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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#662 2 years ago

Code will be done early on this one if Lonnie is doing it. He is sharp about getting complete out of the box code done. Now whether it’ll be unique or not is to be determined.

But, looks like this will be a Metallica layout with Aerosmith rules. Scoop shot shows mode select (AS songs - Center insert matrix), mystery (typical), extra ball (typical), and upgrade (my guess AS CIU). Each mode will probably award a super mode for shot inserts like Aerosmith.

Groot will be like Toys in attic multiball risk/reward.

Other multiballs unknown?

Probably 2 wizard modes like AS.

All in all this is a hybrid MET meets AS which, besides it being cookie cutter, are all GOOD things. Game will be fun, can’t wait to play and hear sound package.

#801 2 years ago
Quoted from JoelOmatik:

Iron Mantallica?

....With Aerosmith rules. I.E. Guardians of the Iron Aerotallica

#1489 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Yes, I'm sure whiners on pinside is why this happened. It wasn't planned from the start or anything like that.

No offense, but These ‘whiners’ are justifiably trying to save this game and sterns cheap ass methods of business in giving consumers what they deserve with an $8k+ Pin.

Game should have more than just 2 tracks at these prices with cookie cutter templates/software.

#1738 2 years ago

LOL @ etched side rails not part of the LE package! What a joke.

We used to say ‘oh pinside’, but it seems more too frequent that we should be changing that phrase to ‘oh stern’

#1740 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Wonder if it will carry-over the shared KISS bugs like Aerosmith lol

Looking at the insert matrix, and knowing Lonnie is on code, I can almost guarantee this game (ruleswise) will be near identical to Aerosmith.

Center insert matrix modes = AS song modes.

Play all modes = medley wizard mode

Complete all modes = tour wizard mode

Charge up = AS crank it up

Groot = TIA

Orb drop target shot = love in an elevator.

Rocket will hopefully be something different, probably war machine multiball.

You get the idea, that’s pretty much it. not saying it’s bad or indifferent; but unique or original, I highly doubt it will be.

#1814 2 years ago

I was watching GOTG 1 last night and during the prison break, Groot yells out a huge “I AM GROOT!!!!!” If that’s not in the game cause of Vin Deasel licensing or whatever, then it’ll be a huge miss especially with Groot being the focal point.

The next scene with Rocket on top of Groot firing machine guns and them yelling was classic! Needs to be in the game too.

This game is going to be a real challenge to bring the theme integration to life if stern is in fact being restricted by licensing.

#2054 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

It's not a matter of giving them a free pass, it's a matter of personal taste. Hearing "ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb" 20X a day for the next few years sounds like hell to me. More than anything I'm trying to reiterate that not everyone wants the same thing and no matter what, STERN won't be able to make everyone happy.

While I do agree to an extent; stern has specifically said they make these games for operators, so us measly collectors really shouldn't have a say in what should or should not be in the game. These songs won't get as old on route for customers and I imagine will actually pull in more sales.

#2064 2 years ago

I think the call outs, humor and choreography is more pivotal than the soundtrack for a pin.

#2145 1 year ago

Didn't someome earlier in this thread show the perfect location for a Walkman, which would be in the apron.

#2201 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Every game you own has a limited amount of songs, usually with 15-20 second loops. Why do people only complain about repetition when it comes to licensed music? The music is from the movie, so it's thematically correct. If you like the movie, you theoretically like the songs, and their placement in the game only adds to the immersion factor.

I think it’s because they have lyrics which the melody sticks easier to the brain making it more repetitious than a traditional instrumental composure.

#2381 1 year ago

Either they’re sand bagging some code, or they plan on working all weekend cause I don’t think it’ll be a good look to have jack danger stream this with no sound or audio clips. No?

#2453 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The lack of audio for the video really disappointing.

Yikes. This whole game looks pretty disappointing. Art package is stellar at least. What code version is the DF stream running? I hope to God it's super super early cause dam it needs work. I hope I don't sound like a negative Nellie, just calling it how I see it. Someone please take pinsiders advice and stick hooked on a feeling and cherry bomb as wizard mode songs. I'm already sick of the songs after 30 mins. And the choreography and theme integration with audio, good lord. Strike outs all around on this one. Here's hoping they give this game some special attention cause it has all the pieces for a great pin, it's just not even close to being there.

D+ in my book.

EDIT: sounds like it is very early code but still, wizard mode songs need to be hooked on a feeling and cherry bomb. Modes look very uninspiring, Groot mb = Klingon mb. All this cut and paste rules takes such a killer theme, layout, and art package and throws it down the drain. On a positive note, knowing it's such beta code, I'll reserve final judgement for when/if they can get this thing firing on all cylinders.

#2487 1 year ago
Quoted from hank527:

It's here and the code is horrible on release. Makes x-men release code look good.

Hell I think it makes BM66 release code look good

#2493 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Say what you want about BM66 but the code right now at .81 is GREAT and the next two updates will bring it home once again Lyman style.
Yes its a year late but BM66 kicks ass!!! Thank you Sheats

Reread my post.

#2731 1 year ago
Quoted from hd60609:

Has anyone ever suggested a pricing tier? Not that we need another one, but let's say Stern offers a discount, say $500, to any early adapters when code is beta. Provide some incentive to early purchasers, then regular pricing is administered when code is acceptable, not necessarily final.

I like the way you think. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been reading this thread or pinside for that matter, people are throwing money at them whether there’s code or not...and this is with NUMEROUS price hikes. People are actually paying $500 MORE as an incentive to beta test their machines

It’s an addictive part of the hobby, and it is a hard cycle to break, and sometimes takes a few kick to the nuts for new hobbyist to realize being an early buyer is not a fun thing; and usually is very frustrating. I know from experience, cause I used to be one (XMEN, TF, ST, Avengers, etc...). This is nothing new with stern. Early buyers = Guinnea pigs; both with software + hardware.

#2737 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Has someone else noticed the soundeffect from Star Trek in GOTG or did I just imagine that ?? Serious question.

I would not be surprised. Groot multiball is an exact replica of Klingon multiball. You may have heard that sound effect during the double super jackpot roving shot cause i thought i heard it too.

#2744 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

Personally I do not like that. It is like hearing another game. Reminds me of Sparky/Jacky.
edit: this was a reaction to the post of eskaybee, just to be clear. Forgot to quote.

I just replayed the video on you tube. Happens around the 25:40 mark when he starts the Star Trek roving double super jp; he gets a level up award similar to ST medals, but it's not a ST sound byte. The rules however, during that multiball, are a complete COPY+PASTE from ST.

The layout/flow/art package altogether is so epic and good. It's a shame this game is going to get rehashed code and rules from AS & ST (which were taken from KISS & TF).

The game looks so amazingly bad ass besides that code + rules. makes me sad. There was a day i would be an early buyer on this and think it was the shizzle and i only feel pain for those who are early buyers and havent felt the wrath of re-processed factory stern early beta code. It's simply not fun; and owning a game to watch code develop and cook while you own it, is even worse. Sounds fun in theory, but it's not especially when an update finally does come and it's even more underwhelming than the last.

#3129 1 year ago

Here's another problem about GOTG code that isn't brought up too often. Yes, it looks like the direction of the rules will be in line with Aerosmith. But, with the quick release of this title and bare bones code, and Lyman not being on the code; I foresee nothing interesting with this game, no fresh ideas, no attention to detail, same ol same ol with nothing new or innovative to offer code-wise.

#3132 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Is GOTG a 4 ball or 6 ball game? I know the rules get compared to AS but will this game have the most exciting AS software feature which is to allow you to cancel out of Multiball in order to build up the values and # of balls to a higher number? Without that ability the rules seem more in line with KISS. Is it only 2 main Multiballs or will there be a MB associated with the rocket kicker similar to War Machine?

From what I can tell; rocket = bumblebee (i.e. Double scoring). Game has 4 balls and no signs of mustang/AS risk-reward multiball. Groot multiball = Klingon mb (i.e. Hit every shot twice to start a roving double jp and light the super. Not sure on that sphere multiball yet but I think it's like love in an elevator multiball as there was level progression associated. Modes are plain as Jane could be like ST level 1 missions, kiss, and AS (i.e. Chasing the flashing arrows and shoot the scoop for crank it up....err I mean charge up; there will probably be an award for each mode that lights the characters playfield insert for super modes like AS. Play all modes for medley song wizard mode, complete all for tour. Hopefully they at least put the main pop music songs as wizard modes.

That's what final code will look like (in my opinion). Rather straightforward and unoriginal. The good news is, the code will be finished like that as quickly as the programmers can cut + paste which should only be a week or 2 we hope. Add in some audio and wash your hands complete and move onto the next pin. Welcome to 3-4 titles per year programming.

#3194 1 year ago

If you want a game with complex rules, which to me equates longer last ability in a collection, get a Lyman/Dwight/Keith game. If you want something simple, get a Lonnie game which happens to be guardians. Just don’t come complaining about code Months later when you realize there’s not much to do and the game is too straight forward.

For me, I love games that I can discover new things to do on (i.e. GOT, AC/DC, TWD, SW, etc...). Want a game where you start a mode, play a mode, move on to the next mode and not much else to do in between but is straightforward and it’s learning curve is low get guardians, AS, KISS, TF, etc...

#3199 1 year ago

Hell I’ll join in on sterns last 10 games list, based on my opinions looks like they’re batting a .500 on the awesomeness scale give or take a little.

10. Star Wars: this game sucks if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learn the rules and it’s a top notch excellent game. Lots of ways to tackle it which can prolong longevity in a collection. Looks barren at first glance, but is sterns first pro with complete color changing GI that matches the prem/LE with some color changing inserts, drops, mini lcd. Not a fan of the hyperdrive loop shot on the prem/LE. Pro way to go IMO

9. Aerosmith: dark horse underrated game for sure. But it’s code isn’t too involving which I question it’s lastability in a collection. Overall a real fun pin.

8. BM66: oh god is this game awful. Granted, I haven’t played it on the new code. Is there really saving this pin with this layout and toy Mech? Don’t recommend any version

7. Ghostbusters: yea...this one kinda sucks. Not as horrible as RH puts it, but pretty close. Code can save it.

6. SMVE: awesome. Way better than the original in every aspect.

5. Whoa Nellie. Meh. Couldn’t get into this one. Maybe if I liked EM’s?

4. GOT: ugly as shit but best flowing pin ever with a fantastic ruleset. Stern nailed this one...EDIT: when I say stern nailed this one I mean Steve/Dwight nailed it with the gameplay + rules - stern gets a D+ for its art package implementation. No math/chess like ruleset like some claim; at least not compared to Hobbit, AC/DC, or Metallica. Innovative multiplier ruleset. Lots of ways to tackle this game. Unfortunate the upper pf takes away a kick ass stark ramp shot + has very weak rules that don’t match the game. Pro the way to go.

3. KISS: yea...this one sucks.

2. WWE: creative but falls real flat due to layout and theme.

1. TWD: masterpiece.

Guardians: don’t bother til we see some code and creativity. Art package is sterns best IMO.

#3201 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yes its awesome. Right up there with TWD


#3273 1 year ago

EDIT: Nevermind. I see that you will be streaming

#3274 1 year ago
Quoted from T-800:

So... if my friend's game has v0.65, my game has v0.66, how can v0.72 be the "initial release?" I guess it truly was beta code...

This makes me think they've had this 'initial release' all along but waiting on approval to install on games. Kind of like jack eluded to in his DF stream.

#3301 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I don't think they should have even made this pin without the actors voices from the film, I hope all who don't care enjoy their game but what a shame, a damn shame.

I actually agree with you hazoff. This is the one pin/theme they should have used full audio from the films.

Did you hear the rocket sound alike? Ouch...!

The good news is this is the initial release with lots of wiggle room before code is at 1.0. The bad news...sterns track record on scenarios similar to this...

#3303 1 year ago

On a positive note; The shots, layout, and background music all look and sound amazing!

#3827 1 year ago
Quoted from Black_Knight:

I still don’t get the lazy comments. Every time I start AC/DC Met Star Trek GOT or Kiss I select a mode to start.
Why are Aero and GOTG singles out for this design concept?
Of course they all react differently but at the base level they very very similar.

Because there's more to do than modes in most those other games; and the modes surrounding those games compliment their layouts and designs very well. Aerosmith isn't a bad game by any means; but it, GOTG, ST, TF, KISS, all suffer from the same mode concept....pick a mode, play it for 30 seconds, then pick another mode...with some small perks here and there. It's not bad, it's just generic. other games that get praises for its code is designed specifically for each game, theme, and design. i.e. MET, TWD, GOT, AC/DC, etc...there's just a lot more going on in those games and the rules are original and creative.

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