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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

3 months ago

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#422 3 months ago

Really happy to hear earnestness and joy from Kaneda simply playing a pinball game. That is exactly the spirit, spark, fire and fun that pinball can create, in such a significant and often all too elusive way!

I've felt bits of that every single time I've seen a JJP game, so congrats to all involved on hopefully making this as fun a reality as Kaneda and Joe had today!

Yay for Jack, Keith, and Pat and everyone involved!

1 week later
#1389 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Agree. David Thiel is a master at creating pinball music and sounds.
The video below is of David Thiel talking about creating music and sounds for Hobbit. At one point he talks about taking a licensed song, The Old Friends theme, and creating several variants of it. He also talks about avoiding looping in music, implementing dialogue, pulling sounds from assets, etc. The quantity, variety, and quality of music / sounds put into games by David Thiel has been incredible. He knows how to create custom pinball sounds, music as well as leveraging licensed assets and then tying it to specific modes and events in game. It's a huge bummer that he's no longer at JJP.
On a side note I think The Hobbit may go down as David Thiels magnum opus, his master work.

If you watch anything from the video I posted above check out the section below where David talks about creating several variants of a licensed track to get more mileage out of it. Incredible stuff.

Do you have a timestamp? Both videos seem to cue at the beginning.

#1400 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Well, Chris was gyrating suggestively in front of them.
LTG : )

Always a hoot Lloyd!

#1405 3 months ago
Quoted from ozno:

The Hobbit music was done by Two Steps From Hell not David Thiel. TSFH is the number one epic music band in the world outselling and streaming all of the top film composers in the world, including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore and Danny Elfman. David Thiel did good work on the sound effects in the Hobbit, but the 99% of the music came from Two Steps From Hell.

I couldn't find info on their wiki page, but this seems definitely accurate.

Thanks for this tidbit of info.

Screenshot_20190419-015135_Chrome (resized).jpg
1 week later
#1428 81 days ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

By saving pinsiders money so they can donate more to pinside

I thought you could only lurk on the site sans donation?

$5 a year for all the engagement from other users is MORE than we worth it, just to help keep the lights on, and actual ads down.

2 weeks later
#1830 64 days ago
Quoted from Troz:

I didn't understand either. All I know is it won't happen again in my channel.

Glad to hear that kind of response.

I really need to watch this when it gets youtube ready, my Twitch streaming via phone often freezes. Really looking forward to it, as your POTC stream was phenomenal!

#1838 64 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Your neighbors won’t know or care either way.

They will if you need them to help move these heavy buggers inside.

#1850 63 days ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

For me this game seems to be a turnaround for JJP in many ways. They want to be able to produce more and probably also somewhat cheaper to become more profitable. Also they want to change to two games per year so that automatically means they do not have that much time anymore for coding the games. That is only natural. Same people making more different games means less time per game.
Coming to the question if I am in. No. I am sorry to say that this is the first game of JJP that I have not ordered immediately. And maybe - I will probably get shot down for this - it is because it is a Pat Lawlor game. Undoubtedly he makes nice games but give me the more innovative games like Eric has made. POTC is a masterpiece, especcialy considering it is Eric's first.
Just let the old designers retire. They have done great work and it is VERY much appreciated and enjoyed, but it is time for new blood. That is why this time I ordered an Oktoberfest instead of Wonka. Don't get me wrong, I might still buy a Wonka down the road, but I first want to see how the game pans out to be codewise. Joe is a great coder, so who knows, but Wonka needs the integration that Hobbit has. The movie deserves that.

But....Joe Balcer isn't exactly a spring chicken either.

#1853 62 days ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Out...Another CE for someone...The POTC thread is the hardest read in memory for me...
Left Mike a VM...Hope it is a great game for those that are in....Done w nib for the foreseeable future...

Confused. So you dumped your POTC CE or Wonka?

Quoted from Troz:

YouTube took forever to process this! Finally ready in 4k...

Excellent! Was watching some of this last night on Twitch, much easier here though. Fantastic setup and stream, keep up the good work!

#1875 62 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

This is a deal breaker for many. No real assets again will really hurt sales. Just collecting wonka bars as one of the main task is going to become over the long haul, a real chore in a home environment. Like chopping wood. Sure don’t like hearing this to be the case.

I'm the opposite. I'm already tired of the asset clips used as is, and if more were added, over time I'd be equally as fatigued. One can only see video clips so many times before they burn into your retinas. Seeing Bilbo run down those stairs, time and time again for multi-ball, sans even owning it, but wanting to, makes me batty.

This is kind of where I miss well done, and brief, DMD animations.

Though I'll say the multi-ball animations in JJPOTC, fill in that same exact perfect snippet for me.

#1878 62 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thinking you might be in the minority on this title (agree with your assessment of Hobbit). WW film clips are just too fun and never seem to tire watching such a well acted and written script.
Who gets tired of WW iconic scenes? Especially when you’ve reached different points in the game. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded with such movie integrations upon achieving different movie/game goals? You’ll surely be thinking them in your mind, even if not present. How much more authentic to actually have them play out on screen? How many times does one hear the candyman song or other music and still enjoy hearing it again? It’s part of the movie assets. Just like any themed games music and scenes. If they are not there, will be hugely disappointing.

Oh I'm sure I am as well. I like a good mix of sound design/music and effects, complimented with dashes of animation. This is why I enjoy JJPOTC the way I do. I was watching IE Pinball's awesome stream last night, and I'm fine never seeing Gene have that hand against head smirk/smile, or the Gobstopper footage ever again. After three or four times, it ruins the imagery for me. Hence why I enjoy POTC so much. Just neat little vignette images sans actors and repetitious dialogue.

I also feel that boat song feels really intensely out of place, not so in the movie, but when there are so many layers of sound going on. I feel like the entire game has a schizophrenic sound package so far. It's too intense and jarring for me.

The two ramp shots look so amazing though....

#1882 62 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Agreed on all of this. I’m concerned about the repetition on Wonka’s clips, music and modes.
I’m still in but I’m increasingly concerned that it’s going to disappoint compared to POTC.

I think this will be an amazing location game. I just don't know about home ownership at this point.....

Which is fine, as I have some older JJP games on my mind, and this code will develop more over time while I pursue/save for those.

#1907 61 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I just wish it had more songs, unique ones NOT from the movie to mix things up. I feel like I've already heard that golden ticket song more than I ever want to hear in my life, and I've only watched a few Wonka streams.
Get David Thiel in there to produce some more theme-appropriate but unique songs!

And ones that aren't so upfront and suffocating.

The balance of this game compared to POTC aurally is astounding. I watched about twenty minutes of the stream again last night, and there often seem to be 4-5 sounds or pieces of music overlaying one another all at once. It's waaaaaay too much stimulation.

Here I figured the hyper candy colored visuals would be offputting most of all, but this sound mix is way too intense for anywhere outside of an arcade. This is an aspect I don't enjoy in the Munsters, Maiden, Beatles, and somewhat BK3

#1915 61 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Thanks for the positivity this place can use a little!

Quoted from txstargazer3:

So true! It seems this thread has lately been filling up with folks who dislike the game for one reason or another. That is cool, no game is liked by everyone.
There are also a lot of us that do like the game and are just waiting for more from JJP to have something to post about.

I entirely agree about seeing the value for what exists. My friend and I travelled to see this unveil, for 8 hours each way, and it was an amazing experience to witness, and to be able to meet someone as legendary a talent as Pat!

That doesn't mean that issues can't exist. And I'd love to be blown away, hands down buy day one, this game, but there are currently issues I have with it, mode and sound wise. That doesn't mean I'm not positive or upbeat about it's inevitable arrival, just that for my home ownership to exist, this needs to be a product that's extremely phenomenal.

20190412_193947 (resized).jpg
#1922 60 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

I actually like that - cool touch.
The narrator though. Wholly shit what were they thinking

What about....Wholey's?

Yeah, I get that's maybe the most sensible choice for a soundalike, but it sounds more like bedtime narration is going to occur, more so than pinball excitement!

#1925 60 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Haha that's what happens when you post using your cell in a hot tub! I just can't believe it's that bad. I just recently heard the jackpot call out. You have to be kidding me jjp

Figured I'd throw a lil' Pittsburgh reference your way.

Grandpa Joe sounds like he's already sawing logs in that awkward fourway bed of his!

Quoted from f3honda4me:

My wife and I watched the stream. The oompa pops never turn “off” so you get it in the middle of odd places, and to me it’s really jarring. The oompa song is catchy because of the rhythm. There is no rhythm for the pops sound.
And yea the call outs are awful, I do not like it one bit. We couldn’t hear any of this at MGC since it’s loud you don’t really hear the machines much. So this is the first time we REALLY heard it.

The entire soundscape seems jarring and confusing. Nothing blends well. Musical pieces pickup and drop mid crescendo, followed by an altogether disjointed music selection. And they're all a similar vibe and attitude.

I'd say the one way I feel confident, is JJP does an amazing job presenting solid code at release, and continuing with code development years down the road. WOZ just went up to 7, and the Hobbit is over 3.0.

I guess I'm most afraid of this new sound designer's work, never having worked in pinball, and replacing David Thiel, of all people....

1 week later
#1999 49 days ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

It’s hard to understand why the licensor would care. Isn’t the whole point that the kids (other than Charlie) are brats? How about “punk” instead?

Wee Shitmonsters would be accurate as well, but I guess "tact" and offending someone, comes first for the licensors.

Avoiding possible outrage and profit conflict, sadly makes sense on their end, even if the fan base would indisputably refer to these shitmonsters as "brats".

#2050 46 days ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

The first batch of standards will be headed out to locations. The plan was to get 100 of the first 150 standard in the public's hands.

Reminds me of another excellent that plan was to use nine pieces of eight to bind Calypso.....

Sorry, wrong thread!

Really happy to hear this news, and see JJP, it's distributors, and it's customers soon, SOON relish in some sweet, delicious games of pinball!

1 week later
#2078 39 days ago
Quoted from trilamb:

Was at an arcade over the weekend in Los Angeles and saw - what appears to be - the exact same assets on this machine. I know this happens sometimes on slot machines, but never seen it on some sorta quarter-pushing luck machine in an arcade.[quoted image][quoted image]

I'd guess there are only so many high quality photos to work from, that the license holder feels represents the brand well.

1 week later
#2094 30 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Please don't speak for me whytalk. You're clueless as usual.
The game has a great theme and from what I've seen, they're completely drowning it alive with horrendous sound, lack of speech with the clips and the absolute worst announcer that any pinball game has ever had period. Add in the fact it's a HUGE step backwards from JJP's last outing regarding innovation and magic, it's almost all but off the radar.
That being said, it looks to shoot so butter smooth which is why I'm still interested.

You don't enjoy hearing Gramps tuck you into bed and sell ya some ole fashioned lemonade and sarsaparilla?

Yeah....just wait to play until you feel one way or another. I played briefly at MGC, and it was fine, but I was also similar feeling towards Pirates at JJP when I visited.

Getting a game isolated, where you can take your time and absorb gameplay and A/V aspects is such a delicate mix, and most often not fully appreciable in most loud environments.

#2131 27 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm biased, David Thiel is both a friend and someone who I've had the pleasure of working with (what a master of his craft, true professional and also deeply passionate about what he does). And I'm sure he's glad he dodged the Wonka bullet. But man, JJP has gotta figure out what to do without him, because bad sound just murders a game, and good sound makes a game that's only okay seem pretty great. Try playing Tron with the sound off.
I dunno, I honestly think passion is more important than theme in some ways. If your team is passionate you make it work. Like JJP is kinda clearly run by engineers now, but look how that worked out for Pirates. A 'recycled' theme, but with a lot of really interesting tech put into it. And JP is another master of his craft, even with the license restrictions Pirates had he killed it, the LCD looks top notch. No actors? Oh well, still great.
Wonka just feels like no one really cared. That might sound harsh, but really, look at it. The art is the slot machine off-the-shelf package. JP's LCD work doesn't come close to what he's already shown he's capable of. The sound is bad. Sorry, but it is. And the layout might shoot well, but there are no toys or inventive things that bring the whimsy of the film to life. I just don't get the sense anyone at the company actually cared one whit about the license.

I just wonder how much of what we've seen was designed with large scale accessibility in mind.

Thiel being gone is colossal, as Pirates audio design is maybe it's strongest feature.

Hopefully we'll see if things shift from what you and others echo and fear here. I sure hope they do, but at this point, I can't argue much against these points....

#2177 26 days ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

My machine says version 1.06 SE

This is what the one here was at also. Code update is a breezy 34 megs or so.

#2205 25 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Huh? I thought they sang when the pops hit?

They still say "oompah doompah" etc.

#2224 24 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Do you have bunching up of the clear around the posts (like star posts, stainless posts, etc)? I've seen some Wonka playfields with the same thing as jjPotC playfields are experiencing.

As someone affected by this issue greatly on my POTC, I've been somewhat anxious to see new users get their games, and post any out of box issues that might be or might not be occurring, definitely including the sling/post situation. (Ideally the game runs and is built effectively, and my biggest issue is wanting to buy one at some point!)

Hopefully we'll get some data soon, and see if this is more an issue behind or ahead of us.

#2227 24 days ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Pat l uses a different setup on his sling area so hopefully no issues.... di didn't have any sling issues as far as i know. New code looks so much better... its gonna b such a great pin when finished.

Yeah, from what I saw the slings had the same starpost at the bottom as Dialed In.

Have you played it yet?

#2231 24 days ago
Quoted from trilamb:

Great pic! I wonder if this pin is a good candidate for pin stadiums, looks a little dark, but hard to tell from pics. My Hobbit is I bright, and so is DI, so I assumed WW would be equally so. How does it feel in person? Is it dark in the middle of the pf?

I've been noticing that too, in less lit rooms. Didn't notice this in the well lit area I played in the other day.

#2241 23 days ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I played about the same amout today. My thoughts:
1. The artwork is lacking on the cab. As we all know. The head decals are just fine.
2. Not having the Wonkavator sucks. The back left looks so plain. Its like something is missing big time.
3. The sound effects and music are just ok at this time.
1. Shoots like a dream. Pat can sure make a nice flowing game.
2. The black on the rails and lockdown actully look good.
3. I love B/W games and this feels like it big time.
4. The game tells you exactly what to do which is good for me for sure. I have a hard time understanding how to play new games.
5. The playfield and lights show are fantastic. Are the light show as good as WOZ yet, no but give it time.
For me if i get one its a LE for sure. Its worth having the wonkavator. The game has alot of code potential with call outs, voice and sound. So if they can come thru, we have a winner for sure. At 7k for a SE, i really dont see anything else on the market that compares to what you get. CONGRATS JJP!

I like the positivity in this thread, some fun and hype is necessary!

I really found the trim pleasant as well, and as much complaints that the side art gets, the trim is really classy and "premium feeling" though I've read stainless is actually pricier.

That said, I need more play time on this, for sure! Though I also feel like I scoffed at people who said they played this and Oktoberfest at the same venue, and dug that more. Somehow I'm finding that code a bit more engaging.

Need more time....on ALL games!

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