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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

1 year ago

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#1550 1 year ago

I'm in for an LE, deposit placed with Joe@Pinballstar.

#1594 1 year ago

Do we know what the final version of the game will look like? Is the house/factory on the left a place holder for something else that might be in the production game but not in the prototype? Do we know if JJP might add more toys to the game?

We won't be developing any mods until the game is in production and being released, jjp may have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Easy there we don’t make miracles! Lol. But thanks we hope a few of our creations appeal to others.

#1733 1 year ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thanks for a crude and not to the point list, that has little solid evidence and is your opinion mainly.
Is your premise so weak that name calling and put downs are your only answers?
Your points with comments:
- No knocker - (when I play Stern games I hear a knocker)
- Cheap power sources with loud, crap Chinese fans (no power source issues, but WW has power source issues to many reports of weakened flippers - do admit fan is too loud - good point)
- crap power switch location (power source location many times better, since little children can’t reach it turning on and off like under table mounts)
- board system that cannot be repaired. Wait till they start failing, and they WILL. (My friend has 20 tables with no failures)
- mechs made of cheap pot-metal (imdn etc.) (heard imdn did have some issues, but so has POTC, DI, WOZ (they stopped including the monkey for that very issue)
- historical cabinet issues (crap wood) (you’ve had several comments above to the contrary on Munsters)
- cheap leg brackets that leads to splitting (you’ve had several comments above to the contrary on Munsters)
- graphite plumb Bobs (how is JJPs different?)
- crap coin mechs (how is JJPs different and in HUO, this is a moot point)
- smaller lcd with larger translites lit by a tiny led strip (within a couple minutes everyone’s eyes focus on the content and not screen size. That’s why it’s indiscernible between say for example watching a 55” versus 65” proven in study after study)
- cheap speakers and amp (This is the first actual difference, except from Munsters onward)
- etc etc etc. (Use the search feature) (This is a non-point)
Your unkind ways of trying to help me is pushing me towards not buying WW. Are you an example of the typical JJP owner? Your mouth has such negative comments coming out of it. Please consider how to speak with people about your point of view without calling them a shill, lazy and incompetent. Not cool. Grow up...

I have owned all four jjp games and most spike games, including Munsters pro. In my view there is no comparison between the two with Stern being much lower.

-Have you ever tried to move a stern or jjp game or even lift a playfield? There is a reason jjp games weigh more standard body DI). Beefier mechs, higher gauge wire, higher gauge connectors, lack of fuses, more toys and just a ton of stuff on the play field.
-The quality of the board set is much lower for spike games, they are literally meant to be non-repairable throw away items. Your friend should consider himself lucky nothing has failed, plenty have. What will happen in 5 years? You can replace a fuse in a jjp game whereas in a stern game, the entire board needs to be replaced, that’s a huge quality difference.
- Relatedly, spike Node board failure puts a game down for at least a week, replacing a fuse, 5 mins.
-Sound quality/parts.
-cabinet construction method and wood thickness (do the research)
-monitor quality.

I like stern games, they are all fun, but for the long run, I’d rather own a jjp. I feel the stern game’s from the mid-2000s were built much better than the games of today.

1 week later
#1854 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Out...Another CE for someone...The POTC thread is the hardest read in memory for me...
Left Mike a VM...Hope it is a great game for those that are in....Done w nib for the foreseeable future...

I just got my nib potc le a week ago and I’ve had no issues at all, not a single one. Not all games are problematic, seems like a hasty decision to give up on wonka because potc has issues.if you dont like wonka game play, that’s different, but I don’t understand the link to potc.

#1863 1 year ago
Quoted from hockeymag8:

I normally agree with both your and MKs posts....but I am with MK on is not is prudent. These prices at least for LE are $10k ish....that is crazy coin so I get him/others wanting to back off. I like Wonka and POTC but for those prices...not feeling the buys either.
"To whom much is given.....much is expected"
This is one of my favorite sayings...and if JPP wants to lead the way in the coins they collect for these games, they need to lead in quality, toys and code.

Fair enough, but I never thought I’d like potc as much as I do. It has me questioning why I own some of my other games, it’s that good to me. Even if I have issues down the road, I’ll address them and keep on playing. My view is likely different from others as I love the hobbit and DI too, not a fan of woz. I think I’ll like wonka a lot, but I am concerned about the high cost of these games.

1 week later
#1961 1 year ago

Some of these comments remind me of the early days when the other JJP games were announced. JJP in my view has hit home runs with all of their games and I expect this will be no different.

#1970 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

I hear you on this and I'm sure this game will be another good JJP entry but wouldn't you love to see this company break away from this awful pattern of early sneak preview, super hype, then stream stream stream and then release? Wouldn't you love to see JJP deliver when the hype is at it's highest? I don't think anyone would agree that the hype is still there like it was and with some questionable choices, at least for me, this game is at it's lowest point since announcement.

Woz had a very long wait time and look how well it’s done. We are all too used to stern announcing a game and having it out the door within a month. Smaller companies can’t do it like that. I also don’t buy into the hype so it doesn’t bother me if they show it early, stream it and then I have to wait; doesn’t make me change my mind about my deposit. I appreciate jjp showing the game over the last 6 weeks. The game is on the line and I hope will ship shortly, that’s a big change for them. Imagine how much grief they’d get if they released a game early, lacking code and it had issues. Get it right, then release it. If the game is good, sales will follow and everyone will forget about a few months delay.

3 weeks later
#2202 1 year ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

I’ve got a standard, on the negative side, it does look like something big is missing in the back left, I’m sure someone is going to make something cool to fill that space, for now I’m putting a big Wonka bar with a golden ticket back there.

Great to hear. I have a standard coming and am working on filling that back area. Be patient and hopefully in a few weeks, it will be ready.

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