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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

7 months ago

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#188 7 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

If its Wonka its Wilder.
Follow the License. Pinball licenses have a habit of appearing on slot machines first.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image]
[quoted image]

Hope you are right.

#189 7 months ago

Everything’s ok, he was just drunk. Now what was he on ???

#220 7 months ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

My name is SAM JULIANO, I am the author of that essay you linked me to, and I am editor of Wonders in the Dark, the site where I wrote that review. My wife is Lucille Juliano, who I mentioned in the review as my co-director of the play that got us together. She is the Principal of the hometown Fairview, NJ school where I teach English and children's literature.
I am a 36 year veteran educator and film, music, opera and book reviewer.
So hence I am the source and I have plagiarized MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! I also happen to be a pinball collector and aficionado!!!!

this is greatest drop the mic moment I’ve read on PS.

farfromheaven26 posts are well received here. He shared his wisdom and a great understanding of that from which he speaks. My cat asked me give him a thumbs up, so I did. When Cocoa speaks, daddy listens.

#245 7 months ago

Rewatched movie tonite. Everlasting gobstopper shooter rod maybe ...


#246 7 months ago

Something for everyone ... even the attorney in you.

#251 7 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Or the Half of everything on the playfield look like the desk. love it.

Yeah, shoot half the playfield, but don’t get greedy.

#295 7 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

For me it starts to become whether it is worth going from a 2 to a 1 pin collection, there's only so much money I can justify tying up in a pinball collection. I trust that JJP knows this, though, and is not just pulling out prices randomly and they're doing what's best for their business. At any rate, I'd rather there be an option to buy a Wonka pin at a high price than no Wonka pin at all. I hope they succeed even if it's out of my depth.
I do think for these prices, JJP really needs to start nailing themes. Original themes might still work, but it has to be a pretty compelling one. In my opinion Wonka and Toy Story 4 fit this bill (at least in the states -- it seems Australia has no love for WW, for example).

Going 2 for 1 makes sense when you are luke warm on your existing two pins and really want the 1 game. Some positives include 1) more space around your new game to view artwork and 2) secret plan in the back of your head to save another $5k and buy a dmd pin to eventually fill the space and 3) YOLO! But, when you really like one of your two pins, you’re better passing on the new expensive game and replacing pin two with a dmd to keep 2.

1 week later
#1067 7 months ago

Game looks like every other JJP - unique game, lots to shoots for, deep code, toys out the wazoo, multiple ramps, magnets, new technologies and fun. It looks good enough that I hope to buy one, but I don’t see it as different from any other JJP. So I have to wonder why it was hyped so much. Great game - sure, but the second coming of pinball - no.

What I like most is .... standards for $7.5k. Thanks Jack, I’ll be buying one because it checks all the boxes AND because it is priced right. Your decision to lower the standard prices was spot on and has earned you another sale. I’ll miss the wonkevator, but think it was a good idea to leave it off the standard model to differentiate with the LE. Please leave prices unchanged for all releases in 2019.

#1097 7 months ago

Despite a few negatives, the game rocks. Sure the artwork on standard edition cabinet and translite is boring and uninspiring. And yes, the music is slow and synthetic sounding, not a good fit for pinball. Of course the code is still basic, but we have faiith in JJP - and there are no worries there. Can’t get over idea that we have a game expected to sell well in 2019 having less than stellar art and sounds. How is that possible? Maybe the myth people demand absolutely great art and sounds on their pins is untrue.

#1101 7 months ago

Contrast Wonka standard with BKSoR - BKSoR is a game I am drawn to primarily because of the art and sounds. BKSoR loses in other categories with less depth, rules, code and toys; wins for cabinet art and sounds and ties on lighting. And it sure looks fun to play and maybe to even own. For those reasons, I disagree with recent podcasters that Wonka is a category killing giant that will destroy all other pin companies. I see Wonka being in many collections, because it is a great pin and it is priced right. I agree JJP’s brilliant move to offer their se for $7.5k establishes the game as the new gold standard all other offerings need to match. But it is possible to fall short of this benchmark and still have a successful selling pin (see BKSoR).

My JJP nib purchases have gone like this WOZ @ 6.5k, TH @ 7.5k, POTC @ 9.5k and hopefully Wonka @ 7.5k. I know some are regularly paying 10-12.5k, but that would be a hard sell to me. Overall I am ok with JJP’s pricing. Stern, CGC and Spooky have games selling in this price range which are also quite appealing. The creativity in various pinball machine offerings over the past three years is mind blowing. We are in one of the greatest periods of modern pinballs -> 1979-1982 solid state, 1992-1995 dmd’s, 2016-2019 lcd’s

#1107 7 months ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Meet the Wonka kid at Pintastic New England!
[quoted image]

Does Charlie still own the factory and is he offering tours?

#1135 7 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Had a chance to read, look at some the streams/ posts this morning.......where I'm at (this only one voice, mine):
a) Think the game is beautiful in its own way...am sure it looks even better in person. Looks very WOZ-like, and still give the edge to WOZ ECLE as my favorite of the 2, but haven't seen it in person.
b) Playfield - all kinds of stuff/ toys in there, could be great, could be meh, will have to play. am sure the sparkle playfield will be outstanding.
c) Theme - Like it, given the direction JJP tends to go w their games. Never "head over heels" for it, but w Pat at the helm, it's the most appealing element at the moment...and for me, theme does matter
d) Art - I'm no expert (not by a mile) but does seem overly "busy"...could be wrong there.
d) Music - not truly amazed, but then again, haven't been able to play it along w the tracks
e) price points - sort of is what it is....if I buy one, it will be because it's the one I want...not dictated by the price.
This is a game I will HAVE to play before buying...period. Given the CE's aren't projected until "summerish" (hmm), and LE's are limitless, suspect I'll have plenty of time to decide. It just doesn't bring the over the top "wow, have to have it/ landmark" for me without playing first. Doesn't mean I won't own one, but not without playing quite a bit first.
I've been fortunate to be able to put my hands on/play an example of all my machines before purchasing, even the originals (WOZ, Alien, BM66LE). They were pretty much useless at that point. WOZ was a landmark machine, had to have it...truly was amazing at the time ( still is), BM66 was absolutely a slam dunk in theme and art dept (also first Stern w screen)...lyman on the code, again, a no brainer, and amazing when the code caught up, AlienLE was unplayable at expo, but the theme and potential were off the charts for me...I was lucky to get one and make it the reliable monster it was meant to be.
I saw and played DI, it was an easy "no" w zero regrets. Went to expo that year expecting to bring home 3 titles, as Pat is amazing and I WANTED his first new reveal very badly...not to be.
Chris (HEP) has my TZ up on it's legs, and can assure you when I get that back, there will be massive "wow" back in the lineup, and will take a backseat to nothing out there, period. Truthfully, knowing that it's coming home soon, sets the bar very, very high any new machines.
MunstersLE is oddly the only machine that I bought without playing one first (theme just clicked easy for me), and (flame away) it exceeded my expectations for what it was built for.( Mini PF is soo minimized in reviews, but I'll keep it out of this thread). could sell tomorrow, but definitely love it, and not happening.
I WANT a Pat WONKACE!!!!, But will have to play it first......mark

You overlooked one major comparison - layout of Wonka is A++ vs B for WOZ. You can see this one shoots like butta baby. It’s as clear as the nose on your face. Surely with that, there’s enough to tip the scales for you to decide before playing one, but you’ve pointed out there is no hurry to act. CEs will be available for awhile so you can flip first, and then decide what’s right for you. HEY People! that’s how it should be.

Of games you’d like it feel like wanting to play one more game of, I am hoping it will polish into a BM66 type vibe.

#1163 7 months ago

I plan to buy a standard Wonka but am curious. Oh my! For those announcing or planning to buy an LE instead of standard, was Wonkavator the deciding factor? something else?

#1173 7 months ago

What happened to colored balls? Maybe a surprise at time of production? Heard three rumors that colored balls were in and JJP was developing technology that could sense different colors. One rumor had the Gobstopper machine dispensing colored balls. Another tied colored ball to each kid. Final one had colored balls that were automatically lit from inside for giving players the ultimate mindf*@k. Post reveal - there is no mention of colored balls? Podcaster should ask Pat if they are still to be expected or have they been removed.

3 weeks later
#1605 6 months ago
Quoted from EagleEd7:

DISAPOINTED!!! I seen and played several times the new Wonka and I wanted to like it and add it to my collect. But I was badly disappointed. It does no live up to the JJ machines of the past. I expected so much more in the modeling of items on the play field like OZ. They had so much they could have used from the movie. But they cheaped out. So sad for a great title. I guess I will have to wait till something more worthy comes along to add to my collection. So sad!

What’s in your collection? Must be marked private or something.

#1636 6 months ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

it was

Shipping was waived on the MBR and the pro was nicely discounted ACDC, both new. It was just over 10k, and the Wonka Shipped was going to be $9800, so basically the same. Cash discount as well.

No Way - go back and look at your invoice AND any deposits.

Unless MBR means something else .... Miguel’s Black Rose.

#1641 6 months ago
Quoted from MikeS:

If it was an MBR Classic that was a show/demo game it could have been bought for around $5500. and special pricing on ACDC Pro could be around $5K so it is possible.

Quoted from PokerJake:

It was a classic and you are about exactly right.

Point proven, good score! Now is prime time to be buying the games instead of waiting for the next design (which promises to be the best game ever) or your grail title (rarely come as wished for). AC/DC is a treasure that smacks you in the nuts, while I may buy a MBR also, solely because of how spectacular it looks. Wonka looks as promising as either of those, but not as good as both. You made a smart choice.

2 weeks later
#1943 5 months ago
Quoted from jetspeedb:

Still just waiting to SEE the CE

Once you SEEN the CE, it cannot be UNCEED, don’t you SEE?

1 month later
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