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Wonka is Coming !!! Who’s in?

By Beez

5 months ago

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#1586 3 months ago

im in for an LE, wonkavator looks cool. I'm not concerned about how easy or hard it is to get at this phase with the code being so early. I'm sure they will also allow the difficulty to be tweaked like in TSPP couch lock. As others have stated, I like the extras on the LE as well. I have both PDI and Invisiglass and my personal pref def leans towards Invisiglass.

Looking forward to playing this at GSPF

Like nearly all JJP games, you either love it or hate it. Seems to bring out quite a lively debate. heh.

#1649 3 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Have an even crazier idea...find a place that has one to play so I can play one? Lol, until then, have no other way to judge than others honest reviews that have already played WW. Fanboy reviews for the most part don’t offer much do they?
So as you put it, it would be a “crazy” idea to rely on a fanboy review. That’s why many are looking here, to find out from the non-fanboys if the game has innovation, uniqueness, fun toys that actually interact with the ball, won’t grow tiresome, etc. and plays well enough to plunge over $10k into it. This isn’t an owners thread right? No one has WW yet and probably won’t till fall or later, judging by JJPs past. If earlier, will be pleasantly surprised like everyone else. JJP is not like Stern, that announces and in short order delivers. Now that’s a crazy idea: keep to promised delivery schedule...

I have ignored 99% of the above (no offense), but since your in LA. There should be one local next week only in Van Nuys, see the CA for sale thread post here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/official-california-for-sale-club-and-wanted-too/page/158#post-4982884


#1650 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Does anyone know if Wonka will be at California Extreme?
I'm considering going and a chance to play it would bump the odds that I do.

Come out to GSPF, there will be at least one there

#1709 3 months ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Thanks for pointing one thing out. My friend and I compared Munsters wood cabinet and POTC. They are both equally solid and made from nice wood. Looking at older Sterns, I can’t say the same for the cabinet, but Munsters is equal to JJP.
We also noticed the Stern locking mechanism is far superior, as well as Sterns Apron design is better in that it doesn’t require ugly metal fence to keep the ball from slamming into the glass above the apron. Sterns actually follows the contour of the glass incline by special design (this observation doesn’t make me a Stern fanboy).
Mechanical items are not the same. Munsters has had no issues for him, where his POTC has had numerous. I’m giving actual reasons that I’ve discovered. Now will those that wish to point out from these two tables, please tell me quality differences? Unlike many, I’m open minded and want to know. After all these things are big purchases.

Last time I checked, the title of this thread was "Wonka Is Coming !!! Who's In?"

Not name calling or bashing, but it's easy to start your own thread comparing Stern and JJP build quality and I'm sure many will chime in with the specifics you are asking for. Good luck!


#1713 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Thank you...back on topic in this one....where's Wonka???

I'm stoked to play one next weekend at GSPF. Will be sure to post lots of pics/opinion/etc/yaddayadda

#1716 3 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

A CE?....super jealous...please give us all the scoop....great news!!

In the GSPF (and CA for sale) thread I believe it is an LE

#1745 3 months ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You guys could just stop taking the bait. Just because someone posts doesn't mean they're worth responding to, practice a little discipline. You know what bothers trolls? Being ignored.

This ^^^^^^

#1840 3 months ago

I played wonka last night right after it arrived @GSPF, my thoughts:

- Many thanks to doomid for braving crappy traffic form SoCal to bring it up here for everyone to check out.

- Much more fun that I thought it would be. It was my wife and kids that were pushing for a Wonka after seeing the reveal (I was interested, but not 100% sold). I had watched all the streams (that last one in LA was extremely impressive, Jack should hire them, heh) to try and get a good feel for the game play and features and I just wasn't making the connection. Playing in person was just different (obviously) I was just surprised at how different. My one gripe is that the game at the show is set on 2 balls per player and no ball save (not even a few seconds). So I feel like the majority of people playing we're leaving the game frustrated with how short their time was on it. That being said, GSPF was not packed last night so I just waiting in line a whole bunch of times to get some decent time on it.

- Wonkavision on the streams (specially the ones that did not have the direct video input on the screen) just looked hidden and obscured. In person it looks awesome. I feel like they need to use it more and be a little more creative with it, but I think that will come as the code continues to be updated.

- My initial gripe after the reveal was that it was not crazy packed like WOZ, but after playing it, i like it. There is room/space, it doesn't feel crammed. It's just a beautiful pin. Congrats to the JJP team, I think they did a great job.

- The game has serious flow. My buddy compared the flow to DI, but my .02, the closest comparison I could come up with was deadpool (not a typical fan layout). Lots of looping shots that feed the various flippers that feed other shots. Lots of opportunities for combos. The upper flippers all feel useful and have a purpose. It was just plain fun to shoot.

- The gobstopper toy/hole, while not a game changer, was just plain fun to shoot.

- I wasn't seeing anyone get any balls into the Wonkavator lock, but I felt that had more to do with the limited balls, no ball saver and people generally not knowing the rules. Not really a concern for me at this time.

- I can't comment on the sounds as I couldn't hear shit at the show. I'll be going back Sunday with my kids so they can try it out and will be sure to bring head phones. That being said, its Wonka.. it's going to have music from that theme that I'm sure some won't like. I'm sure they will mix things up as much as possible as the code matures.

My goal playing it this weekend was for me to be happy that I plunked down a deposit, so far the answer is YES. Assuming the Fam still likes it Sunday we are still IN.

20190517_181812 (resized).jpg
#1931 3 months ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

I’m surprised they chose the pops for them, they were a highlight of the film for me. Just doesn’t seem right to have small chunks of it.

This, when i heard Wonka was next I kinda envisioned this song coming up when you drain the ball, game over or time out on a mode or something, lol.

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