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Gottlieb System 1 Start Up Issue

By megoman

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Recently purchased a non working Joker Poker game.

Added 1 amp fuse to transformer and ground to power board. Tested voltages on power board and all are OK.

Plugged in CPU and connected first display. when I powered game on the display immediately came on with flashing 000 000 (there was no 5 second delay) which could indicate CPU issue.

I read that both rolling tilt and slam switch need to be closed and functioning for game to boot. I checked both switches and they are closed. How do you check if the switches are correctly functioning.

Prefer to not have to replace the boards on the game unless absolutely necessary.

Many thanks in advance for the feedback.

#2 1 year ago

Check for corrosion on the MPU, connector near the battery. You will probably need to repin the connectors.

#3 1 year ago

Meant to include pics of the front and back of the CPU - see below

3BC7BD03-1D49-4CD8-9FEC-438015B97AB5 (resized).jpeg91C8F54A-A4D0-44D0-968F-4FBB8166AB62 (resized).jpeg
#4 1 year ago
82BE3CF0-43EA-424F-BA12-4EBA1A09FA1C (resized).jpeg
#5 1 year ago

Do the slam mod on the cpu board https://www.pinwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gottlieb_System_1#Permanently_Disabling_the_Slam_Switches
see if you get it to boot up.

If not I'd probably just replace it with pascal boards, just to not have to deal with a lot of what ends up being chasing your tail in a lot of cases. The corrosion pictured isn't good either.

The connectors look pretty hammered as well although not as bad as I've seen in the past. Have to repin the connectors, too, mandatory on this era of machine.

#6 1 year ago
910F09A1-B236-429E-9625-B86789AB4AEA (resized).jpeg
#7 1 year ago

Slam switch mod worked and now the score displays all work properly.

Connected driver board and no click from the 2 solenoids. Checked the contact pins in the both ends of the connector and they look clean as do the contacts on the board.

As a next step how do I determine if driver board is faulty or if there are further issues with the CPU?

#8 1 year ago

Can you elaborate on the 2 clicks you are looking for?
As far as this mpu driver combo you can break it down to this:

The driver board is incredibly simple, easy to repair, and fairly cheap to replace. So..

If you have a good connection from the mpu to the driver board (the pads on the MPU look tarnished clean them with an eraser (check the driver board too)) and the interconnect is good (probably just as tarnished as the pads)
You have power at the coils
this would indicate the mpu is not working.

You can buy an interconnect rebuild (check docent electronics) and manually clean the connector pads and see if that helps.

I admire that you've made it this far. System 1s are not the easiest to work on especially if you are new to this.

Keep in mind the pascal all in 1 board is $365 shipped. This eliminates the mpu, driver, interconnect and power supply. If you start thinking you have to replace any of those compare the price of the components to the all in 1 and decide from there. You can also sell the old boards and recoup a little of the money.

The pascals have save a ton of gottliebs and add some new features too.

#9 1 year ago

That Sys 1 start up video link you sent has two coils firing when he plugs in the driven board. Perhaps two coils firing are unique to whatever game he uses in video.

Also added front and back photos of the driver board.

Thanks so much for the input and feedback on trying to correct.

9200E2BE-1C4D-4F8F-872F-C306F4292321 (resized).jpeg923AA8B5-7C21-4076-A189-3AE13CA24642 (resized).jpeg
#10 1 year ago

the fact that that mpu boots and mostly operates is a good sign. My next steps would be to clean up that repair work with alcohol so you can really see what's going on. Then measure continuity from each component to the next across the damage so you can verify all the circuits. I'd also test those resistors to make sure they are in spec.

2 of those lines that have solder added to them might be bridged but it could also be flux so check that out too.

1 week later
#11 1 year ago

Used an MM to check all the repaired traces on the MPU. All appear to be good.

Also checked the traces for all connectors on both the MPU an Driver boards. All appear to be good.

That leaves things as nothing happened when I connected the Driver board and turned on the power.

What next in terms of trying to figure out where failure is occurring? Thanks.

#12 1 year ago

I'm at a loss at this point. How do the connectors on the interconnect cable look?

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