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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#206 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I have space/money.
My wife & daughter like GOTG.
I'd like to buy one but then I ask myself... how long will code take?
3 years?
5 years?
Then I get sad (about Stern's track record)... and think instead I should get TNA, AFM or (gasp) JJP Pirates.

Why do you put yourself through the agony Curly

You already know the answer

#754 2 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

Is anyone else concerned about owning Spike games?

Not me. The ones i own have performed great. Now, long term? Who knows.

#852 2 years ago

I'd rather see the wireforms on a premium/LE but whatever.

I love Borg designs, looks excellent. BUT, not gonna do it this time.

#854 2 years ago

Hate the gold look of LE

"Original score" means no soundtrack so that is a HUGE negative

Groot of the Galaxy pin.

My LE fever has broken, not loving it all, especially without soundtrack. Looks like i can pick up a Metallica instead with GREAT code.

#901 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Damn....not even one song? Pinball browser is good for call outs, not sure how it would work with a song clip. I hope you can, cause the 80's vibe is a big factor in the theme.

Pinball browser works great for songs BUT the song or track needs to be already in the code to make it jive with Game

I turned AC/DC into a greatest hits after I got tired of the songs

Hopefully somebody will figure it out

This Pinside crew is pretty amazing

#905 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

PSA: it’s “jibe” not “jive.” Nobody ever gets this right!

Cool. Learn something every day!

#908 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

What songs did you change? I'd like to do that, but never had the time

I kept Back in black and Hells Bells and switched out to some Boston, Stones, Journey etc

It’s awesome. Easy to swap around. Can always change it back or add different songs

#912 2 years ago

I should mention, I think Franchi crushed it, the artwork is phenomenal

Stern has some awesome talent in that dept for sure

#922 2 years ago

Is pricing less? Haha

Same as SW or more?

Talking real price

#926 2 years ago

Thx. That’s means $8499 for LE

Not sure about premium

#1170 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

The "hater" comes into play when the same individuals post repeatedly in threads all over pinside their toxic opinions and preach it as gospel. Having an opinion and clearly stating it and why is one thing, ramming it down everyone's throat over and over transitions from critic to obsession.

Such as the RareH and GB amongst other unrelated BS? Good example, especially regarding one of Stern's best selling pins ever.

The pin whisperer.

#1201 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Cant tell if this is a joke? That's one photo of the Premium/LE with hands and one photo of the Pro without hands.

Keep it up Koz, you are driving RH crazy! Somebody will come with a mod to make the hands move. Meanwhile, you have to listen to RH, "he knows because he knows".

#1205 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I think if you preorder the LE, the hands definitely move. I'm almost 100% positive, that they curl up and make a fist, and punch you in the crotch for being an idiot.

Is that before or after they give you a hand job?

#1208 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Do the arms move?

Sure they do, don't you see the double piece plastic? Has to move right?

#1276 2 years ago

“Who brought the Groot”?

Will it get old fast? Nah. Gonna be awesome!

#1300 2 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

Well that's the problem you will never resolve. Stern sees it the opposite way - They are adding gameplay features to the Premiums. Just like the upper playfields for GOT and Aero.
As someone pointed out earlier, you can never make a $ for $ comparison, as these don't add up to the added price. It's all about packaging and getting people to upgrade. If it didn't make $ they wouldn't do it, and the coding changes could be very small, especially if it was planned for at the beginning.

I venture to guess Stern knows a bit more about their “BOM” and what’s working for them versus what’s not

A few people that don’t like the way things are isn’t gonna change a thing

Let’s see how the LE sales go this time. Maybe people keep buying em. I doubt it but this is a great theme imo, again

Stern is packaging and selling fun pins. Hard core anal pinheads will always bitch and whine about this or that. That’s part of the fun and pinball experience!

#1320 2 years ago

They get the music in there somehow, they sell me

#1524 2 years ago

Mix tape should have included BENNIE AND THE JETS and SPACE COWBOY

Seriously wtf is goin on around here! It's friday and time to get lit up. Heading over to Caesars to see Elton John, the pinball wizard.

#1753 2 years ago

Skb hit the nail on the head with Lonnie

I’m afraid he’s right, GOTG will just be another cookie cutter version of AS code which is a cookie cutter version of Kiss code

I really like AS but as Gomez said, “it needs and will get another pass”

Hopefully he proves us all wrong. I’ll wait on buying after we find out

When you are buying HUO pins these days they have to have staying power. People won’t want to lose $1500-$2000 upon sale if it doesn’t

#1768 2 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

I still don't get it Jar. The diffs betwen AC/DC and AS are very minor in the big scheme of things. It's still pick your song and the shot combos to complete are different among the modes.
I'm with you on straight forward rules though. I didn't like GOT because knowing the comex rules and strategy was way more important than playing skills. Got a SW on order to give it some time but it might be too complex style too.
I don't mind tracking 2-3 objectives at once but I can't think in 5 dimensions very long.

Well Jar is right I think. The differences between the two aren’t minor

I like AS better as just a fun flipping pin with easy to understand modes and rules

I owned AC/DC and sold it. Just got tired of it but so many ways to play it versus AS, which is ok

Then you have TWD, which is IMHO an absolute masterpiece of strategy and gameplay by Lyman. The same could be said for Metallica

Rules and gameplay matter a lot to me

But I also like the fun flippers like AS and GB

#1770 2 years ago

I always consider Lyman and Keith games

That’s why I’m looking forward to POTC. You know what you’ll end up getting when it’s done

I love my Stern pins, all of them, but higher prices on the premiums and LEs have to deliver more

I got to play a Met pro this weekend, that’s some amazing value by comparison. Maybe best Stern pro?

Stern would sell a ton more GOTG if they just took it all the way. It’s not like you are trying to license Justin Bieber songs. A lot of these are great one hit wonders

I’m wondering if it’s about recouping the bath they took on GB PF replacements and other cab issues? Raise the price, not the game itself

#1773 2 years ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

My comment was really just about the modes / code theory not anything else like layout or shots.
Pick a mode/song and complete a combo of shots to increase jackpot/ payout value. Rock out to great music. Rince and repeat several times, get a wizard mode. And they are very very similar in that respect.
I'm not complaining at all just an observation. I've spent the last hour testing my theory...

That looks familiar! What the coder does with the layout is what it’s all about and you know with that awesome TWD sitting there

I would take GOTG with 8 songs integrated with the modes like AS

Btw, GOTG really is very similar layout to MET. Which is good but not sure I’d want both

#1971 2 years ago

Here we go again. Every thread

Since AFMRLE has been so delayed for months for me I’m anxious to see GOTG stream

#2019 2 years ago

Well, K man nailed that podcast on the songs.

WHY is it only 2? WTF

Hooked on a Feeling and what else?

F me, I'll pitch in a six pack to get those other songs from the licensor, it just can't be that much!

The whole movie is about comedy and music!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope they don't F THIS UP.

#2020 2 years ago

You guys also need to quit F ing worrying about the boards and what will happen in 10 yrs.

Who gives a F. You might be dead. I promise you life is too short to worry about that f ing NONSENSE. But if you do, you are cutting time off of your life for nothing.

#2025 2 years ago

Here is what I'll be looking for.

Please don't Half Ass this pin!

I don't want to hear from Gary that "We could build a box, take a dump in it, and sell it for $8k" like he did with SW. And i love my Stern pins.

If you don't get it yet, the movie is integrated HUGE with the F ing music!

I'm getting ready to hop on my BM66 updated code, and I don't have ANY confidence that you won't HALF ASS it.

Come on, make me want to buy this pin. F ing sell me.

#2029 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This game has got to have the song Come and get your love in it. I mean it HAS TO!!

And Ooh Child, Aint No Mountain High enough. Cherry bomb? Ok but only with the others.

I just hit BM66LE with new code and WOW, its coming together like Lyman always does.

It just has to happen. PERIOD.

The Gold armor is shit but we need the F ing music.

#2034 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Yeah I like all of those songs and Batman is and will be a good game. I got your back on BM66 iceman so don't let the haters get you down buddy!

Don't worry. It's coming along NICELY. Just played .81 on Batman.

BM66 will be great. It's becoming my favorite pin.

Here's a MAJOR clap/applause for LYMAN. And great appreciation for the passion.

#2036 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I don't know about you, but I like being able to fix my games for a penny, to 30 cents worth of parts. not shell out $150-300 because they don't supply you with enough info to fix it.

You cheap bastard Neo!

That's between you Ops and Stern. What are you going to route? A JJP pin?

#2065 2 years ago

I get what Chuck is saying but I’d say you might be in the minority on this one

If AS, MET or AC/DC only had two songs over and over again that would get really old. As it is you still change songs around with PB browser

Either way, looking forward to seeing what it has to offer

#2068 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I think the call outs, humor and choreography is more pivotal than the soundtrack for a pin.

The soundtrack should be an integral part of all of the above imo

We will find out soon enough what direction they took

If it was the Borg/Lyman combo again it wouldn’t matter as much to me because we would get all of the above as a given

#2092 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

People have said Pro's ship in 2 - 3 weeks and that was last week, so I imagine it will be a pro.
I cant remember but I am sure some else will and can correct me if need be, but I though with SW they did a Pro stream and then did a Prem stream a week or two later?

Thinks its a premium this time up first.

#2203 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

As stated before, it's because some music is composed purposefully to be looped and sound good even after the 100th time. Licensed songs, regardless of which, get old faster. Besides, just because someone enjoys a movie (or anything for that matter) doesn't "theoretically" mean they enjoy every single aspect of it.

That's why you can change them out with PB.

Start with 4 and switch it out to another 4 later. Whatever you like.

GOTG without the music isn't GOTG.

#2205 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

It is nice that is an option (huge high five to the geniuses that figured that out, my TWD thanks you), especially since there are no inserts or other art dedicated to the songs like on the traditional music themed pins.

Yep, I would never change out my AS songs, like em fine. And impossibly integrated with the LCD

I did change out AC/DC and had Arcade do the jukebox at the same time. Too much. Didn't really care.

Should be fun to pick and choose. Stern is giving us 4 placeholders basically.

#2209 2 years ago

Canceled SW for the prospect of GOTG. Bought a POTCCE, no regrets, all in.

This pin has to beat out AFMRLE to hit my house!

I love my ASLE, but if the code is the same as that and the layout is basically MET, which obviously works then I'm trying not to get sucked in at this point.

AFMRLE or this one? Known greatness versus potential greatness. Hate to say this but if it were Lyman/Borg it would be on the way home.

#2217 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

I'm not buying anything new in box if Lyman is working on it. Why? So I can have a box with lights in my house for a year?
Not a chance.


At least you get a box that F ing kicks ass down the road!

Versus something that may or may not ever be great.

I'll take the Lyman box all day every day thank you.

#2219 2 years ago

"Stern absolutely knocked it up of the park with this game. Most excited I’ve been for a new pinball since TWD was announced."

Excellent review, i wish the common denominator was Borg/Lyman. It's not.

#2222 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Where's a gpod premium vid..... the one i saw hardly used the 3 color gi and rgb inserts?

Looks to be WAY early code.

Therein lies the risk.

The bait looks great though.

#2238 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Yeah how's Batman treating you. It's been over a year and it's just now in beta code. Still no sub villains.
I'm not drinking the kool aid with Lyman anymore. Sell it any way you want. I'll wait for the secondary market on his stuff.
Not saying I won't buy his machines, just saying I won't buy NIB. What's the point? ......none.

BM66 is treating me GREAT. Latest code update is awesome and two more coming before end of year. Can't be any happier now.

Waiting for the secondary market? That's probably the smart move on any pin these days.

#2288 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

The programmers still have at least a year per game based on the number of releases. Writing the rules is part of the programming process.

Pretty simple math. 3 games a yr. 3 teams. Not hard to figure

The status of code at launch has varied obviously

#2333 2 years ago

3 teams, 3 games per yr

Math is simple. Avg of 1 title per yr per team

That’s “average”

#2338 2 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

So you know better than an *actual Stern employee*?

No, but that's what they tell me. Each game is different.

To put a game together its seems obvious and straightforward it takes one year on average.

"However, before that time starts you have to do the design of the framework, the rules, the data types, and do all of the work on the lower level routines (think coining, hardware drivers, video drivers, support new hardware, new node firmware, upgrade routines etc). All of that support work must be done by the team(s) also; most likely while the game is being designed."

#2490 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Hell I think it makes BM66 release code look good

Say what you want about BM66 but the code right now at .81 is GREAT and the next two updates will bring it home once again Lyman style.

Yes its a year late but BM66 kicks ass!!! Thank you Sheats

#2491 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Wow... ill be waiting this one out for a while..... needs alot of work and the 2 songs will get old very very quickly...hope they add more .

I asked on the stream if there was the "possibility" of more songs? Answer was NO

You can't do an Aerosmith and Metallica remake with only two songs.

#2496 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Reread my post.

I'm gonna say BM66 initial code was worse than what i just witnessed! Just making a general statement to the BM haters SKB

You can't imagine how far BM66 has come, of course its Lyman though.

#2504 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Yeah saw your question on the stream ice little disappointing but on the plus side with those songs in place it should give us bookmarks in the code to replace/mixup the songs from the movie soundtrack.
Shame no talking Groot though, would have been great to see his mouth move and sync to I AM GROOT at the start of multiball.

"Talking Groot", how does that not happen!

Rudy, Ted and Red taunt us, wtf.

Oh well, my sights are set on Elvira and Kapow now.

#2509 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Im guessing the mechanical part of groot isnt able to do anything but open and close? Red, ted, rudy have special gears and parts to allow it to happen. I hope im wrong and groot is capable of different thing's....

I don't think we are wrong. The days of talking Rudy and Ted heads are history. How great it could have been with Groot?

#2514 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

I think jjp and pat l cld bring it back with toy s or other future releases.....

As in Toy Story or Willy Wonka!

#2535 2 years ago

One of the only times I'll probably EVER agree with RH. Why on earth would you debut a game like this without at least some of the callouts?

All this did was give people a reason to wait another year before/if its ever done.

The introduction formula has to change up somehow.

Actually, it is what is, you work with what you got and that ain't good

The only thing that sells it for me is if LYMAN trots out there with BORG. What a cluster F

#2898 2 years ago

.83 code now on BM66. Its becoming a phenomenal “fluke” thanks to Lyman of course

ASLE is a damn good “fluke” too

Another typical dopey ass statement from the “pin whisperer” RH

BM66 will be as good or better than TWD. Yep, heard it here first. And I’ve played as much TWD as anyone

#2920 2 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

I actually just did and can. If you don't get the take home message then I can't help that. If anyone wants to argue quality has gone in the shitter then you in de Nile!

Dang Billy, you must still have the MG crack pipe syndrome on the brain!

People should buy what they like and I'm getting a POTCCE because it looks awesome and I like the new guy. And I hope to get an Alice Cooper too.

That said, Lyman is turning BM66 into another GREAT classic, as good as it gets.

And AS is a kick ass pin too.

When you produce 3 or 4 pins a year you are bound to have some stinkers. So what.

JJP is working on their 4th pin in 6 years and Spooky is simply amazing.

I do agree that, like the NFL, they seem to sometimes work at destroying their business.

It's thanksgiving, I'm thankful for ALL the great pinball out there

#2922 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I can't argue with the drugs part but SW is a great game, let us just agree to disagree regarding which games are good and which are bad (The Hobbit) and while I enjoy SM the vault edition artwork and callouts are just terrible but if you like it then fine (maybe u need some drugs) as for quality I've never really had any issues with Stern's quality so I can't comment, as long as my pins work well no offense to anyone but I don't care. I just bought a new build TWD Pre and its been great, no trouble with my SW either, or METpre, STLE, TSPP, GOTpro, Tron, SM,AV,TF,XMENLE etc. in fact I notice very little in difference from when I started buying pins in 2008 till now. Could that be because of drugs, I certainly hope so.

I don't do drugs BUT maybe its because of all the alcohol I'm drinking I can't see much difference and/or I don't give a shit, and/or the games are FUN as F.

You know the cool country song, "Billy's got his beer goggles on tonight"!

#2967 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

That's great but you don't have to, why do you guys make it out like someone is forcing you to buy this game? Super Mario good comparison

Some people feel the need to preach to others about what they should and shouldn't do with their $$$.

And its not just a comment here or there its non stop.

"Look at me, I'm smarter than the rest of you dumb bastards". Trust me, you are NOT.

Some of you need to pull the sticks out of your arses and go rain your condescending BS elsewhere.

Pinball is a game meant to be FUN. If it's not FUN for you, then that's your problem.

#2976 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Wow. This is the most insane post I've read in a while. You're sick of my "broken record", I'm sick of this sycophancy. Lower my expectations for $5000-$8000?!!? On what planet !?!? Dive back in in a new Stern? What game!?!? The current roster isn't a blast. A blast in the nuts, maybe? B66= Clunky, overpriced, unfinished. GB = Worst game ever. GOT & SW = Zero fun mechanical features, convoluted math chess. AS, Kiss, GOTG = clones of better games with uninspired rules. The 7 Sterns I have now are a blast. Be thankful!? For what? To give my money over for untested and unfinished games? BE THANKFUL!? That's what led Stern to making people BEG to buy Batman. F that S. They need to be thankful that are still people willing to spend this much on a giant retro game (for

Sad sack broken record. Translation: "The stuff i own and buy is great. The rest of you dummies don't know shit".

What a sewer of negative narcissistic BS!

Sycophant? How about "narcissist"? Look up the meaning of it and then stare in the mirror.

#2989 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

... that doesn’t mean that some customers don’t have unreasonable expectations, but if someone is unhappy with a product you shouldn’t tell them they should be silent. Screw that. Block their posts if you are so tired of it

Call up Stern and tell them or vote with your wallet

The negative circle jerk here does NOTHING. It becomes over the top and whiny crybaby nonsense when it’s non stop

Nope, unblocked posts and I’m gonna keep riding herd on that BS so screw that

#3025 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Pinside never misses a chance to tell each other how stupid they are.
News flash!!! We are all grown men buying 2K-15K toys that we play very little compared to the price and we are all F'ing idiots.

Bottom line, "we are all F ing idiots", but I'm still having fun being one!

Stop being so rational and right on Art! It's not en vogue to simply enjoy some pinball, you have to cry and bitch about everything!

At least Hank emailed Gomez and expressed his concerns. How many sales does Stern miss launching games with early code? Who knows, many people have written off BM66 and its phenomenal now at .83 code.

It's Lyman.

GOTG looks great, theme, layout and artwork are fantastic. If you don't want to be frustrated with early code and like the pin then just wait and see. Nobody has a gun to anyone's head.

It's just pinball and its FUN!

#3044 2 years ago


Eagle moss has some cool figures of Racoon and Groot

On sale.

#3062 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Sounds awesome
Buuuuuut I will believe it when I see it... and based on historical data I might not see it for a long time.
Rocket = Bradley Cooper. Did Stern hire Bradley Cooper or one of the X-Men voice actors?

You just need to stick with Golden Tee Curly. Can’t F that up for analites

Woohoo! Party time ladies, life, love and happiness!

It’s hammer time and code is just a state of mind. Remember that!

And don’t let the bastards wear you down. Wear them down

#3135 2 years ago
Quoted from zimzam:

I finally bought a NIB Stern Batman 66 because of the theme alone. After all the different pinball machines I've played and owned (mind you they were all 5-15 years old at the time so code wasn't an issue) I was STUNNED how awful Batman 66 came out of the box. Almost unplayable.

It was "unplayable" at Expo that year, the Live Stream basically showed it as such. It really shouldn't have been a surprise.

Most people purchased it because they loved the theme like you combined with the infamous Gomez comment of "every 2 weeks a code update until done".

The HUGE difference with BM66 and GOTG is Lyman is on the code and as the saying goes "In Lyman we trust", and since you just downloaded the new code you realize why. Just like TWD.

With GOTG it looks like its going to be a cut and paste job from AS. And as SKB said, that means it won't take long for code to updated. That doesn't mean GOTG isn't going to be a FUN pin to play, it will.

Bottom line, if you want GREAT, unique, fully fleshed out game rules that incorporates all of the shots in a pin and creates the wow factor then LYMAN is the only option that Stern has right now. Dwight is a maybe, depending on how he finishes up GB and SW after GOT.

#3162 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Let me look up the last 10 games....yeah, pretty much all mediocre to horrible. That's not "hate", that's an opinion based on having played every single Stern, Sega & Data East game that has come out of that factory. The last 10 games do not measure up to their past output in terms of design, creativity, fun, features, or theme integration.

You said it, its "just an opinion", stated once again. We get it.

#3164 2 years ago

10. Star wars. Good Game
9. Aerosmith. Good Game
8. Batman 66. Needs help but good game.
7. Ghostbusters. Good Game
6. Spider man VE. Good Gamexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5. Who Nellie. Meh!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4. Game of Thrones. Good game
3. Kiss. Good Game
2. Wrestlemania. Ok you got me!
1. Walking Dead. Good game

Can't really include SMVE and Whoa Nellie

The 3 pins prior were

Star Trek

Once again, RH blowing smoke out of his arse!

#3200 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

8. BM66: oh god is this game awful. Granted, I haven’t played it on the new code. Is there really saving this pin with this layout and toy Mech? Don’t recommend any version

Yes its awesome. Right up there with TWD

#3205 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:


Not kidding my man. Another Lyman masterpiece in the making, have em both right there with GBLE sandwiched in between

Not awesome yet, JG is right, but its "in the making" and on the right track like TWD. And the LCD integration is WOW factor if you love the theme. If only TWD had an LCD with heads being lopped off.

Some people that shall go unnamed were calling it "The Walking Dud" at the time!

Truth is if you don't get a smile on your face when you turn on any pinball machine then something is wrong.

There is something to like about every single pin!

It's the greatest hobby on earth!!!

#3208 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Aerosmith is a killer game, fantastic art, one of Stern's best toys, simple code but plenty there.

Playing it right now, all of the above. It's just a fun game to flip. I call it a "beer drinker".

#3210 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

If you want a "beer drinker", you need to play Rob Zombie!

I know, that's one i need to get just for the callouts alone!

#3214 2 years ago
Quoted from docquest:

I love the turntable. I like the variety between the mini LCD as you enable the villains, answering the bat-phone to start a villain and switching to bat-cave mode when you are battling the villain. Love the physical ball lock on it. The shot through the atomic pile is also very satisfying with a nice light show when the super jackpot is going. The ball lock targets designed to look like the bat-computer and bat analyzer in the bat cave are perfect theme integration. The bat-mobile spinner on it is cool too although it doesn't self center as much as it was hyped to. The turntable packs a ton variety and fun shots into a small area. I think they did a great job with it.

x10 Doc, its really great. Might be a pin that needs to be in home to appreciate all that is has to offer!

The sounds, callouts (Adam West and Burt Ward), the video integration (its getting there) etc.

If you love cookie cutter, this isn't it.

#3216 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Yeah but then you have to listen to Rob Zombie.

That's why you have to be F ed up when you play it!

#3219 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Nah, im not really a fan of them or Aerosmith. Still makes good pinball music though.

I wasn't either BUT, it works with AS.

And speaking of pinball music, GOTG needed much more of the soundtrack to make it appealing to me.

2 songs is going to get very repetitive! Especially Cherry Bomb.

#3222 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

The idea I heard that I liked was to take the 2 songs and incorporate them as part of multiball. Outside of that, I'd run with the regular theme music or original Stern musical score. Often, the songs in the movie kicked in when they were kicking but so that would seem to align with multiball.

I agree. They shouldn’t have even done the stream at this point

Not happening but they needed to sprinkle in more songs.

How much can it cost? A cup of coffee and a bag of donuts on a few of those?

#3275 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Alright, I'll post link here when I'm ready to go!

Awesome, i'm gonna get the beer iced down now!

#3326 2 years ago

The songs/soundtrack or lack thereof is a bigger F up.

TWD plays just fine without original callouts or an LCD, thank you F ing very much.

And thanks to my favorite redneck pinballers!

Does anybody else think Wasp kind of looks like a bearded hillbilly Kaneda?

#3329 2 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Batman 66 may turn out to be the best integrated game in the Stern LCD era. Not only does Stern have rights to use any audio and video from the series, they have custom pinball related call outs from the two lead actors. Although the game isn't complete the AV integration is light years ahead of Star Wars and Galaxy ...


Drop that Mic. It's not even a "maybe" it already is a phenomenal use of the LICENSE.

And its gonna be awesome!

Once again, RH blowing smoke out of his arse!

#3333 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

TWD ended up good because of Lyman's code. The lack of show voices was a complete stern disaster and gotg is a history repeat except Lyman is busy with BM66 and Elvira and can't save this one. If I was Borg I'd want to punch someone in the face. He at least did his part and did it very well.
Once someone does a customer sound package it will be a good enough game. It has zero chance of being on the level of Lotr, or IJ, or stnng, or any other game with an awesome sound package though.

I'm talking about BM66 ending up great. And the lack of songs here is a bigger miss imo.

And anything but Lyman is a HUGE risk with a Stern pin.

The sound package will have minimal effect at the end of the day, like you said, someone will do the work for Stern on Pinball browser.

It's the code always, why buy a 1/2 ass pin today at these prices? And one that you KNOW will end up that way.

Even still, its going to be a FUN pin. Just not what it could be.

#3340 2 years ago

I like beer.

#3349 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I win, I just saved $7200.

You win because you just picked up a BM66

I win because I'm drinking beer and listening to Bobby Unser and Paul Page talk to me on Indy 500.

Where are those callouts!

#3352 2 years ago

There is def some slimshady going on as usual.

"There will be no TWD premiums on this pin, so send in your LE $$$".

The stream was awful, as usual though its lets bag as many LE sales as possible before the cats out of the bag.

Still, this will end up being a really good pin.

#3357 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Very doubtful. Sales are soft and LE orders will most likely be canceled. I'm not sure how much they will pump into this. A vault is next and then Deadpool. I cannot imagine Deadpool based on the movie without Ryan Reynolds. Why even consider making that? At least it's Fox and maybe it's Disney and not Marvel. JJP pirates cannot use voices or shots of actors.
I'm beyond disappointed with GOTG.

I get why you are distraught after buying this pin. You knew better Hank but it will be ok at the end of the day. Sell it and move on.

Deadpool is gonna suck too and so is another VE.

Yes, LE orders will be abysmal on GOTG but for the simple fact that its way overpriced for what you get and 600 isn't "limited".

If JJP Potc plays great, like it looks then i could care less about "voice".

#3361 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Deadpool without movie clips and voices and I'm out again. Tron VE will do good, otherwise there's not a ton left to VE.

You will be too busy with BM66 anyhow JG

The pin whisperer RH has always said that Tron would never be made like the LE with lit ramps etc.

Of course he's wrong as usual.

#3363 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

You can buy those in the low 5's. Stern will want $7300 for a VE. If others want it I say make a pile of them. I'm out for that price though.

Bought my LOTRLE for $5200, sold it for $6300, will never own another one.

CGC interests me MUCH more. The Stern VE pins don't have enough age on them.

#3366 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

TWD VE with comic art? Sounds pretty good!

Yeah that would be great. IF they could only redo it with an LCD I'd buy another one right now!

Update it with Negan etc. Yep, no brainer for me

#3367 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Even they better hire a pin designer pretty soon. They will run out of viable remakes quickly after about 3 more.

Where is Elwin? I thought he was the next guy.

#3371 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Negan with stern hillbilly voice? Goats for dinner Lucille.

No substitute for Negan voice! Several P browser guys that would fix that.

I would drop $$$ for a second TWD with comic art and LCD. Even if LCD was AS comic animation.

I have zero interest in any other Stern VE.

#3374 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Let Elwin, Nordman, and Mark Ritchie have the 2018 releases. It should be exciting.

x100. Mark Ritchie had a Pulp Fiction layout ready to go until they ran into "licensing issues".

New blood and ideas are a good thing.

#3378 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

CGC will be where most of our pin dollars will go over the next few years. We are really looking forward adding a few of them to our collection.

Me too. My AFMRLE box just got delivered today.

Not saying that Indy500 will be remade but that pin is really really good. So many great oldies to redo for CGC for many years to come.

#3518 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Say what you want about Ghostbusters....but there is a theme fully implemented.
Hundreds of audio clips from the movies, and Ernie Hudson doing custom call-outs.
Stern proves it can be done. Stern should accept no less or walk away.....or we will.


And although it doesn’t fit the narrative of the bashers, BM66 is full blown content with Adam West and Burt Ward

So let’s not get carried away here. It is what it is

#3521 2 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

when I had my TWDLE I couldn't stand the hillbilly, turned him down to where he was inaudible but I just got a Pre back in the house and for some reason it isn't bothering me, did they tone it down in the code or something? I never saw final code with my LE, not saying I love it or even like it but something has changed and it can't be me.

Just just Clelands update. A few others have done it too

#3669 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

...and you're coming off as a rape enthusiast. You're confusing empathy for smugness. That's on you.

just another dopey statement

#3678 2 years ago


Quoted from paul_8788:

Agreed. That's the problem with trying to impose personal standards on a larger community. Everyone has their own ideas of what is acceptable or not. I have enough of a time trying to impose my personal standards/morals on my kids, people on the internet are on their own.
Context is king, I am sure everyone objectively understands that there was no advocation of rape as a behavior in one statement, and no insult meant to ESL or dyslexic people in the other, but the torches go up regardless. I think that is where the "special snowflake" stuff comes in. The world does not need to always bend to anyone's personal needs, sometimes the offended should relax a bit and let things slide. Just my opinion.

In other words just it let go! Get off your high horse and play Pinball.

It all comes from unnamed outside the Pinball world dynamics. The snowflakes jump on that high horse to find fault with anything and everything these days. They can’t help themselves

#3682 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

I'm a little disappointed by where this thread is headed. I don't really want to add more people to the ignored list. "Snowflake" has become a derogatory term and epithet of choice for right-wingers to fling at anyone who could be accused of being too easily offended or too fragile. I thought the rules here included not attacking people.

That’s your interpretation of course

And yet I’m sure the complaints are coming in fast and furious

This thread has gone WAY off the rails with the usual negative BS over and over again

#3686 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

Well, I did google it. Also, without getting political I'm not associated with the party associated with a donkey mascot. I'm just not in favor of people attacking each other here. I'm here for pinball, not drama.

I agree with that, its a slippery slope, and you don't start the BS by "attacking" someone for nonsense when the context was obvious.

Good lord and "Merry F ing Christmas"

Ok now back to bashing on Stern and GOTG.

#3700 2 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Come up with an argument for why using the word "Rape" in a pinball context is cool. Try it out on your daughter, or a female coworker... See how cool they think it is. If you're REALLY good at hitting spinners, and repeating orbits, would you want all your friends to call you "The Rapist"?? It's just not a good word.

I have 3 daughters, raised with great morals and values.

They would each laugh at an attempt to make this an issue in the "pinball context" which has ZERO meaning to them because they could care less about pinball and actually have "common sense".

Secondly, I employ 5 females, awesome co-workers, the best, each of whom wouldn't even waste a second of the day to comment on something as ridiculous as this. It's actually pathetic and offensive.

Thank god i live in the real world with real people. Carry on.

#3705 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Don't be an dense. First of all, I call bullsh*t. I don't think any of them would enjoy your rape jokes. But secondly, it doesn't matter, because the "I have women friends" defense is trite and stupid.

They aren't dense idiots Aurich. You don't have any kids so I get it.

As for my "women co workers", they would think i was the biggest dufus ever for bringing it up in a pinball context.

They already think I'm an idiot for owning pinball machines.

So no need to transfer your outside pinball culture hatred in here. It doesn't fly.

#3708 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Officially the most random comment in an already off-the-rails thread.

Keep up with the discussion, they are bringing "daughters" and "coworkers" into it and I'm responding.

#3711 2 years ago
Quoted from yancy:

Aurich wasn’t talking about your daughters.

Who gives a F. People need to stfu about this topic and MOVE ON. I'm letting it go now unless......

This is pinball for craps sake.

#3714 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

this thread has become the worst.

Put up another stream to get it back on track!

#3719 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Oh thank goodness. Iceman said we carry on now! Phew. Lol.


Then again, this whole thread is OT

#3724 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

F O? That means Fuc$ Of$ where I'm from.
Is that what you just said?

That means "Finally Over", but then again, the crew keeps it going.

#3728 2 years ago
Quoted from kklank:

Cleland is working doing the sound replacement for GOTG just like TWD. Sweet baby Ray!

I mean that is a HUGE positive. Who saw that coming?

Cleland is awesome!! I love that guy and of course Lyman.

Let's give GOTG a chance.

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