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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#1156 2 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

I can understand to color saturation of the cabinet as well as the PF and back glass. That is what Marvel is doing as well. Check out the movie posters! Color explosion. Looks good back lit for sure.
How about the Thor movie this weekend? Looking promising!

Are those LCD screens rotated? looks good I like it.

#1268 2 years ago

Anyone else find the Sternpinball Inc youtube video's pro ART BLADES better than the LE? I did, I hope they offer good armor, like GB, and offer a Milano topper.

These are screen grabs from the video, don't butcher me on the quality.

GOTG Art Blades 1 (resized).PNG
GOTG Art Blades 4 (resized).PNG
GOTG Art Blades 2 (resized).PNG
GOTG Art Blades 5 (resized).PNG

#1492 2 years ago

Stern if you watching the forums, I'd like the music to follow the movie to a degree please! I am in my mid 30's I used to listen to now oldies helping my dad in the garage as a kid, this would hit close to home

Game Start (Star Load opening scene song) = Come and Get your love | Redbone

Multi Ball (BPM this would add a nice touch to multi-ball) - Cherry Bomb | The Runaways

Various game play throughout gameplay (mission select / background / slower modes) = Hooked on a feeling | Blue Swede

Game End (Baby Groot Dancing) = I Want you Back | Jackson 5

^ I'd be very happy with something like that.

Mission/Rules for reference maybe some good ideas pop up.
GOTG Rules (resized).png

#1617 2 years ago

While on the RGB premium/LE PF topic

I am Guessing here but the pic’s and current videos “might” be prototype’s using Pro PF’s I didn’t think that stern would actually show off a numbered LE previously they had prototypes of LE’s for testing, did any notice SDTM Unpopulated PF picture looks like clear inserts; but again it may just be a earlier render of the PF? & the Thumb nail from YouTube. Enjoy

0C156ECA-CDB5-416F-8E37-93D91621829A (resized).png

GOTG RGB (resized).PNG

#1639 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

One good side effect of clear inserts is they hide ghosting. Combined with black outlines as we have here, ghosting problems solved.
Just looking at that pic, it doesn't look like there's an up-post to divert the ball into the pops. Maybe a controllable gate?

yeah, I am not sure. the STDM pic seems like an unfinished piece, I been looking at all the high res pics from -> https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2017/10/31/guardians-of-the-galaxy-revealed/

Quoted from pascal-pinball:

every insert is RGB. this is confermed.

Confirmed, do you/we have any proof? I really love my STLE, clear inserts with RGB really make it pop, wish my GB was clear with RGB. If anyone finds pics please post them up.

#1747 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

In really curious if the premium will be worth the extra over the pro. I like the extra magnets, and arms, but what else really is there? I'm assuming the arms could be purchased separately later or a mod.

-buttons & flippers, Pro = yellow/yellow, Premium = white/white, LE= red/white

Premium over Pro

Current Total list
- Rocket figurine with coil assisted gunfire recoil
- Motorized Orb mechanism opens and closes to reveal the illuminated Infinity Stone
- 3 playfield magnets in the middle of the playfield to divert balls and create multiball chaos
- 3 RGB LED multicolor pop bumpers
- 2 spinners
- Ramp decals at ramp entrances
- All new EZ Slide cabinet brackets for smooth and easy playfield access
- Powder-coated steel bottom arch
- RGB LED lighting for inserts throughout the playfield
- General illumination LED lighting (red, white, blue)
- Custom Goot Arms
- Sling Shot flashers
- (NOT CONFIRMED), Stern Cliffy's, Pro seems to be missing them, Prem & LE seem to have them
- (NOT CONFIRMED) Stern Cabinet metal support hopefully this is added to all cabinets Pro, Prem, LE

LE over Premium
- Mirrored Backglass
- Shaker Motor
- Gold standard armor & trim (NOT laser cut rails/armor)
- Art blades (Out of the this world edition)

Optional accessories
- Shake Motor
- HD Glass
- Laser-Cut Armor Gold (Pending wrinkle black for Premium & Pro)
- Art blades (N/A)
- Topper (N/A)
- Shooter knob (N/A)

Stern Matrix

GOTG Feature Matrix (resized).jpg

#1749 2 years ago

sorry double post

#1752 2 years ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

you forgot: flashers on the slingshots

Its there under the Custom Goot arms

#1901 2 years ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Apologies if I overlooked this and it's already posted, but are there any rumors of a release date? And what's the difference between the premium and the LE, besides the colored trim?

First pin's go oversea's, initial run of new pins built in this order, Pro's are 1st, LE's are 2nd, Premium's are 3rd. Guessing might see the USA pro's early-mid December.

Post #1747
Page 35, I wrote up a quick and dirty difference of Premium and LE's over the Pro's

Quoted from TKDalumni:

Pro's have Shot arrow RGB LED lighting and General illumination LED lighting (red, white, blue), so that's good enough for me! Start shipping already Stern!!

Pro's only get's white GI, the first Matrix was a typo, Stern has since updated/corrected the Matrix. Now it still looks lik they have 2 Matix's posted, under the pro as of writing this its the old, under premium its been updated.


GOTG old Matrix (resized).PNG


GOTG old Matrix (resized).PNG

#1907 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Damn....well that just a few bulbs to change.

Hopefully that's just it, Star Wars got dramatic zoned GI. Wish GOTG got dramatic zoned as well.

#2139 2 years ago

Why did Stern choose the broker over the collector for a playfield drop target shot/virtual ball lock? Especially since the orb is opened by the collector's machine in the movie, the pins = pro opened non moving, premium/LE open & close via motor. Benicio del Toro licensing? I hate to nit pick but I just don't find the broker all that important to the movie nor theme, the collector has been in a handful of the Marvel films (3x I believe). The collector is much more memorable character IMO.

1 week later
#2420 1 year ago

just to keep feeding our addiction, best video so far of GOTG. @ 4:50-4:52 you can actually see Re-coil Premium/LE Rocket move, hope Stern will increase the movement time. Around the 6 min mark the video just goes black until 8:50/end

#2473 1 year ago

Dead flip stated the call outs are disabled to this stream.

#2478 1 year ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

Sounds more like shop talk to me...not hating on DF but everyone I've spoken to that's played it has said there's no callouts yet. It's not just disabled for the stream.

They have all ready stated it twice, its a new code as of this stream, no call outs. Besides I don't change my mind every 5mins on a pin. To the rest of folks on here, name a pin that shipped with perfect code?

1 week later
#3571 1 year ago

I have not messed with Spike yet in pinbroswer, but on previous pins on SAM, the audio is a called from a request file, which is separate from what is shown on the DMD. Example Tron gem mode and Star Trek movie music was added without affecting the video/DMD display.

I'll take a look at it after I eat something, I will download the pro code 0.72 and check some files.

on a personal note, I'd love to see the opening scene with Starlord dancing along to, Come and get your love, by Redbone. like in the movie @ ball start of a new game
GOTG capture (resized).PNG

GOTG capture.2PNG (resized).PNG


FYI, here is a good how to video.

#3581 1 year ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I'm listening to the call outs with pinball browser, they basically recorded the dialogue from the entire movie.
There are several variants of bobbiby bo bo, all are hilarious. I don't have a pinball browser license so I can't export them, but they are worth listening to. They are under Requests 849, 850, 853, 856.

respectfully I disagree, the "voice over" is awful, Its so bad I don't even find it remotely funny. I am fan of GOTG in fact there's more voice overs NOT accurate to the movie scene being played (guessing for replay-ability ). Most the "call outs" I heard in the stream where a female voice saying "timer ended" etc... call outs are also horribly bad.

Yondu vs Broker scene actual Moive, he says "I like to stick-em all in row on my control console" Stern's request files, there are 4 voice overs 3 of the 4 refer .... in a row on my "dash board" WTF!

GOTG 3 Capture (resized).PNG

No sugar coating it:
-Goot sounds like gargled Optimist Prime voice
-Ronan the Accuser sounds like Bane from Batman
-Broker, similar enough but still misses the mark
-Nebula, similar enough
-Gamora, I have no idea seems so obvious its not Zoe S...
-Rocket, raspy & botched
-Yondo, red-neck hillbilly with the wrong accent (sounds like he does some extra ball, mystery, etc... callouts)
-Thanos, similar enough
-Drax, I can't seem to find his voice in the code
-Star Load/ Peter Quill, I can't seem to find his voice in the code

It's currently just awful, the more I dig the worst it gets, the voice over's/call outs are so integrated it would take an insane amount of time to edit all these voices over from the movie, I feel bad for the one wanting to take this on. I just don't see Stern changing this.

GB is a fine example of accurate speech 10x fold, I never grow tired of hearing accurate speech for the movie theme pins.

However, yes it looks like sound can be edited, pulled & added, its a bit more complex than just capturing sound as sometimes there isolating background noise, orchestral music, along with actor speech, its currently proving difficult for me at least. As I been playing with this from Stern's Star Trek I want the OG Spock aka Leonard Nimoy voice at the end, instead of Chris Pines James T Kirk. "Space! The final frontier...."

GOTG BANE (resized).jpg

#3687 1 year ago

Sorry Guys I had to share this, the voice overs are so bad! There's no way ST or GB would have done well without original voices pulled from the movie/s

GOTG BANE (resized).jpg

#3738 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

When premiums ship ?

est... January

#3789 1 year ago
Quoted from pninja005:

What was the next game again?

I thought one was rumored to be Jurassic World?

2 months later
#4211 1 year ago

Is GOTG still using voice overs, I don't see original movie voices in the patch notes?

The reason I ask, is b/c I own GB and STLE, and in STLE I very clearly notice when its not the original movie actor like the voice of admiral when you hit the flipper/fire buttons & during game play, and I don't much care for it (love they added the voice pack from Karl Urban, I mean its really good!!!). On GB almost all the voice is from original movies and it really sales the entire experience & Ernie Hudson call outs! I mean come on, sound to me is a bit part my ownership and its "my opinion" and I understand my opinion doesn't match everyone else's. To me its like a cover band playing AC/DC, Metallica,Kiss, Aerosmith, etc... on a pin vs the real band just doesn't feel right. btw STLE end game sound should have been Spock Prime/Leonard Nimoy's voice over Kirk's.

Now on GOTG was a wonderful, funny, colorful movie with some great sound music & great quotes, still not sure why Red Bone's Come and Get Your Love is not in the mix, which in the opening scene of the movie set the tone for the rest of the movie, of all the songs it baffles me as to why its not available, license maybe. I will wait on code but I cancelled my pre-order due to Sterns release direction still not happy looking at the code 0.87. I hope they fix it, but highly doubt they fix the music in between modes and voice overs, I noticed the voice overs in Iron Man, x-men etc Marvel pins get hosed on voices. Otherwise I hope they release a great Jurassic World. If they do fix GOTG will buy one.

Not here to bash, we pay loads of money for these pins, Carry on.

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