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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

7 months ago

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#490 7 months ago

How do I put a timestamp on so it's posted 1 minute before gliebig.

Joe just confirmed #12 CE for me!

#560 7 months ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

As long as it's not another "WW"
WONKA or WWCF is good enough for me.

I like 'WONKA'. WWCF isn't bad, but WONKA leaves no question as to what pin is being referred to and it also helps out the newbies.

#627 7 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's just another pinball, like every other new pin that people work themselves up into a lather over. It hasn't even been revealed and everyone is already selling their collections to buy it? Take a cold shower, calm down.
I hope it's great, innovative, exciting, all that and a bag of chips. Some will love it, some won't care, many will think it's too expensive either way. Pinside's hype and bust boom is getting out of control though, people need to take it down a notch.

The pin has been flipped by numerous people including Kaneda, Joe, Pingraffix folks, etc and they all have glowing reviews based on what they saw and experienced.

The wife factor may be big on WONKA. If it was just up to me, I would potentially be in. I really like the theme so I'd have to play it to see about buying. However, when I told my wife that JJP was coming out with WONKA, I was handed the checkbook, so I guess that means we are in. She doesn't care that she's never seen it or flipped it or what the cost is. I have been told to go buy it. That's the first time this has happened in 8 years of owning pins. I'm in the 'play before pay camp', but that's out the window for WONKA. It's just a matter of which version she likes the best. I'm preparing to shell out for a CE. 38 hours to reveal...

#695 7 months ago
Quoted from Asael:

Ok I don't understand all this hype about this movie. For me it was always a bad to mediocre movie. So yesterday I decided I should watch it again, perhaps I was missing something. And I watched it in his original language because sometimes something gets lost in translation. And I still don't like it You could say that's cause I am from germany and it's a different culture. But I love many other american or english things like as an example NfL Football. So I searched for more information about the meaning of this movie, perhaps there I could find a way to it's magic.
And I found this article about it:
It's was an interesting read. But I still can't see why you all love this movie so much. So I have to accept it, this theme will be not for me. But I realy hope for you all that you will get an awesome game with your dream theme. And I hope Guns N Roses will be one of JJPs next games and just as good as this one.

There's always a soft spot for an underdog story especially when it's a kid. Charlie is a very humble and devoted kid who you root for during the entire movie. The other 'Golden Ticket' kids represent the polar opposite and there's a very satisfying feeling when they 'get what they deserve' as spoiled brats.

Add to that Gene Wilder who is perfect for the part and the quirkiness of the movie and you have a classic that is loved by a wide age group and both male/female.

#710 7 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The hype and frothing over some rumors is peak Pinside though.

What are the rumors? That numerous people have got to play the pin and really think it's special? Let me guess, you hope it's a great pin and you'll be happy for JJP if it's a success? Who cares if the film hasn't aged well (in your opinion).

I agree that Pinside goes overboard on speculation, but this has been flipped by people that Pinside trusts... OK maybe not Kaneda for everyone. The hype may get a dose of reality tomorrow, but my money is on it being a great looking and flipping pin. GOAT, maybe not, but very good, probably.

#821 7 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I've said before, these companies should just have 3 levels of games without any limited quantity editions.
I don't "collect" pinballs, I buy them as toys and if I want a CE it's becuase of the features/art/extras I am getting for the extra cash, I couldn't care any less about the number made.
Don't care if I have the only one or 1,000 others have the same one. I also don't care about resale value. If I buy a game, keep it for years and play the hell out of it, it doesn't owe much. How much did your $35,000 Honda depreciate after 3 years? If you are worried about resale value before you even buy it, maybe you are spending too much money.
Stern and JJP should just sell as many as they can of each edition

This is a great post. Isn't the reason we buy a pinball machine to play and enjoy it? If I find the fun factor at $5k or $12.5k, I'll buy it. I don't care how many the company makes of them. I do care about the company though as I want to be sure that I can get support & parts.

Ironic from this post is the reference to a $35k Honda. That's about what my 2017 CRV Touring cost and it's probably only worth about $20k now after 2+ years. That's a $15k drop. I'm already ahead if we get a WONKA CE and the value drops to $0... WONKA is for my wife so it won't be sold anyway.

#828 7 months ago
Quoted from screaminr:

How much would your Honda be worth if they only made 200 of them

$20,001 ... or whatever what someone was willing to pay for it.

#833 7 months ago

Do we know which model(s) of WONKA will be there tonight for game play stream?

#934 7 months ago
Quoted from Lamilvelo:

Special When Lit is doing a pregame tailgate stream on Twitch now


#1096 7 months ago

The more I watched of the video the more and more I love the game play. There are more clips and callouts than what most people heard early on in the stream once some players got to complete more objectives. The code is not nearly complete yet so I'm sure there's more to come. Jack and crew will take feedback from the show and make enhancements. I think JJP did a great job of creating a pin that a wide range of players will enjoy which is what I have in my house.

I'm not overly impressed with the art work, but it's pretty good. I like having the radcals, a topper with integrated lights, red armor, mirrored backglass, external speaker and PinBlades. That's a little steep for a $3k upgrade to the CE, but I'm ponying up the extra cash. Deposit placed! It's going to be a long several months wait...

#1176 7 months ago

Several quotes from TWIP article or a distributor:

1. Please note: artwork and inserts will be slightly different on production machines.
2. Jersey Jack plans to have games in customer homes within 60 days.
3. Production will start with Standard Edition games, then a run of Limited Edition games, then the Collector’s Edition games. After all the Collector’s Edition games are built, more Limited Editions and Standards will be built.
4. LE adds to SE:
- Limited to 5,000
- Sparkle Blue cabinet armor, legs and wireforms
- Exclusive cabinet artwork and backglass
- High gloss UV ink decals
- Wonkavator Super Ball Lock
- Numbered LE plaque
- External sound control
- Shaker motor
5. CE adds to LE:
- Limited to 500
- Candy Red cabinet armor, legs and wireforms
- Exclusive playfield artwork with sparkle
- Exclusive cabinet artwork and mirrored backglass
- Exclusive apron artwork
- 3D Wonkatania lit topper
- Everlasting Gobstopper shooter knob
- Red “Most Secret Machine”
- Numbered brass CE plaque
- RadCals
- PinBlades
- Laser-cut rule card
- Apron plate signed by Jack Guarnieri, Pat Lawlor, and John Youssi
- More surprises

#2 may mean the start of shipping? I wouldn't take that as all WONKA pins everyone has ordered will be delivered within 60 days.

On the CE, I'm not sure what it mean by the "Red 'Most Secret Machine'" or what the "More surprises" will be.

#1289 7 months ago

Can't join a club for WWCF. Not sure what pin that is. It has to be the WONKA club!

#1292 7 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

I was going to get a CE- but my main concern is like the other games JJP has released - they keep adding to the Editions
WOZ- Emerald, Ruby Red, Yellow Brick Road

Help me understand why it makes a difference? I'm buying a CE because of the extras it has in & on it. I think it's a lot to pay for those extras over an SE & LE, but it is what it is and fortunately I can afford it. However, why does it matter if JJP makes 100 or 1,000 CEs or other versions of WONKA? Resale value? I had an ECLE and it didn't bother me that JJP came out with RR & YBR. Both beautiful pins by the way. I ended up selling my ECLE after a few years and got out of it what I paid for it. Tough to beat getting to play a brand new pin for 2+ years for free. WONKA is for my wife so it will never be sold anyway.

No one has ever come to my house and said... That sure is a nice pin, but didn't they make like 1,000 of those? (or) It's not going to be worth anything in a few years because they came out with another version.

2 weeks later
#1434 6 months ago

That blue armor looks really nice.

1 week later
#1655 6 months ago
Quoted from SheriffBarclay:

Regardless of your personal feelings on K, he absolutely nailed it today. JJP making CEs owners wait until last in the build order is a terrible idea.
Your highest profit margin, most collectable version, typically bought by rich collectors who want to be the first guy on the block with the new toy? Those guys don't want to watch 1000+ LE owners unbox their games first.
And the "but, the ce version will be better because they fix issues that show up with SEs and LEs" isn't enough of a perk to overcome the negative of waiting.

I'm in on a CE. I can only speak for myself, but I'd rather have the bugs worked out first. I'm OK with 1000+ SE/LE owners getting theirs first. I highly doubt there will be 1,000 built first before all the CEs go out, but even if that turns out to be true, I'm good with it.

#1774 6 months ago
Quoted from iluvak9:

I can't recall where, but I did see the Wonkavator multi ball played in a video that has been posted to Youtube. Does anyone know if there has been significant advancement in the software in the version Karl will be playing vs. what existed in the last round of video streams? A view of the game with fleshed out software much closer to final would be what I would most like to see. Really not interested in watching another video with the software still as severely lacking as in the ones I have already watched.

The JJP stream that they did a few weeks back had several Wonkavator multi balls played over the 2 or 3 games they played.

1 week later
#1937 5 months ago
Quoted from kwh0202:

I just ordered a Willy Wonka CE... any guess on delivery date? Thanks!

Last I heard was that they will be producing some SE and LE versions and then all of the CE versions. I'm thinking I'll get my CE by the end of July, but that's just a guess.

1 week later
#1984 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I hear you on this - I just wish JJP would show the game later on, so we're not seeing how the sausage is made so folks start worrying. I just hope they correct the sound/music/announcer and theme integration.....sounds like a lot....I just wish they would correct those prior to it being pushed to the public.

I think most of the people who are worrying probably weren't going to buy in the first place.

This business practice is what Jack thinks is best. I prefer it over Stern's code-roulette business practice.

#2052 5 months ago

Congrats to JJP for getting this on the line in the timeframe they estimated. Hoping my CE is delivered by the end of July!

#2059 5 months ago
Quoted from mtp78:

First finished standard came off line today. Game is alot easier to assemble. JJP will be cranking these machines out.

Four days earlier than projected. Nice job JJP.

1 week later
#2080 5 months ago
Quoted from inverted1:

For those waiting on a LE, I was told today that they will start production sometime in July.

If that holds true, then maybe the CEs start sometime in August? Works for me!

#2100 4 months ago

What's there to hype? Nothing to see here until people start getting their pins. Looking forward to getting my 'poor WW'.

#2122 4 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

folks in the Pitts area (or close by) - Helicon brewery getting this game next week! FYI

Cool place. Thanks for the heads up!

#2149 4 months ago

So happy for Jack and the JJP team. Congrats on hitting your promise date!!

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