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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#947 2 years ago

Is the LE armor left over WWE LE parts?

#962 2 years ago

Is Lonnie on code ok? This is really MET + LCD + War Machine kickback. Lyman is the only thing missing.

#1419 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Hahahaha. This thread.
People just want those damn Groot hands moving already dammit!

Trust me, if they moved, it would be screaming in the feature matrix. They even put the "modular power cord" in there...

#1472 2 years ago

I am not itching to purchase this game but I am excited to play it at a friends house... I expect it to be really fun.

#1647 2 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

I'm tremendously outraged you're outraged!

Surprised Mr. Outrage 155 hasn’t chimed in...

#1831 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I am happy that you believe that.

Jeff, why do you always feel the need to s*&t on everything?

#1837 2 years ago
Quoted from tmick73:

From Stern’s Instagram account. Not sure if this has been posted...

Love the photoshop job of Gary and Jack Danger

#1841 2 years ago

One pretty awesome addition to the Premium / LE is all inserts being RGB color changing. We haven't seen this since Game of Thrones (and Star Trek before that), and I do believe this is the FIRST Borg game with 100% RGB inserts.

#1846 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Is this the first Stern game with both full color changing led inserts and tri color GI? Usually it's one or the other.

Yes good point - A first for sure. Pinball historians update IPDB!

#2041 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's not just 10 years from now that you should be worried about. It's after the game leaves the line and it's not being supported actively anymore. For now, warranties are covering most issues, but that certainly won't stay the case. It's as much of a short term issue as a long term one.

This argument just doesn’t hold up for me. Even Pinball 2000 parts can be had today due to the community being resourceful. And that’s for a company that is completely gone. Stern isn’t going under tomorrow. This is just more FUD than fact.

1 week later
#2577 2 years ago

it’s a good thing that Lonnie seems to pump the code out quickly. I bet this gets to 1.0 before Batman 66. All of the call outs will be in there soon.

#2618 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Who all would be buying if on Dec 11th stern announced the game had Deadflip record a bad ass video with 1.0 code that has all of the modes in, most of the call outs, and proper music and movie clip integration? Why did they not just wait on the release, have everything ready, have games in boxes, have Jack record the weekend before in secret. Drop everything at once with a giant bang, and oh, by the way, call you distro now and have your game in 2 days, pro's, premiums, and LE's are in boxes waiting for your Christmas order. Merry Christmas from stern and make sure you update your code first thing upon unboxing as we have blown the code out of the box since these were on the line.

A December 11th reveal and the resulting orders would't be enough lead for distros to place orders, get stock, and fulfill orders in time for Christmas. This was likely driven by a need to ship as many games as possible in 2017. "We" will still be buying (later) if the code is updated to be awesome anyway.

#2623 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I think it's more disappointment that stern is shipping a game with something that resembles code in it. The game has a ton of potential so to ship it out in that state is extremely disappointing. It might be amazing in a few weeks but people are going to be skeptical since this looks like BM66 launch code and BM66 is just now starting to get good. The art, layout and toys look great.

Lyman is by far the SLOWEST coder at Stern. The best, but the slowest. We will not have that problem here to get to 1.0 "complete" like BM 66. Will it have the super nuanced / detailed / complicated code? No because thats not really what Lonnie does. And by the way I think thats ok. Its good to have a variety of programmers just as good as it is to have a variety of designers. Sometime simple is refreshing.

#2636 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

I think so too - but it would be woth wating till spring to see what they do with the code.
Noticed the deadflip youtube vid is down now..

Up for me.

#2640 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Odd, it tells me video not availible.. Ill try a different computer

blame (resized).png

#2644 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

...put the pitchforks away.

Quote of the day

#2646 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Here's my idea for where to put "hooked on a feeling":
At the end of Quill's quest or before you start escape the kyln. The song plays while making shots --- every shot is a hit with the shock baton on the LCD...there, thematic.
Or just use it as a wizard mode song.

Good idea. But please don't create 87 polls with your code ideas like another Pinsider did for Star Wars.

#2649 2 years ago

I think operators are the only ones that need to be buying this RIGHT now since the early bird gets a lot of coin drop. My friend is putting one on location in Atlanta in the next few days and I am excited to check it out.

#2659 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

There really has never been a reason to rush to buy these games... yet look at how many people are "In!!" after just seeing photos of a game? Seems people are more addicted to having the latest and greatest toy and less about having great pinball machines.

I wouldn't assume that sales have been that strong for GOTG just because a few pinsiders are "in". For my local distro, he will have some Pros available from his first shipment. That wasn't the case for Star Wars.

#2675 2 years ago

There is definitely no "LE rush" on this model. I bet LE sales are slightly better than Aerosmith.

Here is what they need to sell the LE (at the same price): ALL accessories included. Shooter knob, topper, laser cut rails, HD glass.

This is the first LE to include the inner side art, which is a step in the right direction. (EDIT) Forgot about BM 66 LE @ ~$10K

#2746 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

Batman66 LE came with inner side art. It also came with a shaker and a topper which isnt always included on LE's but is was also the most expensive LE they've done.

Yes that is right!

#2815 2 years ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

In all seriousness what is the number of updates provided to Star Wars code since it was released? Just trying to see how quick they did that one and how many.

Now a couple of these were not "released", they were simply lumped in to the next one, but gives you a good idea. This is Dwight, not Lonnie. The other noteworthy item is that .93 actually seems to have everything there (all modes, Lightsaber Duel, wizard mode). The SW code is in a REALLY good place right now.

PRO V0.93 - October 18, 2017

PRO V0.92 - October 6, 2017

PRO V0.91 - September 29, 2017

PRO V0.90 - August 24, 2017

PRO V0.89 - August 14, 2017

PRO V0.88 - August 11, 2017

PRO V0.87 - July 26, 2017

PRO V0.86 - July 26, 2017

PRO V0.85 - July 19, 2017

PRO V0.84 - July 11, 2017

PRO V0.83 - July 7, 2017
- Initial release.

#2816 2 years ago

dupe post

#2825 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Played it last night on location. Fun game, waaay better than SW even if the code is in early state. I just can't figure out why Stern had to fuck up the best theme in SW. So disappointing that a new theme like this gets more attention than the most prolific theme in sci fi. Stern, you lost all my respect and it will be hard to get me back as a NIB customer.

I couldn't disagree with you more regarding Star Wars. Star Wars is awesome. I encourage you to spend some time with the latest code in a home environment. Play Lightsaber duel with the volume up and the awesome sound, video integration, and implementation of the three color GI. Escape the Death Star. Then report back...

#2828 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Everything has to be approved on ANY license game. It just sounded like Disney was much less agreeable than most people they work with, so Star Wars was not a joy to work on.

Another point - Marvel is Disney. So GOTG is Disney.

#2833 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

Movies and super heroes are going to continue to be one leg of the stool for game themes. I just don't see it going any other way. Maybe Steve will be able to pick & choose to only do rock bands or other misc themes, but I highly doubt Stern is going to abandon movie themes. They help sell product even if they cost money and are a PITA.

Honestly how many games does Steve have left in him anyways? I imagine retirement is around the corner. You are right regarding the importance of a great theme. With a great theme comes lots of hurdles for licensing. Expensive IP is always over protected.

#2843 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Not trying to brag if I was I would tell you how much I spend in amusement equipment per year. Pinball is less the 1% of my route. Looking to change that this year. I'm not braging on 50k although it is alot of money. We are supposed to inform manufactures that they are missing sales. That is how they listen. Trust me my post was not for you. And your language is not suitable for this forum.
Please watch your tone.

Watch your waggy fingers. Man that must be the worst emoticon of all time.

#2949 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's a great comparison. Pinball is a game. It's not a car, a piece of art, or something to stare at. It's a game. I'm comparing a $60 game that has tons of hours of entertainment vs. a $5000-$8500 that would offer hours of entertainment if finished and tested.
No ones forcing me to buy anything...but clearly I'm a potential customer who used to buy these games and now won't. I'm not the only one. It's important to have this conversation, because if you think about it, it's absolutely bonkers to spend this much on a GAME that is not complete or tested when sold to customers. My game dollars have gone elsewhere. Maybe I'll pick up a PS4 this weekend. They're less than $200 everywhere this weekend. Just put that into perspective. You could buy a Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and like 100 games between them for LESS than a pinball machine. It's not unreasonably to expect a finished quality game from Stern. Eventually the sycophants will run dry.

Comparing one piece of software with a console installed base of millions to a 250 pound commercial gaming device built by hand with no relative scale in distribution isn’t a good comparison. At all.

#2951 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Yeah everybody shutup and lower your expectations. Send money now!!

No. Don’t send money until it meets your expectations for build quality and software. If it never does then don’t buy it.

#2959 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Everyone's expectations will differ, but to nitpick a title to death trying to find imperfections or issues with beta code often does not lead to anything productive.
I am a perfect example, I bashed Stern and Star Wars upon release and put on my 'blinders' where I could only see the negative and not the positive. I tried to convince myself that Star Wars was crap and it was not a good machine. Then over time I opened my ears and listened to other owners who stated over and over how much fun the game is. I finally let down my defensive guard and lowered my expectations and I am really happy with my recent Star Wars LE purchase. It is a really fun game and my whole family is enjoying it.
Guardians of the Galaxy will be great and fun to play-keeping it positive on this one (;

agree 100%

2 weeks later
#3880 2 years ago
Quoted from jefryan:

I saw this on my FB today and it made me think of you guys who own the game. Not sure if it would even work as a mod as I still have yet to see and play one, but you never know. All the best.

For all that is sacred and holy please don’t put a flower pot in your pinball machine.

1 week later
#4052 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Hmmm ... I’d say a good score would be 694,187,300. Give or take.

Ha! Funny. 150M is decent.

3 weeks later
#4166 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Our league location got one and I went in with high hopes, but the game is brainless. The updates so far do very little to fix any of its actual issues. They REALLY need to step it up on the road to 1.0.
Rules: Terrible. The game needs balancing more than any other game out there right now. The easiest objective in the game is the highest scoring. The hardest objectives are the lowest. Modes need far more weight to them than they have. It is also really lame that they shoehorned Aerosmith's rules directly into Guardians. Aerosmith wasn't that long ago.
Sound: Easily the worst of ANY pinball machine. Even the most simple solid state games made sounds that were indicative of the shots you make. Guardians just plays FREAKING LOUD video clips that are totally disconnected from what you're doing. You just want it to shut up, because it's distracting, annoying, and there's no logical sense to do what they did with the audio package. There are no acceptable audio cues for what to shoot for.
Video: Still tons of missing assets and most of what is in there is looping videos from movie scenes. Again, there's no logical sense to do this. Who wants to watch a movie out of order and missing tons of lines during a pinball match? They took the shortest, easiest path to getting assets on the screen, and it sucks.
The & #@*ing magnet! What a terrible implementation of the magnet. 7/10 times you hit the Orb shot, it flings the ball out the left outlane. Not fun. Borg's obsession with shot magnets has to stop. I get that he's not the most original guy, but c'mon, every game? Cheap drains.
Stern has got to get this game to a better spot. It has a good, albeit recycled, layout, but they really tripped over themselves with their rules copy/paste job with poor score balancing. They need to undo the video dump to the LCD and get some useful and dynamic information on the screen.
The layout has potential, but the lazy approach to software is pulling this game down enormously.

Good assessment. I have been describing it as a copy / paste job also regarding the rule set. This layout deserves much better code!

1 week later
#4183 2 years ago
Quoted from dri:

Yeah, it's evident David Thiel isn't doing anything for Stern anymore. I think audio is an intern job there at the minute.

Ghostbusters and Star Wars both have fantastic sound packages, so Stern is definitely capable. GOTG does need some help however.

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