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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

6 months ago

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#57 6 months ago

In with Flipnoutpinball to complete (for now) our JJP lineup. Cool theme and many fun possibilities.

#106 6 months ago
Quoted from lordloss:

So no official release, just come and play at your booth?

JJP said at the TPF when the next game (the one Mr King is eluding to) is displayed it signals that it is On the line. No more long lead show displays. My deposit is in with the King on whatever this game might or might not be. Lol

#130 6 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

I think it'd be awesome if they did 5 golden ticket SLEs or SCEs or whatever "super duper collectors limited edition." And then did a random lottery for people to buy them (at vastly greater pricing than normal).

Ok while not a fan of paying extra for super duper anything I do think it would be a Very smart marketing play for JJP to laminate a gold ticket inside say 10 CE machines as a value added win for a trip for 2 to NJ for a factory tour with Jack on his purple best outfit and top hat. I personally would love the opportunity to tour the gates on a personal VIP tour of pin-candy land. I have odd taste in neat but this to me would be a special prize.

#136 6 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Don't stop at JJP, the companies making mods for the WWCF should do the same thing. You know randomly give away gold tickets for travel, hosted tours with the owner dressed up in costume and custom jewel encrusted mods made from precious metals.

Works for me. You like formal or top hat attire? Even through in a super size vale meal of your choice.

#190 6 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

But .....
I can assure u that it will not be this year......
But ....
I am hopeful for 2035 Release.....
Taking preorders for those that are in.....Only sold two so far....Joe and I....But it's a start...so dont pick on me.
I am looking at a way to incorporate real water to the game with a garden hose connection.
My only worries are the wood and electrical that is in the game....But Hey....
Pat has assured me that anything is possible.

Always love your imagination Richie. I can see it now, plunger VUK’s, toilet outlanes, and the whole game is played Under the Playfield via a labyrinth of pipes. Keep working on it and some day your dream will come true.

#247 6 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Everlasting gobstopper shooter rod maybe ...
[quoted image]

Or the Half of everything on the playfield look like the desk. love it.

#301 6 months ago
Quoted from BigT:

Ok ..this showed up on Facebook today; I get that it might be an April fools joke. Is Franchi doing art work for Wonka?
[quoted image]

I certainly hope this is true, love everything he does.

#491 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I'm in guys. CE. #12!
Excited! Let's do this

Sorry Joe is an awesome guy and he does have a price. I offered him 12,700 and it looks like I am the proud new owner of CE #12. Awesome!!

#516 6 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Now this is so funny - We really need to stop threading on this and leave it about the game itself - Everyone knows CE#12 is mine - So with that said -- Lets keep it about the game.
I am in and looking forward to sitting next to my buddy Joe -- Wearing my shirt that says "WHERE IS THE POWDER"
I think Willy Wonka will be great and I hope that is the game - I would be shocked if it was not a Willy Wonka and if it was something else -- Would that not be the biggest surpise ever - But from what I have heard and what is out there - I think Willy Wonka is next and will be great for JJP and for pinball in itself as well.

What more do you want from Joe? Didn't he already give you a MultiColor coin door Early for Wonka? Seems like he was thinking ahead and your all set now!

3 weeks later
#1411 5 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Is there no rule about spamming all of the Wonka threads with ads?

Joe is harmless. Plus its more of a Show invite to play which seems like an invite to me which is appreciated.

#1414 5 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

New rule should be made.

Says the guy who does Not contribute to Pinside..... love or hate the salesmen they Do contribute to the $$$ of running the site we All use so I am fine with their posts or even soliciting.

#1426 5 months ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

I do contribute buy selling my games less than anyone so value is passed on. Just ask anyone who bought games from me. Peace out.

And that helps support this forum how again....

#1495 5 months ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

That is freakin dramatic... You were on Kaneda hyping up Alien for heavens sake... Talk about reaching. I was excited you were excited about Alien, but that is where it ends. This is a hobby, and I love that guys like Kaneda and SWL and SDTM get excited about stuff like this. Don't say it's over hyped. I played the game and it is AMAZING. I can't wait to get one in my home.

Agreed. I never understand why people put so much value in what others say about a game unless its part/accessory specific. Who really cares if they loved or hated the game?? Last I checked We are the ones paying for it so it seems like the only hype of value is my personal impression. To say its a let down because you were basing your decision on a second parties opinion is goofy to say the least. I played it and really liked the complete package. Don't see the CE value but thats My opinion. LE all day can't wait to get the delivery date!

#1498 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I think people aren't understanding the point here. You had the entire pinball community saying this game was amazing and how innovative it was... Things we haven't seen before. Hype was through the roof. Simple as that. I think if it wasn't so hyped, I think expectations would have been better grounded.
I for one now think a little differently about these so called industry "pros" bc the game is not only not innovative it's a major step back compared to POTC when it comes to innovation. And that's not an opinion, it's a fact by comparing the two.
Game better shoot like a dream with that type of strategy!
As for alien, no one is hyping that game on any podcast but me! It needs as much hype as it can get bc it's an unbelievable game
I'm still very much considering buying a standard btw....I loved dialed in just wish Wonka was more innovative. I already knew it would shoot well......you're taking about Pat motherf_____ing lawlor people! Represent

Fair enough I respect your view. After you play it I suspect you will like it better then the pictures represent. No, it will never be Pirates granted I don’t think any game will ever trump that challenge. Wonka is a really well done game top to bottom with a great team in place to see it become a long time favorite for many.

#1538 5 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

After seeing many of your post in this thread, I wouldn’t expect you to say anything else. Do you own stock or something?

Not doubting your evaluation of JJP but I suspect as the feedback from f3honda4me might be a bit more correct as he actually owns all the JJP games? Could be you are playing at locations not correctly setup or beat down but I own most all JJP titles and I have never had a flipper issue? Other titles not always the case...

#1583 5 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Mod couple sure has some cool looking mods done already for WW.

Thanks so much for the kind words jimwe5t! I understand your justification concerns as all models are honestly great as long as the game play, fun, and code match the theme which I think it does really well! While we have made some strides putting our spin on things we are still finalizing a replacement to the margarine factory ball lock for all models. Just seems wrong to us for such a key spot on the playfield. Here are our current final sneak peak pics of the direction we Think a Wonka factory would look. Coming shortly....

IMG_2868 (resized).jpegIMG_3260 (resized).jpgIMG_3261 (resized).jpgIMG_3262 (resized).jpg
#1590 5 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

It’s amazing how the game isn’t even out yet and Mod Couple comes out of the gate with these amazing upgrades!
By the time they are done with it, the game is going to match the Kaneda hype

Easy there we don’t make miracles! Lol. But thanks we hope a few of our creations appeal to others.

#1599 5 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Do we know what the final version of the game will look like? Is the house/factory on the left a place holder for something else that might be in the production game but not in the prototype? Do we know if JJP might add more toys to the game?
We won't be developing any mods until the game is in production and being released, jjp may have a few tricks up their sleeves.

All fair points but I suspect when a game is unveiled its Rare that they Add items to a sample game. The lock (factory) was a blow mold part I doubt they went through the work of making a mold to Not go that direction but anything is possible. The toys created to this point will most certainly not be part of anything extra they will provide in my opinion. And IF they make (a fancy factory) I applaud the upgrade!

#1607 5 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Sounds confusing I guess, but I enjoy reading your posts and opinions. Thank you.

I'm guessing your just not a Packers fan! lol Everyones view and opinion matters and is worth sharing.

3 weeks later
#1948 4 months ago
Quoted from Gasoline:

Posting live from the NW Pinball Festival in Tacoma, WA. The organizers deserve kudos for a fantastic job! Pardon my post if there are any errors or poor grammar, typing from my phone.
I will say that I am enjoying my hand’s on time playing Willy Wonka. My feedback and Pix attached.
Out of all the games at NWPF, the WWs had the longest and most consistent queue of lines the entire day. People kept coming back to play more.
They had 3 machines (1x “CE” and 2x LE). If you look at the pix it’s confusing. You could tell that they are probably the travelling LE prototypes sent out to be shown at the pin festivals. All the machines had the CE side art on the cabinets and CE back glass. One had the red coating which when seen live (in my opinion) is far better looking than the the other two which had blue coating. They all had the Wonkavators. One of the Blue LEs was missing the Ompa Loomp on the TV camera and the Wonkavision was dead. Otherwise, they were all basically the same game.
To me, the cabinets, screens, machines’ lights and visuals really pop! Terrific quality and beautiful playfields. Design is tight. I liked the bumpers use of sounds with the Ompa Loompa song. Note: if you are expecting the level of integration of tech/toys like POTC/DI/WOZ, you will be disappointed. It may feel like a step down but it’s really not too much.
First time I got to play, I was excited and giddy. Game play eventually turned out to be a good time and addictive in the long run. The hurdle people are going to have to overcome is that initially it feels kludgy on what your objectives are (again I didn’t read the objectives/wizard mapping chart). It wasn’t just me, people didn’t really know what to do. Consensus was to just keep shooting at Ramps, Secret Machine and Wonkavision until something happens and you figure it out. I know the goal is to collect “kids”and to gather golden tickets for multiballs but there is no real sense of order/mission in the game progression.
The game does play fast until you figure it out. Saw lots of drains. The first couple of games were really rough not knowing what to achieve or where to shoot but once you catch on, the game flow is smooth and fun. I did eventually achieve several multiball’s and even achieved a Wonkavator multiball. That was a blast!
I spoke with a few individuals while in line about what they thought: Tough but fun, low scoring, had Bally-Williams feel, Lawlor written all over it, pretty, really grows on you...lots of smiles, excitement and high energy. The theme is a winner!
Here’s what I can note about what I observed with the game code. The vid clips and sound bites are still mostly not synchronized. Some vids are full screen with integrated sound while others are on the film projector pull down screen with no audio or have the voice over actor. IP doesn’t seem to be used to the fullest. Seems like the code hasn’t changed since the last streaming event. Sound was near impossible to hear in the convention center but from what I did hear, no significant changes.
The main screen is large and gorgeous but the info/stats/objectives are difficult to really absorb and provide a lot of value while playing. I felt the counters for the Wonka bars, ramp letters, mode, etc... seems very small and should be larger/more prominent.
I am glad I found the opportunity to play WW. I was starting to have doubts.
Is it perfect? No. Does it have some work still? Yes. Is it at the POTC level? No. Is it fun? Absolutely! Am I still in on a CE? 100%! That is due to my personal love of the theme and I enjoyed playing it. Not everyone is going to feel the same way.
In the end for a majority of people, it’s probably going to come down to final code and final cabinet changes upon official release for people to make up their minds. Playing the SEs on location will also help people finalize their buy/no-buy decision.
Feel free to message me for the next few hours if you have any questions or want me to comment on anything specific. I’ll be here most of the evening in line for WW!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

For clarity that is not the CE. It an LE with a CE backglass and that is also not the final red for the rails. Those were used as placeholders per the designer. All Playfields are also LE. Just clarifying should any CE buyer think that’s it.

#2015 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

They have about 6 days left to hit the original "60 days" shipping date.

I thought you were no longer interested in this title?

#2023 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I don't know - maybe something called a broken promise? Sure it will ship but wouldn't it be nice if Jack delivered when he told us he would?
For me I'm huo if anything so it doesn't matter but if i was nib it would be frustrating. I would like to see Jack come through

But I Think thats where the problem is. This community often hears speech as Guarantee or Promise. Yes I was in the room when he stated they were on target to ship in 60 days after announce but Nowhere in his statement implied or expressed were the words Guarantee or Promise. He was simply fielding questions and letting it be known they would not do a year in design like POTC. We need to avoid reading into what we Assume is said. Thats Guaranteed half the reason they prefer to tell us Nothing most times.

#2026 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Yeah I hear you but let's not give these guys free passes when they miss their own window bc they didn't give us a contract stipulating a guarantee. Bottom line, expectation is not met, disappointment occurs and we move on.
Would be nice if Jack backs up his own words otherwise what's the point of him saying it to begin with.

Thats fair just tough to moderate with so many expectations. Some want to know Anything now and others aren't happy even with the answer. In my opinion they Never promised a date of production or delivery or anything really so I find it hard to except that they disappointed anyone. If they came to the show and said "you'll see it when you see it" people would revolt. They are producing a product with Thousands of parts and hundreds of suppliers around the world. Time frames can change at any time. If they rush to get it out to meet some assumed deadline and there was Any issue everyone would blame them for rushing. Managing expectations is all they can do. The safe direction would be to tell everyone Nothing but they opt to share their Anticipated plan. Doesn't dissapoint me personally. They Did guarantee it would be Wonka that can Can be disappointed in if they change the title.

#2033 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I don't know. Jack made a big deal of how this game will be different and that it will ship soon, 60 days etc
I just don't buy the fact we shouldn't hold him accountable to that. Sure some people hold unachievable expectations but I'm not one of those. The only expectations I'm holding him to are his own. Period.
It's really that simple. Anything else is just overcomplicating this. I'm hopefully he delivers bc it would build credibility.

I’m with you at any cost. Want to see this game roll and Pray it’s not released like Pirates was. I never bought and canceled a game so many times. Lol. Will say to me after playing Wonka for several hours it really is an amazing game. Hard to absorb at a show with all the distractions and noise. I really think Joe and his team are going to make the code and illustration match the great shots of this game. Looking forward to it.

#2040 4 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I got my mods on order for my #12 CE from the ModCouple -- Is it me or does it seem weird that I am getting excited to see the mods come in before I even get the game.
oh yeah
Still...No Response from Joe -- Not Yet.....

Not odd at all. What was odd to me though is How many people ordered a Custom Coin Door with the CE and LE #12? Joe must be selling several of those same number?? lol

1 month later
#2256 3 months ago

Wow so sad to see that damage but it is really awesome that you used the opportunity to educate others on pinball ownership and buying. Another stand up example that shows Flipnoutpinball as a premier distributor. We are honored to support your efforts and business and hope others like what we created or will create soon. Many new ideas for such a beautiful game! Thank you again.

#2258 3 months ago
Quoted from Gasoline:

We need inventors to step-it-up and create the insta-foam box shipping container (envio-friendly biodegradable & easy to break down) that can encase any product!

Lol makes me think of those air bags in that iRobot movie. Full styro in seconds. lol

#2262 3 months ago
Quoted from Gasoline:

Demolition man! Secure foam![quoted image]

That was the movie Thanks Gasoline! To funny. Yes we have a Wonka esk boat in the works just working out some motion detail.

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