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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#2730 2 years ago

Has anyone ever suggested a pricing tier? Not that we need another one, but let's say Stern offers a discount, say $500, to any early adapters when code is beta. Provide some incentive to early purchasers, then regular pricing is administered when code is acceptable, not necessarily final.

1 week later
#3445 2 years ago

I want to like GOTG so bad. I really enjoy the theme/films with my whole family, but man am I nervous after following this thread and some of the negative comments. The game looks fantastic, so I assumed we would see and hear clips similar to Star Wars. Why would Stern go backwards, right?

Like many of my fellow hobbyists, I have 100+ important things to get done, but I chose to ignore those and stayed up late to listen to all the call outs in Pinball Browser. Curiosity got the better of me because I read so many comments on how bad the call outs are. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. No, they are not as good as the original actors. Would I have preferred the originals? Absolutely. But the voice actors weren't too bad. I was pleasantly surprised. Overall I'd give them an 8 of 10. Here's some of what I heard (and it's interesting listening to the quotes in isolation):

Groot: Easy. Sounds fine.
Rocket: Actually not too bad. Could be a little raspier...
Quill: Didn't hear much. I think they stayed away from him. Might have been a good strategy. Thought I heard a expression here or there but not bad.
Gamora: Thought it sounded like her. Not bad.
Drax: Didn't hear much. Like staying away from Quill, might be strategic. Voice actor might have been bad.
Nebula: Not bad at all.
Yondu: Ok. Not bad, but Bobalibobo! I feel like the voice actor just read the script slowly and never watched the movie/scene. Yondu is making fun of the
broker. He's supposed to be speaking jibberish! Read it faster! Mix it up! Talk over the broker! This can be improved in the future easily, but it sure is
great like it is (so bad, it's good)
Ronan: Not bad at all. Pretty good.
Thanos: Again, not bad. Fine.
Soldier confronting Star Lord at start of the movie (Djimon Hounsou): Not too bad. Sounded OK.
The Broker: Good enough.

If we have to settle for voice actors, there is a lot of potential. Have these same voice actors apply custom call outs appropriate for the game. Should be more than fine. Hey, we got over the voice actors in Wizard of Oz. This is similar, isn't it?

#3462 2 years ago

So let's hope and urge Stern to get more creative than just running movie clips. A double win. Less need for voice overs. More creative animations/modes. Love my WOZ. Point is... it can be done. Will it be? We shall see...

#3467 2 years ago
Quoted from BrewNinja:

I love how people are so overdramatic and love bashing. Wouldn't be pinside without it I guess. So what if the callouts arent the original actors. Im sure it would have been a lot more $$$ to have them. So they did the next best thing, had actors read the script. That makes it super easy to add in for people who care with pinball browser. TWD stock callouts sucked hard, but with the Cleland callouts, it made it pretty great. People ripping on it for not coming from the factory with the voice actors need to go circlejerk in a new thread. How petty. Its something that can be fixed easy.

I think the latest round of critics is actually complimenting the voice actors and saying it's not nearly as bad as the initial negative reaction upon code release yesterday.

#3490 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

One dude is doing all the voices (and probably his girlfriend doing the two women's voices), and he's not an actor.

C'mon, Rare. Is it the theme? Is it the code? Is it the voice overs?

Anything to salvage this game? Everyone loves praise, but most (listening Stern?) can learn more from critical evaluation.

#3494 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

pretty sure Betty is in charge of the boobaboooyeeee callouts we current have...

Sitting here laughing out loud! Wife thinks I'm nuts!

#3500 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

The theme is great - but what is it about the theme that is great? The chraracters, the personality, the humor, and comedic timing. All of that has been stripped from the game by the horrible re-dub & the "non-interactive soundbed" concept. Unfortunately since they borrowed the code from two music games, they're using "movie scene running" as a mode instead of "song running". It doesn't work. The reason previous mode/story games work is the Pavlovian effect - hit a shot, get a satisfying sound effect/voice/light show choreography that makes you feel like an interactive part of the license. This game doesn't seem to do that. Modes are just "fake movie running" & hit the lit shots. There's no connective tissue.
My constructive criticism would be just to go back to doing what they did best....and don't agree to a license if they won't supply the important assets essential to the license.

I do not disagree with you. I'm hoping this title can be saved with some additional work in the near future. Here's hoping they respond. Collective complaints of no songs... Songs added. Complaints of no call outs... speech added quickly. Maybe secure one original actor (like Hudson in GB or Urban in ST) for custom call outs? Make it more cohesive and interactive? Can't hurt!

#3577 2 years ago

OK. I just rewatched wasp's stream from yesterday and listened to the call outs in Pinball Browser. The call outs are isolated and should be easy to change/swap with the speech from the movie. Wasp's stream showed all movie clips running and coincidentally (or maybe on purpose?) there are no scenes with actors/actresses actually speaking. The action scenes are just running with the score playing.

The movie can be downloaded in itunes. The clips can be edited to isolate the corresponding speech. Then video files can be converted to .wav files. The .wav files can then be imported into the Pinball Browser 6.0 (make sure you donate). Upload the modified spk file into the game.

There is a glimmer of hope! Especially for those who were "in" but now "out" solely because of the voice actors.

4 weeks later
#4123 2 years ago

Great point about John C. Reilly. Maybe Stern can get someone like him to do the custom game play call-outs this game desperately needs. Star Trek incorporated Karl Urban custom speech after the game's initial launch. I remember getting that update and I felt it was a big deal.

I am enjoying playing our GOTG Pro. I love the appearance, enjoy watching scenes from the movie and have not let the voice actors deter from the fun! I love the layout, but the shots other than Groot are tight! They are very satisfying to hit but I wish the code was more friendly. Requiring 5-10 shots, of which most are tight, may be a bit much to complete a mode.

Then consider one needs to complete 8 modes to play the first wizard mode - "Immulation Initiative" (assuming you don't count Groot MB or Orb MB as wizard modes).

Now consider having to play all the modes, both multi-balls and Immulation Initiative to reach the seemingly unattainable "Save Xandar". Let's not see a few of these inserts become playfield artifacts. Make these reachable! If the coders want to make the final mode hard or almost impossible to finish...fine.

Maybe lighten the requirements to complete modes, but make them necessary to reach "Save Xandar". Along a separate path, maybe require playing or even completing both "Groot" and Orb" multi-balls to play the mode "Immolation Initiative", which completing it could also be made a requirement to reach "Save Xandar". Then make "Save Xandar" as difficult as you want, assuming you want no one to finish the game and become a "Guardian of the Galaxy". I myself would rather see it difficult but achievable by very good players, so I least know it can be done.

Should we make a separate thread for GOTG code suggestions? Any other suggestions? Stern seems to listen. They've added songs and released updates rather quickly...

#4137 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

No it has no adjustment options when it comes to modes, only multiball, multipliers, bonuses, etc. You can try and increase your chances for advancement by manipulating the number of balls, and awarded specials, etc. but I do not want to have to play 6 or 7 balls to make significant progression. I am not a pro player and I would like the option added for mode progression difficulty levels. I would also like Stern to have an adjustment setting for the shooter trough eject coil and shooter lane coil-still way too powerful, I notified the technical department at Stern about it, hopefully they can implement something in code? I call Stern's overpowered shooter coils in GOTG 'shotgun coils' -they will blow away your shooter lane in no time-kaboom!

pinmister Is there a way to cut an paste this into the GOTG code suggestions thread? Great if you did. I'm child-like hopeful that Lonnie will read the code suggestions thread and not have to sift through these larger threads. After all, the code can be changed... the game's physical features can't.

#4142 2 years ago

That Rocket shot is tight, but obviously easier the more you play it. Sometimes not a direct hit. It occasionally rolls in slow and triggers that kicker! And Wow! does that thing kick back! Almost needs a 2 second ball save. Is there one? Honestly I didn't check...

2 weeks later
#4167 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Our league location got one and I went in with high hopes, but the game is brainless. The updates so far do very little to fix any of its actual issues. They REALLY need to step it up on the road to 1.0.
Rules: Terrible. The game needs balancing more than any other game out there right now. The easiest objective in the game is the highest scoring. The hardest objectives are the lowest. Modes need far more weight to them than they have. It is also really lame that they shoehorned Aerosmith's rules directly into Guardians. Aerosmith wasn't that long ago.
Sound: Easily the worst of ANY pinball machine. Even the most simple solid state games made sounds that were indicative of the shots you make. Guardians just plays FREAKING LOUD video clips that are totally disconnected from what you're doing. You just want it to shut up, because it's distracting, annoying, and there's no logical sense to do what they did with the audio package. There are no acceptable audio cues for what to shoot for.
Video: Still tons of missing assets and most of what is in there is looping videos from movie scenes. Again, there's no logical sense to do this. Who wants to watch a movie out of order and missing tons of lines during a pinball match? They took the shortest, easiest path to getting assets on the screen, and it sucks.
The & #@*ing magnet! What a terrible implementation of the magnet. 7/10 times you hit the Orb shot, it flings the ball out the left outlane. Not fun. Borg's obsession with shot magnets has to stop. I get that he's not the most original guy, but c'mon, every game? Cheap drains.
Stern has got to get this game to a better spot. It has a good, albeit recycled, layout, but they really tripped over themselves with their rules copy/paste job with poor score balancing. They need to undo the video dump to the LCD and get some useful and dynamic information on the screen.
The layout has potential, but the lazy approach to software is pulling this game down enormously.

There are many different opinions out there. I like the game AND happen to agree with many of your points. Can you please cut and paste your post here (in hopes that Stern assesses ALL feedback)? Thanks.


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