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The Mandalorian: Grogu Modding Thread

By Apollon

5 months ago

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#21 58 days ago

Picking up my LE on Friday afternoon but already ordered the grogu animated doll and it arrive today. So I’ll get to work taking it apart and making the modifications while I wait for the rest of the electronic parts to arrive.

F0829B15-3423-4E65-9054-4F331361DF86 (resized).jpeg
#24 52 days ago

Modded Grogu and won't work when wired up. Looks like both relays I have are bad because when testing on the multi-meter, I get 12v in, but nothing out on any of the output terminals at all. Grogu moves and powers up when I apply 5v to the motor.

#29 51 days ago
Quoted from iskidoo:

You will need to add a jumper wire from the input terminal to the center (common) terminal of the relay output. It’s not shown in the pdf diagram. Maybe the photo board Joe used was internally connecting those points but the ones linked on Amazon are not. So if you are wiring the grogu power wire to the relay output then you will need to jumper the 12v in to the center of the output. If you are using the relay to switch the ground wire then the center common terminal needs to be jumpered back to the ground input terminal.[quoted image]

Awesome info and much appreciated. Joe did find that out and mentioned it to me on Facebook as well but I appreciate your updated diagram. It’s funny when I was looking at replacement relay boards I saw some people added a jumper wire but couldn’t make sense of why in their comments. Now I know why LOL

#31 51 days ago

Yup that did the trick. Now I need to add resistors to slow him down I guess. He’s a total spaz.

#33 51 days ago

Yes, the relay I have does not step down to 5v output. I ordered a 12v - 5v step down converter for $8 and will use that instead of the resistors. I didn't have the right resistors needed and could only get the output down to 8.5v.

Slowed him down some, but not like out of the box. It arrives on Friday so will have to wait.

#35 50 days ago
Quoted from MarklarD:

Looking forward to someone putting out a parts kit for this. Ive already got a grogu


#38 49 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

I have the same issue. I didn't see anything in the PDF with regards changes required to the speed etc.
What converter did you buy, and where from? Also, how does that wire in??
Thank you in advance.

I bought this step-down converter and it arrived today from Amazon. Will test it out tomorrow at some point, probably in the evening, and report back.

amazon.com link »

And don't user resistors. Too much heat and not the way to correctly and safely get 5v.

#43 48 days ago

Double post - posted this in the owner thread thinking I was in this thread.

Animated Grogu testing completed with the 12v-5v converter. Tomorrow I'll button it all up nicely and install him.


#45 48 days ago

Game Stop and Best Buy have this animated Grogu on clearance for $51, same as Amazon, but if you have points for those stores, then even better.

#46 47 days ago

Had some time this evening to finish up mounting the relay, converter and Grogu. All done. What a fantastic upgrade!

Much thanks to everyone involved with the mod!

#48 47 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

hey PoMC
Any final video? Also interested in pics on how you mounted the new modded grogu?
Thank you

Yup, here's video I took when test fitting and playing one handed. I'm streaming gameplay on FB later and will take a better video then as well.


I mounted using the suggestion in the instructions. When you make the mod, you'll have two plastic stand-offs at the bottom front of Grogu. Slide them under the ramp protector and he stays in place. I'll probably make a mounting plate for him since the original bolt holes in the backboard from the original Grogu are there to use. But he's not going anywhere as is.

#51 47 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

Looks super cool! Did you mount the light censor in the same place the Acejedi suggested?
Thanks again

I slid the sensor under the letter L in CHILD. Place it anywhere really.

#53 43 days ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I slid the sensor under the letter L in CHILD. Place it anywhere really.

Actually, I moved it under the C insert. The L insert gets some ambient light from the spotlight that turns on and shines on the upperplayfield, triggering Grogu when he shouldn't. The C insert on the far left is shaded by some metal.

#54 43 days ago
Quoted from unlockpinball:

Think Mod Couple or Mod Father would make this?

It is really straight forward to make yourself. Order the doll, take it apart (easy) and dremel/cut the lower half of his body. Tap two wires, screw him together and some basic wiring following the steps.

#62 43 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

why not trigger it off the "Child" insert on the left orbit? In your video, looks like the letters are more active so you get more movement and maybe that’s why it’s better to use one of them?

Exactly what I did.

I just randomly picked an insert without thinking about ambient light from flasher, etc.

#63 43 days ago

And that's what is great about the mod. Connect it to where YOU want it to activate and not worry about where anyone else prefers their settings.

#65 42 days ago

Did you keep him running at 12v or convert down to 5v?

#68 42 days ago
Quoted from DarthPaul:

With everyone wanting to do this mod, I better buy him soon before they are all gone.

On clearance at Best Buy. A lot of Star Wars stuff is in their small toy section. But even then, I think it was the same price as Amazon.

1 week later
#107 29 days ago
Quoted from JStoltz:

rather than something that happens any time a particular insert lights up (subject to stuttering due to light shows, etc).

There really isn't any stuttering if using a converter to send 5v to Grogu. His movements are normal, like the toy is out of the box, and it's slow enough motion that it doesn't appear to stutter. And there's no way you can pay attention to him during gameplay anyway while your ball is in play.

1 week later
#143 17 days ago

What should the doll do? Move.

I'm very happy with that outcome. I don't care if it moves randomly because of what light it's connected to. In this game, if you're looking up when playing- you're draining. Honestly doesn't matter to me when it moves, just that it does move. Seeing him move in attract mode is fantastic.

#153 17 days ago

Free animated Grogu with purchase of a Mando LE

Archived after 6 days
Sold off Pinside
Machine - For Sale
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “Animated, motion Grogu mod is installed as well as the Cara Dune shooter lane ramp decal. Latest code installed that adds the fun challenge mode. External powered subwoofer reall...”
Harpers Ferry, WV
11,300 (OBO)

#178 11 days ago
Quoted from dinot:

The child insert would be great for gameplay, but I'd then have Grogu moving more during attract.

Attract mode is awesome with it moving. That's the idea of the attract mode....to look attractive.

Anyway, sold my Mando LE with moving Grogu at the York show, so I'm outta here

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