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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

6 months ago

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#1291 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

I was going to get a CE- but my main concern is like the other games JJP has released - they keep adding to the Editions
WOZ- Emerald, Ruby Red, Yellow Brick Road
Hobbit - Smaug, Black Arrow
WONKA- 50th Ann coming up- I see another edition coming.
5000 LE is not limited! They should be renamed.

2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the WWCF film. It would only make sense that an all “Gold” ticket edition is being reserved for that date. Still curious to why red for CE was chosen over Purple or other more prevalent Wonka themed colors?

#1316 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Did you forget about the other LE addins? Shaker, invisiglass, powder coating, etc?

To add. We just don’t know if/what additional licensing cost that WB/Dahl Family charges for each image of Gene/WW that is put on the cabinet. He’s on the front around the door (SE/LE/CE) where most people will see him. For the SE, this is probably strategic positioning for an operator who typically would have WW inserted in a line of machines (thus limiting side visibility). This allows the player to see Gene’s image as they walk up to it and put their coins in.

It then logically makes sense to limit WW image on the SE to reduce licensing costs since JJP has to pass the licensing cost on to the buyer. I don’t believe the cost of the physical decal is in question of raising the price significantly. Also, it allows lower barriers to entry for buyers and compete with competitive pricing.

Disclaimer: Just making assumptions. I am not an expert in marketing or a lawyer in marketing licensing. I like to play one on TV or after staying at a Holiday Inn Express.

4 weeks later
#1781 5 months ago

Watched the stream and it was well executed. Best camera use I've seen yet.

Jack Guarnieri dropped in Twitch chat to say "hi". Kaneda (if it was really him -> Kaneda23) was there initially making observations but it looked like they may have booted him (deleted his comments and he went silent).

Visually, the game looked beautiful and ball flow was butter.

People were commenting that the sound seems tweaked in a positive way since the reveal (less casino sounding, more sound clip integration). Honestly, it would be hard for me to call out any major sound differences since the reveal but the sound felt different.

Code still seemed to be lacking significant synch between voice/vids and adding new call outs for the most part. Still has the Grandpa Joe voice actor making most of the commentary.

I believe with continued polishing of the code and refinement of assets before it hits release, this game will be a hit. It definitely hits all the right check marks to remain in the buy column for me .

Still jazzed to see a final CE configuration!

#1816 5 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

He was, but not by me. One of my chat mods banned him, and as a joke unfortunately. Why, I have no idea. He wasn't saying anything bad in chat and there was no reason to ban him. I had a short chat with the mod to unban him, which he did, but the damage had already been done. Since then I've sent an apology to K detailing what happened.

Thanks for the explanation. It was sort of weird when it happened.

I was on the stream from the start and Kaneda didn't really say or ask anything that seemed offensive or trolling (whether you like his podcast or not). As a person who wants this game to be it's best, I was thinking some of the same comments he was making in chat.

I feel that JJP has laid down a beautiful/flowy PF which is positioned to be a huge success. Now it comes down to adding the final strokes and details in code that will complete the painting and make it a master piece of fun!

Again, excellent job on the streaming and Karl is a pin master who is fun to watch!


#1894 5 months ago

I love the passion in this thread! It's what makes pinball so exciting. The image below summarizes the emotions and feelings that this group has conveyed since WW was announced.

I've enjoyed the lively discussions on what the community wishes WW will be, speculation on code development status, where the code seems to be leaning/favoring (operators vs home collectors), feedback from those who have had limited hands on play time, thoughts from those who have not played but owned other JJP pins, the streamers, the letter "H"/artwork, theme passion, mechs/toys, quality control stories, vendor comparisons, marketing strategies, podcast episodes, mods, etc.. We just can't get enough!

I am wishing the best for JJP w/ WW. I've definitely weighed all the pros/cons conveyed so far but I'm still in. Based on all the veteran collectors' experiences, I agree you should definitely play a pin first before going all-in on NIB which I plan to attempt at PNW PB Festival.

As a buyer, I will always have the option to back out especially being further out in queue for a CE. It is my money to invest and at the end of the day I can only hold myself accountable for my final decision.

Looking forward to getting over that final peak on this roller coaster ride and arriving at the docking station. Until then, continue on with the informative and valued discussions.

To quote Wonka (for all the thread contributors):

"For the rowers keep on rowing
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing"

#1898 4 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Joe Katz says the code has taken the direction it has for reasons such as location play and shorter ball times. Translation, less deep mode based code, video assets, etc.

Pat Lawlor apparently wanted to create the newest and greatest location game. Fine, but this is primarily a HUO company at that price point?

I would like to explore more regarding your points on don't fight the facts.

I think I've heard those comments stated too (in Pinside posts, streams or podcasts rumors) but to be fair could someone please provide actual videos (reference time start-point), blog postings, e-mails, etc... from JJP (Jack/Pat/Joe/employee xyz) making those public statements on code/direction?"

I don't want to speculate from podcast rumors or someone posting they heard at a Pinball festival. Not claiming what you comment on as false or that they are true but would like to read myself from a definitive company source. I may have just missed it or can't recall where JJP posted it. In the end, what you summarized may be all true but I still don't know for sure yet.

The other points you make I can concur with your sentiment because one can count based on the number of user QC postings available (POTC/WOZ/DI) and calculate avg production rate times based from data given on announcement dates/order availability to delivery dates that users are claiming.

I too want to be well informed so I can make the most optimal buying decision! In the end, we may not truly know what will actually be delivered until final product info is released by JJP.

1 week later
#1945 4 months ago

Posting live from the NW Pinball & Arcade Show in Tacoma, WA. The organizers deserve kudos for a fantastic job! Pardon my post if there are any errors or poor grammar, typing from my phone.

I will say that I am enjoying my hand’s on time playing Willy Wonka. My feedback and Pix attached.

Out of all the games at NWPF, the WWs had the longest and most consistent queue of lines the entire day. People kept coming back to play more.

They had 3 machines (advertised as 1x “CE” and 2x LE). If you look at the pix it’s confusing. You could tell that they are probably the travelling LE prototypes sent out to be shown at the pin festivals. All the machines had the CE side art on the cabinets and CE back glass. One had the red coating which when seen live (in my opinion) is far better looking than the the other two which had blue coating. They all had the Wonkavators. One of the Blue LEs was missing the Ompa Loomp on the TV camera and the Wonkavision was dead. Otherwise, they were all basically the same game = LE.

To me, the cabinets, screens, machines’ lights and visuals really pop! Terrific quality and beautiful playfields. Design is tight. I liked the bumpers use of sounds with the Ompa Loompa song. Note: if you are expecting the level of integration of tech/toys like POTC/DI/WOZ, you will be disappointed. It may feel like a step down but it’s really not too much.

First time I got to play, I was excited and giddy. Game play eventually turned out to be a good time and addictive in the long run. The hurdle people are going to have to overcome is that initially it feels kludgy on what your objectives are (again I didn’t read the objectives/wizard mapping chart). It wasn’t just me, people didn’t really know what to do. Consensus was to just keep shooting at Ramps, Secret Machine and Wonkavision until something happens and you figure it out. I know the goal is to collect “kids”and to gather golden tickets for multiballs but there is no real sense of order/mission in the game progression.

The game does play fast until you figure it out. Saw lots of drains. The first couple of games were really rough not knowing what to achieve or where to shoot but once you catch on, the game flow is smooth and fun. I did eventually achieve several multiball’s and even achieved a Wonkavator multiball. That was a blast!

I spoke with a few individuals while in line about what they thought: Tough but fun, low scoring, had Bally-Williams feel, Lawlor written all over it, pretty, really grows on you...lots of smiles, excitement and high energy. The theme is a winner!

Here’s what I can note about what I observed with the game code. The vid clips and sound bites are still mostly not synchronized. Some vids are full screen with integrated sound while others are on the film projector pull down screen with no audio or have the voice over actor. IP doesn’t seem to be used to the fullest. Seems like the code hasn’t changed since the last streaming event. Sound was near impossible to hear in the convention center but from what I did hear, no significant changes.

The main screen is large and gorgeous but the info/stats/objectives are difficult to really absorb and provide a lot of value while playing. I felt the counters for the Wonka bars, ramp letters, mode, etc... seems very small and should be larger/more prominent.

I am glad I found the opportunity to play WW. I was starting to have doubts.

Is it perfect? No. Does it have some work still? Yes. Is it at the POTC level? No. Is it fun? Absolutely! Am I still in on a CE? 100%! That is due to my personal love of the theme and I enjoyed playing it. Not everyone is going to feel the same way.

In the end for a majority of people, it’s probably going to come down to final code and final cabinet changes upon official release for people to make up their minds. Playing the SEs on location will also help people finalize their buy/no-buy decision.

Feel free to message me for the next few hours if you have any questions or want me to comment on anything specific. I’ll be here most of the evening in line for WW!


#1951 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

For clarity that is not the CE. It an LE with a CE backglass and that is also not the final red for the rails. Those were used as placeholders per the designer. All Playfields are also LE. Just clarifying should any CE buyer think that’s it.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. That was the point I was trying to make. Many people trying WW out here (at NWPAS Festival) thought it was the CE version.

#1960 4 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Gobstopper still misspelled from when I pointed it out 2 months ago and was shouted down and told that it was already fixed and that spelling errors are not something to be discussed.[quoted image]

I re-checked my pics from NWPAS Fest and it is still misspelled but realize it appears these are the prototype machines making the rounds at all the festivals. Not final form. So we won't fully know what will be changed/delivered until production starts and we can see what comes off the line.

#2018 4 months ago
Quoted from arcadem:

I just received my package of MODs for WONKA from The Mod Couple. I bought them all and they, as usual, are very well done and should all look great in the game. Especially the "factory" which replaces the ugly 'bread box'. The only problem with getting them so early is that now I am really antsy for the game to start shipping. In the meantime, the MODs do serve as a bit of a placebo for the real thing. Had to do it though because I just did not want to possibly miss out. Most of their POTC MODs are now unavailable but then, so is the game. BTW, have you noticed how many people are regretting having cancelled their POTC order or did not buy a CE and now they're left out and wishing they had one. I think we may see the same type of comments someday about missing out on WONKA. If you are thinking of dropping out, or getting a standard vs. the LE or CE, please be sure to think carefully about it. I think we all know from our own personal experiences that regret is a bitter pill to swallow. BTW, I finally had a chance to play WONKA at the PNWPB fest. I could not hear the the callouts, music, etc. and so I do not know how much of an issue they are. But, as to game play, it is a really great, engaging game and matches up well with all of JJP's previous efforts. Some people say it is much like WOZ; I don't think so. Lots of colorful lighting, etc. and a "youthful" theme but it plays completely different and does not have the upper play fields, isn't a wide body, etc. It really is it's own game and is distinctly different in more than just appearance from the other JJP games that I own. Oh, did I say that I am anxious for it to start shipping?

I too went all-in and received my Mods from the Mod Couple last week! I wanted to make sure I was able to obtain them in case they sold out. Beautifully crafted! Well done!

Agree with you that to me WW does not feel like a WOZ or DI rehash. Different gameplay and definitely has been fun to play so far. I’ve had a chance to play all the JJP pins and WW is at/near the top of my list of favorites.

Reflecting on my recent gameplay and the messages in the WW threads, it seems like this game has been inspected at such a depth, you would have thought it was at the final product stage. Not saying anyone’s comments/critiques weren’t fair to call out.

What everyone has to remember is that what we’ve seen and played on this pin so far has all been prototype product (code/hw). If you liked the “sampling” provided, you will probably be in on the finished product. It has been a work in progress and evolving. JJP could do a better job reminding everyone this.

I guess time will tell soon enough if this is a hit or miss for JJP. My money is on a hit.

1 month later
#2257 3 months ago

We need inventors to step-it-up and create the insta-foam box shipping container (envio-friendly biodegradable & easy to break down) that can encase any product!

#2260 3 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Lol makes me think of those air bags in that iRobot movie. Full styro in seconds. lol

Demolition man! Secure foam!

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