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Guardians of the Galaxy is here!

By pin2d

2 years ago

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#45 2 years ago

Feeling happy!

images-9 (resized).jpg

#112 2 years ago

This jut in!

This game is rumored to be AWESOME!

This Game is rumored to Help you Fall back in Love with STERN!


or just buy them both...

JJPOTC VS GOTG NEW (resized).jpg

#1045 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

ยป YouTube video
Scores from the movies and tv shows.

I just listened to 1 Hour 17 mins and 58 seconds of Marvel Super Hero Music. I'm ready to F**K S**T UP!

This is going to be one productive day!

#1446 2 years ago

Not sure what everyone is talking about. Im in on a GOTG LE.

Art Blades look awesome. Backglass is awesome. Art package especially the translite is better. Shaker is a plus. The gold I guess we will see what it looks like in person. Worst case it's a trip to the Powder Shop for me. This game looks awesome. Not letting a specific color bum me out.

31454973a004197d44b242c98e2d6998--a-tiger-movie-quotes (resized).jpg

#1451 2 years ago

GOTG is shipping late Nov or First week Dec. This is Sterns Holiday Pin. JJPOTC will be shipping late Jan. if not early Feb.


#1453 2 years ago

This is the new high tech Clear coat for your pinball deck.

clear-thompson-s-waterseal-waterproofing-sealers-th-041805-20-64_1000 (resized).jpg

#1541 2 years ago

How about a thanks for doing a better job Stern. How about you made a game that looks great and has a good number of toys and technology. Lets not bash the company that is starting to listen. By this rate even if you are not in on this theme if they keep up this momentum Jurassic World will be the most amazing game ever.

Seriously stop bashing. Sounds silly anyways there is very little to complain about on GOTG. They nailed pretty much all of your previous complaints. Now you guys are just coming across kind of DICKISH!

#1554 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Sure, rest of the game looks great, but for those 2 reasons Im not buying. They address those issues, I probably would.
Stern has sort of responded, we think, but no way they would have done so without the criticism.

If they addressed those two issues the yellow color of the LE? Don't buy the LE or Have it re powdered for 300.00 / 2 songs are not enough for you. Sure if that's what you are going with. But you say if they add all of the songs and offer you a different paint color instead of the Yellow/ Gold then you would Probably buy it. Granted we have not seen game play but for this argument in particular lets say it is good because you did not mention that as a reason you would not buy. You still say probably! Stern haters will not buy stern for what ever reason. They allocate funds for one new pin (anything but a stern and then bash the stern game so they do not feel they are missing out) GUESS WHAT! You are! I do not want you to have any of the new stern games. You people do not deserve it. Yes CGC is great I own them all. and yes JJP is great I own them all as well. But shit. There an't nothing wrong with a good old American Stern Pinball!

#1556 2 years ago

Thought of it after and said I had my chance so I left it alone. Well Played

#1560 2 years ago

They reach around the playfield.

#1562 2 years ago

agreed. However hard to tell with you from your previous posts. You seem to be very anti GOTG.

#1566 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I'm now super picky about all new releases because I've got no more room, and I'm really happy with my current collection. If I had room for a few more games, I would probably already have ordered GOTGLE.

Ding Ding Ding!

Nail on the head. This I feel is a huge reason people try real hard not to like something new that is coming out. Yes sure money is a factor but over money is a collectors biggest problem and that is space. Most people have to chop a game of there line up. Most collectors by now do not have games in there collection that they think is just OK. Usually at this point they have filled there spaces with games they love. Since they have no more room they are overly judgemental on these new titles. Most of the time unfairly so.

#1575 2 years ago

I hate the way Stern sells the first batch of pins overseas before the good old USA gets there's. What's the point in being a USA manufacture if the Jolly bunch of British people get it first? (No offense Jolly Brittish people)

#1580 2 years ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Guardians is a nice look etc but it lacks like any sense of original. Id like to see a stern with an upper flipper, maybe games built on flow instead of speed. I know its based on metallica but do you think it can honestly top metallica

Game looks great. We shall see the code. It will not be like any other game because it is not a vault edition cash grab as some people say. Brand new theme. Stern is still new introducing there LCD integration. Magnets galore. Captive ball lock. Kick out animated Rocket. Ball eating Animated Groot. Great sound quality with at least 2 very famous songs. Probably the most beautiful art package in all of pinball. All RGB inserts. If you so choose LE Shaker. Backglass custom themed art blades. Game looks to have amazing flow. Come on people.

I would hate you to be my girlfriend. You are a tough one to please.

#1611 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

By the looks of the playfield i dont believe it has full rgb ? Looks to just have rgb arrow inserts on all models .

Premium & LE has Full RGB LED

GOTG Feature Matrix.pdf

Screenshot_20171104-125718 (resized).jpg

#1629 2 years ago

Lots of sensitive people out there. This should help.


images-10 (resized).jpg

#1785 2 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Is GOTG pin based off of both movies or just the first movie?

Simpsons did it!

#1787 2 years ago

Without a doubt we will have movie clips. AS was very first generation as far as new LCD integration by Stern. It will be more along the lines of Star Wars. Cut scenes and movie quotes will put this game over the top. Great theme Stern just needs to utilize it in this game.

#1789 2 years ago

AS is a great pin. Currently on my to buy list. Just did the comparison between AS and SW. I do think the animations on SW is better. But not sure what other then cartoon art they could have done on the AS theme. Big fan of AS it will be my only music pin in my home collection.

#1800 2 years ago


Listen Stern

2 weeks later
#2665 2 years ago

Calm down everyone. We have to speak in a way that all of the JJP fans can understand.

20171121_114918 (resized).png

#2698 2 years ago

You do not like me I get it. I don't care. Yes I thanked stern for giving us what will be a good game at a decent price. Same token thanked JJP for giving us Dialed in. I'm not one sided. Not a fanboy. Not even a boy perhaps that is what you want me to be. I would get that checked out if I were you

I like all manufactures as stated in dozens of posts. However you seem to have a big problem with some. You and a few of you buddies can go (play pinball) Yes its a metaphor. I know it's a tricky word but perhaps Google can help you with understanding
it's meaning.

JJPOTC will be a great game!
Thanks JJP

GOTG will be a great game!
Thanks Stern

#2719 2 years ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

You may be a fine person face to face. But your posting style stinks, and your "everything is awesome" attitude is a broken record and unbearable to many.

People who don't care don't respond like that. It's ok.

You don't know the former, and the latter is only true to those who have so much NIB money they have to start threads claiming their affluence is a "problem" because they bought all the NIB games and don't know what to do next.
No further thread derail please.

So it's my money that bothers you. Huh! All this time I just thought you were a ****.
My Bad...

My Everything is Awesome attitude should be a breath of fresh air here on pinside. The negativity sometimes is so overwhelming that people forget that were talking about pinball. If you look back a few post perhaps you forgot that you started all of this by telling people that I did something wrong by thanking Stern for offering a pro version of their games? Hence a lower price point offering more people the opportunity to play and own. Last I checked this was a GOTG thread. Not like I was too off topic. That said my opinion is GOTG will be a great game if the code gets worked out. I think Stern has a lot of work to do to get this game where it should be.
Pinside you are great

#2738 2 years ago

The chair trick works every time.
Some people would chew through a box to get a new pin out.

#2792 2 years ago

Buying my LE for the home collection but holding on my order of 10 pros for my locations until they do something with the code. Big fan of Stern but can't justify spending that kind of money if the game is not at least at 80%. Willing to cut them some slack but 80% is not asking for alot. My money is sitting right here when you want it Stern.
Ball is in your court........

Game looks good but that's about it. Sorry guys honesty is a Big part of who I am.

Play Better!

#2811 2 years ago

Can anyone please confirm besides lack of code has there been any mechanical issues with GOTG? By now we all know Stern is late to the party offering code at launch. However they were very quick dropping new updates to games like Star Wars. The hollidays are quickly approaching and this played a big factor on GOTG being released so soon. We all need to justify these big purchases one way or another. The exscuse I came up with on this one was it was my early Christmas present. (Sounds believable right?) Jokeing aside code will be released but mechanical issues are more concerning. Anyone that has recived there PRO and put some time on it please confirm the following /Overall build quality/ Playfield/ Cabinet/Mechanics.

Thank you

#2821 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

I promise(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm not trying to be an ass here, but I have a legit question:
You've been championing the game pretty intently, speaking as if you know all about the game and its operations, quality, and bargain(You even thanked stern for this) -- why are you just now asking for this info after all the bread and butter you've spread about the game in this thread and the forums overall? You say you need to justify the purchase, but you were trying to justify it FOR us just pages ago...so I'm kind of confused as to why you want this now. Again, no hate or ill will here, just trying to understand what's happening here.

No worries. I will start by my Thank you to stern. We asked for more options installed into there PRO versions of there games. I feel they have done that with this title. Not sure what all the big fuss was about that. I guess some people were not taught manners when they were a child. You know (Please & Thank you).

On to my question has anyone experienced any malfunctions or defects. I have had access to a limited number of machines 4 is the magic number if you must know. Code was not installed into any of the 4 games until Monday Nov. 13th. We have had alot of game play on these games but that does not tell me If there were any issues with the first batch of games shipped to the public. It's a pretty legitimate question. Has anyone experienced any mechanical issues with there game. I can attest to the ones I have had the pleasure of playing but it would be nice to know others experiences. Pretty sure we don't just judge a game by 4 demo models.

And as far as the Stern support by me I will say it again for the slower pinsiders out there. I have no sides I love all 3 major manufactures. I support all of there titles. I own them in my personal collection as well as in our locations.
not to discredit other manufactures it's just these are the 3 that we know very well and feel comfortable purchasing.

The negativity on Pinside can get a bit overwhelming. It's like some people only try to make others experiences unpleasant here on pinside. This issue should be addressed.

My decision for holding on my order of 10 GOTG Pros is very rational. If the code is not there my locations will not take to the game. Therefore money will not be generated. Also once you put a game on location if it does not play well because of lack of code most customers will not try it again once the code gets an update. All they know is they played it once before and it was not that enjoyable. I will not ruin that experience for my customers so I will wait. I'm sure it will not be long judging by how quick they were to release Star Wars updates. As for my LE I will still by this because I know what the game will be in the near future. I will enjoy it for what it is now and enjoy it even more when new updates get released.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Thank you

#2831 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

your decision is rational and makes sense.

Thank you.


You are always quick to call me a big Stern supporter not that it is a bad thing. However would you call yourself anti Stern? It seems like every chance you get you lash out at the company. Also judging by Your Personal collection you don't seem to have a single Stern title. Just a question.

#2841 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Couple of things here:
Can you please stop saying you're ordering 10...we don't GAF.

Not trying to brag if I was I would tell you how much I spend in amusement equipment per year. Pinball is less the 1% of my route. Looking to change that this year. I'm not braging on 50k although it is alot of money. We are supposed to inform manufactures that they are missing sales. That is how they listen. Trust me my post was not for you. And your language is not suitable for this forum.

Please watch your tone.

#2847 2 years ago

You are entitled to your opinion. Not sure how bashing me helps your agenda. Don't really care. Just please refrain from speaking about my level of professionalism. You have no clue as to who or what we do in the amusement industry. Perhaps we do not share the same views here on Pinside however that has nothing to do with my service to this great industry.

Please get back on topic as others do not want to hear this garbage.

#3033 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I guess my experiences are different.
I had magnet action in the pro I played, it was sweet, but know more is to come.
We complained about Art, non stop before GB, and this is stunning.
The layout is familiar, but not every game can break new ground for all our tastes and experiences.
The shots are there, its fast, and the code will come.
A very good game, that could be a great game, with good code.
Its solid, all the way around...and the bitching seems to be about code, which will change soon, and whether
its enough of a "New thing" for some to buy.
Groundbreaking? No.
But perhaps you are like me....I have no Stern LCD...no Batman, Star Wars, or Aerosmith....No color DMD, just WOZ.
So for some, it is a new Game that rocks. I dont have Met or Star Wars, so Im not worried about overlap.
I think what it does, is there are some that can afford to buy every new Stern, or perhaps 1 out of every 3 or 4 that is a choice in
a 12 month period. Overlap, and therefore, one might pass on this....doesnt make it a poor choice for others.
The theme, for younger households, will mean more than 1966 Batman, and for many, more relevant and exciting than Star Wars.
(Of course Star Wars fans have a theme that they want)
Cant say anything Bad...other than code, but if they can make 3 a year that looks this good, and shoots well, and get code...Who can complain? Just pick your flavor from all the great New pin choices, if NIB is your goal.
Nothing wrong with waiting for code to decide....Nothing more to complain about so far, until we see.

YES.... What He Said!

#3057 2 years ago

We obviously have different tastes. I really enjoy the following games. What did they screw up here? ALL GREAT TITLES....
Ghostbusters... Great game
Aerosmith... Good game
Star Wars... Great Game
Walking Dead...Great Game
AC DC VE... Great Game
Metallica.. Great Game
Spider Man VE... Great Game
Game of Thrones...Good game

So what is the issue? All of these games are great games. I own most of them and they have given me ZERO problems. Not sure why all of the stern bashing still exists. Quality control. All of my games are great quality. Tell me one manufacture that is immune to issues. If you do not like there code or art or theme don't buy it. But when someone is pleased with there purchase why do some people feel the need to be rude and hateful.

I might add all of these games bring very strong resale values. That also should be a good sign that people are pleased with these games.

GOTG is no exception. In some classes it is better then some of these mentioned titles. Code will be here soon and all of the
"na-sayers" will miss out on yet another great stern game. Your loss.

#3072 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Hasn't seen it himself... so must question and insist those who have... A textbook example of

I own most... I have put tons of time on all games I referenced. The other 2 I don't own or operate I have friends of mine who have owned since release. All have no issues.

Perhaps you should stop being such a text book dic*******

#3087 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

They cannot keep up like this GOTG as is is horrible. If you love it, I'll sell you mind at 5200.00 which is a 200 loss or about $20 per game. I've played less than 10 games, maybe 9

I want to see you post your GOTG pro for sale for 5200. For one I do not think you will do it because you like everyone else knows stern will deliver on this games code and it will be a great game. Pinside marketplace. Post it someone will buy it from you very quickly at close to what you paid for it. You do not deserve the game. Not sure why you even have it. Perhaps just to complain? Please post your for sale thread here..... We will buy your unwanted game.

Do you really like your profile picture?

#3094 2 years ago

Up vote Down vote. Don't even care anymore. It's all BS! I speak the truth as I see it. If you don't like it then that's your problem. I have enough friends.

#3125 2 years ago

Stern needs to finalize code on previous titles so the nice guys at Color Dmd can bring these games back to life. Remember the feeling a few mins into watching WOZ on tv. Black and white then BOOM! COLOR!

Lots of people including myself want to purchase some of these games once COLOR Dmd has been released. I know some people are take it or leave it but I enjoy the COLOR upgrade.

Oh yeah and GOTG is good and a lot of people on this thread are anti fun! So go bash yourself.

#3147 2 years ago

letitride (resized).jpg

Sorry off topic. Great movie!!!!

#3154 2 years ago

Love how people speak about nothing new from stern in the past 10 games. However they own no recent stern games period! You are telling me there has not been a single game that tickled your fancy that stern has made on the last 10 games? That's crazy talk. Thats anti stern X10. This guy is truly committed to hating on stern. Congrats.

#3161 2 years ago

Last 10 games stern has created

10. Star wars. Good Game
9. Aerosmith. Good Game
8. Batman 66. Needs help but good game.
7. Ghostbusters. Good Game
6. Spider man VE. Good Game
5. Who Nellie. Meh!
4. Game of Thrones. Good game
3. Kiss. Good Game
2. Wrestlemania. Ok you got me!
1. Walking Dead. Good Game

Last ten 7 out of 10 is worth owning. Nothing new? what does Ghostbusters remind you of from early Data east? Nothing! This game stands alone. I saw your collection the only stern you own is Batman Dark night. Ok game but I would rather have any of these 7 over Batman Dark night. Yes the Stern hate is still very strong. That's ok no big deal. More for us to play. Again not just luvin on Stern same for the last 2 from CGC and the last 3 from JJP all good games.

#3174 2 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Best decision I made was ignoring ASOA as it just shows post ignored.

Wait this is great I can say whatever I want about this guy and all he sees is.... I am groot!

Good thing I'm not immature. However it does seem like a missed opportunity.

Again I have enough friends.

#3392 2 years ago


9c0838f7f545f6e1440d4778506887c3a58a675ca0c1fbd8a6126bff95c9e6d0 (resized).jpg

#3438 2 years ago

Stern is still the best bang for your buck as an operator. The local pin spot is getting newer younger players and they are appealed by the flashy lights and recognizable titles. Stern resale value is also extremely good. Buy a pin that costs 5200-5400 run it for a year sell it for 4400 -4600. Roughly an 800 hit the first 12 months then stays flat on resale value for a long time. Decent model if a pin earns 150 a week that's 7200 for the year. 800 hit does not hurt so bad when you look at it like this. Granted every location is different. Some spots earn far more and some earn less. Not an expert on pinball operations but I have operated my fair share over the years.

Hopefully stern is watching this thread closely and they are realizing there is an issue. Perhaps call in all of there programmers to work on this title. I think proper code will make or break this game.


#3443 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

not really. All locations are different.
I can tell you without quesiton the absolute best value in operating pinball is a solid EM! Pay $500 for a game that will pay itself off in a year and still be worth $500 (or more).

Whaaaaat? 500 a year. Pay itself off in a year. Hoping that is a typo my friend.

That's 1.36 a day....

Most newer locations at least where I operate will not allow a game that looks so dated to be in there location. It has to look new or nothing. Sad I know but that is the harsh truth in the world of amusement operations. Designated pinball locations are excluded in this statement. We are discussing route. Bars resturaunts Family Entertainment Centers. Etc....

#3461 2 years ago

WOZ is Spot on... Plus I think the age of the movie helps and not attempting to recreate so much of what we heard in the actual movie. Where GOTG is actual movie scenes that are being re created from a movie that is relatively new.

WOZ did a fantastic Job.. No one can say different.. JJP

#3469 2 years ago

If it can be fixed then there is nothing to worry about. How long did it take for Cleland call outs to be available for TWD? In my opinion that fix was a Huge much needed improvement to that game. I would go as far as saying because of that sound file I purchased the game for my home. Before that it was a route only pin to me. Game plays awesome but I could not deal with that horrible voice acting.

Although I'm a big Walking Dead fan of the show so not having the original cast was really off putting from the start. Perhaps with GOTG it is the same thing. A lot of people bought this title because they are a huge fans of the characters themselves. Now that they see that there beloved characters are no longer recognizable they are obviously upset.

Really hoping the new code gets better. This would be a huge upset.


#3482 2 years ago

Hate to switch games right now but who else has noticed the new woman's voice in American Pinballs Houdini? I do not think the woman's voice is good at all. The guys voice is awesome but hers seems very out of place. Again seems like a good game. I'm down for buying one but anyone else notice this in the latest code update stream from American Pinball?

#3485 2 years ago


#3489 2 years ago
Quoted from sven:

Yeah, you really hate to do that, but you just have to somehow?

No sir look back I have showed that I'm not a fan of what stern is doing thus far with this title. get it straight. I want them to put everyone they have over there at stern on this game programming. I don't care who I want everyone even Betty in accounting. EVERYONE!!!

#3495 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

pretty sure Betty is in charge of the boobaboooyeeee callouts we current have...

But she can make a wicked pot of coffee and cook the books like nobody's business.

#3502 2 years ago

That was before the code dropped. I still have the same feeling about the art . shots . music and theme. We did not know about the voice actors at that time.

So in light of this new information I have stated my opinions. Nothing has changed. Still great value for a pro.. look at may last few posts. Best for Operators in reference to the Return on investment.

Looking for something that is not there. I'm consistent with my posts. Position has never changed. I love all 3 manufactures. You don't like me I get it go away now.....

I do hope you get enough money together to go on your WrestleMania trip....

I hate to break it to you its not real... Please lets get back to the important topics. Thank you

For the record I'm still receiving my GOTGLE very soon. Never backing out on that holding on my order of pros until the code gets better. Same position...


#3576 2 years ago
Quoted from Banker:

I have 32 Sterns, this one from what I watched is a complete letdown.

Stern listen up this guy is all in. If he is let down by your new release you know someone needs to get back to work....

That's one hell of a collection....

#3585 2 years ago

I think we have all voiced are opinions loud and clear. What now? Either we ask some of our smarter tech savvy fellow Pinsiders to save the day like TWD or we wait and see how many changes are implemented in the next code updates. I will have my LE next week so I'm hoping for some good progress in either direction. The game looks great and with no call outs in IAAPA and FPF the game played great. Nothing bothered us because the code was on its way. I played the hell out of the game for a week straight. Again great shots.. Absolutely stunning Artwork and we were all just awaiting code. I have not been on Pinside for long at all but from the research that I have done I have seen lynching's over so many titles. And after all the smoke clears and issues get resolved everything ends up fine. Some games after so much initial criticism have became thousands of peoples favorite game.

Thanks to all the people streaming videos of game play and offering constructive criticism.

#3587 2 years ago

Some people absolutely love transformers. I know many that will never sell there's. I hope you are wrong for all of our sakes.

#3594 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Update: But better players who prefer tough shots over wide-open shots you can rape all day are going to be hooked on this pin.

And I hope the players at my location won't be too butt hurt about the tight shots and short ball times. If they don't like it they can go cry to Momma until they get better.

Glad you enjoyed the game. Hopefully code will get better and everything will be good. Question not for nothing and I myself must admit I'm not the most articulate individual here on pinside. But you have a very odd way of describing your views. I got the point but I must say it was very unusual. Never heard anyone use the term RAPE all day long. (Classic)

#3736 2 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

The music is pretty good. But we can make it better.

You sir have made stern a ton of money. The only reason I own a TWD is because of you. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way. Hoping you can do what stern could not for GOTG. A huge thank you for all of your hard work.

#3768 2 years ago

I already ordered my pinstadiums for my GOTGLE. I have a few of my games done and they look fantastic.

In my opinion. However perhaps not for everybody.

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