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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

6 months ago

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#195 6 months ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

Depp’s Wonka—the character—was clearly inferior to Wilder’s. But the story—including the backstory—was far superior IMO, and the music kicked ass. The music in Wilder’s movie was corny AF. And the Oompa Loompas? Deep Roy kicked all their asses.

Oh I completely and utterly DISAGREE with you Pin Lawyer. Stuart’s film, like the re-make from Tim Burton that appeared over 30 years later, is faithful to the original source, which is no wonder when you consider that Dahl himself penned the screenplay with a helping hand from an uncredited David Seltzer. Several effective “additions” enhance the film’s fine strain of black comedy, like a scene when a woman tells the kidnappers who abducted her husband to pressure her into surrendering her case of “Wonka bars” that she’ll “think about it”, even with a death threat in place. In another sequence an oriental psychologist attempts to force a hypnotized patient to reveal the whereabouts of his own case of Wonka bars. The shrink’s accent is quite funny as it gleefully underlines the universal reach of the chocolate company and the intimidating potential value of an invitation to take the plant tour with receipt of the ticket. The prize is possession of the factory, which Wonka has grown too hold to govern. The film’s structure matches it’s source, with one by one dispatching of the obnoxious children, aided by the “Oompa-Loompas,” midget men with green hair, orange skin, and white pants, who serve as a kind of Greek Chorus, following on the respective child's eliminations by singing a song that mocks the various indiscretions. Despite his scathing indictment of capitalism and the refreshingly candid repudiation of anything that’s sugar coated (aside from the dominant motif of chocolate that dominates the film) Dahl ends his story on an exhilarating note when the loyal and loving Charlie refuses a bribe by returning the ‘everlasting gobstopper’, winning deserved favor from Willy Wonka in an gleeful emotional coda that’s well earned.

The film’s score was written by the British team of Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, whose best collaboration this is without question. Bricusse is also famed for his scores for Scrooge, the musical re-make of Goodbye Mr. Chips and Stop the World – I Want to Get Off, the latter with Newley. Sammy Davis Jr. scored a #1 hit with the popular “The Candy Man” which is sung in the sequence when Charlie buys a Wonka bar at the local chocolate shop. It’s a bouncy and infectious song for sure, but the score’s best number of all is “Pure Imagination,” a sensual and melodious composition that Wonka sings to the kids amidst the delectable wonderments of the sweet room that they are invited to engorge themselves in near the beginning of the tour. Wonka tells the kids in song “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it, anything you want to, do it, wanta change the world? There’s nothing to it…..There is no life I know to compare with ‘Pure Imagination’…living there you’ll be free, if you truly wish to be..” The most poignant song is one that Charlie’s mother sings to him when the boy is downcast when it appears he never land a Golden Ticket. She urges her son in a lovely evocation of pride and confidence, titled “Cheer Up Charlie” to just be himself, and all will work out. (I used the song in it’s entirety during a third-grade play I co-directed; while Charlie strolled and pensively sat on stage, and it was greeted with thunderous applause). The spirited and tuneful “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket,” sung with his joyful family after his great fortune is announced, and the ‘Wonderous Boat Ride” sequence are beautifully integrated into the plot, and the aforementioned ‘Oompa Loompa’ ditty is appropriately a recurrent coda.

As Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder’s performance, which was originally derided, has gained in cult status over the years, and is clearly more popular and more beloved than the later one given by Johnny Depp. Wilder is hammy and eccentric, and often aloof, but there are qualities that are at least in some measure consistent with the one Dahl presented on the written page. Against all odds, it is rightly seen by many now as the finest and most emblematic performance of his career. Near the film’s end Wilder is priceless when he brightens up after witnessing Charlie’s undying devotion. While no serious qualms could be voiced for the rest of the cast, special praise should be bestowed upon Jack Albertson, who is marvelously animated as Grandpa Joe, and Peter Ostrum, whose bland work as a good boy hoping for luck in a joyless life is in tune with it’s source. Without decorum, Ostrum creates the hero that every boy can only aspire to be. Of course, Dahl revisits the popular character a few years later in his book Charlie and the Glass Elevator, which unlike its famed predecessor never made it to the silver screen. Visually the film’s drab small-town English locations serve as provocative contrast to the vivid colors of the chocolate factory, and to this end cinematographer Arthur Ibbetson paints the canvas admirably. The principal photography was completed in Munich in the Bavarian section of West Germany, as it was much cheaper than filming in the United States.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has a special place in the hearts of baby boomers who never forgot the story’s inventiveness, humor and tunefulness. In fact few can think of it anymore without humming some of the Bricusse and Newley music, which have become as synonymous with the film, as the witticisms of it’s beloved creator. There can be no other choice for the pinball machine. It would be the same if a piball machine of KING KONG was themed after the 70's re-make instead of the 1933 masterpiece or if the 1968 science fiction classic PLANET OF THE APES was snubbed in favor of the vastly inferior new millennium remake. It would be unmitigated blasphemy!

#197 6 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Why are so many people using so many words lately, stop it. I refuse to read more than a few sentences

C'mon lighten up WackyBrakee, I never asked YOU to read this, just ignore it. The pinball world is on edge over a vital unveiling that will decide if we have a monster hit or a dud. Loquaciousness is very much in order methinks.

#198 6 months ago

Hahahahahaha wouldn't you know it, TWO people have already upgraded WackyBrakke's disdain for the length of my post. And there will be more for certain. But I should have seen this coming!!! I'll say no more or I'll be in more trouble.

#201 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I actually enjoyed the post.

Thank you so much f3honda4me!!!!!

#202 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I don't think it's anything personal but I can't stay with a post that long even if it's an explanation to solve world hunger. Way too long for purposes of what we're doing here.... you know critical things like which Wonka is it or why did jjp use gobstopper like balls vs original. I have to know!

Delt31, I completely understand. I did get carried away but I wanted to be sure to counter or at least put in a good word for the music in the original film. But fair enough, I do respect your position.

#209 6 months ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

Just link the article, instead of plagiarizing. That way those that want to read a whole article can and you give credit to the source.


Zavadoza, My name is SAM JULIANO, I am the author of that essay you linked me to, and I am editor of Wonders in the Dark, the site where I wrote that review as part of our musical countdown. My wife is Lucille Juliano, who I mentioned in the review as my co-director of the play that got us together.

I am a 36 year veteran schoolteacher and film, music, opera and book reviewer.

So hence I am the source and I have plagiarized MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! I also happen to be a pinball collector and aficionado!!!!

#210 6 months ago



My name is SAM JULIANO, I am the author of that essay you linked me to, and I am editor of Wonders in the Dark, the site where I wrote that review. My wife is Lucille Juliano, who I mentioned in the review as my co-director of the play that got us together. She is the Principal of the hometown Fairview, NJ school where I teach English and children's literature.

I am a 36 year veteran educator and film, music, opera and book reviewer.

So hence I am the source and I have plagiarized MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! I also happen to be a pinball collector and aficionado!!!!

#212 6 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

And I'm Santa Claus. See how the internet works?

Dirtbag66: I have previously posted this review in its entirety on a prior thread. My name is Sam Juliano, I am 64 years old, and among my hobbies I do love pinball. Two of my five children are also fond of the hobby. I have nothing to hide or distort only to defend as the statement here made a false assumption. As you can also see my avatar is from the film FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002) which is my personal favorite film of the new millennium, which I reviewed, stating as much:


My name and address are properly registered at PINSIDE alongside this avatar and identity, so there is no deception. As to you being "Santa Claus" heck for all I know maybe you are. But I am assuredly Sam Juliano from Fairview, New Jersey and I am the co-founder and editor of WONDERS IN THE DARK. I must say though that the fact you are contesting me makes me feel proud that the site is that well-regarded and for that I thank you.

#214 6 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

And I'm Santa Claus. See how the internet works?

Dirtbag66 and anyone else curious, in 1o minutes I am going to POST at Wonders in the Dark!!!

The Title of the post will be "To Pinside members, I am the real Sam Juliano, and I did write the Willy Wonka review.

Obviously the ONLY person who can get into the site dashboard is ME, so take a look at it. I will also link to it here!!!!

#215 6 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

And I'm Santa Claus. See how the internet works?

Dirtbag66, Zavadoza and anyone else curious, here ya go:


This is the link to my NEWEST post at WONDERS IN THE DARK, officially and irrefutably confirming my status as co-founder, editor and film critic at the site. It doesn't mean much except it affirms my legitimacy. For those who offered kind words and support I thank you! Now that everyone knows where I live you can come by and play my AFMR, MMR, MBR, WOO Emerald, and Elvis anytime!!!

#217 6 months ago

Not at all mad just determined to refute any false assumptions. (Look above and see my newest published post at the site). Needless to say some of my readers are sending me messages now, wanting to know what is happening.

#219 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

He’s ejected from the thread.
Thanks again for the article. I found it an interesting read.

I really do appreciate the very kind words my friend! And now on to the WONKA pinball machine which will be quite an investment, and one I will need to prepare for. Best wishes!!

#222 6 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

farfromheaven26 post was well received here. He shared his wisdom and a great understanding of that from which he speaks. My cat asked me give him a thumbs up. When Cocoa speaks, daddy listens.

Jeff, you are the best!!!

Thank you!!!!

#231 6 months ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Since we're gettin' all erudite here, thought I would point out a possible error, or at least confusion based on wording in the article. Sammy Davis Jr. scored a hit with Candy Man a year after the movie was released. Sammy did not contribute to the movie score.

Adaminski, with all due respect there was no confusion at all and no error either. I am sorry to say you misunderstood and/or misread what I said. I NEVER NEVER NEVER said that Sammy Davis Jr. had anything to do with the writing of the score remotely, what I said as and I quote "Sammy Davis Jr. scored a hit with Candy Man a year after the movie was released." And he did indeed have a hit COVERING the song on AM radio. I stated right at the outset of my discussion of the music: "The film’s score was written by the British team of Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, whose best collaboration this is without question" and then went about at length to examine their work in detail. The point of me bringing up Sammy Davis Jr. at all (and apparently you missed that as well) was to illustrate how one of the songs from this musical film managed to jump over to AM radio and become a monster hit. I mean Barbara Streisand had NOTHING to do with the writing of "Cats" yet her cover of "Memory" was a huge hit. Nino Rota wrote the score for Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet" but it was Henry Mancini who scored a huge hit with the "Love Theme" from it in 1969. There are endless more examples. My wording left no doubt what I was saying and what I meant.

As to "since we're getting all erudite here" I initially snickered, but I won't even go there. I shared my review of the film to foster enthusiasm, common pinball love and and an impassioned preference for the Gene Wilder film as the pinball machine subject. I'll leave the readers of WONDERS IN THE DARK to determine the worth of my film criticism. In any case I hope we are in agreement on the Wilder film and thank you for adding your two cents.

#233 6 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Still too many words

Alas you are right this time for sure, but believe me I am trying to retreat WackyBrakke. As Michael Corleone says in "The Godfather Part III": "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!:

#239 6 months ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Wow, I was trying to help you fix a confusing portion of the bit you posted on Pinside. Look, and you'll see that you did not state the SDJ hit was a year later. In context, it looks like you implied SDJ sang the song in the movie, which we both know is incorrect.
You, sir, have really thin skin. Good day, sir!!!

THIS is what I posted on PINSIDE, which you can verify by scrolling upwards.:

"The film’s score was written by the British team of Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, whose best collaboration this is without question. Bricusse is also famed for his scores for Scrooge, the musical re-make of Goodbye Mr. Chips and Stop the World – I Want to Get Off, the latter with Newley. Sammy Davis Jr. scored a #1 hit with the popular “The Candy Man” which is sung in the sequence when Charlie buys a Wonka bar at the local chocolate shop. It’s a bouncy and infectious song for sure, but the score’s best number of all is “Pure Imagination,” a sensual and melodious composition that Wonka sings to the kids amidst the delectable wonderments of the sweet room that they are invited to engorge themselves in near the beginning of the tour."

What is confusing there Adam? I stated that Bricusse and Newley wrote the score and that Sammy Davis Jr. took one of the songs from that score and made it an AM crossover hit. If you read it again you will see it makes perfect sense. Actually I don't have thin skin at all -I am really quite the opposite- I am just reeling from some bizarre earlier posts where I fell victim to false assumptions. If you were sincerely trying to help I thank you for it and do applaud the "Good Day Sir!" which of course was Wilder's line to Grandpa Joe before our dear Charlie intervened in that stirring finale.

#240 6 months ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Oh, pinball, yeah. According to my wife, we are in on Wilder Willy Wonka.

Great news there Adam!!!

#358 6 months ago

I'm definitely IN for WONKA unless in the most unlikely scenario the game is poorly received. I can't see that happening in view of JJP's past successes and what appears to be the most spectacularly glowing pre-order response of any machine yet produced by the reigning build quality champions of pinball. However as I have only recently purchased MMR, AFMR LE, WOO Emerald and in weeks MBR LE I can't negotiate the expected 9,500 price tag for another year. So I will play it on location until that time. I am assuming that the machines will not be physically available until maybe October of this year, despite promises to ship within a few months (which I don't see as realistic all things considered). There is no game I would ever want more than WONKA and I've requested it repeatedly on many threads dating back a few years.

#362 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

I'm willing to bet they start shipping in May.

Hmmmmm "f3honda4me" my friend, you are really throwing me a curve ball there, though mind you a very appealing one. Shall I or shall I not? Do I fork over the 8K for the MBR LE in two weeks or do I hold on to it pending the reveal and shipping plans on WW? (thus holding off on the MBR LE until next year when it will still be very very easy to obtain as were the past two CGCs which are STILL available). I think you have succeeded (though not your intent of course) in having me put a HOLD on the MBR LE until I know how the WW scenario unfolds and what the reception is regarding the machine (expected to be rapturous). S so difficult to decide with WW, MBR LE and PIRATES all for the taking! Thank you!

#365 6 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

As someone who wants to add another pin in the next couple months, I am putting my money on Wonka delivering. All signs point to JJP doing everything to get this game shipping quickly after reveal. I think they are taking a page out of Stern's book in this regard, and it's a great decision.

My friend, I have no reason to dispute what you are saying nor even to be mildly skeptical. I am assuming the reveal is only a few days away to boot.

#369 6 months ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

i would say that if you have 2 weeks until you have to pay for MBr LE, then you have plenty of time to see the reveal and decide on what you want. Games will be shipping soon after the reveal, but that doesn't mean that yours has to. If you would like to discuss more (about moving payment out, not about the next game), let me know. We are very accommodating to our customers.

My friend, I have noted your availability and will await the reveal next week. Thank you!

#425 6 months ago

I won't be getting the 12,500 CE, but I will absolutely invest in the 9,500 Special Edition as I have reason to think the leap from Standard to Special will mirror PIRATES in that regard. In other words the difference between standard and special will be significantly greater than that between special and collector's. I am speculating of course.

That fascinating podcast also revealed that Pat Lawlor designed the game, which is another fact that seems to have been unknown.

#427 6 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Really? Pat has been known to be doing it for a while? Also is supposed to be doing toy s...

bigd1979, I regret not listening closer. But great news for sure on both games!

#429 6 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

I’d suggest people clear a space. The game is sweet perfection. Can’t wait to share it with everyone in a few weeks at Allentown Pinfest ! Just an extremely satisfying day start to finish at JJP.
Joe / PinballSTAR
[quoted image]

Thank you for that glowing post celebration Joe! Can I ask your opinion on the probable models? Do you envision the Standard, Limited Edition and Collector's Edition like Pirates?

#435 6 months ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

Unknown to the self-proclaimed aficionado. The rest of us knew it for over a year. It's been well publicized.

Wow, you really have it in for me. I NEVER EVER said I was "THE self-proclaimed aficionado," I said I was one in the fraternity of pinball lovers. If you bothered to read this thread you will see several posts up that someone else (bigd1979) politely and amicably mentioned what you just did and I responded that I regret not listening more closely. Now you come barging in to insult me for no reason whatsoever. Sad. And since when does the innocuous word "aficianado" (fan) equate to some kind of an all-inclusive expert? (which I am far from). But I'll get over it as there is nothing but excitement here today!

#437 6 months ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Yes I think that’s not going to change and nothing different coming along those lines.

Fantastic! Thanks Joe!

#440 6 months ago
Quoted from Zavadoza:

Zavadoza, My name is SAM JULIANO.....I have plagiarized MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! I also happen to be a pinball collector and aficionado!!!!”
You didn’t say this? Just using your words.
I personally don’t care, but just ribbing You for tooting your own horn and laughing hysterically at others.

First off, WHY would you reference a post from pages back on this thread, especially since I received plenty of upvotes for my defense of a false charge leveled against me, one that resulted in a member being ejected from this thread. I did say I was a "pinball aficionado and collector." What of it? If I stated that I was a baseball fan, does that means I am asserting myself as a baseball expert over others? When I use the term "aficionado" in my writings I employ it as a synonym for "fan." I wasn't "tooting my own horn" remotely (I really have nothing to toot as I am probably in the bottom third in pinball expertise), I was basically saying I love pinball. Am I allowed to do that? I was defending myself against a FALSE CHARGE and was laughing at the absurdity of the comment made by the ejected party that "he was Santa Claus too." My laughter, which you earlier described as "manic" was basically ironic. Seems like nearly all understood what I was saying except for you, with your absurd contention I was "laughing at others" which of course I was not. I was responding to the false assumption with a humorous underpinning. I really would appreciate if you let me celebrate and discuss this extraordinary upcoming game. I can take ribbing of course, but I do feel I was right to defend myself earlier. (I was even a good sport on the post where you stated my laughter was manic and gave you an up vote even though I wasn't in agreement).

#534 6 months ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

So stoked to have Wonka and Black Knight for the summer down the jersey shore. I know Silverball will have Wonka, already have half price day passes from their Black Friday sale. I setup the wife and kids at the beach then get to play the whole Jersey Jack lineup for about a dollar an hour!

I hear ya! I'm a bit over an hour north of Silver Ball in Bergen County and my wife, kids and I travel down to it often. Far, far better than the Sunshine Laundromat in Brooklyn which is a pinball heaven of sorts as well but the experience is undermined by the constantly rising prices which now have every single game (about 30 right now operating) at $1.00, not just the new games like POTC. Anyone hoping to spend more than a few minutes will go through big money in no time. Silverball's hourly rate is the only way to go methinks.

#571 6 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This isn't a DI thread and nobody gives a shit about that game while we wait for Wonka.
DI is LONG ago in the rear view mirror and its time move on. Sales were terrible.
The great defenders can waste their breath and time
WONKA time

Personally I like DIALED IN, but Iceman44 is 100% right in everything he says here!!! WONKA is the theme here and the excitement is building as Friday grows nearer!!!

#658 6 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

This 10X over....I hope JJ hits this out of the park, and this is everything it is hyped to be. But if that is the case, production of these machines will be around for a very long time...just look at WOZ and how long that title has gone. Take some time and evaluate for yourself, rather than riding the hype train, and most of all let someone else get all of the bugs worked out an discover the flaws that need addressed. This will not be a limited run, and history has show us that just about every new pin that has any content at all will have some sort of issue.

Normally I would agree with every word here. However, personally there is an investment in this title, one I have dreamed about for many years, discussing it with anyone willing to listen. Yes there probably will be some issues, but I'll rely on code updates and some assistance rather than depriving my family and I the glowing opportunity to secure a machine (and LE will do it for me) right out of the starting gate. I love and will love other titles but only WW would have me straying from any rational delay.

#660 6 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Until JAWS hits.......lol To each their own...someone has to be first!

Fair enough Manimal.

#728 6 months ago
Quoted from ozno:

You watched WOZ many times but never watched Wonka? Honestly there must be something wrong with you. Wonka literally changed my life. WOZ is kind of a piece of crap in comparison. Wonka is more modern, biting and fun. Wonka has a better message and more interesting themes. Wonka has better music. “Pure Imagination” kills every song in WOZ. Loompa>Munchkin. There is not a single really interesting character in WOZ. It’s all fluff. Willy Wonka is an interesting character. The only thing actually interesting about WOZ is the dark political, financial origins of the story which are buried way beneath the surface. So deep that most, including the filmmakers themselves, had no idea.

I adore the 1971 WONKA as much as anyone but your trashing of THE WIZARD OF OZ is beyond mind-boggling to say the least. It is arguably the most beloved film ever made in this country. It was based on one of the most venerated children’s stories ever written. It launched the career of the greatest female thespian to ever appear in a musical film, and it remains the one film she is most reverentially identified with. The movie’s celebrated score is woven into our popular culture, and it’s unforgettable screenplay has produced lines of dialogue that are ingrained into the consciousness of anyone and everyone who has watched the film countless times, and have come to value it’s themes of home, family and friendship as cinematically conclusive. The film’s most coveted song is probably the most popular number ever written during the twentieth century, and has been covered time and again by renowned artists. The story of it’s changing directors and cast auditions remain as fascinating to movie lovers as anything else about the film, and more has been written on the making of the picture than any other in history. The story of the little people who appear early in the film in one of it’s most celebrated sequences, remains a stand alone curiosity for many to this very day, with the old age passings of this unique fraternity a major news item. Every supporting member of the film’s distinguished cast will eternally be remembered firstly for the role they played in this film, even with exceptional careers to their credit. No film has been more referenced in other movies, and the final black-and-white sequence set in the bedroom of a Kansas farmhouse may well be the most emotionally moving scene in the history of American cinema. With the advent of home video in the late 70’s the film became an incomparable favorite, and to this day has been released more often on the many video formats up to a recently-released blu-ray box set. The smash Broadway hit Wicked is hugely indepted to the 1939 film. While it has come to represent homespun family values and the most vivid realization of one’s dreams, The Wizard of Oz is imbued with humor and humanity, two qualities that more than any other have contributed to it’s enduring, even spectacular appeal over decades all around the world. Much like the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the day astronauts first stepped foot on the moon, many Americans will never forget the day, the month and the year they first remembered watching the film, and in whose company they were with. Several years ago, the seventieth anniversary of the film’s opening was celebrated to national fan-fare, with the original city of it’s first appearance being honored – Oconomwoc, Wisconsin.

For baby-boomers like myself The Wizard of Oz first took hold during the famous run of CBS holiday showings, which initially were offered around Easter time in the 60’s and early 70’s. In those exceedingly impressionable days watching The Wizard of Oz was the highlight of my week, month and year. It was a time when I was frightened by the wicked witch, the haunted castle and the winged monkeys, was reassured by the dismissals of the good witch Glinda, and was intrigued by the bizarre appearance of the Munchkins, whom had me asking question after question about. When Toto escaped over the draw bridge, when Glinda provided a snow panacea for the poppies that felled our beloved brood, when the tin man used his ax to help free Dorothy from her prison and drop a chandelier on her pursuers, when the witch -made of sugar- is destroyed by a bucket of water, and when Toto unmasks the well intentioned but weak-willed charlatan, by pulling open a curtain, I was exhilarated and relieved, even though I knew what would happen. Like so many other kids I took an immediate liking to the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, all who added to the security of our young heroin, who was in this seemingly unsolvable dilemma from the beginning. I always shed tears -even to this very day in fact- when the Cowardly Lion wrenchingly tells Dorothy that although she is stranded on Oz, he and the others didn’t want her to go anyway. And the final scene is a sure-firer tear-jerker, broaching the concepts of home, love of family and the idea that happiness can be realized within your own borders.

#1122 6 months ago

Congratulations Jersey Jack, Pat Lawlor, Joe Katz and the team for this sublime masterpiece of a pinball machine! Seeing the stream and all the recently-posted you tube game play accounts and the many close-ups of the playfield and machine components (as well as some early reviews, most quite effusive) I am thrilled beyond words. My initial position on going with the 9,500 LE has been confirmed, and nice to hear they are planning 5000 on the run. The Standard price drop is a wonderful gesture to the entry point denizens, and I don't personally see the need to go the extra 3000 for the CE after looking at what you get but I still salute those wanting to make a statement for their love of this unique and wildly appealing title.

One person is now "hoping" we get the machines by the end of this calendar year. This kind of floored me as I have been led to believe by a number of others on various threads that we can realistically expect shipments before the end of June. Now someone implies the wait may extend six months beyond that?! Wow!! Here:

On another review one is reporting that TOY STORY was scrapped in favor of WW because Disney/Pixar wanted to have a say in the play field design. Said person asserts that Jack understandably refused to make such a bizarre concession. However I wonder if this decision not to go with TS is permanent or is it just a matter of doing WW FIRST and then returning to the TS negotiations. I would think the latter is likely.

One pinball question for anyone willing to respond. If you but an early run machine, how would you be able to add the revised code to it when that time comes? Thank you!

WW has lived up to the hype methinks. Will try to play one at Allentown, but already have reserved an LE with my distributor.

#1131 6 months ago
Quoted from jarozi:

Is the standard art really that bad? Eye of the beholder and what and what not but I don’t think it’s bad at all, it’s a really well done and dynamic treatment of the title. We really should be asking what the underside of the cab looks like, I’ve seen no pictures, what are they hiding?

I have concluded the art on the standard is quite sublime actually. In this vein the art of the LE and CE is also top-drawer! Resplendent!

#1133 6 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

That’s how you sell cars! And pinball machines

Indeed Iceman. But I was shedding the sales pitch for an honest aesthetic judgement.

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