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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#34 2 years ago

I refuse to be hyped about any Stern game until first wave of owners have the game for at least a couple months. It's just common sense now, if you're an early adopter then bless you for taking one for the team.

But, that said, art looks sick. I'm legit impressed by what I've seen so far, not really a surprise the characters look good given who's drawing them (and we knew/hoped it would be hand drawn, but still nice to see) but the other details, like getting the inserts right, the colors, the graphic styling etc, all on point.

Looking forward to seeing the full game.

#68 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

But GOTG 2 was a way better movie than the first.

Huh, I felt the opposite. Second one didn't live up to the first for me. Still enjoyed it, just not quite the same magic second time around.

#170 2 years ago
Quoted from Chicoman:

Bah a theme I really have no interest in. Looks like the pinball themes are being gear'ed to the thirty something crowd.

Well the good news is I'm a decade younger than I realized!

#172 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Nah. When I pay this much for something I want it done right. Sound package isn't just about tracks. It's about voice clips, custom voices, effects, mixing, choreography. I'm not doing their job for them when I buy something this expensive.

I have yet to hear a 'custom' package that sounds as good as the original. Cue points don't match up, things don't loop perfectly, ducking and volumes aren't right, etc. Doing pinball sound properly is an art, replacing stuff after the fact often doesn't work. For me at least it's not a solution to anything.

#614 2 years ago

Game looks fun to me. Yeah, it's kind of a 'Borg special' in terms of feeling a bit familiar, but I like Borg's games, they're enjoyable to play, and even when they're 'safe' I wouldn't call them boring in any way. This is maybe not OMG innovative, but it's definitely not phoned in. I'd call it a solid looking game.

Put it this way, it doesn't feel empty, it has the world under glass, it has interactive features, there's gonna be action going on with the ball. Drops, locks, magnets, interactive sculpts, this is what I would expect from a Stern pinball in 2017. Backglass is back, it's mirrored. Honestly this is everything Star Wars should have been but wasn't. Star Wars was a huge disappointment, and playing it didn't change my mind. I'd step up to GOTG with a much more positive feeling.

Hand drawn art, which people begged and begged for, whoever keeps saying it's photoshopped needs to stop, you don't understand what that word means. It's a bit on the overly colorful style for my taste, but it looks good. I dig the playfield, but the cabinet + backglass + playfield as a whole is a little Skittles for me that's all. That's I think what you're gonna get with this artist, I'm not surprised. Technically speaking it's really well done. I nitpicked the insert fonts on Ghostbusters, I didn't care for the cheap Photoshop bevel and emboss look on Star Trek's mode matrix. This nailed all that little stuff, and to me at least it matters.

Nothing I see makes me cry about how dumb licenses restrict good ideas, this feels like it was executed as planned. Maybe they had headaches, but they pulled it off.

Am I gonna buy one? Nah, I highly doubt it. But I'd for sure play one on location. If the code is basic or there's no wizard mode or whatever I don't think I'll notice with just coin drop. If I was a home buyer though I'd hesitate until other people went ahead and tested the code waters. So all you salivating people with burning wallets, go for it, let us know how it is.

#649 2 years ago

Made up a quick comparison of Pro to Premium, nice to see game mostly intact from one to the other.


1 week later
#2074 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Why is everyone so worked up about the songs and how many are in there? Most of those songs are probably going to get old and repetitive quickly anyway. And as we've already seen, not everybody is gonna be happy anyway. I'd rather worry about STERN focusing their efforts on making the gameplay as exciting as can be and let pinballbrowser do the rest. One or two key songs during the right events with great custom background music will tie well to the movies and do me just fine.

It's weird, you'd think this was a band pin.

I'm not buying this game, I already know that, so I have no horse in the race, but personally the more old songs they include the less appealing it gets. I don't want to listen to them over and over, give me actual pinball music instead.

People get all caught up in what they think things should be, but listening to a classic rock mixtape isn't the important thing about playing the game.

1 week later
#2537 2 years ago

Just watched a bit of the archive. Jack playing in a Rocket mask was the best part of the whole thing. I wish I had something else positive to say, but I don't. What the hell was Stern thinking letting that go out on stream like that? Better to tell people it's not ready than show this, but apparently they're actually shipping right now in this state? With Stern's track record of code? You'd have to be more of an optimist than I am to buy this game right now, that's for sure!

#2548 2 years ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Lets put it this way, I show the game with all the designers and programmers in a controlled environment first, with answerable questions and updates on whats coming, or some rando at a bar shows off their test game first with questionable quality and that's your first real look.
Either way, test games are out there, the callouts aren't in, but footage will be coming regardless.
Game companies show off beta releases all the time. This is no different.

I mean, I feel you, but that kind of overlooks the worst part, which isn't that they let it on stream like this (and none of this is your fault of course, you rolled with it as best you could I'm sure) but that they're SHIPPING like this.

Like, even in my most "haha let's make fun of Stern" mood I wouldn't think they'd do this. If I unboxed the game and it was like this I'd be pretty pissed. What the hell is going on with pinball now? Prices keep keep going up and what we get for it just seems like more and more of a joke.

Like the garbage ass prototype Aliens at Expo last year that were half assed and broken to shit had 500x more code than this. This isn't even demo in controlled environment ready, and they're shipping to people who are shelling out over 5 grand for the privilege?

I dunno what to even say. Thank goodness I'm hyped for my Total Nuclear Annihilation, new pinball is sure a downer right now.

#2558 2 years ago

Jack, sorry to be a bummer about your stream, it looked great, your whole game is stepped up and slick, Stern is lucky to have you do these.

The game just isn’t done enough to be shipping. It’s that simple. Stern’s schedules and rushing things out the door and whatever else, that’s not our problem.

I was kinda part of a pinball company for a bit. I gained new appreciation for trying to be careful about being personal. Empathizing with the people doing the work.

But I also feel like when companies f— up it’s not helpful to be quiet. I think when games are late it can warrant some patience. When games ship too early, unfinished, that should be called out. You should face backlash and not freaking do it because it pisses people off.

They can’t charge this much money for a broken half ass product. No company should get away with it. EA had to eat shit over their Star Wars greed, people got mad and they damn well paid attention.

Games should not ship like this.

#2565 2 years ago

My opinions on new games, skip if you don’t give a f—

Thunderbirds looks awful. Sorry. But it does. And he doesn’t want to sell to us anyways.

Alien and TBL are shit shows until the owners can prove otherwise and ship games regularly and take care of people with money in. Hope they do. Show and prove though.

JJP is doing great work for more money than I will spend on a pinball.

P3 is a cool tech that hasn’t been turned into anything compelling yet for the price. For me, you might disagree. I see P3 like this: It’s all about potential and I don’t see a viable business model for 3rd parties. You don’t develop for a console without an install base to sell to. Pinball is too much work to give it away. You need sales to make it viable.

Houdini has Rosh. That gives me great confidence in the final product. Haven’t played one yet. Company needs to prove themselves still. Curious about their future, when they’re not so rushed like they were to drop Jpop.

Spooky is great, I hope Alice Cooper rocks. I feel like they still need to prove some things too, when it comes to in-house game design and really competing with the other games at that price point. But regardless, without an unveiling it’s as nebulous as the next Elvira game, not a factor until we see it. I hope it looks great.

Stern hasn’t grabbed me with a game since Metallica. I thought Star Trek but sold it pretty fast. I’d love for them to do it, I kept 3 Sterns when I downsized my collection, not a hater. But I don’t buy just okay for $6000whatever. I wish for their success. But shipping beta code that raw? What is going on? That shouldn’t be accepted as normal. Especially when they have Batman 66 and it’s code issues, still. Why trust them?

TNA is the only thing I’m actually excited about right now in new pinball. F— paying all this money for anything less than awesome.

#2628 2 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

And Olympic Goblin?

I had to look that up. Is that a joke?

Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Interesting. There is a fake dot matrix skill shot animation (Dot Faketrix?)

On these new LCD games Stern has some kind of emulation for dot matrix stuff that kicks in if there's nothing developed, so that's a placeholder. You could see it last year at Expo on the prototype Batman 66 games too. I think someone had to reach under the velvet rope to power cycle them to get that to show up, but no idea who'd do something like that.

I've never spent serious time with one of the new LCD models, like going through menus etc, so I dunno how much of it stays on full production games.

#3070 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Lower your expectations and be thankful....

This has to be in the top 10 saddest things I’ve ever read on Pinside.

#3642 2 years ago

Don't be an asshole and use 'rape' as a term in pinball. It's really horrid. Don't defend it.

#3702 2 years ago

Anyone who's defending using the word rape is acting like a jerk. That's all there is to it. It's a horribly emotionally charged word for a lot of people, that causes them a lot of discomfort, and even if you aren't triggered by it the context it raises is gross and distasteful.

If you want to die on the hill of looking like a jerk, while being offensive and sh*tty to people, just because it feels good to type a naughty word then so be it. Maybe you don't give a sh*t what I think, or think I'm smug or something, I couldn't care less. But you should stop and ponder if screaming PC POLICE is actually how you want to react, because believe me, lots of people around you think you're a jerk too when you say that word like that.

Quoting the dictionary is like telling MapleSyrup he should keep calling people faggots, because it just means a bundle of sticks man, what's the problem? No one is buying that.

I don't really care that Pinside isn't positive now, because it just reflects pinball, which isn't positive either right now. Sad but true. You can't fix it by asking people to be nice, games are expensive and broken, that sucks.

But we can at least try to focus on what we're frustrated about, and ponder our use of language. Say rip the spinner or something and be less jerky.

Quoted from iceman44:

Secondly, I employ 5 females, awesome co-workers, the best, each of whom wouldn't even waste a second of the day to comment on something as ridiculous as this. It's actually pathetic and offensive.

Don't be an dense. First of all, I call bullsh*t. I don't think any of them would enjoy your rape jokes. But secondly, it doesn't matter, because the "I have women friends" defense is trite and stupid.

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