resized).png

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