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Guardians low ranking

By Patrunkenphat7

7 months ago

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#15 7 months ago
Quoted from dung:

It is fun, but the artwork is going to be dated very quickly as well as the theme. Its a fun movie, but 10 years from now it will be like Maverick or Demo man, a product of its time. Music is good imo, but all in all its not a stand out game.
Top 100 itself is kinda a joke. Newest games are always top 20 and take years to fall down to a realistic spot. Lot of flavor of the month involved. For example when TSPP and LOTR were still in production it was a toss up which was the better game. LOTR is now 5 and simpsons is 20.
TOM and totan are still top 20 despite having garbage code even for their time.
Another problem is that certain ratings get ignored. TZ is number 4. One of its big weaknesses is sound quality. Even for its time, it was crap. Alvin G had cd quality in 92, TZ failed to even get DCS in its release (which is still not amazeballs). Yet sound rating is 8+? Bull its rated 4 because its a good game with good rules (for its time, dated now) that has nostalgia going for it. Same goes for Adams. Best selling of the 90's, but if we took 20 games from the top 50 and rewrote history so they all got released in the same year no one would rave about adams.
TOP 100 is pinside's dick waving contest at its finest.

I'm going to disagree with you on TZ... The quality might be crap, but Golden Earrings Twilight Zone song is a top 10 all time favorite song of mine. And the midi version of it is pretty good and is a blast to listen to while playing the game. In some regards I think the midi version of the songs fit pinball better.
My beef is when I'm playing an AC DC the ball drains right when you get to the good part of the song and then the song starts over again, and I think Aerosmith was the same way. I like how Maiden remembers where you left off. Works better that way...
But, yeah I can't trash or hate TZ cos they made an great choice for the song. But, then again most pinball games have good music. Last Action Hero(movie soundtrack kicked ass) had AC DC Big Gun. Leathal Weapon 3 and High Speed II had ZZ Top... Ohhhh and Mary Shelly Frankenstein had the Edger Winter classic Frankenstein... Wonder if there are more I'm missing. But, I mean such great music choices.

#44 7 months ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

I think the low ranking is justified though. I think using actual movie clips is a miss by Stern. It eliminates their ability to create some custom story line when you don't complete the mode. This leads to boring repetitive movie clips since there is only one path and that path is the movie clip. With DMDs they had more liberty as they could create custom dots and be more creative with the story line. GOTG just isn't a top 20 game. Never will be. The other games on the list, MET, GB, DP, SW, ST, are all significantly better machines due to more immersive code. That's why it's ranked like it is. It's an average game at best.

I think you're right for the most part. To me its hit and miss how the they apply actual video footage into the games. And since I'm not a huge fan of the movies, I actually don't look forward to the modes.
Also, I think sometimes... Sometimes... You lose the quirkiness and sense of humor that is found in the old dmd games. I can't say that no live action clip footage ever works, as I do enjoy lots of pins with it. I'll just say I think the majority of the time its best to do that.

#58 7 months ago
Quoted from dung:

Maverick is a fun movie that gets decent play on tv. Demo man is the same. Demo man is a cult icon for the 90's so, no you don't like them, but others do. What they don't have going for them is that they weren't new when the rating system was created on here. They were old hat and got rated as such. they never went through being the new hotness that drives so many games for the first few years. Even years later the rankings are still biased as many do not go back and rerank.

Congrats that you like the music, but a bad rendition of a great song is still bad. It was lousy for its time, it is lousy now. Nostalgia goggles might have you pine for it, but it is not a number 1 game because of that. Won't change the rankings on here, because outside of the sounds its an amazing game and there are far worse in the top 20 cough JPOP cough.

Well... I agree to you that while not the best they could have done. I'll take a crappy midi version of Golden Earrings twilight zone any day of the week.
Yes, nowhere near as good as the actual song. But, I actually think if it was the real song I'd get bored with it, after about 3 hours of playing. The midi version while not as good, fits and doesn't grate on me, as I don't mind when it switches to the other music. But, then again... I don't know if I ever really could be bored of listening to Twilight Zone... I have listened to it on repeat for about an hour at time more than one occasion.

When I test sound for projectors or headphones at the schools I work at. I always pick that song to test the sound for.
I figure let the kids and teachers hear a little bit of awesomeness in their day.

And to your point... Yes, music doesn't make or break a pin for me. In fact I think music is less important than theme and artwork. And of course how it shoots is the most important. I've enjoyed many games with crap music... Jokerz for one. And in the wild... Most of the time you can't really notice the music anyway.

#62 7 months ago
Quoted from AFM95:

mikes - I think you make a great point.
It's like the Lebron James and Michael Jordan debate of who is the better player. It's hard to come up with a concrete answer because both come from different eras of basketball.
Same goes with pinball. It's hard to compare new technology, toys, etc. to pins of the past.
To go with mikes point, if we took Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE) Pinside rating at face value, it would be in the top 18th percentile compared to all pins. But is it really better than the other 82% of games out there?

I actually am a bit different than most of the pinsiders as I love EMs, Solid States, DMDs, and this new era of pinball. I don't love them all equally... Ems even if they are fully in great condition can be a bit floaty and slow... And BRUTAL!!! But, they are fun to play... I haven't played nearly as many in person as I would like. A lot of my playing them is on virtual tables, which just play way to fast... Pinball arcade makes me laugh as they have the same flipper strength for the old school ems ad 90s era dmd...
But, I think each era has really cool and unique things. And it not fair to even judge the late 78 to 81 solid states to the mid 80s. There were so much innovation at the time that the games were climbing onto the backs of each other and that climbing has continued to this day. To where the state of pinball is at.

Firepower is a great game. I enjoy playing it... If I ever get a 30-50 pin collection it will be in it. But, its sounds and music are primitive compared to today's pinball games... Also, the reward for that game was the 3 ball multiball. First solid state with multiball play if I am not mistaken. Now you get multiball in every game nd 3 ball play is quaint. Also the playfield is even more sparse and barren than Stern Star Wars... Sorry... Can't help that joke, and its okay cos they're both Steve Ritchie games, and both really good shooters. Great shooters. In fact Firepower you need to hit your shots in order to progress and get points. This is something modern games don't really believe in too much. As most shots in modern games will reward you with something... Not really true in the old school games.

So is firepower a great game... Yes, more important in the history of pinball than Guardians... Yes, most likely... But, I can see why some people will never want or enjoy playing a game like it.
Same is true for Fireball. One of my personal top 5 em games. Game just has everything and is fun, but can be frustrating to play.

I think each era has its own charm and personality. And that its always fun to play a game from each era and just appreciate it for what it is. I know at the wheeling expo I wasn't expecting to like the SS Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. Its generally a cheap pinball game that you can find for around 1k even below sometimes. But, it was fun to shoot.
So I think maybe we just try to judge games from the same era. And to have fun comparing and discussing these games, just like how we have fun actually playing them... And isn't that what pinball is all about. Having fun.

#65 7 months ago

I like to rank games on Pinside... But, I do so more for my own benefit than anything else. And I just try to stay consistent with which ones I like to play and look at most. As a pinball machine you're going to be looking at a great deal. My hardbody greets me everyday when I open the door when I get back home from work, and that alone is worth the price I paid. Lord knows its not the gameplay... Which is just average at best two level play. But, the rankings don't really mean anything. I mean even my own list Star Wars Episode 1 is way too high for a game that I really enjoy playing, but only 3-4 times a pinball session. Still I really like that game and think its fun. Just like to move on to other games.
Back to the GOTG thread though... One thing that chuffs me a bit is that not all places update code regularly. So if a game is shipped with partial code, some people might still be playing that code years later even if its updated. So I think both the old reviews can still hold water. But, a review should only be a starting point for a person and always taken with a grain of salt... As I think maybe you can use the reviews to help you decide which pin you should get, but ultimately you should really try to play the pin before you buy it... Easier said than done I know.

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