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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

4 months ago

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#774 4 months ago

When I think the film is dated, I just imagine the river as raw sewage. Makes it instantly feel contemporary.

#1002 4 months ago

I love JJP, and I think this game looks super fun. I was about 65% sure I'd buy it if it was good, and 100% sure if it was epic. For me, It's good, but not epic. I was hoping for crazy innovation. I'm pretty disappointed in the LCD compared to Hobbit and DI. Maybe this will improve.

Like BKSR, I'll have to play this one to see, but it's looking like this will be a location player for me.

#1142 4 months ago

Coming around to considering the SE, but it’s totally lame that the side art is the same as the LE except they removed Gene. It’s as if they went out of their way to downgrade the art. Stern at least provides great art for their pros. Have to play it I suppose....

#1295 4 months ago

What some of you don't seem to understand is that competitors offer great art in this price range. Many of us love and expect great art at $7500. Just because Gene's face might cost more doesn't mean they can't create alternative art. It's absolute BS. I am 100% in if they improve the art and 100% out if they don't. I'm giving my opinion, just as you are. I'm NOT bitching.

#1321 4 months ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

Gene's face doesnt cost more. I highly doubt there is any cost related to that.
Some games hide behind great art. Awesome art and not much in terms of everything else. Standing in front of Wonka, it blows away the other games in the same price range in terms of gameplay, looks, code, and features.
But you're entitled to choose buy it or not. LE and CE look really nice. SE will earn well on location. There had to be a deterrent from the majority of games shifting to the SE. Don't hold your breath on that art changing. It won't and I don't blame them.

We'll see about that. If it comes to selling no game or an SE, we might see some changes. The art doesn't have to be as good as the others. It just has to be more than text. Stern doesn't have an issue giving good art to pro customers. I doubt I'm alone in the art camp. I will vote with my wallet: no art, no buy!

1 week later
#1410 3 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Can't make the show and want to order a Willy Wonka ? Email Joe at Sales@PinballSTAR.com !
[quoted image]

Is there no rule about spamming all of the Wonka threads with ads?

#1429 3 months ago

My question was a legitimate question. If there isn't a rule, there isn't a rule. I am following the Wonka threads and got hit with this ad twice in a row for an event (far away from most on average) that is also an ad for sales (the true motivation). What if all of the distros worldwide that support events to sell Wonkas did this in all the Wonka threads? There are many of them. Again, if there isn't a rule, there isn't a rule. No need to attack

1 week later
#1724 3 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Don’t rest, please give me why such a large price difference so I can justify a WW purchase. Can you list why quality is better?

Dude, are some sort of Stern shill? This has been discussed to death on pinside. Use the damn search. Here are some reasons Sterns are cheaper and lack quality as you appear to be lazy and/or incompetent:

- No knocker
- Cheap power sources with loud, crap Chinese fans
- crap power switch location
- board system that cannot be repaired. Wait till they start failing, and they WILL.
- mechs made of cheap pot-metal (imdn etc.)
- historical cabinet issues (crap wood)
- cheap leg brackets that leads to splitting
- graphite plumb Bobs
- crap coin mechs
- smaller lcd with larger translites lit by a tiny led strip
- cheap speakers and amp
- etc etc etc. (Use the search feature)

Are they improving? Only because of market pressure. I own Sterns and enjoy their machines, but it does not blind me to their penny pinching business model.

JJP machines have issues, but they are often due to challenges related to innovation, not sucking every dime out of production.

Can't wait for Wonka

#1726 3 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thanks for a crude and not to the point list, that has no solid evidence and is your opinion mainly.
Is your premise so weak that name calling and put downs are your only answers?
Your points with comments:
- No knocker - (when I play Sterns games I hear a knocker)
- Cheap power sources with loud, crap Chinese fans (no power source issues, but WW has power source issues to many reports of weakened flippers - do admit fan is too loud - good point)
- crap power switch location (power source location many times better, since little children can’t reach it turning on and off like under table mounts)
- board system that cannot be repaired. Wait till they start failing, and they WILL. (My friend has 20 tables with no failures)
- mechs made of cheap pot-metal (imdn etc.) (heard imdn did have some issues, but so has POTC, DI, WOZ (they stopped including the monkey for that very issue)
- historical cabinet issues (crap wood) (you’ve had several comments above to the contrary on Munsters)
- cheap leg brackets that leads to splitting (you’ve had several comments above to the contrary on Munsters)
- graphite plumb Bobs (how is JJPs different?)
- crap coin mechs (how is JJPs different and in HUO, this is a mute point)
- smaller lcd with larger translites lit by a tiny led strip (within a couple minutes everyone’s eyes focus on the content and not screen size. That’s why it’s indiscernible between say for example watching a 55” versus 65” proven in study after study)
- cheap speakers and amp (This is the first actual difference, except from Munsters onward)
- etc etc etc. (Use the search feature) (This is a non-point)
Your unkind ways of trying to help me is pushing me towards not buying WW. Are you an example of the typical JJP owner? Your mouth has such negative superlatives coming out of it. Please consider how to speak with people about your point of view with out calling them a shill, lazy and incompetent. Not cool. Grow up!

Clearly you have a preconceived answer for every Stern criticism, so why bother asking? You sound like a shill, and your previous post supports my suspicion. I call a spade a spade. Your previous responses to experienced collectors were baiting and insulting. You seem to know quite a bit about the companies and their games, easily enough to form your own informed opinion. If not, you have a friend with over 20 games to talk to. Your feigned ignorance is wasting people's time. I hope you don't buy a Wonka - I truly do - as you sound like a horrible customer to deal with. Save JJP the effort and stick to your beloved Stern. Munsters sounds right up your alley with it's wonderful quality and features.

Bring on Wonka!

#1749 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

True....I was bored...

I was at mom's place... And totally took the new account troll bait. I don't know why, but I can't help thinking internet ignorance can be healed. Must be my age...

#1759 3 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I agree 100% the newer stern lockdown clips are way better than the older version. Not sure why it got so much backlash when it came out.

It's because of all the prior cost cutting and overall quality. The clips are more convenient, but they are a cost cutting decision. They are also less robust, which may be an issue down the road. The lock down system is not something you want breaking in a routed machine, so it's a fair concern. In home use, I prefer them. I just wish some of the savings went elsewhere in the machine instead of all to Gary.


#1819 3 months ago

Watched a lot of the twitch stream, and, man, this game looks fun to shoot. It's so interesting that Pat's games have such a unique feel to them, and I can see this game is no exception. I love the innovation in the lighting with magnets, and the small screen use. The use of the camera is going to make newbs spit their beer out when they watch their face move across the screen! That said, the integration on screen needs some pretty serious work. To hear Gene's voice and see a clip of him not talking reminds me of Karate overdub. It appears that they are listening and moving away from the slot machine experience, which I am grateful for. If they support this game like they have their previous titles, the final code will be grade-A from the sweat and tears of their programmers. I'm stoked! Now if I can just choose a model...

#1891 3 months ago

This game will end up with a great balance of clips, sounds and animations. JJP hasn’t dropped the ball once imho. Sure, hobbit’s pf design might not be your cup of tea, but overall, it’s still a cool game. Do they have production issues? Like all complex production companies, yes. Their customer service is second to none though. Go read the early DI threads. Same discussion. What’s your opinion of DI now that the code is pretty much done? Don’t listen to the couch critics!

1 week later
#1971 80 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

...wouldn't you love to see this company break away from this awful pattern of early sneak preview, super hype, then stream stream stream and then release? Wouldn't you love to see JJP deliver when the hype is at it's highest? I don't think anyone would agree that the hype is still there like it was and with some questionable choices, at least for me, this game is at it's lowest point since announcement.

There is no "awful pattern” here. JJP shows off prototypes, and people get excited. Then the impatient people claim some sort of marketing blunder. Then the game ships and everyone is excited again and we hear things like, ” it took forever, but wow, what a game." People bitched about DI even more, and it's still selling. I love the proto reveals and hope they continue.

#1979 80 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

DI was an absolute flop and I enjoyed it! I don't think it ever rebounded from the terrible press.

Guess I'd have to hear that from Jack's mouth. I still hear about people excitedly buying them, often based on the great reviews and current pinside "press."

Here are some pinside numbers:

PinOwners (resized).jpg

With these numbers in mind, you have to remember that dialed in has an average MSRP of $8500, higher that the average Stern price, which is likely around $7000. This game did half the sales of a crazy licence like Star Wars. If you look at sales of WOZ, considering JJP's production lengths, it's hardly a "flop." I think they hoped for more, but it's not a flop.

3 weeks later
#2166 56 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I actually like the standard box art the best! Once it's in the line, you won't see much difference anyway. The armor and backglass can be changed if need be. Wireforms? Hm, maybe tougher.
Next up: start saving for a shaker motor, invisiglass, and some Mod toys, to include a gobstopper shooter rod.

Which art are you talking about? The Stars or the subtle swirling behind the title? How is this "art" the best? I can't remember the last game that came out with almost zero side art. It's a huge let down.

The rest of the game looks amazing though. Passing on nib, but can't wait to play it on location!

1 month later
#2269 22 days ago

With Bowen out there, nobody stands a chance. *sigh*

#2274 18 days ago
Quoted from Frogman:

That’s what I posted about the paint.
Eventually got to the boot screen after 3 restarts, so I don’t think it’s a connection issue. I’m assuming I can plug in a keyboard and get passed this screen. Correct?[quoted image]

I'd still reseat all connectors.

I had some pretty big QC issues with my DILE. It was made on a Friday. Led board a full cm of the drill guide.... Phone didn't work right.

Great company, and I would imagine it's tough to get good QC with the wages you have to pay to keep prices remotely reasonable.

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