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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

8 months ago

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#93 8 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

I heard Toy Story ?

Toy Story or Wonka would be on my radar. I’m selling my Tron (with right to buy back) so I’ll have a spot open, was looking at BK SoR but also next JJP pin.

I really have been looking at the JJP PotC videos and as much as it looks cool with so many rules going on and loads of shots. I’m not sure how I feel abou the shoot the floating head playfield.

#94 8 months ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

It's weird that Stern released BK3 so soon after Munsters.
This game must be good and they wanted to draw more collectors $$ for BK3 before this game/theme comes out. For them to do it at the risk of cannibalizing Munsters sales I think is significant.


1 week later
#497 8 months ago

wait-what (resized).jpg

#521 8 months ago
Quoted from Jamaster10:

Re themed Dialed IN?


#527 8 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I would buy a rethemed Dialed In - I really like that game just don't want a cell phone based pinball in my basement with my limited collection

It’s not a cell phone based pinball. There is a cell phone toy (think Tron arcade/scoop). Only thing is unlike Tron arcade this toy talks and provides text and animation.

#532 8 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I'm always surprised how some people hate the words "Dialed In". I think it's perfect for pinball as the phrase has likely been used by nearly everyone at one point or another when describing having a good game and or working on a machine. Out in daily life I hear the phrase maybe once a month by someone just talking about whatever and can't help to think "Yup, that ended up being a pretty good name after all for that game"

I agree but if DI was xxx not DI but was Predator with the phone being a hand held data recorder the pin would have sold a crap ton.

#538 8 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I could argue that the phone is a tool that is causing mass destruction to a city as well and that there is an evil entity out there who's acronym of Dialed In Electronics literally spells out DIE, but people focus on the cell phone.

Good point, but it’s not worth the effort to convince people anyway. If DI is a poor selling game so be it. I’m glad to have one. Kind f reminds me of RBioN which is a meh theme but I’d love to own one someday.

#563 8 months ago
Quoted from JoinTheCirqus:

See here we go again. “...quality theme...”. All in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone agrees it’s a quality theme.

This is the thing. Special K said Wonka is one of his dream themes so it’s easy to see him getting off on it. However theme is not the only thing as he pointed out on other games like SW which is arguably one of the best pinball themes but the game had good movie assets but very few toys it’s not a world under glass. Or Potc JJP nice toys but no movie assets.

I think with a great theme you still need toys, good code and good use of assets.

For me I liked Wonka when I was a kid but I don’t know it nearly as well as Woz which I’ve watched 20+ times. I’m going to watch Wonka again for the first time since I was a kid to see if it’s any good.

#568 8 months ago

Lawlor so I’m guessing

Real ball lock
3 (or more flippers)
Interactive toy

#581 8 months ago

JJP POTC is not the 4th best pin that’s like saying Vanilla Ice is the fourth best rapper.

#594 8 months ago
Quoted from Willster:

First post in a game thread here, just had to get this silly idea/ prediction off my chest as I'm pretty hyped about this game!!
What if the LCD screen was incorporated as a playable VPIN inside the table?? You Wonkavision teleport into the machine and play the full game on a small digital pin! That would be badass IMO!!!
Back to the regular schedule.

not a fan of that idea.

#597 8 months ago
Quoted from Greenandwhite:

Does anybody else think the marketplace could get flooded with Munsters, POTC, and other recent releases to make room for JJP #5? There is only so much $ and space for the vast majority of Pinsiders.

I hope it's good or else I'll be keeping my STLE which was selling to make room. I have little interest in anything out lately (JJP POTC and MB remake included).

If Wonka doesn't flip my lid I'll just stand pat.

#682 8 months ago
Quoted from Manny10:

I know Willy Wonka is popular, but I am pretty sure that it is not nearly as big as The Wizard Of OZ was . I have seen the movie WOZ as a kid countless times, but I never sat through WW once .. Needless to say, I love all of the games from JJP, and I hope that this one is as good as the others. I hope they sell 20,000 of them, because I would love to see JJP do great since they do not cut corners, and by far make the highest quality pinball machines (compared to other manufacturers) . I do not agree with the people that think that this title will cause a huge influx of pre-owned games into the market place . I do not think that you will see much of a variance in pricing of preowned games what so ever .. If anything; the more popular pinball becomes, the higher the prices of pre-owned games will go, since their availability is generally limited. Almost everyone knows the values of the games nowadays, especially with newer Stern games . If anything; some people are going a little nuts by pricing their used games with a few mods at a higher price than people can purchase them brand new for.

I have seen Wizard Of Oz probably 25+ times including as an adult 10 times in the last 20 years it's timeless and one of the best movies and a touch-stone of our (USA) culture. We have so many terms or quotes "Friends of Dorthy" "I'd turn Back if I were you." "Flying Monkeys" there is hard to find anyone who doesn't know Wizard of Oz. The book is 119 years old too. I've seen the sequels (Return to Oz) (Oz the Great and Powerful) and the mini series on SyFy (Tin Man) the musical (Wicked). I think Wizard of Oz was a partial inspiration for Star Wars: C3P3 = Tin Man, Chewie = Lion etc..

I was just reading a book on genetics and evolution and there is even a gene called tinman gene which is the gene that codes for the heart in flies and other animals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinman_(gene)

I may have seen WWCF 3-4 times and as a kid. I decided to put it on my Netflix que for Blu-Ray will be here tomorrow so I can really watch it for the first time as an adult.

#684 8 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Woz is an all time classic but the shots/layout is lacking on that game. Shame b/c it's an unbelievable showpiece.

OK can see that, I don't mind the shots but I can certainly see that it's not a shooter like DI or STLE (etc.)

I do keep it think it plays fun and it is really a show piece to me. I agree AFM is a better pinall machine and if you put a pinball machine in the dictionary it would be AFM or TAF but not Woz.

#688 8 months ago

is Kiefer on the code?

#729 8 months ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

I adore the 1971 WONKA as much as anyone but your trashing of THE WIZARD OF OZ is beyond mind-boggling to say the least. It is arguably the most beloved film ever made in this country. It was based on one of the most venerated children’s stories ever written. It launched the career of the greatest female thespian to ever appear in a musical film, and it remains the one film she is most reverentially identified with. The movie’s celebrated score is woven into our popular culture, and it’s unforgettable screenplay has produced lines of dialogue that are ingrained into the consciousness of anyone and everyone who has watched the film countless times, and have come to value it’s themes of home, family and friendship as cinematically conclusive. The film’s most coveted song is probably the most popular number ever written during the twentieth century, and has been covered time and again by renowned artists. The story of it’s changing directors and cast auditions remain as fascinating to movie lovers as anything else about the film, and more has been written on the making of the picture than any other in history. The story of the little people who appear early in the film in one of it’s most celebrated sequences, remains a stand alone curiosity for many to this very day, with the old age passings of this unique fraternity a major news item. Every supporting member of the film’s distinguished cast will eternally be remembered firstly for the role they played in this film, even with exceptional careers to their credit. No film has been more referenced in other movies, and the final black-and-white sequence set in the bedroom of a Kansas farmhouse may well be the most emotionally moving scene in the history of American cinema. With the advent of home video in the late 70’s the film became an incomparable favorite, and to this day has been released more often on the many video formats up to a recently-released blu-ray box set. The smash Broadway hit Wicked is hugely indepted to the 1939 film. While it has come to represent homespun family values and the most vivid realization of one’s dreams, The Wizard of Oz is imbued with humor and humanity, two qualities that more than any other have contributed to it’s enduring, even spectacular appeal over decades all around the world. Much like the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the day astronauts first stepped foot on the moon, many Americans will never forget the day, the month and the year they first remembered watching the film, and in whose company they were with. Just two years ago, the seventieth anniversary of the film’s opening was celebrated to national fan-fare, with the original city of it’s first appearance being honored – Oconomwoc, Wisconsin.
For baby-boomers like myself The Wizard of Oz first took hold during the famous run of CBS holiday showings, which initially were offered around Easter time in the 60’s and early 70’s. In those exceedingly impressionable days watching The Wizard of Oz was the highlight of my week, month and year. It was a time when I was frightened by the wicked witch, the haunted castle and the winged monkeys, was reassured by the dismissals of the good witch Glinda, and was intrigued by the bizarre appearance of the Munchkins, whom had me asking question after question about. When Toto escaped over the draw bridge, when Glinda provided a snow panacea for the poppies that felled our beloved brood, when the tin man used his ax to help free Dorothy from her prison and drop a chandelier on her pursuers, when the witch -made of sugar- is destroyed by a bucket of water, and when Toto unmasks the well intentioned but weak-willed charlatan, by pulling open a curtain, I was exhilarated and relieved, even though I knew what would happen. Like so many other kids I took an immediate liking to the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, all who added to the security of our young heroin, who was in this seemingly unsolvable dilemma from the beginning. I always shed tears -even to this very day in fact- when the Cowardly Lion wrenchingly tells Dorothy that although she is stranded on Oz, he and the others didn’t want her to go anyway. And the final scene is a sure-firer tear-jerker, broaching the concepts of home, love of family and the idea that happiness can be realized within your own borders.

Wizard of Oz is timeless.

#762 8 months ago

I just watched Wonka for the first time in decades. Actually it was on TV in our breakroom a few weeks back so I watched a bit then. But now watching it for the first time since I was young, I have to say the movie was ok, I didn't love it but thought it was good in parts and not that good in other parts. Gene Wilder made the movie, he stole the show although some of the bratty kids were not bad either. I think the setting and story will make a fine pinball machine but it is certainly not a dream theme for me. It will have to win me over by the usual pinball ways of shots, layout, toys, lighting and code.

There are a dozen great lines for sure and probably 50+ good lines that can be used as callous for various characters. But this will have to be a Tron for me. what I mean is that pin ball machine *to me* is better than the movie, mean the movie was fine but not the greatest (like Blade Runner or various other movies in my opinion) so the pinball machine Tron Legacy took various bits and settings, characters, callouts and made them into a fantastic overall pinball machine.

Now I will watch movie like Tron or the newer Star Trek movies not so much because they are all time great movies but more because they have more meaning to me since they are pinball machines.

#767 8 months ago

He lived happily ever after.

#886 7 months ago

Who will be doing the code on Wonka? Same guys as DI!?

#1154 7 months ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

With 5000 LE's being made, I'm in no hurry.

Me too, wait and see for Wonka.

#1175 7 months ago
Quoted from jar155:

I cracked and put in a deposit for an LE last night...I'm weak.

good for you JJP is doing it. It's hard to have exceeded expectations because they were too high so initially it looked a little let down. But overall I think this will be another home run. My problem with a lot of other guys is that I've been adding pins at such a clip can not buy them all. Just this past 2 years for me have bought Woz, DI, AFM (all three LE) and TNA. I was going to sell something like Tron or STLE but can't quit them either so I am just going to sit still for a while but I wish I could buy this one.

I have had success waiting and see most of my pins after they have been out 1-3 years. My only buy on announcement has been XMLE (without playing) but that was when my collection was just 4 pins total.

Great week for pinball.

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