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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#184 2 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

We want shakers
We want real backglass
We want anti glare glass
We want powder coated rails.

Shakers- No. There are maybe 5 games on the planet where a shaker should even be used. Every damn game shouldn't have a shaker, only if the theme warrants it.

Real backglass- no thanks. Ever had one burst in your hands? Screw that.

Anti glare glass- no thanks. This shit sucks. People in my house can't even tell what game even has it on. not one person.

Powder coated rails- Again...who cares.

what we really want ....is to have them shove this stuff up their ass, and bring back reasonable prices that reflect the disposable aspects the games are becoming. Get rid of this multi tier game system and stick with one model. If people want to add shit to it later. let them do it.

#187 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

This point ... I don't know what to say.
Though I've no desire to see it as a standard feature (would rather buy after market), the contention that it is not noticeable and the average person can't tell the difference is completely untrue.
I haven't seen the Stern product, or the cheapo low quality stuff, but JJP is immediately noticeable and a major improvement. Roman's / PDI / other similarly good stuff, people often forget it's there and smack their hand into the glass. Never heard of someone who isn't partially sighted do that with standard glass.

bullshit. I could have you stand in my gameroom and tell you to tell me which one, and I guarantee you will fail the test.

#190 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

LOL. They look nothing even remotely alike.

i'm telling you. 100% of the people have failed this test. invisiglass is not as awesome as you fan boys think it is.

#200 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

I own one sheet of Stern HD glass, and I had it on my restored TAF. In comes Star Wars and it's under a skylight and I could not play the thing; the reflections were so bad during the day. HD glass went on and the game is perfect now. Can't tell my ass The before and after is the clearest thing in the world; big white rectangular light reflection vs barely anything.

yes, in certain conditions it can be a drastic change. In a room where you have a ceiling fan in the middle of the room that doesn't throw any direct light on any game, you wont' see much of a difference if any. And it does hardly anything for DMD/backglass glare.

#248 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Thats too bad, I was thinking of trying this just for dmd/back box light glare..
I tried those bent plastics but they didnt really help...

bent plastics work great for DMD glare. eliminates it 100%. Backbox glare can be reduced by pulling out all the bulbs except 7. Space them out best you can. Reduces backbox glare by 80%. If it's florescent tube style. I replace those with an LED panel that can adjust the brightness of the whites. Which also stops the translight from getting brittle from the florescent as well. Years of exposure to florescent lights, makes translights super brittle, and prone to cracking, chipping and shattering.

#638 2 years ago

I have to say. Stern has done a great job on the art on this one all around. Cab, Trans, and playfield. Great art. Layout is very stern cookie cutter, but seems disguised fairly well. Not bad overall. With custom fan rework with music, could be fairly immersive. I'll enjoy playing it on location or at other peoples houses i'm sure.

#641 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

those hands are pretty damn big.

maybe it's not the hands that are big, it's the wiener in the hands making the hands look big?

#872 2 years ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

Groot Translation Guide:
"I am Groot": "Hey Chucky, you're up!"
"I am Groot": "Ok, who brought the dog?"
"I am Groot": "Shoot the Pyramid!"
"I am Groot": "LIONMAN!"

Sounds like a win, win, win and win to me, since all 4 of those games are awesome.

#966 2 years ago

you know they could purposely add sound segments into the code to allow pinbrowser users to edit and add the songs in. Kind of like...we can't do it, but you can kind of situation. It's a win win. and all could be done with a couple of key files placed in the code. They wouldn't even have to make a sound. Just a placeholder, so if you insert a song in that spot, it triggers when you start that mode or multiball.

#1135 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Inevitably that workaround would get back to the license holders. It would ruin their reputation and make it much more difficult in the future to secure licenses. Stern does not want to piss off Marvel or Disney.

i disagree. Didn't seem to bother anybody elses games. Like MET's loaded with Tom Jones. Or Ac/Dc changed to 80's jock rocks. Personally, they just make the code. What you do with your stuff after you get it, Stern can't be liable for.

#1139 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

IP owners expect licensees to protect the integrity of their content. There is limits of course... but they are expected to protect the assets and integrity of the product to ensure the product doesn't create representations the IP holder doesn't want.
They'd face problems and resistance to just making media interchangeable as a feature for instance... because the IP holder wants their say on the representation of their stuff.

in this tech age, it's impossible to make anything hack resistant. Even home system get hacked into universal game units.

#1203 2 years ago

I think if you preorder the LE, the hands definitely move. I'm almost 100% positive, that they curl up and make a fist, and punch you in the crotch for being an idiot.

#1210 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Is that before or after they give you a hand job?

the punch in the crotch is the hand job. Everyone who preorders something they havn't played, should be used to this kind of foreplay.

#1464 2 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I'd take a Hobbit over TWD all day long....

hobbit blows serious ass. You and maybe 1 other person would agree. But hey, there are 2 people out there that like Street fighter 2 pinball, so even shitty games have to have a little love I guess.

#1470 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

LOL, I guess if you believe it it’s true.
TH is the most loved game in my house by just about everyone that plays it. It’s not MY personal favorite, but in no way does it “blow serious ass”. Mine is set up to be pretty mean though, unlike most I’ve seen elsewhere. It’s a fantastic game with an unfair stigma that it’s easy and boring. It does need a final wiz mode to tie everything together, but it’s cool as is. People rarely sniff Battle of Five Armies on my game (including myself), so having a wiz mode that will rarely, if ever, get reached won’t add a ton to it.
You don’t like it, that’s cool. LOTS of people do like it and some even LOVE it. It’s all good. I mean, it is number 27 on the top 100...only 7 spots below TWD (which is an amazing game and on my short list to acquire).
PS SF2 does blow serious ass!

I just think the design and layout is absolutely horrible. I wanted to like it so badly, because I wanted to put it next to LOTR. But I didn't care for it the first time I played it when it was in it's very early stages, and hated it more and more, through the years. Software is fairly good. But even the best software can't save a shitty layout.

#1496 2 years ago

Moonage daydream would really compliment pinball gameplay. Depending on how open the bowie estate people are, it might be achievable. The song didn't get that much attention until it was used for GOTG. Mr.blue sky should be used as well.

#1565 2 years ago

I already told you guys they only move on preordered LE's.

#1612 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

can we get a serious list please? What do you hate that Stern does?

i'll give you the most important one, that should ban stern from anyone who is serious about this hobby and plan on being here long term

Spike system-- Making games virtually disposable, because the games will be unfixable 5-10 years from now. (no schematics and super tight board configurations)

#1615 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

That’s the grand plan...sell crazily priced parts in 5-10 years time! Mwaaahahahahahaaaaa!

I don't think it's about parts down the road. I think they are trying to make you have to throw your games away and buy their new stuff. I really think this is the plan with Spike. Disguised as (better for the customer boards).

#1664 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

In an ideal world 8 songs for 8 modes plus 2 more for mini wizard and wizard. How many would Stern sell if they had gone all out on this game?!

probably half as many as they would if they kept the "full"version price point at 6k or below.

#1729 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think it will be fine. The plastic ramp on my TWD and GOT are smooth as Butter.

metal ramps can be smooth as well. T3 flows like butter as well. Probably the smoothest metal ramp game i've ever played.

#1839 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

- Star Wars (though I'm still trying to like it)
- Colored LEDs in GI
- GB's awful laser cut armor that is hideously overpriced
- The Hobbit
- South Park
- Fish Tales
That really hardly qualifies as "everything" in pinball.
I should probably add that KISS armor too. I hadn't seen that. That's pretty bad.
Edit: And Batman '66, but that's legit the dumbest thing I've ever seen in pinball from a real company. So that's fair game.

that's a pretty solid list that's hard to defend as not being shitty.

Thou, I do understand SW better now, and like it a little more now that I understand how it works. But the layout and playfield art still piss me the hell off.

#1849 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

MET has several huge things over GOTG:
1) Lyman
2) SAM

+ 1 for SAM...... Hell. Wish it was Whitestar actually. I"ll take whitestar even over SAM. But Spike they can stick up their ass sideways.

#1851 2 years ago

oh and no schematics....and the boards components are shoehorned in so it's very hard to work on if we did have schematics , oh and that there are 6 different version and not compatible with each other.... Did I mention how bad spike blows?

#1857 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I prefer SAM over Whitestar... but I do realize that I need to wait 5 more years before I make the final call on that. Just to make sure there are no long term issues with it. It’s only been out for just over a decade. But out of the gate, it’s more reliable in my opinion.
For SPIKE, I was able to make the final call in the first couple years. Junk.

whitestar has been very reliable for me, and the boards arn't hard to work on. But Sam has been dependable as well, I just havn't had to work on them yet.

#1887 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Completely wrong! No high failure rates. No issues with my SPIKE games, any of my friend's SPIKE games, nor any at my local pinball arcade.
Easier to repair, especially with node boards being swapable.
Sound system BLOWS SAM away. Can drive LCD screens
Less friendly to modders? Quit making stuff up.
Your whole list of replies is phony.
You are a blind Stern basher, and per my post you're responding to, you have now self-admitted to being asinine.

you don't know shit about board repair do you?

Do you know what No fuses means? Means that you will be fawked in the ass so hard, without lube when shit goes wrong.

#1910 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I'm still excited about this game and I own Metallica. If Neo is right and I have to push it off of a roof in 10 years because of Spike 2 then that will at least make a good video. Premium or pro is the way to go on this one. Let stern sit on their LE's for that price.

ah, give it 15 years. but yes. Spike games will only be disposable throwaway items in years to come. With 6 different node boards and schematics to fix anything. When the next board set is revealed. Spike will collect dust. No fuses means node boards blow out instead. Unfixable node boards. What caused it to blow? Don't know, lets swap the $300 part iv'e been sitting on for the past 10 years and hope it doesn't blow that one out too. Power up.......shaiet!!!! well guys...help me throw this in the dumpster.

#1967 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So I guess anytime that I have questions or concerns about a product that instead of trying to find the answers to my questions, that I should “just not buy” that particular product? This doesn’t concern me enough to put me in the insane asylum or to derail my purchase of a spike system game, nor is it going to bury me financially in the event this happens but its definitely something worth trying to get answers for in my opinion. I’m confident enough though that there will be some very intelligent people out there to come up with solutions to repair these games down the road if Stern is not still in business.

the problem is, with surface mounted components. no schematic means, no fixing. With boards from older games. If you wanted to know what a resistor value is, you looked at the bands on the resistor. Want to know what diode is, it's printed on the diode. Same for caps, same for transistors. All nice and labeled for you if you didn't have a schematic. (but schematics were always available in some form).

Now with surface mounted components. They really don't say shit on them. They all look the same, and you have these tiny mini little bricks. Every component looks the same. Very difficult to tell one thing from another. Add that with no schematics, and you now have an unserviceable part. Not only that, but there are so many revisions of different node boards, that seem to be game specific. If you got one that shows up on your work bench, you have no idea what the hell you are even looking at. For anyone that doesn't have ADD, and keeps there games more than 6 months, and works on their own games. This is VERY alarming. Put aside the fact that the boards are super tightly packed, making repairs (if you even could) very difficult.

The ONLY way Spike games will not be disposable in years to come is if....

They can make universal Node boards that work on all games (new and old)

They release schematics for those universal node boards, and schematics for all the different revisions of current and past node boards.

If these 2 factors do not happen. Spike will be a disposable technology.

#2021 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

No, not really, Stern is still in business and as long as they are PARTS WILL BE AVAILABLE!!! Spike is brandy new and will be produced for many years to come. Just plunge the ball and enjoy!!!

the problem is, are they really making all the different versions of node boards? For how long? You think stern keeps tons of parts on hand for long term? they do not. For those that don't plan on being in this hobby for the next 5 years, or someone who goes through games like mcdonalds goes through employees, this is not a big deal. But some of us have been around for the past 20+ years and not liking the looks of this new disposable model, they are starting to make. It should be a concern now, so stern doesn't make the same mistake on the next board set that comes out.

#2032 2 years ago
Quoted from karl:

Please, please do not be spirit in the sky.
I do not care for that one, not even a tiny bit. ( why, I do not know) And my "glass is half empty" feeling is that it is probably the cheapest song to get (heard it lots of places) so it will surely be included. Cheap is good, etc.
If it is used in a wizard mode, then fine. Every time I play, though? Probably a disaster for me.

well lucky for you, spirit in the sky isn't in GOTG, so I think you are safe.

#2033 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

That's like asking your wife how long she plans to stay married to you. Good luck with that. Stern is thriving. If they go out of business someone else will come up with a super duper one size fits all node board just like Alltek did with their classic Bally CPU's. Once again, go play some pinball and stop worrying.

I don't know about you, but I like being able to fix my games for a penny, to 30 cents worth of parts. not shell out $150-300 because they don't supply you with enough info to fix it.

#2038 2 years ago

I have both soundtracks and it's not on either.

What scene was it used in?

#2098 2 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Definitely on the soundtrack.

then where is it in the movie? I've seen both movies many times, and don't remember it in any of them.

Maybe it was in a scene for a second or in the background softly and I didn't notice, but I really can't think of any scene it was in. Unless it's in the ending credits?

#2112 2 years ago

if it was used for promotion, it's not a sound track song.

#2121 2 years ago

it's been awhile since I had the actual soundtrack in my hand. I pulled all the songs off and made them MP3 so I can have them on my car chip. I didn't pull that one off tho. Must have been because it was never in the movie. Seems weird they put it on the soundtrack when it wasn't even used in the movie. never seen that before.

#2127 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Thats just like the movie twister. The trailer showed a tractor tire flying through the windshield during the tornado scene, then when I went and saw the movie it wasnt in the scene...I was so dissapointed, I went to see the tire, not Helen Hunt drivin around with Chet...

Hey Dudes!

chet (resized).jpg

1 week later
#3100 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not to be a dick, but you have nobody to blame but yourself for not even having enough patience to wait until you watched the Dead Flip stream. I guess the early bird doesn't always get the worm after all does he?

I feel like this is about 80% of pinside. Many seem to have ADD and lack any kind of patience for anything.

#3227 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Stern's last 10 aren't a bad or a great run. Probably better than average, but there are some real ups and downs there.
Last 10 games stern has created
10. Star Wars - Pro is bad, Premium/LE is worse.
9. Aerosmith - Fun, yet shallow game. Great player and I like it.
8. Batman 66 - Truly awful. Code is improving, but the layout is a dog and the turntable a physical mess.
7. Ghostbusters - Very good game that needs a desperate final pass on code to clean up bugs and to finish the wizard modes.
6. Spider man VE - Not as good as the original, but still a very fun game. Overpriced.
5. Who Nellie/Pabst - Underrated, mostly due to the cost. Fun game that could have done better at a lower price point.
4. Game of Thrones - Fantastic game at the pro level, but a big step down at the premium/LE. Still, a legit great.
3. KISS - Boring and lame. Some of the laziest/worst DMD animations ever.
2. Wrestlemania - Interesting effort, but it doesn't come together well. Not good.
1. Walking Dead - Amazing game that keeps you coming back for more. Addictive despite being brutal.
We'll see with Guardians. It's a recycled effort on layout and code, but it's drawing from good inspiration. I can't wait to see it in a matured state.

there are some good ones in there. Which pisses me off even more it's on the spike system.

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