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The Mandalorian: Grogu Modding Thread

By Apollon

4 months ago

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#20 57 days ago
Quoted from Acejedi:

Your Welcome Guys, I just wanted him to move, he’s been running for hundreds of hours with zero issues. It was a project I wanted the community to be able to create for free with off the shelf store bought parts. I wanted it basic and easy and I think we did just that. You could definitely add to it. Mines got a light up necklace and you can tie the whole thing to an Arduino and program it if that’s what you want yours to do.
Enjoy and now Grogu does something!!!

It is an awesome mod and I am looking forward to making and fitting one to our Mando when it arrives. Awesome instructions.

I have a request as I am not really a modder. Could you please give me a size of the female connector (instruction sheet says 6 pin, but I think it is a 5 pin) for Stern cabinet node 12V and the location of the wires (e.g. red is pin 1 and black is pin 4) and the loaction of connection on the cabinet node board (eg CN11)


1 week later
#27 49 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

I ordered one of these... when you goto the link, it shows you where to connect.

That is awesome, Thankyou!

#32 48 days ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Yup that did the trick. Now I need to add resistors to slow him down I guess. He’s a total spaz.

So there is 12V output to Grogu instead of 5?

4 weeks later
#131 18 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

We use this type of an interactive setup for many of our mods. I don't have a grogu to mod, but if people want the wiring bundled so all they would have to do is make the connection to Grogu and plug it into the game, we could provide that setup. I would provide bare wires to connect to Grogu, you'd just have to make that connection with basic soldering or whatever method you choose. I didn't see anyone else say they were making a bundled set up, but if someone else is doing it, happy to rescind my offer as I don't want to infringe on anyone. If anyone is interested, just PM me.

#132 18 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You are welcome, but ACEJEDI deserves the credit for the mod, we are just helping meet some of the demand (and answer any technical questions.)
I agree that it is a game changer for sure. Having him move compared to the static stock Grogu really changes how you perceive the game. it doesn't affect game play of course, but it does provide a more interactive experience.

#136 17 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I was hesitant to respond, but you accused me of doing something that isn’t true and you don’t have all the facts. I’m not going to share everything, but will respond once and I hope this doesn’t turn into something it shouldn’t be. To directly answer your questions, I have not hijacked this mod, not even sure what that means and, yes, I would not be happy if someone copied my mod, especially without reaching out first to ask if it was ok. That said, it happens all the time and it’s part of the business, like it or not, nothing is patented.
At first, I didn’t realize joe was making kits and thought it was diy only, which, in fact, was his original motivation, so I offered to put the wiring harness together for people as that’s pretty tricky. Even wiring the doll isn’t easy. I have been in touch with joe to discuss me helping pick up demand he could not fill (and giving him a cut) as he seems pretty busy with his day job, I think he travels a lot. I’m able to do it because this is an exact setup we use for most of our interactive mods so we have good stock of the parts and the expertise to do it. His set up is not original, but again, he deserves all the credit for tying it into the grogu doll. I have asked him if he wants me to stop making them and he did not tell me to do that. I have always given him credit for his mod. I have pointed people to buy from him, but it’s not easy because he doesn’t have a website and people have told me he doesn’t always respond to pms. I believe he also isn’t selling them internationally.
I have been active in this thread trying to help people troubleshoot and answer questions, Joe has not, perhaps because his time is limited, but I don’t really know. Nowhere did I say buy it from me or point people to where they can get it from me, at his expense. I thought my posts made this pretty clear, including the ones you linked. I offered to help people who could not do it themselves and/or could not get in contact with Joe. I asked if anyone was selling kits to step forward and I’d stop, nobody did.
Joe and I are on good terms based on our last interaction. I hope this helps clarify some things, but I know I can’t appease everyone and people can choose to think the best or the worst.

#138 17 days ago
Quoted from medic7000:

Why come in here and cause drama? Your comments is what makes this site toxic. I ended up getting a wiring harness from lermod since Joe never got back to me on here and never posted in this forum like he said he would. I get it he’s probably busy. Not everyone is on Facebook either. Lermod has been respectful and has always been giving credit to Joe. Im glad Lermod stepped up and helped Joe out respectfully.

#140 17 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You are causing drama and your facts are confused. I have no idea what joe sells his mod setup for, where is that posted? I never posted any pricing here. I think maybe you have me confused with another guy who was selling the mod here on pinside (jmrazek) in a separate thread and I think also on fb, which I heard caused some issues. I’m not on fb so I am not entirely sure what went on there, just heard about it through a third party.
I did speak with Joe and offered to fill any overflow he couldn’t handle and give him a cut of that overflow.

Maybe I do have you confused. I will remove my comments, sorry for the confusion. Please accept my apology.

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