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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#883 2 years ago

Are you all sure original music score means no songs from the movie.

#892 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Score = orchestral score by Tyler Bates
If they were using the licensed mix tape songs, it seems like they would have mentioned it as it's a selling point.

Hoping pinball browser can work on spike as we could add in songs over the score.

Not having the songs is a huge huge miss. Even if they had a few mixed in it would better. I'm way bummed and feel like Metallica is still the better buy.

#914 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I'm ok with plastic ramps, especially on a busy playfield like this - there's already enough obstruction. And they're fast and smooth.
But since GB, the plastic they're using on these has become so thin. Anyone worked on the GBLE subway ramp??? It's like 1mm thick. It's like the plastic they use for food packaging.
As a result, they've had to make these plastic ramps on GOTG in 2 pieces - there's an ugly metal join on both ramps. They'll seem less smooth and more "rattly". But with how thin the plastic is they've had no choice.
Remember how long, smooth and fast those TWD ramps are?? Iron Man?? Ah, the good old days.....remember Sam?

Ball does rattle on them in the teaser video.

#1024 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:


Which history says we get what we get out of the gate and wait years for an update. See every other Lonnie game. I'm still waiting for the rumored AS and Kiss updates. So tired of the same old thing.

I love John Borg designs, but man I wish Dwight was coding this one. That combination of programmer and coder has not happened to my knowledge.

#1029 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Not sure what you are waiting for. KISS has plenty of code and really isn't missing anything, they have already said they are not doing anything else with the cities. AS had great code out of the gate and only needs a little balance and polish and it's done. Your literally complaining about 2 of sterns most complete games when it comes to code.

Only because I was told Lonnie had another 5 weeks on AS back in January to polish it off and that never happened.

#1155 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I actually don't consider you a stern hater. I don't understand your amount of hatred toward GB but that's cool, I don't have to understand it. I'm talking about the people who shit on everything Stern no matter what.

It's because GB is a great theme with horrendous shot geometry. I'm happy JT is gone. GB, WWE, and Mustang, but I did like Mustang.

I like Jon Borg a lot. I do wish he would change it up a little as when he does we get a Tron, X-men or TWD. I see the pro as a good value and hope the next one has 3 flippers. Fortunately, he seems to only ever do 2 that are alike and Stern gives him the least amount of development time.

#1302 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If they want to make good money they do.
Long live the stripped down Pro!!

It will be their demise. People are sick if all the issues and Stern causes all of them. I agree to some extent.

The games should be made so they are all coded the same. Stern could sell the upgrades on their site for some things.

No issue with three magnets on premium and LE. They could write the same code to work on either model.

It's funny as they charge so much more for the premium and they never code anything to really take advantage of it as it's always onto the next.

Star Trek side lights, Aerosmith upper playfield, the list goes on and on.

#1389 2 years ago

They said they are on the line now. The question is always code. I guarantee it shoots awesome. I cannot even begin to guess on if the code is good or near complete or whats in the game.

#1393 2 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

SW code was in good shape when it shipped. I wouldn't assume GOTG will be non-operational.

I'm not a fan of SW code as there are a ton of bugs. I have my SW next to Dialed In and it makes me sad comparing the two. I liked SW until I put it beside Dialed In and all I think about is the box of lights comment by Gary Stern.

#1571 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

If they addressed those two issues the yellow color of the LE? Don't buy the LE or Have it re powdered for 300.00 / 2 songs are not enough for you. Sure if that's what you are going with. But you say if they add all of the songs and offer you a different paint color instead of the Yellow/ Gold then you would Probably buy it. Granted we have not seen game play but for this argument in particular lets say it is good because you did not mention that as a reason you would not buy. You still say probably! Stern haters will not buy stern for what ever reason. They allocate funds for one new pin (anything but a stern and then bash the stern game so they do not feel they are missing out) GUESS WHAT! You are! I do not want you to have any of the new stern games. You people do not deserve it. Yes CGC is great I own them all. and yes JJP is great I own them all as well. But shit. There an't nothing wrong with a good old American Stern Pinball!

I've bought every Stern Nib box since Tron and I'm done. The quality is not there, Spike is crap, and the code situation is laughable. Say what you want, but Star Wars Premium or as Gary says Box of Lights was my last pre-order before playing. I'm one who welcomes the bashing as I desperately want Stern to be a better company.

Blowing smoke up their ass is not going to make that happen. Price increases without reason. The next game will have another price increase. I'm just at the point where I'm okay to wait and buy the game at 25 to 35 percent less.

#1573 2 years ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

What makes me laugh is that Stern first takes away almost everything they can which obviously leads to unhappy people, but when they give back a little all is well again. Comparing GOTG to MET which is very obvious layout technically, look at how many things they took away (such as the number of toys, mechanics, very good fitting powdercoat on the LE, all the songs etc) and what they brought back.
I cannot believe they went from full RGB on ST/GOT to the minimal RGB leds they use now, seeing how much they can do with them in game. Also the cost for such a change is minimal (concerning the BOM, more cost for software of course) and they proved they know how to do it with ST/GOT.
edit: thinking about my post I must say that GOTG is a nice step back in the right direction. Artwise it is great and also look like a very fun game. The Pro seems like a good deal when I forget about the spinners, but for the higher end versions they are lacking some upgrades that make it worth it to get those.

The art is great. Borg is the best designer at Stern. The layout is a best of. All things are looking good, but the code is the question as always. We will all know soon enough if it's good. I'm still sitting back a couple of months and may get a Pro if it all comes together

2 weeks later
#2481 2 years ago

It's here and the code is horrible on release. Makes x-men release code look good.

20171120_201537 (resized).jpg

#2498 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Are there call outs?

No call outs!

#2570 2 years ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Thanks, how do you feel about it so far.

I think its unplayable as is. Played three games and I have no desire to turn it on. It should not have been released like this.

I almost said no to buying, but gave in when I could get one do soon. The people hyping it got me excited. I'm so not happy about that decision as the code is like BM66 and X-men at release. Its probably the worst code shipped on a game ever. It is that bad.

#2572 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, yet again it comes down to CODE.
Will it be good?
Will it be finished?
Have to say it just seems better all round to wait a year or two.

I just watched some of Deadflip and more BS. Why would they deactivate the call outs? My game has version 0.65 on it and seems to have less than what was shown on Dead Flip.

If Stern has call outs, they should post code up ASAP. I'm calling them out on this one big time.

#2579 2 years ago
Quoted from crlush:

Would be cool but only prob is all he would say is i am or we are groot.

Only needs to be used occasionally to be steller. Like at the beginning of multi ball.

#2586 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Lonnie has a pretty good track record with code updates, though, doesn't he? (As opposed to some of the other coders)

Not really. You get a couple in the firstfew months and then it's years if you get another one.

#2681 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

So, after 50+ pages of posts, the general consensus from what I've read:
From those that have actually played GOTG in person: "This game is fantastic, the shots are smooth and fast, the sounds are great, it's a heck of a lot of fun, I can't wait to see where they take this game. I really liked playing it."
From those that watched pixels flicker on and off of a screen: "This game stinks! I'm mean, sure it has phenomenal art, a fantastic layout, fast shots, a drop target, a magnet(s), physical ball lock, real backglass (LE), and licensed songs we cried for, but what the hell, where are the callouts that we've been told are coming?"
The stream may have been a little underwhelming in the custom callout department and a lack of complete theme integration with lighting and video at this point, but I'm going to wait to reserve judgement until I play it first hand and get my own idea of the game and where it is going to go code wise.
Ps. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb. Augh.

I've played it and own it. I cannot see how it is remotely good. It has art and shots, but no call outs or code make it pointless. An EM machine at least has sounds that indicate something is going on.

#2696 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Why did you buy a game you don’t like?

That's easy as I love Jon Borg designs and the theme. I just did not expect a box of lights.

#2776 2 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I just got back from playing a few games on GOTG. It was in a loud pinball bar so I couldn't hear the music/callouts or lack thereof really. I thought it was fun, I don't think it's as bad as some people say, "box of lights" for instance, but it's really just Metallica with almost an exact copy of the Aerosmith ruleset currently. Start a mode, start a MB to have a chance at scoring big points. Modes have the "upgrade" available after hitting a shot just like in Aero for more scoring but like in Aero most aren't worth playing and you just ignore them while you try to start a MB. Same mini wizard and wizard mode format. Same "lock a ball" playfield multiplier like in Aero and Met in MB. Same shot multiplier as in Aero. Art is really nice and the shots feel good for the most part. I want to play it again, but there really isn't anything new here. If you have played Met and Aero you have already played GOTG in it's current state.

It may have had newer code. I have 0.65, but 0.66 exists.

IMG_5149 (resized).jpg

#2975 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Wow. This is the most insane post I've read in a while. You're sick of my "broken record", I'm sick of this sycophancy. Lower my expectations for $5000-$8000?!!? On what planet !?!? Dive back in in a new Stern? What game!?!? The current roster isn't a blast. A blast in the nuts, maybe? B66= Clunky, overpriced, unfinished. GB = Worst game ever. GOT & SW = Zero fun mechanical features, convoluted math chess. AS, Kiss, GOTG = clones of better games with uninspired rules. The 7 Sterns I have now are a blast. Be thankful!? For what? To give my money over for untested and unfinished games? BE THANKFUL!? That's what led Stern to making people BEG to buy Batman. F that S. They need to be thankful that are still people willing to spend this much on a giant retro game (for

I typically agree but BM66 is much better now. I'd say it's the best Stern after Metallica available right now. I'd buy it way before GOTG.

My advice is to avoid GOTG and pick up Metallica, BM66, or GOT.

I think Game of Thrones is damn good and for me it's the last traditional title before the LCD that was really good.

GOTG is unplayable.
BM66 after one year is fun.
AS is okay
WWE is garbage
Kiss is very okay
GB is clunky and I do not get it. I had it and got rid of it.
SW is brutal and very bare. I kinda like it in a large collection.

#3005 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

What a load of crap. Don't bitch about Stern? Yeah Ok, first you thank these jealous guys who got Stern to include 2 songs on GOTG, you can also thank guys like KPG for getting you all new PFs for all the f-ed up GBs. While you're at it you can thank the guys on here who made them finish the final X-Men code..etc...etc.

So true.

I also emailed George about GOTG and how bad it is.

#3009 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

How bad is it?

It's really bad as the code does not have any call outs. The one flasher isn't coded or the magnet.

It's just poor.

#3084 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well I just watched the Dead Flip stream and GOTG is a little bare bones on the code but it’s certainly not as bad as some people here are acting like. It kinda reminds me of AS which is pretty much what I expected since they have the same coder doing both games. Nice light show and most importantly it’s a great shooting game and looks to be a lot of fun. It definitely needs some call outs in the worst way but I have no doubt that they will come soon. If I had to grade it I’d grade it like this for right now.
Theme, artwork, and playfield design-A+
My personal opinion is this game is worth buying right now and it will get better with code and end up being a keeper.

WTF dude! Nothing like Aerosmith as that was almost complete. GOTG code is barely playable. It flat out sucks and should have been delayed a bit. A C really? It's an F. Code is so pathetic it's inexcusable. Most people are saying this is why Stern should release two new titles per year. They cannot keep up like this GOTG as is is horrible. If you love it, I'll sell you mind at 5200.00 which is a 200 loss or about $20 per game. I've played less than 10 games, maybe 9 and think the code is really terrible.

Anyone thinking about this pin should buy something else like BM66 which is finally really fun. GOTG is months away from resembling fun. It's unfinished garbage code is laughable.

Anyone reading this has been warned as the game is really unplayable as is.

#3095 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Care to share what version code your game got shipped with? Maybe its v0.000001 and it really is as terrible as you say it is.
As for speaking the "truth" your comments lack any specific info on why you don't like it and at this point sounds more like gutteral rhetoric.
Games I've played were v0.66 and as mentioned before from shots and mode point of view has a lot there at release (Besides the obvious of call outs, video, etc.) It's not subjective - anyone on v0.66 can list in detail all the code present. Even little nuances like using the action button are programmed - i.e. do i use it right away? Hold it for MB? Hit it at the beginning of mode start so i can go to the scoop for upgrade/crank it up? Do i go for a mode shot or try to light my action button, etc?
Everyone is entitle to get pissed off, whatever, but lets keep some facts straight and maybe point out some specifics instead of just rehashing "sucks" over and over again. Your posts make it sound like the game barely functions.
Please keep in mind also, Im not saying I love the game, I'm not saying I hate it. I'm just trying to post objective information.

Sure mine has v 0.65 and I do not deserve such an awesome game. I have no qualms about my Lonnie on code bias as I've gotten rid of most of his games. Avengers Hulk will be next. I just put a cliffy on GOTG today. I currently do not like the game as is. I once had a Firepower where the sound didn't work and until it got fixed I wasn't loving it. Now I tell people Firepower is awesome.

ASOA, you are something to behold. I think I'm just going to ignore your posts as you bring nothing to the table.

I have bought every Stern game since Tron NIB. Even WWELE which I did not love either. It was a mess. Right now GOTG is a mess. It's worse than Xmen upon release. I tell it how it pretty much is. Not a fanboy, but I admit I'm biased towards disliking Lonnie coded games. I still have some, but they will not last.

ASOA, If you want it, come with 5200 cash. P.M. me as I'm ignoring your future posts.

#3097 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I heard from a Stern rep that GOTG code update is expected in a couple weeks...then decide if its a dud, terrible, laughable, etc....
Early code = Early opinions.

This is the sum of it. It's so true as in a few weeks I could be loving the game. It has great shots, just not feeling it as playing without call outs is not fun in my opinion. Gomez said they will be quick to fix and update code.

I'm stuck wishing I would have waited as I wanted to say no, but there's something about it (probably the awesome art) that made me say yes, it was a last minute decision.

#3102 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Thanks for the context. Knowing you don't like Lonnie games and that Firepower went from zero to hero with just fixing the audio says a lot. No surprise that you don't like GOTG.
Based on the streams' obvious lack of audio clips and the fact that it IS lonnie code I can't believe you bought one in the first place.

That's just it. My distributor said if I wanted one, I could have it Monday. This was before the stream aired.

We unboxed it and we played three games, shut it off and played WH20, BM66, and Dialed In.

No one was impressed. I must like punishment as I think Lonnie did okay with AS and was told that this game was Tanio and others with Lonnie helping some. Plus the IAPPA reviews were pretty good, which I cannot believe now that I have one.

In a month, we will know a lot more. Most of my posts are me mad at myself for taking the early plunge on this one as I just do not like it as it currently sits.

#3103 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not to be a dick, but you have nobody to blame but yourself for not even having enough patience to wait until you watched the Dead Flip stream. I guess the early bird doesn't always get the worm after all does he?

You are correct with that statement. Read above post as to why I gave in. No worries, I just cannot agree that current code is close to average. It's the worst coded game in my collection by far. So giving it a C kinda shocked me.

#3119 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Where did you get a Cliffy for it? Is there another game scoop protector that will fit?

Shooter Lane cliffy .

I used hard as nails on the scoop for now.

Though I'm disappointed as Aerosmith pro came with a cliffy from the factory. WHT did they not put one on this game?

#3145 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I played about 7-8 games on a GotG today during our monthly tournament and watched others as well. It's not just missing callouts and video, it's not awarding ball saves when they are lit, bonus counts not displaying, no clear transitions between players turns, etc. Beautiful to look at and has some great shots on it, but if I were Stern I would be embarrassed to have released this for sale.....
FWIW: I do hope they can make the code right, as it brings in the best of several machines (all those already mentioned), and would love to have it in my collection once it gets fully fleshed out. If not: I'll be looking for a HUO TRON or TRON Vault instead.....

I do not get why they thought it was okay and why the lie during the dead flip stream? They said they had special software with callous removed, but when you go into the menu on non special software, no call outs exists.

I'm happy someone else agrees that the code is bad as is.

#3170 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Sometimes I feel paying attention to how long the masses keep games after the code is fairly complete tells a lot about how special a game actually is. On average a good game seems to get sold quicker than a great game. Stern has been putting out a lot of good games in the last few years but not many that I would classify as great. Besides code, my biggest complaint about recent Sterns would be some games have far too many easy shots rather than varied difficulty between shots and some have static or nearly static toys such as bulky bash toys that don't do anything for me. I guess GB is an outlier in this conversation. That game has its own unique issues such as the wide flipper gap that drives some away.

GB suffers from bad shot geometry on the premium.

Best decision I made was ignoring ASOA as it just shows post ignored. GOTG is a bit recycled and I think we all hope it works, but the current code has me very worried.

#3172 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Are you enjoying GOTG? We have never been too worried about any code for any game. I only just worked out last Saturday that the new SW code had video mode!

Played GOTG now about 10 times and hate it. The code kills me wanting to ever turn it on. I will not play again until code is released

#3353 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

There is def some slimshady going on as usual.
"There will be no TWD premiums on this pin, so send in your LE $$$".
The stream was awful, as usual though its lets bag as many LE sales as possible before the cats out of the bag.
Still, this will end up being a really good pin.

Very doubtful. Sales are soft and LE orders will most likely be canceled. I'm not sure how much they will pump into this. A vault is next and then Deadpool. I cannot imagine Deadpool based on the movie without Ryan Reynolds. Why even consider making that? At least it's Fox and maybe it's Disney and not Marvel. JJP pirates cannot use voices or shots of actors.

I'm beyond disappointed with GOTG.

#3536 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Here are my opinions:
Groot: Like you said, easy. I think they did great.
Rocket: Sounds like Bender -- I love it. Agree with rasp.
Quill: Needs a lot of work, but it is what it is.
Gamora: Pretty damn good!
Drax: Workable..needs more "sarcasm" misunderstanding
Nebula: Sounds great!
Ronan: I have mixed feelings on Ronan..I don't even know how to explain them.
Thanos: I didn't even notice him
Broker: Very good. Should've gotten wheatley.
Either way, if you're complaining about the voice acting, I feel bad for ya son. I got 99 problems and voice acting ain't one(An addiction to trading pins, however..). I think they did well. There's room for improvement, but they certainly don't make the game unplayable, nor ruin it. They DO, however, need to be constrained to shots/events...and not just play whenever.

Them playing whenever is a mess. I think the code is a mess at this point. I'm really torn on if I take a loss and sell now.

Can it be saved? Anyone want it for 5200?

#3556 2 years ago

I hate the rosey red glasses on every game and not say anything bad ever. Get over it and call a game bad when it is.

I have owned almost every Stern and Sega at some point. The only game I absolutely dislike completely is Striker Extreme, until now.

What is wrong with being honest. GOTG is horrible. It could turn around, but it's very doubtful as 2 songs are it and what is there is just not fun.

The left ramp is a mess with air balls.

BM66 is now great. I will say avoid GOTG at all costs and buy a BM66 as you will be happier.

I'd rank Stern games as I find most playable except Striker, GOTG and NFL. Hell, I like High Roller Casino a lot.

#3562 2 years ago

I have the audio who wants it.

PM me your email

#3574 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

So when will the code be updated to add call outs from the rest of the Muppets?

Soon. I'm hearing another update is coming ASAP, maybe even this week as 0.72 has issues. At times the right flipper goes week for no reason at all.

#3693 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

We're talking about new games that cost $5000-9000.
People are going to have an opinion about games that cost that much.
We don't owe the makers of new pinball "positivity". They want our money. They need to give us a reason to part with it. We don't owe them anything.
We bitch because we love.

This is true and we want them to be better. CGC is doing everything well. A lot of us see the writing on the wall and the talent at Stern. I believe Stern will eventually fall, and that's not good for any of us who own their games.

Personally, I think they need to pivot and maintaining three new releases a year cannot be sustained.

#3772 2 years ago
Quoted from jarch:

I hear you about the current state of the code where the song plays all the time when not in mission, but man am I so happy they included it at all. This pin would be less IMO without a couple key songs from the soundtrack. I'm glad Stern made this happen.

It's early and they should not have released it. I'm still hoping they use the songs at different points. It would be great to have a song barring for groot multi ball and another in another mode, or modes maybe when you get the super ramps etc..

#3839 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

How does this have anything to do with a code update?

The last update made flippers go weak at times. Maybe this one fixed that.

I'm still really hating the code and progression. It's just not fun. On the other hand, Twd and BM66 code is phenomenal.

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