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Gottlieb webbing paint choice?

By Zim

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Hey guys - I'm going to town on my Mibs and I thought I'd get some advice on webbing paint. I'll get more of the project up soon, I promise! I see Clay on pinrepair recommends Pratt & Lambert black lacquer, but it appears they no longer make a black. I've checked with several local paint stores, as well as both big box and small hardware stores, including a P&L dealer, and no one has black lacquer (many offer clear, or rattle cans.) One place offered to mix up a gallon minimum for $40 (I'm guessing I need a pint or so, maybe a quart after dialing in the touch-up gun.) I also see that a auto parts chain (O'Reilly) has a quart for $25 (another told me that lacquer is on EPA's "hit list" and will be harder and harder to find.) So just wondering:

1) Anyone know a likely alternative source?
2) Advice on what works well for webbing besides black lacquer?

Thanks in advance for your help!

#2 6 years ago

You can get can-o-webbing but it is thicker than the original but an alternative for you.


If first time webbing no matter what product/method you decide to use very important to PRACTICE first on a pc. of wood/cardboard/etc to get used to the pattern/flow/technique of the webbing.

1st time I used the can-o-webbing and then thru a friend I learned how to use a automotive spray gun which really is the best to replicate the webbing. CLay shows ho to some what replicate webbing by using a small wire brush....which you've probably already seen. Don't confuse webbing w/ splatter....splatter is the 'dot's' Good luck.

#3 6 years ago

Some folks have been reporting success with Montana Spider Effect spray:


Others have sprayed the Krylon into another container, thinned it, and then sprayed with a spray gun.

Finding just regular black lacquer is a challenge. My experience in locating any was the same as yours (which resulted in deferring that particular project!). When I get back to it, I'd likely try the Montana stuff first.

#4 6 years ago

From worst to best:
3. (worst) Krylon Webbing (way too thick)
2. Montana Webbing (a little too thick)
1. Webbing from a gun

Gun shot webbing can be adjusted. You can buy black lacquer in a number of places, but it is getting harder to find. You can buy from ebay, an old school auto parts store or an archery supply place.

Also, you can shoot the stuff from the Krylon or Montana gun into a jar for re-use in a gun.

Since the technique relies on unthinned paint, the O'Riley's is NFG unless you let it dry overnight or something sketchy like that.

Regarding technique:
1. Here are some pages from a custom auto paint book I scanned in a few years ago:

2. Google "cobwebbing custom auto" or something. Here are some links:

3. Search in RGP (ohmygodnotthat place) Yes Virginia, a lot of those guys were restoring games when you were still shittin' yellow. Here is probably the definitive link on the subject:


#6 6 years ago
Quoted from newmantjn:

Since the technique relies on unthinned paint, the O'Riley's is NFG unless you let it dry overnight or something sketchy like that.

Blast it! I even read "ready for spraying" on the can, and I didn't put two and two together. Good heads up. I think I might just bite it and get the $40 gallon from the one paint store that said they can mix it. The archery store link looks like a great source, but I'd probably buy a quart worrying that I'll waste half of it trying to dial in the old touch-up gun, and at that point, I might as well just get the gallon locally. $40 is also what the "old left-over" PINT cans of Duracryl are going for on ebay. Who knows what you'd find in those cans. I suppose I can always see what sort of fish I reel in from Craigslist - I'm sure someone has an old can they'd donate.

I really appreciate your help guys! You all are what make this such a great place! If I make it work, I'll get photos up here.

10 months later
#7 5 years ago

I'm repainting a Diamond Jack cab and didn't want to go with Krylon webbing. I had no luck with flinging paint with wire brushes and acrylics, lacquers or enamels. A guy on a gun forum uses the following method on synthetic stocks. Anyway, it works great and can be adjusted infinitely to get whatever style of webbing you need. The ingredients are modelers glue, enamel paint, and paint thinner. In a small jar I mixed 25% flat black enamel paint with 75% glue and added about a half teaspoon of thinner and mixed well. I experimented spraying a bit and added a bit more thinner and got the thin webbing I was after. On one side of the cab I pulled the airbrush needle back (which you do to remove a clog) just to see what it would do and the webbing came up thicker as can be seen in the pic. It still looks fine and most of it will be covered by the subsequent graphics. I'm very happy with the results and it's very easy to do. Mixing and practicing took all of 10 minutes and I was good to go. Also, the small jar of paint in the pic is 1/2 oz and that equivalent of mix will easily do an entire cab and then some. The pics are of the materials used, both sides of the cab, and the piece of drywall I practiced on.

1 year later
#8 4 years ago

After making a mess with too-heavy Montana Spider Effect, I got testor's model glue, enamel thinner and flat black enamel as per beadwindow's instructions.

I didn't mess with the airbrush pressure, just shot it right out of the brush as per normal. I did quick full bursts from about 2 feet away. Here are the results, looking much better (this is for a Williams Heat Wave 1964). It is very easy to control how much and where the webbing goes and uses very little material.

I didn't have original paint to go by, just a little bit on the inside of the cabinet to get the idea...


Update: a lot of the webbing rubbed off. I thinned with some more enamel thinner and reshot it indoors and not so far away so it didn't dry before hitting the surface. Works now.

#9 4 years ago

That looks good man! Impressive!

1 week later
#10 4 years ago

Nice job Dr. Nybble!!!

... I bought two pints of acrylic lacquer from an archery supply store in Pittsburgh - one black, one white... about 40 bucks and that includes shipping...

By buying those two colors, you can mimic the off-black webbing colors by mixing those two to taste -and yes, unless you're into the new look with a true white cabinet as opposed to ivory, I would highly recommend NOT using black, but a mix of black and white to mimic a dark grey. - I still have the receipt if anyone needs it, just post back and I'll respond here with the details.

I just did a repaint of the front of a JJ cabinet - with a gun you can make it thicker or thinner pattern - and my JJ was definitely on the thicker side from the factory... like others on here have said over and over - It's not hard, so if you've been considering doing it, go for it! Key is thick paint, and the type of paint that archery enthusiasts use for their arrows is a spot on perfect match for doing the webbing the right way.

#11 4 years ago
Quoted from Dono:

I still have the receipt if anyone needs it, just post back and I'll respond here with the details.

Here's a link to an awesome webbing paint choice for spraying from a gun -


#12 4 years ago

I'm aware of the Gottlieb webbing, but did they also do a splatter? Perhaps on earlier games? Any pics of such splatter and any idea of years/games?

#13 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffc:

I'm aware of the Gottlieb webbing, but did they also do a splatter? Perhaps on earlier games? Any pics of such splatter and any idea of years/games?

My Buck Rogers has splatter. The method I have used to replicate this is using a rattle can a depress the spray nozzle very little - the paint will spit out creating the round drops. Problem with this method is some paint will pool in the lip so you have to be careful not to tip it and cause that paint to 'spill out'. I have also been told that removing the nozzle from the tip also works as it won't atomize the paint much and create a similar effect - have not tried that.

1 week later
#14 4 years ago

re: webbing vs. splatter, here's what Clay says re: which games got which technique:

Did my Early 1960s Gottlieb Cabinet use Black Webbing or Silver Splatter?
Most Gottlieb EM metal rail games from 1960 to 1978 use a black webbing paint over the base cabinet color. There are some exceptions though, most notabily games from about 1960 to 1963, which sometimes use silver splatter instead of black webbing. However anything 1963 or later should have black webbing. If not sure about the game in question, check for original paint on the inside of the sides of the cabinet (above where the playfield is mounted and below the metal side rails), or under the legs, or any other area that did not get much wear. Gottlieb used more than one company to make cabinets, and these different companies did not get the webbing/splatter designs consistent until about 1963.

#15 4 years ago

1974 was transitional for webbing vs. Spatter. Capt. Card has webbing. Free Fall has spatter.

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