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—>> Star Wars Prem vs Batman66 Prem ??

By Beez

28 days ago

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“StarWars vs Batman 66”

  • Star Wars Premium 33 votes
  • Batman 66 Premium 43 votes

(76 votes)

#1 28 days ago

So I’ve played both of these games and am having a difficult time deciding which game is for me ... I can only buy one. Lol
Star Wars Premium - love the theme, fast play and fast games.
Batman66 Premium - also love the theme, not as fast which leads to longer ball times.
Thoughts and suggestions especially from those that own both would be very helpful! Thx !!

#2 27 days ago

Not much SW love yet huh ...

#3 27 days ago

These 2 games are wonderful... imposible to choose one !

#4 27 days ago
Quoted from Yfichelle:

These 2 games are wonderful... imposible to choose one !

Hard for sure but not impossible if you can only afford one ... lol

#5 27 days ago

Normally, i would say SW. But looking at your lineup, i think it could really benefit with a BM66. You have 3 brutal tough games there; SW PREM is more brutal than all 3 of those, BM66 is a bit easier and offers longer ball times than those 3 so could help the balance?

#6 27 days ago

Tough to decide - I am eagerly waiting for my SWLE to arrive and have BM66. I think they are both great games. I do like how fast SW plays. I do agree with the above that BM66 would be nice in your lineup with your current games.

#7 27 days ago
Quoted from marksf123:

Tough to decide - I am eagerly waiting for my SWLE to arrive and have BM66. I think they are both great games. I do like how fast SW plays. I do agree with the above that BM66 would be nice in your lineup with your current games.

Where did you find an LE??

#8 27 days ago

I owned a SWLE and currently have a BM66 Premium.

Personally, I find BM66 has more differentiating & interesting rules as well as really fun interactive toys.
The crane is a blast to shoot and the turntable is a unique mech.

I agree with the posts above that SW is a much faster and more punishing game.
The hyper ramp is awesome on SW- a tough shot but so cool.
BM66 is bit less grueling and I find doesn’t have as many cheap drains either.

There’s a ton of clips in BM and SW which work well with the gameplay and immerse you in their theme’s world.

Try and play them both as much as possible.
Both are fun pins and you'll likely be happy with either choice.

#9 27 days ago
Quoted from Beez:

Where did you find an LE??

There has been quite a few used Star Wars LEs here for sale on pinside. Both great pins, I’d have to go Star Wars based on theme alone. My Wife and family would much rather play star wars

#10 27 days ago

I have a woz, long ball times when you are in the zone and SW being brutal as it is, completes the line up. SW is ofne of the best themes around , the soundthe duels, the battles.

SW is brutal, for ocasional players could be very disappointing.

#11 27 days ago

I Have both, I would pick bm66 over sw I think. You will not make a wrong choice with either.

#12 27 days ago

Tight poll ... probably love SW theme better but starting to lean towards BM !

#13 27 days ago

Hmm .... 16 / 19 ...

#14 27 days ago

I own (Premiums models of each) and love both games so you can't go wrong in my book with either one.

Batman 66 has a lot of nostalgic appeal for me and its audio/video features and artwork are fantastic! Its shots aren't always the smoothest, but it's very cool how many ways there are to try and blow it up and the game perfectly captures the campy fun theme. Gameplay will last longer and it's not as much "in your face" as SW.

As I've never been a Star Wars nut, I've been surprised at how much I like my SW as well. The shots feel SO satisfying to hit and the game has pure Ritchie flow! Perhaps it's because I never had high expectations to begin with as far as the theme, that I really enjoy the integration of the first 3 films into the gameplay, the light shows for each mode, audio, hyperloop, and the overall code - especially the risk/reward of going for high multiplier shots! Really enjoyable, but as pointed out, can be very brutal too.

I'm calling this choice a toss-up and therefore not casting a vote in your poll. As Eskaybee stated, Batman 66 will probably provide more variety to your lineup gameplay-wise, but you should really base your final decision on your personal experiences from playing both games.

FWIW: I started a similar thread over a year ago when I was originally considering these games for purchase. Although slightly dated now, you might gain some info from it as well.


#15 27 days ago
Quoted from Beez:

Where did you find an LE??

I bought it HUO.

#16 27 days ago

Most people will probably vote batman but I enjoy playing star wars.

#17 27 days ago

-->> I like both. BM66 feels more stop and go, SW more flow. SW code feels confusing to me, I vote BM66.

#18 27 days ago

The crane takes me out of batman every time. Just doesn't belong or fit into the theme for me. SW suffers theme integration as well as both rely heavily on music and clips. But toy for toy the hyperloop crushes the crane and turntable combined. Both are fun. I think it comes down to how brutal of a game you want. I've come so close to giving up on my SW, but then have a great game and nothing beats that adrenaline rush. Also, SW premium has the better light show/integration.

#19 26 days ago

I currently have a SW's premium & it's a phenomenal machine! I am seriously thinking about adding BM 66 next to SW's, so I will be following this post. Both are definitely excellent titles w/ a deep challenging perfect for home-use game play. But either way it's a win-win!

#20 26 days ago

Couldn't you sell one of your other games to make room for both? Then in a years time you can let us know which of the two games gets to remain in the collection. I think that's the only real way to do this. Just sayin!

#21 25 days ago

I have a friend that has both and is selling SW premium to get JJP pirates. It was a really difficult decision, played both with him and I could not influence as I would not pass the opportunity to get a HUO low play SW premium or Batman 66. He has decided to sell SW , so I just joined the club

I t will be side by side with WOZ, I really think is a better line up than woz and batman as both have long games. SW is faster and brutal with great code and lots of things to do. I guess both WOZ and SW premium are better at a home setup.

Such a brutal machine would be a coin eater

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