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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

3 months ago

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#68 3 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

As long as it's not a Dialed In re-skin, I'm ready to consider this.

Why in the hell would they do a reskin? Or a Depp version for that matter.

#70 3 months ago

So true,but that shit ain’t happening

#72 3 months ago

Rango was a cool movie,we named our very green Quaker parrot after Rango.

#207 3 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

If it has 3/4 the stuff dile has packed in it and shoots like di then it will be amazing..especially with the way jjp does theme integration with amazingly sound and video .

Ride on brother!

#224 3 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Rumor is pricing will be the same as POTC. So $8500 standard, $9500 LE, but I wonder if the CE will be $11.5k instead of $12.5k. (assuming there is a CE)
Also curious if the standard, LE, and CE will all still have the same gameplay features like POTC, or if they are going to move to a model more like Stern where the standard (pro) has something different/missing that affects gameplay.

I don’t think they will change gameplay.Invisaglass shaker and
Special lighting and such.

#368 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yeah heard something about that as well. I don't believe JJP has ever done something like that with a game before so it's cool to see they are trying a new strategy to increase marketing of a new game. Also must mean they are feeling very confident about the game performing well!

I heard this also,hopefully we can at least get first impressions,but no details

#523 3 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I would buy a rethemed Dialed In - I really like that game just don't want a cell phone based pinball in my basement with my limited collection

Disaster based,phone is used for animated info

#524 3 months ago
Quoted from Jamaster10:

Re themed Dialed IN?

how many times does this need corrected?

#575 3 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Will we here from Pat Lawlor on the layout. Does he do interviews?

I believe either SDTM or TWIP will have something up Friday night

#714 3 months ago
Quoted from FrederikFrost:

I don't want to rain on anyones parade, but can someone tell me why Willy Wonka is such a good theme?? We know of Charlie and the Chocolate factory in Denmark, however it isn't something that anyone really would care about.
I feel the theme carries the same significance as WOZ, which in Denmark is about none. And I believe that the same rings true for most European countries.
Is it because I am out of touch with American interests, or could it be because the ones who decides these themes are from a generation before myself?

Probaly both location and generational.I’m in my 50’s and a lot of people my age remember this movie fondly.Its good material for a world under glass!

#1115 3 months ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

But why candy apple red? Why not Wonka purple with pearl? The red just seems off.

I definitely agree on the purple!
Change this or give option

3 weeks later
#1471 77 days ago

For all the folks who played Wonka at Allentown,what was your opinion after playing?

#1474 77 days ago

Kaneda really caused a shitstorm with the Wonka fallout.
I really wonder what the initial impressions would’ve been minus his podcast?

#1516 76 days ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Every JJP game since WOZ has had issues with weak flippers at shows. It's not a conspiracy and flipper settings aren't the cause. It's a non issue for home buyers and 99% of locations. If the game isn't being played constantly 16 hours a day the flippers will be fine. I wouldn't let this hold you back from buying the game. It's a ton of fun and this is nothing to worry about!

This is true,my Dialed In flippers kick ass like a B/W.I back hand ramps consistently

#1565 74 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Have to agree with you buddy. There’s not an extra $2k of fun there or can’t see any justification for spending $2k more. Surely when one resells their WWLE potential buyers won’t see it either. A few extra decals of artwork doesn’t do it either imo.

There are other items included for the LE over SE
Check the matrix before comments

#1575 74 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Have to agree with you buddy. There’s not an extra $2k of fun there or can’t see any justification for spending $2k more. Surely when one resells their WWLE potential buyers won’t see it either. That $2k gap is wide on reseller market and potential buyers will pound you over it. A few extra decals of artwork doesn’t do it either, imo.

Quite a few extra
6125BE68-2F29-4734-8CE2-440C989CBC98 (resized).png

#1580 74 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Glad to see this, thanks. Proof there’s not an extra $2,000.00 there in my opinion. Signed cards, numbered plate, couple more decals, invisiglass, some extra paint, a ball lock, is this stuff worth an extra $2,000.00? All pretty much fluff, wow, again thanks for sharing. Invisiglass is only item there that cost anything (probably for JJP $150 or less in volume). SE or nothing it seems, after reading all these posts or a Stern pro and save $2k, lol.

I suggest you get a Stern pro

#1595 74 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Do we know what the final version will look like? Is the house on the right a place holder for something else that might be in the production game but not in the prototype? Do we know if JJP might add more toys to the game?

Good points could be some changes in order.

#1610 73 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thank you for your honest review. Means a lot from a person that’s been able to play the table. We are all trying to see if this is worthy of over $10,000.00 by the time delivery and sales tax is added.

What about the other 100 good reveiws of people that played Wonka.Do you appreciate their honest reviews?

#1613 73 days ago

I agree with this dude here!

#1635 73 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

One new member makes an unpopular first comment and for Pinside people are not to bad but are not nice. A second new member throws him a bone and you jump on him for it again not bad for Pinside but far from friendly to a newbie LOL typical Pinside

I was commenting on jime5t

#1643 72 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Have an even crazier idea...find a place that has one to play so I can play one? Lol, until then, have no other way to judge than others honest reviews that have already played WW. Fanboy reviews for the most part don’t offer much do they?
So as you put it, it would be a “crazy” idea to rely on a fanboy review. That’s why many are looking here, to find out from the non-fanboys if the game has innovation, uniqueness, fun toys that actually interact with the ball, won’t grow tiresome, etc. and plays well enough to plunge over $10k into it. This isn’t an owners thread right? No one has WW yet and probably won’t till fall or later, judging by JJPs past. If earlier, will be pleasantly surprised like everyone else. JJP is not like Stern, that announces and in short order delivers. Now that’s a crazy idea: keep to promised delivery schedule...

Dude,just shut the hell up,we’re sick of your bullshit!Move along Stern fan boy

#1652 71 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thanks for the heads up! Will look forward to playing.

Please,get back to us with your honest review.

#1686 69 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Tell me how and in what way “But a JJP is better in quality overall then stern.”? Prove it please, because I’ve learned this is a fabricated falsehood, by fanboys. How is quality better on JJP? I’m open if you can prove it true. Please list all the reasons and backup your statement.

This is the most persistent man in the world!

#1748 68 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Don’t rest, please give me why such a large price difference so I can justify a WW purchase. Can you list why quality is better?

Justify this. Go Away!!

#1778 65 days ago

The Twitch Wonka stream is amazing!

#1813 64 days ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Awesome stream! Karl really is the gold standard of pinball streaming. It was great being able to see what was on the small display the entire time. The game is really coming along nicely and looks like a lot of fun to play.
It does seem like the game could use a bit more excitement and fanfare around the jackpots and big scoring moments. For example, during Karl's best game the score suddenly jumped from around 800k to 1.3 million but nothing showed up on the screen. Was this from collecting the Gumball Golden ticket? It displayed that on the screen but didn't show a score value associated? If you have a scoring moment that big the game should let you know it!

This is early code,JJP take your time and get it right

#1817 64 days ago
Quoted from Gasoline:

Thanks for the explanation. It was sort of weird when it happened.
I was on the stream from the start and Kaneda didn't really say or ask anything that seemed offensive or trolling (whether you like his podcast or not). As a person who wants this game to be it's best, I was thinking some of the same comments he was making in chat.
I feel that JJP has laid down a beautiful/flowy PF which is positioned to be a huge success. Now it comes down to adding the final strokes and details in code that will complete the painting and make it a master piece of fun!
Again, excellent job on the streaming and Karl is a pin master who is fun to watch!

What he said is so true!

#1827 63 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Why? That asinine.
Just buy it later if you want it later. Don't buy games on potential, buy them because they're already good. If they get better later? Bonus! If they're not good enough now? Close your wallet and wait, use a little adult patience.

That is definitely not anyone on Pinside's problem. If JJP goes out of business then it's because they ran business badly, not because people didn't buy a bunch of unfinished product to support them.

I guess you could say the same thing about Stern Pinball buying unfinished product from them right ?

#1829 63 days ago

I’ll be honest,I do root for JJP

#1833 63 days ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Obviously, yes. I don't understand this comment, are you trying to turn this into some childish Stern vs JJP thing? Don't be dumb, don't wear company jerseys or root for them like sports teams. Don't buy unfinished games from anyone unless you're fully aware of what that means, that's just common sense.

What's the rush? I get it, new pin, it's exciting. Fun to get in on, fun to show off, etc. But after that first couple days of New Pin Feeling™ wears off and you have a game you're not sure you're really excited enough about?
Not saying don't buy it if you want it. Do you. Some people just like supporting companies, or enjoy the journey of watching a pin develop. I'm sure JJP will deliver a complete game. I honestly have no doubts about that. But will it be the game you want it to be? That's the rub, buy it for what it is, not what you hope it will turn into, because whatever work they do it might not be that thing you imagine.
Edit to add this:

Fine, whatever. But if rooting for them means blindly buying anything they do and encouraging others to do the same just because you're a fan then that's dumb. If you hope they do well and like their work and enjoy their games that's different. I'm down for the second thing, and not for the first.

The only game I have purchased new is Dialed In and that was after playing it at the Louisville show.
After a lot of discussion sold my Addams Family and bought a DI and have never been sorry.
I remember what Stern was putting out before JJP stepped up with WOZ.They made Stern make
more complete pins.So no I don't dumbly or blindly purchase pins a lot of thought goes into my choices.
I do know on Pinside the negativity becomes very annoying sometimes about the smallest of issues

#1849 62 days ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

Got to play a Wonka LE today at the Golden State Pinball Festival and all I have to say is, I'm completely in on my CE... This game may not have the "wow" of POTC or WOZ but it's sooooooo much fun that even on a two ball limit with no ball saves, I kept going back and back and back and back... This game is just straight fun and with the Mezel Mods that they've already shown, this game is going to be special....

Anybody else at the show want to post your reviews of Wonka in person?

#1868 61 days ago

This is a deal breaker for many. No real assets again will really hurt sales. Just collecting wonka bars as one of the main task is going to become over the long haul, a real chore in a home environment. Like chopping wood. Sure don’t like hearing this to be the

Damn I guess this means your out
on the collectors edition?

#1912 60 days ago
Quoted from jfh:

I played Wonka for the first time today for about a half hour or so. Based on what I had seen in the online streams I didn’t think the game would be a reasonable fit for me. I can probably only make room for two games in the next couple years and figured they would be from the list of Toy Story, Munsters or Elvira. Stern screwed the pooch with Munsters code so that’s probably out. Too bad because I like the theme almost as much as Toy Story.
I’ve added Wonka to the list if the code ends up being decent because I had a blast shooting it and Wonka is a likable enough theme even if it isn’t one I’d initially pick. It’s now pretty obvious to me I can’t tell enough from watch a stream of game play. The room was a little dark so I couldn’t fully appreciate the look of the game but I saw enough to like what I saw. I don’t really know the rules yet so I was mostly just shooting shots. I always enjoy ramp combos and tried to do as many of those as I could. Don’t think there were any special points for them but the ramps are smooth and fun. Others have pointed out the highlights of Pat’s shot design and I love the variety, especially the east/west shots. The Gobstopper mech/shot may not be as revolutionary as K led us to believe but I found it interesting and satisfying.
Some of the graphics seemed cluttered/muddy? and I understand why people say the game sounds like a slot machine. Sounds were too repetitive and somewhat annoying (don’t know what level of code was on the game) but the game is definitely on my radar now if things get fleshed out and improved as JJP has done with past code. And I agree there needs to be more iconic clips with sound. While I could see a mode for each kid, not sure that’s a make/break thing. I know we’ll never get Candyman in the game, but that would have been awesome. But it was fun trying to get the whole Oompa Loompa lie out of the pop bumpers - that is a very clever use of that iconic bit.
I made the Wonkavator shot once (and saw someone else do it). Not sure what I did, but the mech is cool so that’s enough for me to go LE over standard. And it looks like the Mod Couple Wonka factory mod will be an absolute necessity as the Atomic Pile mod is for Batman 66. I know I was playing a prototype game so maybe JJP won’t ship the game with what someone called the Land O Lakes butter box but it’s horrible and really distracts from the look of the game.
I believe Pat’s layout and the shots will make up for a lot. It’s rare that I like the shots and layout on a game to the point where I’m willing to overlook some other items usually key for me. If you have discounted Wonka because of what you have seen online hold off deciding until you play it. I’m not sure it will end up in my game room but I’ll give it a very long look after the code matures (though probably not until after we what Toy Story is (or if it is) next year).
At this point in my collection I only want games I’m confident I will enjoy long term since I have to move out a favorite for any new game so I’m probably not a day one buyer anymore but I see Wonka as a game that could eventually meet that criteria. For those for whom Wonka is a dream theme, I’m guessing you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for the positivity this place can use a little!

#1928 59 days ago
Quoted from frankmac:

I need to watch the latest stream. It has been a few weeks since I have watch one. Can someone share what they believe is the best stream to date?

IE pinball Twitch or You Tube

1 week later
#1962 49 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Some of these comments remind me of the early days when the other JJP games were announced. JJP in my view has hit home runs with all of their games and I expect this will be no different.

Right on brother!Saw the same shit with Dialed In and it’s my favorite pin.By the way the SE’s will start shipping in a couple weeks

#2007 47 days ago
Quoted from mark532011:

My wife and I played the woz at the northwest show this last weekend. Not sure what version it was. We only managed 2 games each (due to the lines) and we found it quite difficult, probably lasted less than a minute total on each of the 4 games. I know I suck at pinball and I am sure it’s got endless cool stuff, but unlike many that we played for the first time, it doesn’t seem very novice-friendly and we came away with a “not very fun” takeaway

Steve says, Play Better !!

1 week later
#2070 39 days ago
Quoted from arcadem:

That's odd. Jeff Patterson of TWIP said today that WONKA is still not yet on the line.....sure hope you are right and he isn't.

That installment of TWIP seems like old news,unless that’s a second streaming of Wonka from IE pinball

1 week later
#2099 29 days ago

I think Wonka sales will be ok,but it’s a damn shame if the audio screws this game up.Pat designed one of his greatest pins with Dialed In (he wanted Killer App by the way)and people rip the theme.I can’t help but wonder on who decides some these bad choices.Anyway let’s hope for the best the game looks fun to shoot

#2118 27 days ago
Quoted from JoinTheCirqus:

Yeah so there’s some stuff on the bottom, doesn’t compare on the top side!

Yeah JJP's playfields make Sterns look super loaded,I see what your saying there's nothing there!

#2129 26 days ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

QUESTION: Is all the talk about how good JJP Pirates is, taken the thunder out of Wonka?

Sorta kinda did alittle bit.It’s
funny that before they announced they were stopping production all the talk was negative this negative that.And then it was ,man I want one 11500 before Christmas

#2140 26 days ago

I think art package is fine and I hope JJP got the sound message and has made changes.Im hoping this is a great pin!

#2169 24 days ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

When does Kaneda get his free one ?
OK seriously anyone know when NYC will get its first machine? Maybe sunshine laundromat? I believe they ordered one.

My money is on Sunshine first.
And I’d bet my winnings that Kaneda backs out of the CE
Unless he can’t

#2171 24 days ago

Hey Creepy is this set up at your house and could you give us some feedback

#2208 23 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Thank goodness there's people out there like you who actually like the POTC theme so I don't have to.

What’s funny is they feel the need too step on Wonka to tell us how good Pirates is.I guess the formula is to make one thousand and then quit the build

#2213 23 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I think before making judgement on any game, one should play it. With that said, you're obviously entitled to your own opinion, but you can't make true judgement on a game until you play it. It's something that happens all too often, and I think people are doing themselves a disservice by discounting a game based on what they see or hear (from other podcasters or from stream).

True dat I remember the first time I shot DI ,my wife and I said this is it!

#2234 22 days ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

no pin is a good candidate for that junk.

At least not a JJP,DI was first game I could play in complete dark

1 week later
#2252 16 days ago

Can someone with a Wonka SE post a pic of the backboard decal,please? I’m

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