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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#43 2 years ago

Looks to have 3 gi colors like star wars.... which is a good thing imo.

#44 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Looks like a Grand Slam in the making folks! Love what I am seeing so far!

Lol come on.... u cant even tell anything. Cool theme and cool art is the extent so far.

#66 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

So the hype is real?!!

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I can just tell dude!

Yep its so great i cancelled my potcle preorder and paid in full for a 9k gotgle. Cant wait as i can tell its gonna be the greatest game on plant earth just from the sneak peak. Best toys and code in all of pinball.

#71 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

and that clear coat, best Ive ever seen
the flow to this game is awesome
best sound score on a pin to date
man I like that backglass

I know.. can u believe it? Stern pins are amazing. Lower half the playfield is almost identical to met.

#147 2 years ago

Better pic of underside... Looks like a drop bank in upper center ? Screenshot_20171030-155321 (resized).png

#156 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

Looks like a motor actually.

Lol yes smart ass... but i believe it goes to a drop bank like on sm?

#312 2 years ago

So the magnets under the playfield are missing on the pro it seems....

#314 2 years ago
Quoted from Potus:

Premium only $6,199

Think that's the pro.....

#318 2 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

This statement from Stern leads me to believe there is at least one magnet on the Pro.
"The Limited Edition and Premium models also feature extra magnets"

Yep id bet the pro is missing the di/addams type magnets.....

#422 2 years ago

Meh... Looks ok ...typical stern pin. Nothing special and will feel /play just like most other borg pins with diferent theme. My jjp orders are safe....

#429 2 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Why didnt they reveal at expo, did they not have it ready in time?

They knew they had no chance up against jjp potc?

#438 2 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

Yup, and like the others, will crush on route. Looks great.

That's great but for at home (which is the main market) it will look and play just like my met or most other stern pins for that matter.

#457 2 years ago

It says' we are groot' ? On the backboard...

#462 2 years ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

Reference to the end scene of GOTG. I wish they would've just stuck with "I am Groot."

Yep me to but whatever lol

#474 2 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

From the screenshots of the video, the arrow inserts are color changing -- and there's no groot arms, so that must be a pro? Possibly "more" RGB on the LE, but it seems like at least shot indicators are RGB on the pro too.

The gi is 3 colors on the premiums/le and looks to be just white on the pro? Inserts seem to be about the same on both?

#572 2 years ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

I know that Levi you crazy sob. So I am guessing around 5700

Sld be 5200-5400

#596 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I think you meant $4500-$4700. It's amazing how Stern's constant price hike starts make higher price points look reasonable.

Not saying its good price but thats what it is now unfortunately but at least it has color screen allready

#725 2 years ago

Pro is also missing the scoop protector ....... i mean how much cld that cost . Thsy sld have ot on all models so playfield issues dont occur there.

#750 2 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

If it plays like MET that's perfect for people who don't like MET the band but enjoy the gameplay (is there anyone who doesn't think MET is a great playing game, never mind - of course there is) and like superheroes.

Unfortunately i doubt it will be the coded masterpiece met is...... im sure it will be a fun pin but i just with stern wld take chances and mix things up every now and then. To me if you have played a stern /borg game in the last 10 years then u played them all.

#976 2 years ago

We are groot..... also

#1065 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

My take on GOTG after a day to look at it
Might be too colorful for some but I like it and think it's very well done. For me the pro has the best art package and the LE is my least favorite. I'm just not a huge fan of how the trim looks on it. Maybe it looks better in person. I love the inserts on this game!!!! They are the best looking inserts I have seen in pinball to date. I love the characters on the corresponding shots.
Nothing ground breaking but I like the mixed feel of IM and MET. Those ramps are in sweat locations and are going to be super smooth to shoot. Looks like 8 shots? Which is a lot for a standard body.
Lots of toys on this one even if it's nothing new. We get the ST drop target lock, Rocket is pretty much the war machine kick back which is my favorite kick back in pinball, 1-3 magnets which with good coding should be a lot of fun, and a talking groot head that is a bash toy and ball lock. The premium also gets the hands which look cool but may end up being a negative. Full RGB lighting on the premium/LE which I believe is Borg's first game with all RGB lighting.
Don't know for sure but based on the rule sheet it will be a straight forward mode based game were everything on the playfield is used to increase values or add multipliers that last the length of the ball. 2 multiballs and 2 wizard modes. While I love what Lyman does I'm glad to have a straight forward easy to understand approach on this one. The code is going to make it feel very different then MET and if the modes are well done this is going to be a really fun game. They need to have the character shots well integrated for each mode and not just shoot the random blinking light. I want to be fighting bad guys and collecting characters to help based on how the mode went in the movies.
Time will tell but the lack on song rights in a big let down. Stern should have spent a little extra coin and got a couple of them. If the original score is done well it might end up OK though. No TWD redneck or XMEN beast or everyone will be pissed.
If the code and sounds can come together stern is going to have a hit with this one. If they don't it will be a great shooting game that could have been so much more. I'm leaning towards picking up a premium on this one but like all Borg games the pro is going to be the best value and you won't lose much in game play. I mainly just want the full RGB lighting that the premium has.

I dont believe its full rgb lighting? Pretty sure its just red, white, blue gi and just the arrow inserts are rgb on pro and premium/le models? Like on met ....

#1082 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Feature matrix says RGB LED lighting for all inserts on the premium/LE unless that is a misprint.

From the pictures it looks like just the clear arrows? Guess will see soon ....

#1083 2 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

The pictures posted of the Prem/LE sure don't look like fully RGB inserts. Just the arrows. Hope I am wrong, but if you look at the pictures of say STLE it looks very different when all of the inserts are RGB.

Yea i hope its all rgb also but the pictures show otherwise.

#1415 2 years ago
Quoted from libtech:

Didnt see but do the groot hands move? Probably just wiggle and make it look like they are controlling the ball as the magnets move it in a circle?

Lol no....

#1458 2 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

So,.... when will we see actual footage of the full game/ Dead Flip stream?

Come on ...u know stern wont show much until its shipping. They want as many orders as they can get just from theme alone.

#1460 2 years ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Sounds cynical, but it’s the truth!

Sure is... this is how they have went about it the last few years it seems.

#1581 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Game looks great. We shall see the code. It will not be like any other game because it is not a vault edition cash grab as some people say. Brand new theme. Stern is still new introducing there LCD integration. Magnets galore. Captive ball lock. Kick out animated Rocket. Ball eating Animated Groot. Great sound quality with at least 2 very famous songs. Probably the most beautiful art package in all of pinball. All RGB inserts. If you so choose LE Shaker. Backglass custom themed art blades. Game looks to have amazing flow. Come on people.
I would hate you to be my girlfriend. You are a tough one to please.

By the looks of the playfield i dont believe it has full rgb ? Looks to just have rgb arrow inserts on all models .010-guardians-of-the-galaxy (resized).jpg

#1589 2 years ago
Quoted from kid_ego:

Full RGB. Borg told us at the factory on Wednesday that it's his first one to have that (even mentioned how Steve has been doing it for a while). And we saw a Premium with all clear inserts on the line.
He said doing that meant losing other things he was contemplating for the Premium.
So it has to be tough for the designers to decide what and how to use their BOM on a machine.

Nice.... than i will go with a premium in a few months if i like what i see. They really sld do a better job with the pictures lol.

#1673 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

I swore I'd never buy a new stern, but I'm loving this game. The art package is amazing, and they killed it on the theme IMO. I really hope the quality issues where identified on this release as it could really help redeem Stern's credibility.
I'd be totally happy with just 2 songs, more would be a blessing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bet ordering one, only after I play it.

How do u know they killed it on theme? Are these available to play at the factory or is there a gameplay video i can watch? Sure cant tell by just looking at the art . I like the looks of it but need to see much more to decide.

#1679 2 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

there is a BIG "D" in every crowd.

Just keeping it real......

#1680 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

bigd1979 there are a few videos out yes. What I mean by "they killed the theme" I was not indicating game play. I was speaking specifically to the presentation: Cabinet art, playfield art, backglass, toys.
We have yet to see and hear the sounds and music. That sound &a music will be the defining factor to move me closer to a potential buy.

Yep looks cool and bright but to me the gameplay, sound, graphis, , lighting and code are most important . I hope it's all a winner so i can purchase it in a few months.

#1717 2 years ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Sounds weird, but biggest draw for me to premium is Groot arms. Otherwise, I like the look of the pro. There should be no reason they wouldnt fit on a pro, correct?

Someone will make a mod that's better than sterns version.

#1721 2 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

I suspect not; I mean I expected all kinds of mods for the "empty" Stars Wars game and really very little became available that wasn't somewhat cookie cutter versions of mods already available (lighting, mirror blades, etc)

If there is a market for it and money to b made.. soneone will make it lol.

#1900 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Pro's have Shot arrow RGB LED lighting and General illumination LED lighting (red, white, blue), so that's good enough for me! Start shipping already Stern!!

Pro has multi color gi?

#1942 2 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

So GOTG premium price is:
7600$ in US
8295€ in EU = 9660$
8295£ in UK = 9980$

Premiums are 7600 here now? Thought they were 7200? If that's true than no way im buying. I was thinking about it around 7 but not any more.

#2221 2 years ago
Quoted from pipes:

Nice review taygeta....thanks for that. I like what I hear. That light show on the premium really does look impressive. I own an ST premium and i was reminded of that watching the videos. Very nice looking game. I’m excited about this one.

Where's a gpod premium vid..... the one i saw hardly used the 3 color gi and rgb inserts?

#2239 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

It's legit copy and paste though. Rules are Aerosmith. Missions are songs, Upgrade is Crank it Up, the Hadron is the VIP, the multipliers, the multiballs, and the wizard mode are the same. I hope there's more coming.

Not surprised... most stern pins feel the same and they stick to the same formula the past 3-4 years.

#2246 2 years ago

Is there any rhyme or reason to when the songs are used or are they just thrown in there bc people wanted them?

#2454 2 years ago

Wow... ill be waiting this one out for a while..... needs alot of work and the 2 songs will get old very very quickly...hope they add more .

#2466 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I think they're very foolish to be showing it this early, let alone supposedly beginning to ship next week.
Everything else aside, the LCD and audio are an absolute mess. Even BM'66 at launch / first stream seemed more advanced than this.
On a more positive note, typically of Borg, it seems to shoot well.

Actually they have allready shipped and people are receiving them tomarrow.

#2471 2 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

I hope they're patient ...


#2506 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

"Talking Groot", how does that not happen!
Rudy, Ted and Red taunt us, wtf.
Oh well, my sights are set on Elvira and Kapow now.

Im guessing the mechanical part of groot isnt able to do anything but open and close? Red, ted, rudy have special gears and parts to allow it to happen. I hope im wrong and groot is capable of different thing's....

#2510 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I don't think we are wrong. The days of talking Rudy and Ted heads are history. How great it could have been with Groot?

I think jjp and pat l cld bring it back with toy s or other future releases.....

#2554 2 years ago

I Feel like ever since stern introduced the lcd thats where all the emphasis has been put instead of on the playfield and code where it sld be. Anyone else kinda feel this way? After all its a mechanical game which is y its stood the test of time.... not a movie.

#2555 2 years ago

Also imo the video has confirmed that the shots are very very similar to met and the ball seems to play the same as my met pro. Ball hits groot and comes back similar to sparky, scoop and ramps seem same and even the uppost in back acts the same.

#2936 2 years ago

Watching the current stream it even has same lightshow patterns as aerosmith lol...... so met layout with aerosmith code basically ? I really wish stern wld step out of the box more often like they did with gb..... then maybe id buy a few more.

#3286 2 years ago

Poor gotg..... way to go stern.....

#3385 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Me too. My AFMRLE box just got delivered today.
Not saying that Indy500 will be remade but that pin is really really good. So many great oldies to redo for CGC for many years to come.

Myself and others have allready owned most 90s b/w popular pins so i really want new ideas and tech like jjp is doing. Especially bc in most cases i can get restored modded originals for cheaper than the remakes are now. If im gonna spend 8-10k i want new design and crazy lighting and toys/tech. Word has it cgc is designing new pins .....

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