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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

4 months ago

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#74 4 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I can't wait to see what MOD COUPLE come up with in terms of mods for the game. It seems like Mod Couple is all over every JJP game.

I like how some people's first instinct is "how can I spend MORE money on a $10k game that should have everything in the game already".

#80 4 months ago

It's Wilder. No need to speculate on that one. Like WOZ, it's a whimsical nostalgia-passed-on-for-generations movie. Depp Wonka is divisive and even those who like it don't care enough to buy a pin based on it.

#89 4 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Regardless of how you feel about the actors or the emotional impact on your psyche; the Tim Burton Wonka is truer to the story as written by the super creepy Roald Dahl and in every way visually superior to the 1971 movie directed by Mel Stuart.

Aside from the daddy-flashbacks and that stupid flag museum gag - I like the Tim Burton one a lot, and love the Danny Elfman music (based off of Dahl's poems in the book) ....but for most movie fans, 70's Wonka is what they know and love.

#142 4 months ago
Quoted from Jam_Burglar:

Do you have actual intel on this?

Yes. Logic. No one has licensed the Burton Wonka for anything outside some shitty video games when the movie came out. Trust me.

Or don't.

...but I'm right.

#255 4 months ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

My name is SAM JULIANO, I am the author of that essay you linked me to, and I am editor of Wonders in the Dark, the site where I wrote that review

This is amazing.

#350 4 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

The "Joker" in me wants this to be the Depp version so I can observe the chaos that ensues.

1 week later
#922 4 months ago

OMG I put Richie Wrench on ignore & this thread is like 3 pages long and soooo much better. Highly recommended.

#929 4 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

I second that. I checked out your website and man you are one cool dude. Would love to have a local plumber nearby that I can shoot the pinball shit and play. Be you and have fun!

OK I take it back...I watched one of Richie's commercials on youtube...and my wife's favorite thing of all time is floppy dummies flying through the air.

You're OK with me....lol

But srsly calm the F down about JJP CE's and powdercoated doors 'n shit...

#1238 4 months ago
Quoted from venom112:

Wanted to order a Wonka LE but now Distro’s are taxing pins so I am out not gonna pay an extra thousand dollars for it. Thank you California.

Let the hypesters pre-order....they'll get bored of it as they always do, chase the next new shiny...you get to buy a used one, save money & tax! Win win!

#1284 4 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

You're all missing the point that you can now get into a full-fledged JJP experience for $7500 which is a lot cheaper than it used to be

Um, WOZECLE was $6500. Hobbit LE & Smaug Edition were $7500. Just sayin’.

#1315 4 months ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

$8,500 for Hobbit LE and Smaug. Always have been.
Just sayin'

Nope. Pre-orders were $7500. Just sayin’.

#1362 4 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

I thought the same thing when I looked at The Munsters and noticed that Herman was wagging the wrong finger all over the place. The artists/designers need to pay more attention to things like right/left-handedness.

"Wrong finger"? "Wrong Gobstopper hand"?

WTF is wrong with people...

#1376 4 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

You're gonna just love the typography discussion over in the "reveal" thread!

That's all absolutely accurate and relevant. It's a discussion of design. That's not the same as getting hung up over what hand someone can use to do something.

#1382 4 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

I'd say both are accurate. There are people who are going to notice missing logo pieces because an artist was lazy or careless and there are people who are going to notice that Lily Munster, after fifty years, has suddenly started carrying a candle in the wrong hand because the artist decided she looked better that way or was lazy or careless.

Are you kidding me....are you seriously insinuating that a person can’t use either hand to carry an object?!?! Specific hand candle holding isn’t a fucking character defining trait of Lily Munster FFS!! Just stop, seriously....

1 week later
#1407 3 months ago
Quoted from ozno:

The Hobbit music was done by Two Steps From Hell not David Thiel. TSFH is the number one epic music band in the world outselling and streaming all of the top film composers in the world, including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Howard Shore and Danny Elfman. David Thiel did great work on the sound effects in the Hobbit and putting it all together, but the 99% of the music came from Two Steps From Hell.

It's both. Two Steps From Hell did a ton of the music, but David did a lot of his own (the main LOTR type theme is David's arrangement), plus the voice and sound FX package.

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