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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

6 months ago

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#172 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

$475 million box office isn’t exactly a terrible decision is it?

Hmm, combining movies -- worst decision ever. I would get ready for the end of JJP.
Theme based on Depp version -- worst decision ever. I would get ready for the end of JJP.

Not a marketer though, so maybe I'm wrong yet again.

#260 6 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Did he 100% guarantee it this time or is he just speculating?

Well he does have amazing sources. That whole Alien prediction with his incredible research he flaunted for about forty minutes in the deleted podcast of shame, turned out to be a dude on pinside. Even if iceman is right (and I hope he is) -- a dude on pinside is your big source?

#294 6 months ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

There has to be a breaking point right? A few hundred here, a few hundred there. It all starts to add up to be thousands more than what games were a few years ago. I keep thinking a pin like the Beatles, YBR, or some LE are overpriced and nobody is going to buy but they sell out faster than pinside can count coils.

For me it starts to become whether it is worth going from a 2 to a 1 pin collection, there's only so much money I can justify tying up in a pinball collection. I trust that JJP knows this, though, and is not just pulling out prices randomly and they're doing what's best for their business. At any rate, I'd rather there be an option to buy a Wonka pin at a high price than no Wonka pin at all. I hope they succeed even if it's out of my depth.

I do think for these prices, JJP really needs to start nailing themes. Original themes might still work, but it has to be a pretty compelling one. In my opinion Wonka and Toy Story 4 fit this bill (at least in the states -- it seems Australia has no love for WW, for example).

1 week later
#536 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I agree but if DI was xxx not DI but was Predator with the phone being a hand held data recorder the pin would have sold a crap ton.

Maybe, but there probably wouldn't be a selfie and emoji mode in that game either I don't mind the theme per se, I think a hi-tech cell phone/disaster game is fine. I just don't love the implementation. The humor just doesn't quite work for me, etc. . And please, a cell phone is a big part of the game:

All the modes are started by hitting a giant cell phone. The modes are described to you on a cell phone -- you literally have to answer a phone and talk with someone. One of the main toy's purpose (the moving guy) is to reenergize a cell phone (need to complete the game). There's a selfie mode and an emoji mode. To get to a wizard mode you have to hit a super tough shot multiple times . . . a SIM card. And the name of the pin references dialing a cell phone. This is not the gumball machine or bookcase in TZ and AF.

This doesn't bother me and the game shoots great and I can even see the humor growing on me if I gave it more of a chance but to deny that it's a game with a huge focus on a smart phone of some kind is kind of weird to me.

#539 6 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I could argue that the phone is a tool that is causing mass destruction to a city as well and that there is an evil entity out there who's acronym of Dialed In Electronics literally spells out DIE, but people focus on the cell phone.

Okay, you guys win I'm going to go play some DI in a few minutes on location. I actually do enjoy playing it quite a bit.

#646 6 months ago

I don't need this to be a miracle machine -- if it matches the quality level of the shots and layout of Dialed In with the theme integration/presentation of The Hobbit, I'm in. (eventually, once I sell enough blood).

#703 6 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I honestly think it's aged badly. It's simply not a good looking film anymore, the sets look low budget and corny now, and the acting that isn't Gene Wilder chewing the scenery is stagey and over exaggerated. If you haven't seen it in a while and just remember the memes and "I said good day sir!" you can watch this scene:

and see if you agree. If you love the movie I'm not trying to be a jerk, just honest about what it looks like. It's really dated. I love Roald Dahl's books, I think it was a fun movie for the time (the Tim Burton remake is a looker but a shitty film, the original might not hold up that well but it's still better). But killer pinball theme? The hype is out of control.
It's already a slot machine, it's an available license, and JJP took it. Probably hoping the candy rainbows would be another WOZ since that one still sells. The hype and frothing over some rumors is peak Pinside though.

So your point is that because the hype is out of control that this must mean it's actually not a popular theme for pinball? Or that because the theme doesn't excite you that everyone here is wrong and will eventually figure this out? Just trying to follow.

I admit I watched the film the other day and the special effects seemed dated and I cringed at times. On the other hand my 16 year old son plopped down on the couch without being asked and watched it and loved Gene Wilder as Wonka and was listening to Oompa loompa songs today on his phone. So it's not completely dated.

#744 6 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I'm sure JJP will do a good job with it. Even their least interesting game for me, Hobbit (playfield too wide open and just not enjoyable to shoot, not a fan of the movies), is a complete package. I have no doubt people who are excited for film clips and quotes and references and toys will be happy campers. I don't wish anyone disappointment, I'm not being sour on the company or excitement.
People clearly disagree with me on how the film has aged, and I don't want to sound like I don't like the movie, because I've seen it many times and I do. I guess after Dialed In had a polarizing reception nostalgia is the play again now. I just think original ideas offer much more of an unlimited palette than using a film we've all seen. Watching the bitching about Black Knight is just more evidence I'm off alone in the wilderness on this one, people want their licenses.

(despite the snarkiness of the post below I do enjoy your posts Aurich and this is all just fun pinball talk).

LOL. What a condescending post to put in a Wonka thread. I'm glad you're happy for the little people who are excited by film clips, quotes, and toys. Yes, for some (most?) theme adds a lot to a game. It's why we don't play on whiteboards. I"m not sure the benefit of debating the merits of that in this thread are --other than to insult people for liking themes.

I'm also not sure how this relates to bitching about BK either. People were super pumped about that game after the artwork reveal so I don't think you're alone in the wilderness with your purist original theme pinball beliefs. Hell, I'm still pumped about BKSOR, ironically, largely because of the theme (fighting a black knight and monsters is a great pinball theme). Honestly, it sounds like we are both a little bummed by the quick turn on BK by a lot of people here. I just don't think it has anything to do with it being an original theme (or Wonka).

Anyway, I'll end this post by saying I loved your work in Alien. I thought you did a great job with what you had to work with -- I might be biased though as I really liked the theme.

#1137 6 months ago

Game looks like a super fun shooter and I bet looks fantastic in person but . . . you need the oompa loompa songs in there for it to be Wonka for me. The pop bumber noises just tease it even more. Overall, the music and call outs were just okay. This can be really hard to judge on streams and maybe it's great in person, but I thought for sure they'd nail this aspect of the theme and right now I'd give them a B-. I'd blame this on the new sound guy but to be honest I thought it was a weakness of Dialed In as well -- a lot of the music, call outs were more annoying than fun.

Finally, the SE side art is embarrassing if what I've seen is accurate. It's actually kind of insulting especially when compared to the way Stern does their art between models. I don't feel like I'm being cheap spending $7500 on a pinball machine -- if they're going to make it look like crap on purpose there is ZERO percent chance I will buy it. It really soured me on the whole pin and I'm out for now. I admit this will seem silly to some to get so pissy over side art/back glass art and maybe it is, but I can't shake the feeling and I guess why fight it if it's going to save me $7500.

1 month later
#1842 5 months ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

I played wonka last night right after it arrived @GSPF, my thoughts:
- Many thanks to doomid for braving crappy traffic form SoCal to bring it up here for everyone to check out.
- Much more fun that I thought it would be. It was my wife and kids that were pushing for a Wonka after seeing the reveal (I was interested, but not 100% sold). I had watched all the streams (that last one in LA was extremely impressive, Jack should hire them, heh) to try and get a good feel for the game play and features and I just wasn't making the connection. Playing in person was just different (obviously) I was just surprised at how different. My one gripe is that the game at the show is set on 2 balls per player and no ball save (not even a few seconds). So I feel like the majority of people playing we're leaving the game frustrated with how short their time was on it. That being said, GSPF was not packed last night so I just waiting in line a whole bunch of times to get some decent time on it.
- Wonkavision on the streams (specially the ones that did not have the direct video input on the screen) just looked hidden and obscured. In person it looks awesome. I feel like they need to use it more and be a little more creative with it, but I think that will come as the code continues to be updated.
- My initial gripe after the reveal was that it was not crazy packed like WOZ, but after playing it, i like it. There is room/space, it doesn't feel crammed. It's just a beautiful pin. Congrats to the JJP team, I think they did a great job.
- The game has serious flow. My buddy compared the flow to DI, but my .02, the closest comparison I could come up with was deadpool (not a typical fan layout). Lots of looping shots that feed the various flippers that feed other shots. Lots of opportunities for combos. The upper flippers all feel useful and have a purpose. It was just plain fun to shoot.
- The gobstopper toy/hole, while not a game changer, was just plain fun to shoot.
- I wasn't seeing anyone get any balls into the Wonkavator lock, but I felt that had more to do with the limited balls, no ball saver and people generally not knowing the rules. Not really a concern for me at this time.
- I can't comment on the sounds as I couldn't hear shit at the show. I'll be going back Sunday with my kids so they can try it out and will be sure to bring head phones. That being said, its Wonka.. it's going to have music from that theme that I'm sure some won't like. I'm sure they will mix things up as much as possible as the code matures.
My goal playing it this weekend was for me to be happy that I plunked down a deposit, so far the answer is YES. Assuming the Fam still likes it Sunday we are still IN.[quoted image]

Thanks for the report! It's always so different to play a pin versus watching it on a stream. What's frustrating is that it's also different to play a pin at home than on location sometimes too, can make the decisions very difficult.

It looks like this is at the very least going to be a very fun shooting pin with an appealing theme for a lots of people. That's a pretty good base to build a pin on. Now if they can nail the code and bring in enough clips and iconic sounds to up the theme integration I think they'll have a winner here. Sure, it's not looking like it's going to be a journey through the movie that some people are hoping for, but there are other ways to make a great pin.

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