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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

6 months ago

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#55 6 months ago

I've never bought a NIB pin. I may buy one now.


2 weeks later
#1358 6 months ago

I apologize in advance for the long post. This will be my first NIB pin, as I'm an el-cheapo arcade guy. I'm not very good at pins, having only owned a few early SS titles from Richie. I've never paid more than $500 for any arcade or pinball machine in my life, and making the leap to a new pin has been no easy choice for me. But when I caught wind of this theme and heard it was coming from JJP, I began saving money. I will get an SE to start, and may hold it for a while to see if there's ever a 75th anniversary version released in 2021.


Quoted from NeilMcRae:

need to play it to see how it shoots but the theme integration is super lacking, needs much more gene, from the stream its a fail for me.
No candyman. No Oompah, no pure imagination? WTF? That music is critical on this game.
JJP please for the love of god stop doing launches at pinball shows when idiots like me can turn up and play terrible and thus make the game look terrible.

Oompah has already been discussed. Candyman and Pure Imagination have been taken care of. Please find the rule sheet and read it.

Quoted from Joca:

WiWo looks great and for JJP it will hopefully be a cash cow.
But it‘s a pity that the elevator is missing in the standard pin. It was the strenght of JJP that even the standard pins had the full gameplay.
The WiWo is a mixture of DI and WoZ - and that is good.
Let‘s see how the gameplay is. I‘m looking forward to play this machine.

The Wonkavator Super Ball Lock is available in the SE. It's virtual. For $2K saings, I'll live without it. In two hours of play time, I was never able to lock a ball in it, so I doubt I'll miss it at first. Remember, I'm a newbie pin player, and not that good at pinball.

Quoted from iceman44:

Def some weak shit in this game and the art on the standard is pathetic and no one disagrees.
Put F ing Wilder on the standard cab art for zero extra money and quit playing games.
The Wonkavator is a poor man's TSPP couch without the upper pf.
Okey dokey

There's licensing involved with using Gene's image. The Dahl estate had a lot of pull with this project - they even removed the word "Brat" from the game.

I have no doubt in my mind there will be aftermarket art and trim available for this game. There will be toys and upgrades galore.

My first code suggestion for the JJP guys: please get some more symphonic background music variation with some more of the film score. I felt a little underwhelmed at ball launch time at first. As things progress, it gets better.

Also, the skill shot success sound is a bit lacking. Can you do better?

Also, dibs on whomever would like to sell/swap the gobstopper shooter rod from their CE. I MUST have it.

#1360 6 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I don't think they would have power of Gene's image - Just the film studio and/or Wilder's estate

No, but Warner Bros does. And you can bet your ass they're paying royalties to use the likeness.

#1364 6 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

[quoted image]
You can buy a life-size cardboard standee of Gene Wilder as Wonka for $40 to put next to the $7,500 game that couldn’t afford to include it.

Okay, but try calling WB and ask them about putting your cardboard standee in a public place and charge people $1.00 per turn to look at it. See what they say then

#1392 6 months ago

I do not recall any magnet movement of the balls as they rolled over the candy trails. There's a good chance the magnets were either turned way down or off for MGC, however, to help save on ball movement and reduce play field damage. I know for a fact that the flippers were turned down when the tables were moved out to the main show floor. I played the table in the reveal room and they were super snappy. Out on the show floor, they were sluggish.

BRAT has been removed for commercial production. I hope they offer a code switch for us to change later - I'd rather see "Brat" multiball than "Kid multiball."

There's sounds from the gobstopper machine in the game, specifically, there's the "phhhht" fart-ish sounding noise during the score tally at the end of each ball as it calculates bonuses.

More sounds are coming, they're not done with the code yet.

#1394 6 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

I am going to correct you. The flippers were NOT turned down between the reveal and the game floor. I moved them (along with my brother). The power grid for the revealnis a different grid then the game floor. I am not sure why they felt weaker, but it was not a Jersey induced condition.
Carry on people...

Got it. So there WAS a difference in flipper feel, then. Not due to settings, but rather incoming power. Thanks for the clarification.

Chris, were the play field magnets turned on?

#1398 6 months ago
Quoted from drained:

There was very little evidence of them doing anything other than at hr 1:53+ min mark when lawlor was playing he gets a crazy drain and comments on it.

I asked like 6 people standing around me at the afterparty who had all put significant time in on the table, and not one of them could recall the magnets ever influencing the ball path. Maybe we just didn't do something to trigger their use?

1 week later
#1421 5 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Is there no rule about spamming all of the Wonka threads with ads?

Your salty vag is showing.

#1554 5 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

No ... the game was at a show. That day I only got back in line during the day about 5 times. It appears that no one else was locking the Wonkavator balls that day (Sunday). When you lock a ball in the Wonkavator physical ball lock, it stays there and carries over from game-to-game until all 3 balls are locked. This is only on the LE and CE though. The SE is a virtual lock and doesn't carry over from game to game.
In theory alone, think of the Apollo 13 game. The ball locks carry over from game-to-game until the 13th ball is locked and then they all get released.

I'm going to request that JJP make a code change for this, allowing the owners' to select whether or not the virtual ball lock carries over from game to game or not. It's selectable in the software for the LE and CE, there's no reason why they can't make it selectable in the SE software too.

#1557 5 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Yes there is, though. They want you to buy the LE or CE to get it.

The route operators would/will disagree with you. Not having a virtual ball lock carry-over on the SE will pretty much mean you will NEVER see Wonkavator multi-ball on a SE from a casual player. That's going to turn some potential operator buyers off.

#1561 5 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

This multiball is sounding pretty dumb to be honest. It's so hard to get that the only way people will see it is with lock stealing across multiple players or games? That's a feature that's fun for simple games, and doesn't really belong on complicated ones.
I have a TNA with lock stealing, I've owned EATPM that had lock stealing, but those are really basic multiballs that present a simple risk/reward strategy for ball locking. Do you lock because you're likely to get the multiball yourself? Or skip it because you're afraid you'll drain before you start it?
If Wonka is so hard that it takes multiple games before people are seeing the multiball then that's just a terrible design. I have to think people are exaggerating about it, because otherwise that hilariously bad. Especially if they're tying one of the 'expensive' toys to it.

Not sure it's as much "hard" as it is "just don't know how" yet. I put about 2 hours and 75-100 games in during MGC, and by the end of that time, I was starting to get how to get the Super Ball Lock to engage. From there, it's just a ramp shot to load the ball. So, more education on the rules is needed, I think.

As to the comment on Casual players? I'm a casual player, and I will be getting an SE. And I want the carry-over. So there

#1593 5 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

There are other items included for the LE over SE
Check the matrix before comments

Fortunately, the rest of the differences are purely cosmetic and/or are things that can be retrofitted after the purchase, with the exception of the external sound control. And even that I'm sure could be done, or doesn't matter to most home users as they are probably fine with opening the coin door to adjust volume.

1 week later
#1765 5 months ago

In other news, I finally sold the other GT19 pedestal I needed to sell to bump my cash piggy bank to the amount I need

I've already pestered Chris from KingPin enough.... and now we wait.

60334276_655900384874942_5479358708884439040_n (resized).jpg
#1768 5 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

This should be good, Karl is a serious player. Maybe he can actually start the multiball that's supposed to take all day across multiple games.

I've yet to see someone hit Wonkavator multi-ball.

#1771 5 months ago

I did get a response from JJP about my request to have a "virtual" carryover of the wonkavator ball lock on the SE. It was merely a canned "thanks for your contribution" response. No idea if they're planning on doing it.

#1773 5 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

The wonkavator ball lock is the main difference between the SE and LE so no way would they add a virtual ball carry over.
I don't think it would make sense anyway.

But you DO understand that the Wonkavator multiball is already coded for the SE, right? It's virtual. And the carryover is already user-selectable in the menus for the LE and CE. Why wouldn't they offer that same feature in the SE? Without it, you're pretty much never going to be able to hit it in casual play. Why bother coding it in if the majority of the public playing an SE on route never get to hit it?

#1796 5 months ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

Totally agree with you Aurich. I'm getting a SE next week, wish I would have ordered the LE in time, but oh well.
There's no reason they should crack. Dumbfounded as to why they switched up posts to the beveled/sharp edges. Someone should have caught that or someone should have cared enough on the assembly line.
Curious as to who is overseeing assembly of these games as I believe they're missing a critical component.

How do you know you're getting an SE next week? KingPin hasn't been able to tell me anything yet.

#1799 5 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Y'all talking about the same title? I think 3p is talking about JJP POTC?

I guess I (incorrectly) assumed he was talking about WONKA, you know, since we're in a WONKA thread.....

#1897 5 months ago

I'm fairly confident we will NOT ever get Candyman in this game. The rights to that song are owned by M&M Mars, and no way Jack's gonna pay up for it.

#1917 5 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I entirely agree about seeing the value for what exists. My friend and I travelled to see this unveil, for 8 hours each way, and it was an amazing experience to witness, and to be able to meet someone as legendary a talent as Pat!
That doesn't mean that issues can't exist. And I'd love to be blown away, hands down buy day one, this game, but there are currently issues I have with it, mode and sound wise. That doesn't mean I'm not positive or upbeat about it's inevitable arrival, just that for my home ownership to exist, this needs to be a product that's extremely phenomenal.[quoted image]

Hey that's me on the left in the yellow shirt! I took a photo with Pat very shortly before yours. He was extremely generous with his time and opinions.

I have no doubt that JJP will get this code polished. This game is a great shooter.

1 week later
#2017 4 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

They have about 10 days left to start shipping within originally promised deadline.

The ONLY official statement I've ever heard (or read) from JJP on WONKA is "early summer." By that reasoning, since summer is 92 days long, they have the first 46 days of summer to ship and make the "early summer" definition. 46 days from the start of summer is August 6th. After that, we're past the mid-point of summer and we're in "late summer." So there's that.

Quoted from iceman44:

Tick tock. Hype is dying a slow death.
They haven't even shown the CE artwork yet.

Who said they had to release the CE artwork before shipping the SE? They're not even going to start shipping the CE until after they've done a run of SE and LE, so they technically don't need to release the CE final details until just before they're ready to start production. It could be well after they are running the SE LE lines.

#2054 4 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

The first batch of standards will be headed out to locations. The plan was to get 100 of the first 150 standard in the public's hands.

Chris, please share pics as soon as you get stock shipments!

#2063 4 months ago

This is very good news. Looking forward to first reveal pics.

#2069 4 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

That's odd. Jeff Patterson of TWIP said today that WONKA is still not yet on the line.....sure hope you are right and he isn't.

Read up. WONKA started production last week. First one rolled off the line Thursday.

#2073 4 months ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Where are all the pics of the production line?

Why would you assume those are legal to share openly?

1 week later
#2082 4 months ago

Anyone have any news of the first shipment leaving JJP yet?

#2146 3 months ago

Impatiently waiting for Chris to fill his route operators first, so I can get my SE.......

#2151 3 months ago

Don't care how....I WANT IT NOW

Rows of Pure Imagination.jpg

#2154 3 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

That standard decals actually looks really good simple and sweet

I actually like the standard box art the best! Once it's in the line, you won't see much difference anyway. The armor and backglass can be changed if need be. Wireforms? Hm, maybe tougher.

Next up: start saving for a shaker motor, invisiglass, and some Mod toys, to include a gobstopper shooter rod.

#2207 3 months ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Just popping in. I got in on a CE pre order after i heard Kanedas Hype Train.
So over Hyped it was ridiculous.
Game looks just ok to me. Not even close to pirates, which is a disappointment. Deciding factor for me was the sound.
It is my understanding JJP lost their Sound guy. Which seems to really hurt this game. The new sound guy on this game actually has a background in slot machines. So go figure.
The game is pretty but it just doesnt seem like it fits the JJP Ferrari status. This is almost like a ferrari california was to ferrari.
I hope the code at least advances but i dont think the commentator voice is going anywhere. And even with amazing code it still wouldnt be enough for me.
Sucks it seems like a long while for me until i will get another NIB from JJP. Toystory and GnR just dont really do it for me.
Thank goodness my POTC CE is possibly the greatest game ever made to hold me over.

Thank goodness there's people out there like you who actually like the POTC theme so I don't have to.

#2251 3 months ago

Yay!!! Carryover ball locks on the SE code!! Woot! Now I MIGHT actually be able to launch Wonkavator multiball

I'm sure it's a setting that can be disabled on the SE for tournament play.

Thanks for listening, JJP!

1 month later
#2279 66 days ago
Quoted from Beez:

SE vs LE ??????
Is it worth the upgrade to jump to the LE? #strugglebus (1st world problems lol)

No, it's not. Unless you MUST have the blue wireforms and the artwork. Then yes.

#2283 65 days ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

The SE plays great. With the exception of a lock that stops the flow of the game to put a physical ball up on the Wonkavator, the other changes on the LE are cosmetic (With the exception of the shaker motor and exterior volume control, both of which you can add later to your SE easily). You have to decide if those differences are worth another 2 grand for you. They were not for me.

They weren't for me either. The virtual Super Lock is just fine for me. I've already purchased the shaker motor and external volume control / headphone jack, and I will install them tonight. I don't need the invisiglass since the place where my pin in set up doesn't have any glare issues.

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